Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey ya'll...

Sitting here in the Santa Monica Studios conference room waiting for our final TWISTED METAL:HEAD ON focus test to kick off. A few tech glitches are keeping us from moving ahead so I figured I'd take this opportunity to do a quick post. So what's up? Well...a few things:

Ok, I just could not stay away! There was this longing to keep playing, this desire to feel- once again- just how good that game controls, to see the amazing graphics. I just felt CALLED to go back and keep playing, even though I was really frustrated by hitting 4 difficulty spikes in a row. I also saw alot of folks comment on this blog about how I really should not give up, as there is tons of cool stuff is waiting for me post dino island. So I'm back to playing it...and back to loving it! I never was a massive Ratchet fan before, but this thing has made a true fan out of much so that Ratchet is my new wallpaper! Check it!

So I figured out where the game- for me- broke down. And it's not so much a design issue as it is a communication issue.

See, I had only played the earlier Ratchet games for about an hour or so each. I always respected them but they never engaged me to the point that I ever wanted to play for any other reason than to just see the game, get the idea, and then move on. And because of that, I never understood the importance of buying new weapons and powering those weapons up. As I played, I found a few weapons I dug and powered those up and then was like, 'cool, I got the 2-3 weapons I dig, I'm gonna pass on the rest'. And up until dino island- I forget the actual name- that served me fine; gave me a nice, even difficulty level that I was loving. But then the AI got tougher and since I had not bothered to power up more than a few weapons- or even bothered to ever really USE any of the 10-15 other weapons I had purchased (beyond an initial 'lemme try this out and see what it does' phase), I got my ass kicked and subsequently, lost heart and lost interest.

Thanks to many commenters on this blog for explaining that in Ratchet the multiple weapons and powering those weapons up are key to the game. For me, this was not made clear at all in the game itself- the only real flaw I can find in the title so far-and if it was not for your comments, I would have missed out on what is probably going to be my Game of the Year. So thanks!


Saw this last nite at the fantastic Grove in Los Angeles. Here, check the place out...

I love how it was all decked out for the holidays with Xmas music blaring and people all bundled up (yes, even in LA) and shopping for I love the holiday season and I love being back in LA!

So the movie was pretty good. Was not in the mood for a slow, moody, somber movie last nite but my brother indulged me and went with me to see THE MIST (loved it!) over Thanksgiving so I figured I should return the favor. Glad I did as I dug the movie alot and it really was not as slow paced as I feared it would be. I don't get the BEST PICTURE talk, though. I mean it looked great, acting was great, the whole vibe and pace of it was just fantastic...but as a MOVIE, as a was kind of...just ok. Not bad, and I liked the metaphor of the story and the subtext of the thing there were TONS of AMAZING things about the film, to be sure...but these amazing pieces didn't all come together to make an amazing was more like a good movie with lots of AMAZING bits....does that make sense?

Anyway, it was a good time and I got to hang with my brother and with Cary, one of my oldest friends who I've know since I was...shit, what? 4 years old?!? Amazing! So that was great!

#3- 2 GIRLS, 1 CUP PART 2?!?
Well not really. Not as gross but just as funny to me. I fucking LOVE this! Check it out:

I saw this yesterday and was laughing so hard! It's like, who the hell writes this stuff? I WISH I was 10% as funny as the writer of this thing! My fave line was this:

Obviously this is impossible and dangerous to attempt so I would be Ok with just JO looking at a tornado

By the way, I had no clue what JO was...turns out it's JERK now you know :)


Saw this article on Gamasutra today...about writing for games...

They cite GOD OF WAR alot and it's really funny because I'm reading a book on screenwriting right now (check the right hand column for details) and so much of the stuff she's claiming we did in GOD OF WAR is stuff they talk about in the screenwriting book I am reading. Difference is, I didn't really KNOW about the stuff she was talking about when we wrote the game- at least in terms of specifics...I mean, instincts played a huge role but it's interesting to now read about the story of GOW in a more academic light and realize we were doing stuff we were supposed to do- according to the craft of story telling- without knowing we were doing it. I mean, Marianne prob. knew the academic terms and stuff...but if she did, she never mentioned them to me...

Anyway, just thought I'd share...good write up...give it a read.

Ok, things are starting up...gotta later!



timetabletwist said...

Final focus test? I thought I read somewhere TM wouldn't make it this year. This same thing said UT3 would and that ended up being true. Can you say either way Jaffe?Either way, as long as it is in my hands eventually, I'm happy.

Good to hear you went back to R&C. Just make good use of your weapons and you should be fine. The last boss is challenging though(as it should be). But as long as you were able to beat Ares or Bohan, he shouldn't be much of a problem.

Anonymous said...


You should support Ron Paul.
A man of principles just likes you.

He is the only hope for America.

grasshopper said...

I gotta stop following the links you put up :)
That one was really funny though!

PlayStation Museum said...

Dave, that craiglisting is hilarious.

Coldhand said...

yeah still I want to know the release date for new Twisted Metal game!!!... :P

I have some questions and dreams about the new Twisted Metal.

- how many players can be join in a map? (6 or 8 like on TM:B?)
- are the weapons (example: Hommig rokets) not strong like on tmho psp? because the Hommig rokets do to much damage(10) on tmho psp and on TM:B only 5 damage
- will release the TM EUROPE Version on same date like the USA Version?
- any new charakter?
- are any changes on combinations (special attacks like shield, frezze...)?
- is the special attack "Flack" added on the new TM too?
- any new game mode?

- my dream is to have a ranking list with statistic of account profil :) (kills, deathcount...)
- a Clansystem would be nice!
- making his own car (changing colour/style)
all other is perfect on Twisted Metal! :)
I only want to have more Twisted Metal Fans in EUROPE.
because im bored at Twisted Metal EUROPE Multyplayer modus, so i always have to switch in the USA servers. ^^

Thanks for reading


Jack_Vykios said...

Dave, when you finish Ratchet off, you NEED to play Uncharted. Yes, it is immensely challenging, but I have to say that it's probably one of the best (and more satisfying) games I've played since the original God of War.
I mean, even if you aren't gonna play it, just leave it on in your PS3 and just stare at the graphics. There's nothing like it.
Naughty Dog...damn, those guys know how to make a game. Looks like you've got some competition =P

derrickgott007 said...

Some prude flagged that craigslisting and now its not readable...Damn it! How come they took that down, yet the guy looking for a tranny to step on his balls while peeing on him is ok???

What in the world has craigslist become? Is that the new way for freaks to meet?

daniel said...

Can't wait for Twisted Metal dude. Haven't played one for many years but SO keen to get back into them.

:) hope all goes well!

felman said...

saw this and I thought you'd love it. Grandmother's reaction to 2 girls 1 cup. (It's safe)

ace04jhen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ace04jhen said...

Now that you're almost done with ratchet and clank. I assume you'll sort of get to your other games.

I'd recommend call of duty 4 to you,but it seems you're not up for a challenge right now. So i would say...skip it.It might be too intense and hard for you.

derrickgott007 said...

Awesome job on your part of the show "Rise of the Videogames"...Saw it las t night while trying to replay Gran Turismo 4 to get 100%.

Anonymous said...

Play Uncharted next

Anonymous said...

Come on Jaffe...

I'm dying to see some TM media, so get that shit up there ASAP!

TreAtz said...

Final focus test? Does that mean a release date is on the horizon?

Saw No Country last night too. While I dug it, the ending left me unsatisfied. And the moment the Maurice-from-Northern-Exposure actor opens his mouth, I'm back in Alaska...prolly just me tho, lol.

And what was the deal with the car crash at the end? Didn't seem to add anything.

°°ToMmY°° said...


where did you take that wallpaper for your mac? it's awesome!

cheers from italy and hope you'll rock with your new TM! ;-)

bluepuma said...

Hey Jaffe,

This is Susan O'Connor, I was the speaker in Montreal who talked about God of War. Marianne did indeed know all that good story stuff I talked about like inciting incident and climax... she and I have been talking shop lately. That's cool you're reading Story. If you like it, there is another book I think you would like just as much. It's called 20 Master Plots, and it's way shorter than Story. Title is lame, book is good.

Me_Ur_Daddy said...

i completely agree with you on no country. i saw all the A+ ratings and thought it would be an amazing movie but it was just good and felt great in small places and left a lot unfinished or they just teased you. they tease you like there is going to be a big shootout after the initial one, a reckoning but then


woody gets blasted after being in the movie for like 90 seconds and brolin gets blasted by random mexicans and the tommy lee jones shootout is passed up entirely and again we are only teased when he hides from tommy, yes hes an old dude but you are waiting for him to catch javier unguarded but he retires instead -_-.

Me_Ur_Daddy said...

also to the other dude UT3 is coming this year to america infact in like less than 2 weeks and to the other guy ron paul can suck it and the rest of the republicans HILLARY 08 BABY REPUBLICANS ARE THE ONES FAKING THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT FRONT AND IN THEIR PRIVATE LIVES BANGING RANDOM DUDES IN STALLS AND LITTLE BOYS IN CONGRESS AND HOOKERS IN THE SOUTH!!!

ron paul might have had more success if he was a democrat but he will never make it in his party so if you vote for him anonymous you are wasting your vote, he even said he would never run on a 3rd party ticket either.

spartan2023... said...

Final focus test already :P anyway i hope before u finish porting or rmking the game, if u can plz add a more simple control scheme for tm head-on(if u haven't already), i only ask this cuz i can't no longer play TM:black with out getting confuse & frustrated with the controls.
before i could play it, but now it's just a mess :P...

kory said...

Hey David--I just heard about the TM remake and I'm excited about all of th extras that seem to be making it in. Are the old control schemes (mainly Control Freak) going to be making it into the game? I really missed them in Head On and prevented me from getting into the left me pretty disappointed. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Etchasketchist said...

No Country is flawless. Me_UR_Daddy's desire for a big shootout in the end completely misses the point of the story. It's not about Good triumphing over Evil in some climactic shootout. It's about the persistence of Evil and the futility of Good. Josh Brolin cannot stop Chigurh. Tommy Lee Jones cannot save Josh Brolin. Even the pure innocence of the wife is not enough to stop the "rising tide". And finally (spoiler alert)chance/fate/chaos/blind luck -- symbolized by the car that crashes into him -- is not enough to take him down. It's a bleak message about the nature of evil but it's told in a way that uses cinema pefectly. I would not change a single shot or single word of that movie. And it's not slow or somber. It's one of the bloodiest, most action packed movies of the year. Just take a moment to count the dead bodies.

Anonymous said...

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