Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Just woke up...last nite held a great party at the Playboy Mansion and me and a bunch of Sony folks made the trip.

Overall it was a really fun party and a great time. I had never been to the mansion and knew I'd kick myself if I didn't take the opportunity. I almost didn't go as it was raining in San Diego yesterday and the freeway was jammed and I was almost like: screw it.

But something in the back of my head was like: dude, in 50 years someone will ask if you ever went to the mansion and you'll kick yourself if you have to say: nope, missed my chance.

So I turned up my Ipod (new Dixie Chicks, new John Mayer, some new podcasts) and headed north.

Glad I did as man, it was lots of fun.

Here's me and Scott Campbell (Incognito) chomoping on some stogies and having a total Entourage moment. Save for the fact that we don't have an entourage...but what the hell.

Here is me with some bunnies:

So they really do have the bunnies around the party, taking pics, giving tours, and in general being very nice and friendly. It's pretty clear they are 'doing a job', much like the E3 booth models but it's still pretty cool.

Ok, so the GROTTO really does exist. And they really do have naked women swimming around in there. I don't want to think about all the sex that has gone on in that pool over the years. I sure as shit would not jump in. Well...ok, maybe I would. I don't know...I'm torn :)

The POINT is: naked playboy playmates in the water! Very neat! Here are some blurry, hard to make out pictures I took with my cell:

This one above is hard to make out...naked woman with a beach ball and a I need a new phone!

So THIS one above is my fave...two very beautiful women swimming together. They were hamming it up for the crowd, making out together. It was sweet. But there was something very HARD ROCK CAFE about it all, as well. It was like the whole thing is a bit more like a tourist trap than the REAL DEAL...I mean Hef does still live there (not that we saw him)and there are bunnies around and stuff...but it the energy you associate with Playboy, the sexual charge, the hedonistic all felt manufactured. Fun, but not real. It was like the real debauchery was happening in some hidden underground club in Mid-Wilshire; or at some movie director's house hidden deep in the Hollywood Hills.

But what do you expect? If there really was a wild and crazy party spot, it's not like game biz folks would even know where it was! At least MOST of us. It's not like we- in the biz- are known for lavish, wild, out of control parties....or lifestyles, for that matter. You may not have heard, but quite a few of us are nerds (and proud of it, thanks very much).

But hell/still, maybe we should recruit an industry person to be the keeper of the one, totally crazy ass party that gets held every year. Where coke is being snorted off the bodies of $10,000 a night hookers, people are crashing exotic sports cars...that kind of stuff. I have some folks in mind who would be perfect to hold such a shindig...but I ain't telling you who!

Hell, maybe there already IS such a party and I just never get invited?!?! Oh, the shame!

Ah well...what else happened?

So I get drunk and Jeff 'let's fuck with Jaffe's career' Resse- who is a MARKETING guy- brings me in front of the cameras and we just go at it, tossing insults, doing a totally drunk interview, screaming at the camera (I think at one point I told EGM to fuck off for calling me THE KING OF BULLSHIT in this month's Q-MAN!) was total fun and I'm sure I've just made like 100 more people on the message boards hate me because of it. Ah well :) Watch for it....I hope they do some editing! Be nice, Gametrailers!

But overall it was a great, great party. I met tons of nice folks, saw a number of old friends, and just dug having a guys nite out (smokes, drinks, naked women all around, and lots of laughs). I also met a good number of people who are fans of the work we've done over the years and that is always nice. It's always nice to know that our work has really meant something to cool is that?

Ok, so I gotta get going with the day. Let me leave you with this last pic which I think- for so many reasons- has to go down as the creepiest picture I've ever been involved with. I look just strange...the woman behind me- who was really nice and sweet- looks she scared? Confused? Mischevious? I have no clue...and the whole composition is just odd...whatever.I hate this pic....but I hate it so much I wanted to share!

Here it is:

What the fuck, right?

Anyway, talk to you guys later!

And thanks again GAMETRAILERS.COM for the great party...


ps. has put up a new CALLING ALL CARS trailer...It's not my fave as I still don't like the video footage captured...but it's decent. The next one I am gonna make sure we get some better footage in...whatever. Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks!


Zodiak said...

Hey at least that last pic is better than that David Potter one. =D

I'm sure they were wearing flesh colored thongs. And I'm sure they have even crazier parties around the holidays or new years.

And with another 100 people hating you online, you automatically get 500 positive people, damn that EGM I'll be awaiting that article in their mag.

But don't let that get ya down, it looks like you had a fun time and that's what counts...just wish I could of been there...shucks =(


Dan said...

WOW, sounds like a great time with the bunnies, I am soooo jealuous, as nothing like ever happens on the East Coast (or do they?) Sounds like things are going well for you.


Liquid Eagle said...

hahaha you crazy cat... that last picture does look quite creepy!

looked fun, but I'd probably have to throw up at one point or another, not from the alcohol, but that "manufactured" vibe you got... can't stand that!

David, can I add you to my buds list once I'm able to sign up for PSNP? I've been waiting for a couple days to be allowed to sign up and can't wait to get online, rock some downloadable games, and play Resistance online! :-D


Arnaldo Licea said...

You lucky SOB...


Anonymous said...

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PlayStation Museum said...


Did you plan on selling your playboy mansion invitation on ebay? Anyways, what a f-in blast. If I was in your position my marriage would be out the door (hell, my marriage is on it's way out anyhow). Thanks for one of your most memorable posts.

I'm off to check out GameTrailers.

(yes, we have concept artwork)

Spencer Wasden said...

Man, who needs E3???

As for the last pic...can we say: Money Shot?!?

eric said...

Christ Jaffe, did you think game development would get you in grotto? Hot stuff, man. Hot stuff. I think that last picture is the I'm-naked-and you-have-a-camera-pointed-at-me-but hey-it's-my-job-I'm-going-to-try-sultry-now pix.

The Calling All Cars trailer is a bit campy...and I get it, but what's up with the music? It's kind of clown goofy.

GTRich said...

I don't remember much from the party, but I remember Jeff Resse spilling all knowledge of how he admires your penis while playing uno and that you confirmed blowjobs are a new feature in God of War 2.

Tapion440 said...

Fuck I wish I could make $900 in a month by just having fun.

I know that going there must have been one of the more exciting things that has ever happen to most of you but I wonder what the playmates thought when they heard a bunch of gaming geeks were coming over.

And it may just be me but that girl in your creepy pic looks a little like Scarlett Johansson.

*currently rocking out to Guitar Hero II*


Anonymous said...

Going to the Mansion is on the list of things I would very much like to do before I die, and I would be very upset to hear that you had the opportunity and you passed on it. So thank you for not disappointing me.

Anonymous said...

David! man that looks awesome! Did anyone else from the team get to make it?! I didn't see cory or anyone else and from reading their blogs they have been working nonstop. Just hoping that you spread the love and brought the rest of the team along

Dutch DeGay said...


You're kidding right? You get invited to a party at the Playboy Mansion (a place any red-blooded American male and even some females would give their arm to go to)and you're bitchin' because it felt like it was "put on" show? Who gives a crap? Shut up and enjoy it!

The trailer is okay. I can see why its not your favorite. When are we gonna see you in another action game?

Dutch DeGay

Anonymous said...

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da criminal said...

Dutch, hey!

I didn't say I didn't enjoy it! I did enjoy it very much. But there was a vibe about it that seemed odd and forced and worth mentioning considering that the Playboy lifestyle we've been sold for years and years is this hedonistic, anything goes life when the party at least was very calculated, very 'scripted' almost in its attempt at me, this was interesting and worth mentioning :)

As for action games, CALLING ALL CARS is 100% an action game and I hope you enjoy it! I agree the trailer= meh...need to make sure the next marketing material that goes out really shows off the cool aspects of what this game is.

Hope you are doing well!


Dutch DeGay said...


Can't believe I scored a response from the man himself.

Any time you need someone to carry your bags or camera at such an event, just call. I've got plenty of miles just going to waste!

I didn't mean to slight the game, was more asking if we'll see another "epic" game out of you anytime soon? Any chance we'll see a demo of Calling All Cars? What happened to the military game you were working on for PSP?


Pig Iron said...

It's good to see a developer sticking it to the marketing guys for a change.

Anonymous said...



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