Thursday, February 15, 2007


Chatted with Spike Tv's GAMEHEAD host (and all around nice guy) Geoff Keighley yesterday. Promoting GOD OF WAR II for the GAMEHEAD episode Mid March which is ALL about GOD OF WAR!!!

Then we did a bit for the show that airs the NEXT week about CALLING ALL CARS!

I always like talking to Geoff cause I think a) he's a nice guy and b) he does a great job of bringing gaming to a mass audience. He's sort of like the Dick Clark of video games!

So thanks for the time and interest Geoff (along with your crew). I was kind of in tuning hell (still am) when we did the interview so I was sort of dazed and unfocused. Hope you got some good stuff you can use! Looking forward to the show!

Talk to ya'll later!


Look how TINY that camera is!!! Amazing that they can shoot broadcast quality on a tiny ass handheld.


Adam never lets me down!



PlayStation Museum said...

I will have to set the TIVO to record the show! Can't wait to see it. If Dave is in it, I'm sure it will be entertaining.

And you're right about the camera being small. It's almost the size of the eye toy (sarcasm of course).

Spencer W. said...

Damn Dave...your looking good my friend!

And I mean that in the most manly way possible...not that there’s anything wrong with the other way ;)

Very inspiring!

Eric said...

Very cool. I'll have to be sure to catch the next Gamehead. Doing PR for God of War II? Is this an extension of your new job title or are you ramping up to GOW3?

Also, holy shit, man, Jaffe. Did you lose weight? You look skinny. Eat something!


Laquer said...

how long do you think till your buddy sens you a pciture of harmiony in those ones:p

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff. I'll try and catch those episodes.


Devin Greer said...

Is there anywhere to download those GameHead shows?

Neil said...

I'll have to record the show and check it out.

Eat at joes.

Zodiak said...

Yeah its amazing now that we don't have those bulky ass cameras, now its just a nice smaller, lightweight camera :)

Geoff is an all around cool guy and I believe he does his job correctly. If there were 3 people I wouldn't want to mess with in the game industry he would definitely be up there.

dev, I don't think there is anyplace with full downloadable Gamehead episodes, the only ones I could find were on


Tapion440 said...

Don't get SpikeTV...though no big lose I guess. I'll just catch your clip on YouTube after it airs (I figure someone will upload it).

That's a sweet ass tv by the way.

*go rent Memento*


Devin Greer said...

I'll check it out.

NO FEAR said...

Looking forward to it. I agree About Geoff. He presents the game for what it is and allows the watcher to form their own oppinion which to me is what it's all about...unlike some other nameless self promoters who claim to be gaming journalists.

Elessar said...

You know, i do believe She is legal now :)

But on a more serious topic, God of War 2 is getting some kick-ass reviews (those lucky bastards and getting the game a month in advance). Definitely glad Cory and the team follows the original games formula and just improved upon that where ever they could.

Laquer said...


Marek said...

Greetings from Poland, Dave! :)

Anonymous said...

im going to get my GOW 2 demo right now. i cant fucking wait. thank god i pre ordered it a couple of weeks ago or they wouldn't have given it to me. o yeah i posted this off my PS3 takes forever to type this w/o my fucking USB keyboard.

Arnaldo Licea said...

I'm waiting for the demo that Cory is sending us to play it...though I can go to an EB and get it...

Anonymous said...

The game title is changed again?
From Calling All Cars to Calling All Bus? :):)
According to this website:

Look down at Santa Monica section.
I know its just a bad translation from French but it sounds pretty funny.

Hempeater said...

Damn I want to play that and GOWII.

thecapps said...

Looking forward to seeing both shows on GOW II and Calling All Cars. Do you know if Sony is doing an online beta test for Calling all Cars for Playstation GAP members or are you keeping it strictly with focus groups?

Jack Vykios said...

Geoff rules. He's great on GameTrailers' bonus round.

Ahh...good ol' Emma Watson. But I beg to differ in that she isn't really getting that hot. I know a girl who looks fairly like her...and she ain't pretty.

After completing God of War on God mode the second time [in anticipation of the sequel - a compulsion of mine is to play the originals before the sequel comes out], I listened to your screaming as you were brutally killed by your baby (Kratos AKA Krate), and wondered if it would be possible for you to port Calling all Cars to PS2.
I mean, ignoring the resolution, would it be theoretically possible to put CaC on a disk and play it on PS2 without loss in texture detail, poly count or lighting quality?

Not that I'm suggesting you do...Soon as Sony shows its love to Europe, and I can afford that monster of a beast, I'll buy CaC without hesitation...unless the reviews are on the same level as Bad Day LA, of course...

Oh, and, out of interest, what position are you expecting to take for God of War III?

SirLaosson Dara said...


I really need to talk to you about a film project... Please get in contact with me via my email address

I tried to get in contact with you via you SCE Studios, but no luck >< Lol, hope to hear from you soon.


Anonymous said...

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