Friday, December 15, 2006


EDIT: Many folks have been sending in their email address....if you want the swag we need your real life address as we are sending physical swag out...thanks!

If you are old enough to remeber playing the Atari 2600, you probably also remember the ultra cool patches that Activision used to send out. When players sent in pics of their televisions showing that they had achieved a really great score, or an impressive time on one of the Activision games, Activision would send them a little sew on patch. Check them out:

Man, I loved those. Never actually won one, but I loved the idea. For the most part, this sort of thing is long gone; gone the way of the dodo once the game biz got so crazy corporate.

And hey, corporate in some cases can be good. Hell, it's opened up gaming to so many more folks. And that's a great thing. But in the process, some of the magic got lost.

So here's my own, teeny-tiny way of trying to bring back some of that magic. Hell, if we're going to be making an old school arcade style game (which is how we see Calling All Cars), we may as well try to give players the whole old school experience!

So the first 80 readers to send their snail-mail address to will get a little, cheap-ass surprise.

And when I say cheap-ass and little, I mean it. Don't be expecting a game, or a system, or even a patch. Cause it's not that cool. It's just a little something we cooked up to give out to those who are thinking of giving our little downloadable game a shot.

Hell, I'll just tell you. It's a holiday card with Calling All Cars artwork done by our very own John Wu. It's sweet looking...but it's just a card. But still, it's really cool and hey, if CAC ends up being the next big thing- or even CLOSE to being the next big thing- you could end up with a nice bit of gaming memorabillia on your hands!

So drop us a line and we'll send you a card!

Ok, I'm still in Alabama. My dad is doing well- thanks for all the well wishers- and I should be back working in sunny San Diego on Monday!

Have a great weekend ya'll, and get those emails in if you want a card...our cut off day is Wednesday of next week so we can get them sent before we take off for the break!



Anonymous said...

Thanks dude

Ruben C. said...

Sup Dave,

I just sent my info, I think it's real cool that you're willing to give a little something to your fans, even though we all know that the great games you have helped create have been more than enough. Happy Holidays!

P.S. When is Calling All Cars set to release? No rush, just wondering.

Anonymous said...

That's good to hear Dave, best wishes to your old man. Calling all cars looks pretty cool, my cousin had an atari I liked those old games especially Space Invaders .

Anyways I metioned that game Heavenly sword in the last post it kinda reminds me of God of war but it's more martial art oriented.

Check IGN man MotorStorm became the #1 selling Ps3 game in Japan imagine when that hits North America, especially Europe they love off-road racing games over there.

Anyways if "Calling All Cars' becomes a big downloable title people will start calling you the king of downloadable games.


PlayStation Museum said...

Cool. I just sent my email.

ezekial45 said...

Glad to know your dad is gonna be OK.

Thanks for the chance to get some cool stuff.

Arnaldo Licea said...

Good news that your dad is doing ok!

Arnaldo Licea said...

By the way, can you sign the Holiday card?? Cory is signing our God of War II Demos and it would be cool if you'd sign the holiday card.

Anonymous said...

brilliant idea Jaffe!!! I sent my info already. Hope I got in on time ^^

Yeah if you could sign the holiday cards that would go great with Cory's signed GoW2 beta disk :)

Anonymous said...

oh god, i sure hope im not too late!

eric said...

Awesome! Hope I'm in the first 80.

Glad to hear your Dad is ok!


Joshua McGuire said...

I just sent my information in and it may be a little too late...but hey, it's my birthday if I don't make the cut maybe you can send one to me anyways!

*winks erotically*


Anyways, if it's your game with his artwork, I would really enjoy a signature from both of you guys. Though beggars can't be choosers. Yeah, great to hear about your dad and hope you have a safe trip back...

*feeling like a slacker in his 20s*

- tapion440

Spencer Wasden said...

Good to hear everything is going well.

Thanks for the chance to get some cool CAC swag. :)


PlayStation Museum said...

BTW, GREAT interview in the FINAL issue of Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine! 5 Questiosn With David Jaffe. Everyone should pick up the last issue.

Kittonwy said...

Damn it, Jaffe, I don't want no card, I just want to download the game so I can play it!!! >_<

Anyway, can't wait to play the game, will there be a demo first or will the game just come out at the Playstation Store? Do you know what's going on with Lemmings? The game itself was released and now it's not available anymore, except now there's a demo, what gives? ~_~

Andy said...

I just emailed my address, no idea if 80 people have emailed you about it yet, but there it is anyway. A while back I know you were looking for a PS3 (seems like Sony should hook you up, but that's just me). If you're still looking, this is the route I went and I got mine last Thursday. You have to buy a bundle with 4 games, but if you're really not interested in the games you may be able to take them back to a Gamestop store, or sell them on Ebay. If you ever get one and want to get some Resistance or Ridge Racer 7 going, hit me up on PSN: the ID is andycapps.

Dutch DeGay said...

I sent my info too.

A card is cool but when can we expect our cool "Cars" patch or badge or something?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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