Wednesday, January 10, 2007


UPDATE: Ok, tuning is DONE! Lots more to do but a hell of a good trip...lots of neat stuff we worked out and got working lots, lots better. I plan to show the game to the folks at next week and I hope they dig the thing as much as I do! I think it's going to be part of the 1up radio show they do, so I'll post a link when that is up and running!

So, it snowed after all, check it out:

You can't see the massive flakes in this image, but trust me, they were there. So much fun walking in the snow to get to the Incognito offices!

Here is a pic I took of myself walking in the snow. I look ultra serious/mad but I was just really cold!!

I am in Utah this week, working with the gang at Incognito to tune CALLING ALL CARS. So far, one day down and things are looking great. Tomorrow is the real test though as we start to get new numbers and tweaks into the game and see if the fun factor takes another leap forward!

Ok, so two things:

JAFFE'S SPACE ODYSSEY: Started reading the novel of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY! Oh man, it's soooo good! Even tho I know it's based on the screenplay, I have to say that, so far, I like it more than the movie! Never read any Arthur C. Clarke before...this may be the start of a wonderful relationship!

Look hold OLD this book is! I think I bought it thru that Scholastic school program back when I was in 6th grade! The one where you fill out a form of the books you want and then like 6 weeks later, the teacher hands out all the books. Man, I used to get so excited for those...what were those called? Anyway, I'm just NOW getting around to reading it, some 25 years later! Ahhh, books!

SCOTT'S LITTLE WOODEN FOLKS- Scott Campbell- head of Incog and producer/designer on CAC- carves these little statues and figures out of wood. He says it helps him relax and deal with stress. Makes sense to me. Check out his latest: a little carved figure of one of the baddies in CALLING ALL CARS!

Ain't that cool? I love the little bag of loot!

Ok, gotta head off...gonna call the wife then hit the hay. Early morning tomorrow and it's supposed to snow on top of it.

Speaking of, check out these mountains...took this on my cab ride in!

Ain't Utah purdy?!? But man it's cold for a guy who lives in Southern California. It was 80 degrees when I left home today and I hear it's supposed to drop down to TWO tomorrow night. That's TWO my friends...freaking TWO!!!

Ok, see ya'll soon!



Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Wow...that book sounds great. I love of my favorite movies of all time. I didn't even know there was a book (or had forgotten about it)! The fact that it's based ON the screenplay is really interesting. I'll have to definitely have to give it a read if you think its worth it...

Good luck in Utah and CAC. Can't wait to play the new build!


da criminal said...

From what I understand, Clarke and Kubrick wrote the story and screenplay together FIRST and then Clarke went off and wrote the book...have not seen the movie in years but there's lots of stuff in the book I don't recall from the and I may be spacing- but was there an underground moon base in the movie?!?!

Andy Capps said...

I don't remember an underground moon base in the movie. All I remember when I think about that movie is, "Stop Dave, Dave?... Stop Dave...." Great movie, just very boring. Kubrick is definitely one of my favorite directors of all time, along with Hitchcock and Peter Jackson for what he did with LOTR. Here's hoping New Line will settle with him so he can direct The Hobbit. Somehow I doubt they'll ever pay him what he's demanding, but from what I've read, it seems like they should.

How is Warhawk looking? I've heard some rumors about it that aren't good, hopefully they're incorrect.

Anonymous said...

2 degrees? Ick. I hope that's fahrenheit... it's just getting cold in New York and I want the summer weather back.

The wooden figure is rad. Very old school cool. It seems to fit the whole Calling All Cars aesthetic...BTW, David, do you have any hobbies to relax?

Anonymous said...

Haha I love that figurine, Wonder how long hes been working on that for. You think thats Cold i Live in ALberta Canada and we just got out of a blizzard. Its -40 this morning and thats celcius my freinds... really really cold...

Anonymous said...

laquer I pray for your soul. -40 degrees C? That's fucking crazy...

Anonymous said...

That figurine is fantastic! Great work, Scott...fine craftsmanship...

You should have him do a few more and sell a few along with CAC downloads!

Anonymous said...

David, I've been meaning to ask: what ever happened with the G.A.P. GOW2 Ultimate Fan Contest? I entered and it was very cheesy, but I put a great deal of effort into the little no budget movie I made so it would be cool to know what happened with it.

Thanks for any info.

Tapion440 said...

Heh, I remember those old Scholastic pamplet/order form things. I still have a box somewhere filled with Goosebumps books. I don't remember them ever having a book as serious as 2001 though.

Cool statue. But unless I was just really good at carving figures like that, which obviously he is, trying to make something like that would probably stress me out.

And just becaused it was mentioned...

-40C = -40F

*finishing season 1 of INVAAAADDDER zimmmmm*


Anonymous said...

Haha... Are you serious? 40C is 40F???? meh, I dont use farenheit very often... cold tho i had to wait 20 mins for my bus with nothing but a hoodey in fear of not looking cool :P of course i winded up looking like a DOUCHE there frozen wen all the coolkids come with parkas :P haha jk, Ive actually decided to re-take up wittling...

Arnaldo Licea said...

Hehe! Awesome figure. Well it averages 70F here in Florida so I'm happy that its not cold. I went to Boston and friezed my ass off.

2001...I fell asleep watching it. Its one of those movies I have to see early afternoon or else I'll fall asleep. LOL


Spencer Wasden said...

Man, it is way too cold here. And it’s snowing again...

Very cool wooden folk! Scott’s got some mad wood carving skillz.

Btw – Have you guys decided if you’re going to include CAC entitlements?

jason said...

Arthur C. Clarke is brilliant. Also be sure to check out Childhood's End and the Rendezvous With Rama series.

If you happen to read this, i've been trying to get a hold of you to see if you'd be up for answering some questions for a gamecareerguide article.

PlayStation Museum said...

da criminal,

Are you serious that someone carved that statue by hand? Would Scott be able to carve an original model PlayStation 1, the ship from the original Warhawk, a viking from The Lost Vikings, or anything related to the early PlayStation? The Musuem would pay him for his efforts.

Also, can someone comment if Neopets was ever being developed for the PS1?

acousticvan said...

Hi Dave,
I've just watched new videos from
Holy f**king sh*t. Can't believe the ps2 that powerful. Next-gen ftl
I was thinking the franchise is currently restricted to adult audience, why isn't it opened up so more people can enjoy it?
Here is my idea:
make 2 versions: a kiddy version and an adult version.
In the kiddy version we have all the breasts censored out and the blood came in white instead of red.
What do you think?

Eric said...

Wow, snow! Where the hell did that come from?

LOL! That's the David Beckham Jaffe pose or what? Sorry, but that's funny, man.

Laquer said...

Haha we have 3 feet here :p I agree with eric very DAvid of you, and sorry Acoustic i dont mean to be a douchebag but i think that is a terrible idea, look at Mortal Kombat when SEGA got done with it it just was not the same now was it? The breasts and Gore are what make God of War great and if it were up to me id like to see more uncensored breasts and gore in God of War 2, Personally Ive been playing alot of the gorier games since i was a wee little guy like 7 or 8 years ago :P and I am not some sort of serial Killing freak who gets off watching people getting there heads and spines get riped out i enjoy it in video games but i am able to seperate that from reality. Im not against the Boob censoring but the blood man seriously, that will jsut confuse the hell out of a kid, " Mommy whats the white goo-ey stuff that comes out of him when he gets beat ?"

Sorry about the long Comment,


Arnaldo Licea said...

LOL, that pic of you looks like you wanna kick someone's ass.


David said...

Awesome! I love the 1up Yours podcast and 1up Show. I'm looking forward to hearing their impressions.

Firen said...

I can't wait to play the new game and am looking forward to your appearance on 1up.

NO FEAR said...

Good luck at 1up Dave! I hope they recieve your work well. I havn't seen much Sony love from that camp since they announced no more OPM. Maybe CAC will remind them they are gamers at heart and they can bury the OPM hatchet.

There was a small write up in PSM that included CAC(my son subscribes). It was more about a review of the PSN store and CAC was referanced as a good asset (as well as flow and GT) in it's future.

Snow,snow where art thou snow. We have NONE in NH and my snowboard has been longenly calling for me in the basement. Not to mention I upgraded my kids junior set with an adult set at the tail end of last year. I don't have the money or time to travel to where the snow is. One of my online gaming friends lives in Colorado and is buried in the stuff!

The G.A.P. has a new GOW2 contest. These are always fun and entertaining even if I don't enter it's still a hoot to see the others.

Anonymous said...

Yo Dave You looks badass in that photo even though you’re angry because of the cold.

Your game "Calling All Cars" looks pretty cool. I remember playing those kinds of games when gaming was simple and didn't have big stories and so on I can't wait to play it. I'll probably spend late nights playing that game with people on the PNP service.

I checked out God of war 2 on IGN on the 12th and I can say that Cory's doing a great job I guess he's going to be the next big guy in First Party titles like you it looks like a next a next-gen game.

If you guys decide to make a God of war 3 and bring it to the PS3 I'm going to be amazed.

Anyways you already heard Atsushi Inaba the developer of Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and God Hand is getting canned from Capcom.

I think what Capcom's doing is a big mistake to dissolve Clover I've been playing Okami and that game is addictive it's Original and a fun game.

But I heard he's starting his own independent gaming studio so that's good to hear.

Well Dave I've said a mouthful already so good luck with CAC and what you do in your life I have a lot of respect for you than most game developers.

Yohanna Waterman

Pewp said...

That seems pretty cold, although it can get much colder up here in Canada. Your just now use to the weather like everyone that lives there!

It seems like your having a much easier time making CAC than other games like God of War and what not. I know this is off topic but I bought Kinetica like 2 weeks ago and loved it, great job on that one!

Well, good luck with fixing the game up so I can spend my hard earned money on it!

Anonymous said...

*** Was WARHAWK Canned as a retail game??? Joystiq is reporting someone from inside the dev studio says it stalled and will be downloadable only.

thecapps said...

Yay, I finally have a blog. Good call on commenting on Neogaf on the rumors regarding Warhawk being supposedly cancelled. I'm glad to hear it's not cancelled, and hope that everything can be sorted out with the issues they're having.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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