Wednesday, July 04, 2007


To all of us American's out there: Happy 4th!

To those serving in the armed forces, I may despise your commander in chief with every fiber I got, but I respect and am in awe of you guys. Thank you very much for your service.

And to those fuckers who live in a state where they can still go and buy this kind of stuff...

...let me just say that I am CRAZY ASS JEALOUS of you right now! 'Personal' fireworks are illegal in California and oh man I so want to share the joy of bottle rockets and roman candles (hell, even sparklers!) with my kids! But no! Here's all we are allowed to have:

Well whopdie-fuckin-mother-fuckin-do: stupid ass party poppers! Fuckin-wee.

Ah well, hard to complain considering we live in a country that- in less that 2 years- will be released from the oppresion of King George II. Then we can start- I hope- turning America BACK into a beacon of hope for many other countries around the world. Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, whoever gets in in 08 has GOT to be better than this guy...right? I mean, NO jail time for Libby?!?! Come the fuck on! What's it take to run this guy out of town already?!?! Sheesh!

But seriously ya'll: whatever your political views, have a safe and fun holiday! I'm sure we all deserve it! See ya'll after the break!


Anonymous said...

Happy first of July to the Liberal Canadian WOOT :P

felman said...

liberal canadian?

Anonymous said...

I'm in California as well, and yeah, it sucks. Thank god for Piccolo Petes (or whatever they are calling those screaming fireworks this year). Piccolo Petes + blunt object = "Uhh... I think I may have lost a finger"; or Piccolo Petes + sharp object = "Uhh... I think I may have set the neighbor's grass on fire." Have a safe fourth of july :)

Rob Zepeda said...


Arreche Katsuraji said...

here from mexico, lol.
there are lots of fireworks here too!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th to all my Americans and American hopefuls. Hope this holiday finds all of you safe and enjoying the company of those dearest to you. God bless America.

Eric said...

Happy 4th and I echo your sentiments about the CMC and our Troops.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Super Stardust HD?

Anonymous said...

Happy woopty 4th of july to you too mista jaffe.

derrickgott007 said...

Dave, If you want fireworks, I have a word that you should know : MEXICO.

You already live in San Diego, hell go across, get some, and bring them back... Thats what we used to do when I lived in California.

grasshopper said...

Can ya get these??
Fun for the whole family! At least the guy in Joe Dirt seems to think so.

Det. Conan said...

Dave.. I got a good question for you..

How many hours do you work per day?

How many hours do you sleep?

I mean, you do lots of things everyday: you blog, you go to the movie theater, you go to restaurants with your wife, you play videogames, you read comix, you watch sitcoms, you watch dvds, etc.

I mean i cannot do all the things..

da criminal said...


I officiall work from 10-6. But some days I am doing 'nothing more' than playing games in genres I am researching. Other days I work and work and work, often times in my head and working on the game when I am eating dinner or driving or out with friends. It's like any other creative work: there are times where things are nuts, times where things are more laid back, and times when you are obsessed and can't stop thinking about the game (this last 2 weeks has been a time of obsessive thining on the new game). So it really depends on where we are. The best part is when you obsess over stuff for a few weeks, figure out what you want to do, and then give yourself a free pass for a day or so to take it easy because you know you've done good, made some good decisions/had good ideas, and now need to recharge.

felman said...

I don't know what your next game is, but here's to hoping it's Twisted Metal PSN!

PlayStation Museum said...

Happy Fourth from the PlayStation Museum!! Can't wait for George's tenure to end.

Unknown said...

California is one of the most liberal states we have, and also has some of the most government mingling and ridiculous legislation governing private lives of all the states. Coincidence?

Joel said...

i personally dont want the next twisted metal to be PSN.

one of the best things about twisted metal is its depth.

if the new one had like 4 or 5 levels.. and like 8 cars.. blah. what a waste.

plus, theres no way it would have all the cheats and secrets amazing planning that twisted metal REALLY DESERVES.

but i guess it would be better than no twisted metal at all.


anyways.. happy fourth of july.. it was the first of july for us canadians.

Rob Zepeda said...

hey david, you should come out to the IGDA mixer this month:

i'll buy you a'll be good times.

Anonymous said...

We ended un staying in due to thunderstorms, Some people next door were setting off some nice one's...Yes Dave we in the "Live Free or Die" state can still blow shit up :)

We ended up watching "Independence Day" great sifi flick, the PS3 upscales it to my 49" Bravia quite nice.

Anonymous said...

hey happy 4th of july man, but i really need you to email me back. i want to ask you something that would be worth your time. just take a shot email me, i cant talk about it on here.

Max A said...

Happy 4th Dave!

I love the the good fireworks too.

To bad we live in California. 8(

Det. Conan said...

I feel pleased with myself today because you replied on my comment.. but you actually replied 10% on my question...

My question is from where do you get all this time to do all the stuff you do?

Why i am asking? here is the reason..

I work as an auditor from 8 to 5, and get back home at 6.. Now after 6, i don't feel like doing anything at all... i come back home depressed (maybe from work, working hours or salary).. I go to the theater once a week (if there is something good), i don't play PS3 like i used too (only if there is a really good game, e.g. GOW2) and i read a novel for an hour before i got to sleep... Basically, my life became so boring since i start working.

Then i look at you and your blog and wonder from where do you get all this time to do these stuff you post about..

I wonder if you ever get stressed from work.. i mean, you think about your work while having your dinner!!!

Anonymous said...

haha hey man, i live in cali. fortunately i was able to get my hands on some sweet ass roman candles and some other shit i cant really name. and i was also able to blow it all up in front of a Rite Aid parking lot at 1 am. next year if youre looking for serious fireworks, not that party popper kiddy shit, come to West Covina man; tons of good stuff

Carlos M. said...

To what you're reading:

World War Hulk IS fucking awesome... although I like Tony Stark, and believe in what he wants to do (he's just not going the best way about it).

Good thing this is just about Hulk getting revenge on any who wronged him. He could care less about registration.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!! @ the guy that invited Jaffe to a mixer. JAJAJJJAH@!1

Anonymous said...