Friday, March 21, 2008



Just got back from Gamestop where I picked up a bunch of games for research and to stay current (The Club, Zach and Wiki, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2,Tomb Raider Anniversary PSP,and a few others).

Anyway, saw this and had to take a pic. This is the greatest/stupidest/most original videogame title in history! I LOVE IT!!!!

No interest in buying the game as the screenshots and play description looked pretty generic. But man, you gotta give it up for the title!




Was crazy craving Apple Jacks this morning so I hit the local Ralph's before work.

And who did I see, staring at me from the numerous boxes of sugary sweet goodness?

Was it Snap, or Pop, or Krackle? Nope!

The Sugar Smacks Bear? Hell no!

Was it those two creepy granola chicks on the box of Kakashi's GOOD FRIENDS cereal (what the hell is up with that name?!?)....But nope, wasn't them either.

Dude, it was the fucking MAN WITH THE HAT!

Yep! It was my good buddy, Indiana Jones, staring me down from the most recent boxes of Raisin Brand Crunch cereal! (which my 4 year old calls Raisin Brown for some reason and since I'm her dad, I think it's oooh so cute!)

Check it out:

Man, when I was younger, I used to love seeing the big summer movie promos on fast food restaurant cups, cereal boxes, microwave popcorn, bags of chips,etc.

It not only signaled the start of summer movie season, but I loved how things I loved- in this case, big blockbuster movies- were oozing into pop culture and just people's lives in general! It was so exciting and I was always so jazzed that one day, stuff I worked on would be on similar products.

It wasn't till I grew up and worked in games- and games started doing this sort of promotion as well- that I realized that getting your product on a can of Coke had less to do with the world really being jazzed and thrilled about your work and everything to do with year long negotiations between PR and marketing divisions and money switching hands and deals that while creative in their own way, had nothing to with celebrating the actual creative product. Man, what a naive kid I was! Back in the day, I just assumed it was like Coke was going: Man, we love Indy so much, we wanna help celebrate this amazing movie and stick him on ALL of our shit!

Hell, do you guys remember when Pepsi put Captain Blasto on cans? Blasto had alot of potential and some areas I thought were actually pretty just never came together, you know? But so yeah, if they were putting what amounted to a B level video game (and less than that for alot of reviewers) on a shit ton of cans then you KNOW it's all about the money. (sorry if they only would have pushed Kri that hard, things woulda been a lot different with that amazing game)...

But all that said, I still get giddy and jazzed when I start seeing this kind of stuff. I recall obsessing over the back of the cereal box as a kid, looking at the characters from the new Star Wars flicks, or the bad guy from Willow,etc. Good times.

Sad thing is, I didn't want Raisin Brand Crunch today and that was the only box with Indy's face.

So I ended up eating my Apple Jacks and reading the cool new website GIANTBOMB instead.

My how times have changed!

Ok, gotta run. Ya'll have a great weekend and if you celebrate such things, have a Happy Easter as well. We're not any religion but we celebrate all the holidays so I think we're gonna do Easter Egg hunts or something with the kids. Should be fun!

Ok, later ya'll!


ps. you guys KNOW I'll be there DAY 1 for Indy but shit, they named the Shia character MUTT?!? I mean...MUTT!?!? How dumb. But hell, maybe it'll make sense in context....?!?