Monday, February 05, 2007


I have lived in San Diego for a little over 8 months now. I like it here alot. It's great for the family, housing prices are affordable, and there's tons to do.

I still love Los Angeles tho, miss it from time to time and feel the same sense of energy that I've always loved about the place whenever I go back.

But finding places you love in your new city goes a long way towards making a location feel like home. And over the last few weeks, I have finally discovered the first place- outside of my house and little neighborhood- that I can truly say that I love.

It's a combo bookstore/coffe house in Del Mar, California. The bookstore is called The BookWorks and the coffe shop is called PANIKIN (there are a few of these coffe houses around the San Diego area but this is the only one- I gather- connected to a book store). These two stores are connected via a common wall (with an opening) and share the same floor so they really feel like one big store. For all I know they are owned by the same folks; I do not know.

What I do know is that I love being there. Love the creaking wood floors; love watching folks get all cozy as they wrap themselves in blankets (it's been cold as of late!) and play scrabble for hours; love the music they play (kind of smooth jazz or some such stuff).

I love getting a large Carmel Mocha and just sitting with my wife and talking; or just watching and listening to other people. I love reading the paper and checking up on politics and world news. And the best part is when you get tired of relaxing, you can take a break and walk into the book store and just browse. It's clear the booksellers love books. They are very friendly and seem like they would be happy to chat away about books all day long. No pressure to buy and decent seating to just grab a few books and see what books to toss back, which ones to take home

A few days ago I went with the wife and my parents and just sat and talked and laughed...that was a blast.

Anyway, while I was there I took some pictures as I just really like this place. It speaks to my soul. So I wanted to share. Here ya go:

Here's the entrance to the's in an old mall that's been around- or so I am told- since the 60's...

Here's the coffe shop....lotsa cool mugs and neat places to sit.

I LOVE this's like my ideal the place the kid snuck into when running from bullies in THE NEVERENDING STORY.

Coffe Shop and BookStore...linked together for a perfect experience!

I almost bought this seemed really cool as I read thru the first chapter. Did not buy it but I think I will go back this week and get it, as soon as I finish the other book I am reading.

I got the kid's book for my kids (duh) and thought the EB WHITE book was cool as it's pretty much a blog...just his thoughts on all kinds of stuff, sort of rambling but well written (as is the EB WHITE way)...

Man, writing this makes me wish I was at that damn coffe house right now! Maybe I'll swing by this week...


Anonymous said...

Nice. Your feelings for that place are like mine for a nearby Boarders. Just something about the feel of the place; the general aroma. Must be the American feel to it or something, as, for some annoying reason, I like places that simply feel American. Not the ones that try to hard (*cough*80s diners*/cough*), but the ones that just have that general air to them.

Of course, from what you're saying about your sounds a lot more rustic (and thus, intriguing) than the commercialized Boarders, but there you go.
I take it that teenagers don't go into the porn section and leave the magazines there wide open for the world to see?

PlayStation Museum said...

I doubt there's a porn section there. Maybe a section on love and relationships. (kama sutra?)

We don't have a place like this in NY. It wouldn't last long. The closest place is a two story Barnes & Noble complete with wifi and starbucks. The best one is located on Monroe Ave and a lot of well-to-do beatufiful people go there. I like watching the various people rather than reading the books.

Someday I'll write a book. I've contributed to one, but never wrote a complete one by myself.

The Neverending Story was one of my favorite movies. Too bad you can't borrow some of those ideas in the movie and make it into a game. That auryn pendant from the movie is owned by Steven Spielberg.

PlayStation Museum said...

Dave, Are you going to the Game Developers conference in San Francisco this March? Phil H. will be a keynote speaker.

Laquer said...

Wow it looks so comfy, i like the look of it to so cozy haha brings warmth to my heart, my place is at the bear ridge caffee we used to have here it left tho but it was nice and cozy...

Anonymous said...


Know what you mean. There's a little mom and pop place around here called "The Nook". Great place to get a fresh cup of Kona and sort through the latest hardcovers.

Little secret, its where I go to work on my book too.


Max A said...

Hey Dave I was in San Diego for the second time in my life this weekend and let me tell you I can see why you like it there. It gives me a certain feel of SF without the crappy weather.


Tapion440 said...

You're lucky to have found such a place. I've been living about an hour outside of Atlanta and I still haven't found any place to frequent like that.

Back when I lived in TN there was a small resturant named Tiptons, "sandwiched" between two buildings downtown. They would open up sometime before midnight and closed around 2pm. The place would only hold about 15 people (max) who just sit around chatting about the weather and shit. They also served the best biscuit and gravy plates I've ever had in my life...

*fuck...I hate mcdonalds*


Anonymous said...

My Mon used to live in ElCajon.

One time visiting I borrowed her Suzuki Sameri she used to tow behind the RV. I took a cruse up to the sunrise (or maybe sunshine) highway. I went past the joshoa tree forest then up to the summit where there was an air forcr tracking sation, the view (over 6000ft elevation) was specacular.

It's a trip watching a plane fly below you when you on a mountain.

Next I swing along side Merimar Top Gun school, all I could do is set along the side of the road and watch the jets take off, they wouldn't let me enter it's Ok it was reeeaaaalllly loud.

I finished the trip by driving to Corinado bay, while driving the sazuki a hot chick started waving in one of the old new VW Bugs and she even gave me a pinkey wave to follow her.

She pulled off the highway to a Prive Condo Marina something. She waved at the fully armed gaurds who stopped me stated this is private prorerty and I need an invitation...he didn't buy the pinky wave thing. Some how I think they were expecting someone to show up after her. I'm sure I wasn't the first to fall for that.

So The I hit the public beatch were a woman (sounded German or Scandinavian) rip off her top and I though this would be nice then her 2-3 year old kid jumped up and lached on.

Sorta freaked me out a kid walking a talking was being breast fed still?

Anonymous said...

That bookstore looks like a relaxing place to be.

Anonymous said...

So Dave...when’s your book coming out???


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw you,and think your hot,and really dig youre game thing.P.S KISS KISS

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