Thursday, December 07, 2006

From The Mixed Up Files...

One of the benefits of never deleting email is you end up with a crap-ton of history sitting on the server.

I was gonna do a big post tonite but ended up spending most of the nite doing an interview with the great website Not sure when that interview will hit but keep an eye (ear?) out for it... I was going thru my old emails (dating back to 1999!) and was looking to see if I had anything cool in there I could post. And man, I got LOTS of stuff from way back when.

Here's some of it...I hope you find this half as neat as I do. These are old Twisted Metal:Black character designs. Cecil Kim did these; Cecil is still with Sony and was/is a key contributor to the concept art and look of the whole God of War series. Thanks for all the great work over the years Cecil and thanks for these! I had forgotten all about them! Check them out ya'll:

I dig these; they have a creepy sadness to them. Ahh, I miss the world of Twisted Metal! No plans to go back right now, just thinking how much I dig that world.

Ok, gonna try to do some XMAS shopping online till I fall asleep at my keyboard. We'll see how far I get. And is it odd it's December and I'm already starting to get excited for Comic-Con in July?!?! I'm a freak, I know.

Ok, good night ya'll!



Arnaldo licea said...

Those concepts look cool. I dig the whole creepy/fucked up sort of look as well.

You're excited so ComicCon NOW?? First thing's first: I have to find a way into GDC next year, THEN I'll worry about ComicCon if its at all possible.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave-
Thanks for reminding me of the old days, I still remember how I felt wierd about the project when you decribe it to me. the game with eerie orchestral chorus music! with these characters, brilliant!


PlayStation Museum said...

I thrive on these types of concept images. Thanks for posting them. You know what, SCEA still owes me a free Twisted Metal Black. I sent in a coupon for a free TMB with my PS2 network adaptor years ago and never recieved anything.

BTW, I'm MADD. Check out my blog later to see what I mean. And what's with the spam on previous posts?

Joshua McGuire said...

I love concept art and envy anyone who can create such amazing stuff. I constantly check out the forums' daily sketch see what these people can create in under 2 hours is mind blowing.

About the spam, he needs to set word verification to "yes" under settings/comments. It should get rid of those stupid automated posts.

*owning everyone's ass at GH2 inside of Bestbuy*

- tapion440

eric said...

Wow. That's some great concept art. I really dig the bloody bride. The marionette guy looks a bit like Kratos...a very gaunt, very morbid Kratos...terrific stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Anton Bursch said...

Sorry for being off topic here, but, I just saw the new trailer for 300 and couldn't help but think that director would do justice to a God of War movie. What do you think?

By the way, I've been a big fan since I first read your talk with Ain't it Cool News about games and movies. I'm a fellow game developer. Just started my own studio and we are starting our first title at the new year. It's no God of War, but it's a cool game and it's our game so we're excited as hell. Hopefully, someday we'll have our own 'God of War'. God of War is certainly an inspiration. OK. Enough fanboy talk from me. Can't wait for God of War 2 and whatever else you have coming in the future.

Dutch DeGay said...


Thanks for that little walk down memory lane. Isn't it about time to revisit the Twisted Metal series?

And I too am fired u about ComicCon because this will be the first year I get to go.

How's "Cars" going? Can you elaborate on Sony's "Xbox live"-like capability?


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave I love your work God of war is my number one favorite action game, Devil May cry is my seond and Ninja Gaiden is my third. I like the bloody bride kudos to the artist, I would like to see another twisted metal game.

The concept art has that horror feel to it, that would be cool If you and the Sana Monica team made a horror game like resident evil or something entirely different but that's just wishful thinking can't upset a developers creative freedom. Looking foward to GDC and ComicCon.


David Doel said...

Jaffe, PLEASE make a new Twisted Metal for the PS3. As much as I love God of War, Twisted Metal will always have a special spot in my heart and will always be the king of car combat. You have to return to that series and punch out another.

DN said...

Wow greate stuff. Those concept arts are greate ideas for scary games.Id love to see that bride in action..:)

Anonymous said...

Does no plans to return to TM mean that nothing is set and definite right now, or that you just dont't want to?

If not involved yourself, do you know if TM will EVER return?

Grayman said...

I just listened to the interview with neogaf and really liked it.

Thought i'd drop a line and say that to get silver surfer in marvel ultimate alliance you have to get a bronze or higher metal in most of the shield simulator missions.

Like playstation museum i never got my copy of TMB in the mail. I think they sent me an issue of underground instead. Maybe i'll get the greatest hits after the Christmas games rush wears down since another will be awhile away.

I did play the game when a friend rented it before i owned a ps2, very atmospheric. Cecil and anyone else's artwork must be a huge part of the final product and my hat is off to them that i remember the characters and world four or five years later from just a few hours of play.

Have a good one
-Graysen aka grayman

Anonymous said...



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