Friday, July 27, 2007

One Door Closes...

EDIT#1- Just to be clear, the port of TM:HEAD ON does NOT count as our first title in the Sony 3 game's a port we are doing and THEN we start full time work on game #1. But unless the powers that be shoot us down mid-pro, we know what game #1 will be, the concept art is fucking amazing, and I am crazy in love with game #1 already. Hope ya'll like it when you see it in a bit...

Edit #2- Ok, so my comic-con post is coming soon but I can't contain my excitement so:

How fucking cool is that?!?!

Ok, back to the original post:


So, as some of you may have heard, today is my last day at Sony.

After 14 years, I’m leaving the mothership that has protected me, nurtured me, sustained me, taught me, and- in the early days when I was an insecure kid who didn’t know any better-defined me.

Scott Campbell and I are starting a new games company called EAT SLEEP PLAY. We're teaming up with a host of the key folks from the Twisted Metal games (not to mention many of the other great Incognito/Singletrac games) and trying to give this indy game thing a shot! I’ve worked with these folks- on and off- for about 13 years and we figured it was high time to pull back the sheets and jump into bed together all permanent like.

We have a 3 game console/handheld exclusive deal with Sony and hope to have our first original game out sometime in 2008. In the meantime, we’ll be putting out a port of TWISTED METAL: HEAD ON this Xmas season. The port- going from PSP to PS2- is pretty cool for a port because:

- It has the original HEAD ON title but it’s now running at 60fps and has resed up textures as well as some gameplay tweaks.
- It has 5-7 levels from the never released TWISTED METAL BLACK: PART II.
- It has a documentary on the history of the series.

So for a port, we think it’s a pretty sweet package and a pretty good deal. We're also trying to get the powers that be to throw in an art book that ships with the game (nothing fancy,just something packed in with the disc).

So the new company will be based out of Utah, but I’ll remain here in San Diego, working from my home office. No real difference between the way I’ve worked with SingleTrac/Incog over the years, so we don’t expect much to change, other than the fact that all of us now own a piece of the company.

Again, we are working with Sony and that just feels great. We met with some other interested parties but at the end of the day, Sony is our home, our family, and we’re really thrilled and honored they wanted to work with us and continue the relationship we’ve spent almost 15 years cultivating. So in many ways, it’s like very little has changed, other than the pay cut ☺.

But it’s what we wanted: to go independent and see where we could steer our very own ship. Granted, our new ship is no longer the grand, unstoppable beast that is Sony. Instead, it’s a smaller vessel, scrappy even, manned with a crew of experienced sailors who felt the need to venture out into the unknown seas and and see what we could see. And the cool thing is, a small as our ship is, it’s not the least bit scary. It’s exciting as hell. It feels right; like the time is right, the crew is ready, and the grand voyage is just beginning.

As always, I hope you guys/gals will join us on our journey (ok, enough with the shitty metaphor). As soon as I can reveal more about our new titles, I will share all. Maybe in the next 8-12 months, I would imagine, but who knows.

Anyway, so there’s my big news. As I said, it’s really big news for us, we’re real excited, and we hope our new company name- Eat Sleep Play- becomes synonymous with some of the most fun games of the future.

Ok, my oldest kid is awake. Gotta get her dressed for the day, then head upstairs to report for my first official day of work ☺. Oh, and stay tuned for my ‘report’ from Comic Con. I had a BLAST yesterday. I wish I could go back today for day #2, but hell, I got games to design! ☺

Talk to ya’ll later!



paul said...

Good Luck Jaffe, nice to hear youre still staying exclusive to Sony. 3 exclusive deal eh? so lets see, God of War 3, new Twisted metal perhaps????

gl on your new job :)

Sean2D2 said...

Good Luck Jaffe. Thanks for all the great Playstation games you've given us over the years. I'm excited to see where things go in the years coming and can't wait to play some of the great titles that will be coming out of Eat Sleep Play.

Anonymous said...

Way to do david, i hope every thing go's well at Eat Sleep Play.

Anonymous said...

Thats Awesome!
I wish you the best of luck.

So, who else will you be taking with you for your new studio??

Anonymous said...

Please make sure TM:Head On works on PS3 consoles which only have software emulation.

I really want to play the game but you never know with these european consoles...

Anonymous said...

Best or luck out there, Jaffe! I look forward to seeing what you can accomplish on you own.

Anonymous said...

Nothing too surprising, especially after the teaser picture that popped-up the other day. The difference is that the game is for the PS2, which is a GREAT idea in my mind. To show support for the PS2 from such an important title is proof that unlike the other companies, Sony is still committed to supporting their "previous-gen" platform. They'd be stupid not to support the PS2 with over 100 million in households around the world.

Cheers to Mr. Jaffe.

Thirst said...

Good news :) Looking forward to things

Unknown said...

Good luck man. Hope the games end up rocking. I hope Incog will still be a good company without you guys. It actually sounds like it might be dissolving, which is a shame.

I'll say one thing, if you want to make some money right out of the door (I'm sure you know this) you gotta make a TM for PS3. Guaranteed to sell like crazy. GoW PS3 would sell too. I'm sure you've got it worked out though. Good luck.

derrickgott007 said...

Good luck! You can rest assured knowing that you have at least one sure customer here.

Here's to the future! *Raises New Castle Ale towards your general direction*

Corey Padnos said...

Congrats. Best wishes to your new company. Eat Sleep Play is a fantastic name!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you will stay exclusive to Sony even after the 3 game deal. Sony needs you.

Anonymous said...

Every man has his pride and I admire you that you chose your path correctly. That makes a man a man (Kojima and You).
I'm really disappointed at Rockstar Games when they said xbox 360 is the only console that we can experience GTA IV fully. They were the one who got rejected by MS when they presented GTA 3 to MS. Sony helped them out and brought them to fame (gta1 and gta2 were not popular at all) only to see them backstabbed Sony.

Unknown said...

Smart Move to Utah, cheaper than california and a larger talent pool to draw from there. State of 3 million with over 4 major universities with cutting edge comp sci programs, ex employees with oodles of talent and experience of legends like ex novell, wordperfect, microsoft, etc. employees to draw from you will be able to make some great games. Let whatever may be said about Mormons but they sure work hard.

HeAndShe said...

Got a website for the company yet? I'm interested in applying for a job.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Jaffe, Me and all the gamers out there we wish you the best of luck. By the way, I barely downloaded Calling all cars, and man this thing is hella of fun, I was laughing the whole time that I was playing, even my uncle who was watching me playing, was laughing too. Anyways take care of yourself and keep doing the great games that you had been doing, and I hope that the next time that Cory does the next GoW, you can give him your input.

Coldhand said...

I´m so happy to hear it !.
I wish you good Luck Jaffe!!! for your new company "EAT SLEEP PLAY". ^^

How looks the Logo of the company "EAT SLEEP PLAY" then?

btw. for the new TM game on this Xmas season. Please make an Europe version for this Xmas season too. ;)

Aranmor said...

I feel very exited like you, can I work with you? I make 3D renders myself for architecture, and I like this project... good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations David, I can't wait to see ESP's games!
I need to ask you, what happened with TM:Black part 2? Was it up and running or just early designs? And Head On is 60fps, but is it Widescreen like the original? (and pro scan?)
thanks in advance if you can answer that!
Good luck with ESP!

Anonymous said...

i might have not read the blog entry good enough but does the port count as the first game of the 3 game deal.

AlistairBraz said...

Nice to see sony with the indie crowd. Hopefully when i graduate, I will be able to join this team as I have an odd fascination with arcade titles

Anonymous said...

ESP is going to be so awsome. the TM: HO is a good as bought.

- adam

David Doel said...

This is awesome news :D

I'm very happy you chose to do this and the stuff that will come out of your studio will be high quality, no doubt about it.

Concerning the PS2 version of TM:HO, is there going to be online play (with voice chat)? I can't believe there are still more PS2 games coming out that I'm going to have to buy!

Anyways good luck!

Jason said...

Best of luck Mr. Jaffe.

Unknown said...

I really don’t know how to take this news. I thought you said Sony was good to you, I thought you said how much you enjoyed working for Sony. Now you are leaving them. Was it the money? Did they not let you make a game you wanted? Did someone insult you there?

Now, I understand that you signed a 3 game deal with them, but what then? When M$ shows up and dumps $50 million on your front doorstep, like they did with Rockstar, you too will spit in our faces and turn your back on Sony. You have been so synonymous with the Playstation, we have rallied around you, defended and supported you, and now you are leaving us. This is such a blow.

I hope I am being overly paranoid here. I hope that like Insomniac you too will remain a 2nd party developer, exclusive to Sony. I hope you won’t forget all of the success you achieved through Sony and its community of gamers and I hope you won’t stab us in the back like so many other companies have this generation. If not then this is a very dark day indeed.

Anonymous said...

Dave, as a TM fan I am VERY happy to hear this news. I am glad to see that you are taking care of us TM fans.

I am glad to see the addition of possibly 7 levels, that's amazing. It's almost a whole new game.

I would like to repeat the question of the game having full online play like the PSP version. I would think that'sa a must.

Do you think there's any chance that we coudl see any other additions from TMB2 in it like a bonus car or 2?

Since it is you, Scott and a bunch of Incog/SIngletrac guys and apparently Incog is done, does this mean you guys are taking over and will handle new TM games if they are indeed made.

I just pray that 1 of those games in our deal turns out to be a PS3 TM game.

Best of Luck!

Anonymous said...

Please dont sell us out like rockstar did stay with sony you and kojima are all we got left

Unknown said...

Sounds great! Just hope that in HO you can have more than 6 cars in a level ;). Can't wait to see what else you can are making! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

wait, you aren't making GOW3? wtf!?!?!

lets do this.

Escobar4Life said...

Congrats! Looking forward on Eat Sleep Games.

Twisted Metal Head On sounds great! I have the psp version but the ps2 version is gonna rock! I hope it includes offline multiplayer. What other changes will it get?

I kinda wish Twisted Metal Head On would be ported to the ps3. That way it would have better graphics, possibly use sixaxis motion, make use of PlayStation Network and possibly downloadable content. Oh well. Head On still sounds awesome either way and im gonna buy it.

Anonymous said...

G'luck, Jaffe.
And I hope one of those 'secret' games is a new TM title.

As an independent company, you should look where you can make money!..and that'd be TM =p!

Keep the great games coming, bud.
And if you get a chance, share with us why such a name was chosen for the company =\

felman said...

Eat Sleep Play

That pretty much sums up my life. Well, minus school and work.

Arnaldo Licea said...

Thats awesome news man! Can't wait to see what Eat Sleep Play puts out in, hopefully, the near future.

Good luck to you and your team man!

Unknown said...

It would be cool if TM: Heads On would be available on PSN and would feature online play.

Anonymous said...

You animal, what have you done?!

I'm just kidding. Good luck lad and show us how experience your team is by releasing a quality title.

Anonymous said...

I hope one of those games is GOW3! i don't want to see that game on ANY other console BUT a PLAYSTATION. Other than that good luck ;)

R.Bunk said...

Dude please do not make Xbot games! What about TM: Head On as PSN download.

Anonymous said...

Well, Good Luck with your company.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jaffe, but please stay exclusive to Sony, I'm sure i speak for most of us here when I say that we don't want you going to another system and making games for them.
The other systems aren't worthy of having a David Jaffe game...well maybe Nintendo is...but NOT Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

Are there any job vacancies?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Comic Con is ruined, Blade Runner is only coming out in theatres in New York and Los Angeles, NO CHICAGO!!!

My hopes and dreams are ruined.

Anonymous said...

Puh, good that you're still staying with Sony. Those guys rock!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool, Hope it all works out for you and I'm glad that your still working with Sony. Cant wait to see your first game.

Anonymous said...

OMG coolness~ Good luck with your new job~

we all love Twisted Metal series since it came out, cant wait to get my hands dirty again ^^ excitement level is over the top

you guys should also release an HD version for ps3 that will be cool as hell~

Anonymous said...

I may use, or play on other consoles, but something i got to admit, you are the best on making games, absolutly diferent from others.
I wish the best of luck for you and your team.

Anonymous said...

Great news, you put out great titles as part of Sony but I am looking forward to seeing how having more creative freedom affects your projects.

I wish you luck in your new adventure!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that you quit sony, I wanted to know what the studio in Santa Monica was working on. Good luck on your own and make a new TM for PS3 please, its been tooo damn long. Stay with Sony!!!! Don't leave the company that loves and and the fans who love your games on the Playstation.

Dan said...

Holy shit, that is awesome. Good luck with your new company, I hope it bring much joy and promise as expected.

Now send me a freaking email:


Anonymous said...

Hello David,

Congratulations on the new career move. I have wanted to make the same type of change for a while now. I live in Utah and I have been working as a Marketing Manager for the last four years. I am wondering if you will be creating a Marketing Department in your new company and if you will have any open positions? I am very interested in applying to work with your team. If nothing in Marketing is available, I believe that I am extremely qualified for an Assistant Producer position. In my current position, I coordinate the efforts of multiple small teams to achieve goals under tight deadlines.

Sorry for posting this on your blog, I tried several other methods to obtain appropriate contact information for your new company (I am sure a web site is in the works). I will check this comments thread for any response from you.



Anonymous said...

:'( I'm going to cry
good luck Jaffe , Please tell me you will stay exclusive to Sony even after the 3 game deal. Sony needs you , and we all need you (our hero):(.

Anonymous said...

God PLEASE make a new Twisted Metal either on disc or downloadable for the PS3 with online play. That would be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe you are so funny. Honest as always lol :P
Well, all I can say, make a GOOD twisted metal game. Make it really GOOD. Because, since TM 3 something went wrong, and since then I did not like the series at all.
Make a Twisted metal game that bonds again!
I wish you all the luck doing this! And yea, I am already exited about the results.
Take care!

Herby said...

I can't wait to see what you guys are working on. Sony was smart to take care of you and your crew.
Kick some ASS!

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

im really lucky too hear this cool news. You and the Incognito Entertainment are the best !!!
I played all Twisted Metal series from beginning, but black was my favourite one. Every TM game was soo amazing. So i decided to create
a new professional Website about your new Company and the Twisted Metal series.
I wanted to ask you if you can me mail your email cause i have some questions because of copyright and something like that. Please look my page (still working on it) and say me pls if its ok when i temporary copy your blogs and photos for news, till my page is ready. My Email:

I wish you all the best

grasshopper said...

Dude don't open the ark!
We don't need you melting on us now.

Anyway congrats on the new company can't wait to see what ya got coming.

Anonymous said...

Wait, so there was a Twisted Metal Black II? O_O. You guys should consider re-releasing Twisted Metal Black online for the Playstation Network. That would be awesome.

Unknown said...

Twisted Metal.

We want it. You want it. Do the right thing.

Good luck! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. I am looking forward to TM: Head On for PS2 (I am very much a TM fanboy *cough*minus 3 and 4*cough*). Also, can't wait to see what else you guys are cooking up, as I have enjoyed Calling All Cars.

Soukthachone Vilaysack said...

You're not going anywhere. I mean you're still going to be creating games and you do have fans that will follow you and support you in whatever you do.

Good luck with all that. and after the 3 years up. What plans do you have? ahhh. Since you're not working with sony anymore and 3 year deal once it's over. How about you head over to make a DS and show those kids how to use the Stylus. Better yet. Make a Wii game and show them there IS power to the system.



Killer Teddy Bear Action Adventure Game please.
That's all I ask from you ;)

Anonymous said...

Have a happy adventure in your new venture capital Mon Capitain. I'll be expecting some great work from you guys in the future.


Glad to here comoc-con was a blast, I saw some great stuff from it on the tv and net, can't wait to see what you got from it.

IMO now is the perfect time for you guys to go off and do what your doing. The upswing is on the way and the media is primed and ready.

Good Luck to all of you.

Soukthachone Vilaysack said...

Oh david. wtf @

forwarding to a picture of you? xD Just Hilarious ;D

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I enjoyed everything you've done from Twisted metal, to God of War, to Calling all cars.. I hope i can continue to play your great games on Sony platforms as long as you're in the biz... goodbye and hello, david. take it easy.

Unknown said...

Good luck with the new company, a lovechild between Singletrac and Incognito sounds like a match made in gamer heaven <3

Just wanted to be sure to chime in about pushing for that Twisted Metal art book. As a TM fanatic and a recent BFA grad, I'd go gaga over that. Hell, I'd pay good money for an even fancier hard-cover edition *hint hint*

Glad to see TM:HO coming out again as well. It's personally my favorite in the franchise, I just felt the level design was fantastic... love Monaco! I'd like some further info on the extra levels we'll be getting that were meant for TM Black 2... are they going to be in the style of Black, or will they be remade in more of the franchise's classic theme to fit with Head On?

Keep on keeping on Jaffe! =)

Coldhand said...

Jaffe, something you have to know.
I only want to buy the Ps3, if a new TWISTED METAL game coming out. (As I made it on the Ps2 and PSP). ^^
So long J`ll waiting for, because its my best favourite game of the world and nothing is better like that game . :P

Give your best and dont disappoint me!

Good Luck!

Sadeq said...

best of luck

looking forward to ur #1 game

Delriach said...

I can't wait for another Twisted Metal game. Head-on was great, but I want another rendition of black. I can't believe there was a Twisted Metal Black II being made. That game would be incredible. Hopefully you guys end up making it. An online only Twisted Metal black remake would be awesome too.

That would make all the fans happy.

I'm trying to start up a Calling all Cars league for any interested.

Yeah, it's pretty basic, but we have nothing else right now... so this is better than nothing right? Send me a message on the PSN for anyone interested.

Thanks for the great games.

Anonymous said...

I hope you spread your gaming goodness to all the platforms now Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo & PC

All the Best!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe I come on here pretty often to here your news and updates always been a big fan of your work since my genesis days and although i do not know if you actually read these comments(awesome if you do) I am curious to know your input on my dilemma.
I have always wanted to work in the game industry but I love love love my home of Nashville Tennessee and I do not know if I could get into it living here.
I know that game testing is a good way to get a foot in the door but I was wondering if you had any pointers?
I can draw pretty well and I am would say I would be good with voice overs I was always a pretty convincing actor (at least I think so lol) and I can do impressions but to be honest even though I hadn't done any real game developing I have done a little scripting in flash I think I would be good working with video games as they are my passion.
what yah think Jaffe. hit me back up at
I am currently in a post hardcore band if youd like check us out

Felipe said...

I would say 72 comments is a sign of support at least heh. Good luck, kick some ass eh!

Unknown said...

Very excited for you Dave! That's great news man. 3 game deal with Sony, toughest part of a start up, points on the back end AND you get to work from home? You must feel like you've done gone and went to game development heaven :)
Congrats man! Best of luck with ESP and can't wait to play what you kids got rollin' around in your noggins.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, -SCoLD- from TMA.

Congrats on the pay cut, you sly bastard. I am just as excited as you are about your new venture to the open sea, maybe even more so, because I get to have all the fun playing your games. Good Luck in your vessel, you have good winds to keep you asail and all that good stuff. I'll keep my eyes on the blog, just make sure that the powers that be know that the powers of the consumers want MORE Twisted Metal :)

And how could you not tell us about Black II after all these years, I'm heartbroken...Frank the TANK!

felman said...

How about some more Twisted Metal info?

Anonymous said...

First of all, I was AMAZED to hear that you were working on Twisted Metal: Black II (as well as surprised there was no mention about it being in the works). But I was absolutely STUNNED to hear it got CANCELLED. What?! Are you freaking kidding me?? TM:B1 is arguably the best Twisted Metal Game ever hatched! And to just throw away TM:B2 just like that?! That could make money??!! That would way, WAY more than wet Fans' appetites???!!! There are people just like myself that are going absolutely nuts over wanting, wishing, hoping, praying, anything for a new Twisted Metal game. But don't get me wrong, I'm so very, very thrilled that we are getting a new, revamped version of TM:HO later this year. It really was a blast to play on PSP, even if I do find it to be behind TM1, 2 and Black in greatness, respectively. But it is nice that we are getting a little taste of Black 2 with the levels and stuff and that it hasn't just been completely chunked away. However, I must say, that with all the powers that be - that will ever be, we get Twisted Metal Black: II, and make it for PS3 (but I will settle for PS2 if I have to! I really just need my new TM fix, at least!) - if it's not asking too much. And if I could add on to that: a TRUE sequel to Twisted Metal 2, that would be of course: Twisted Metal 3. And you, Dave, being the guy who sees - no, make that oversees that both of those projects get done from start to finish with your creativity sitting in the driver's seat. I have faith that you will take care of your Fans, and I know you won't just leave us hanging here, as I'm sure you're just as big of a Fan as we are. And I know because, apparently, you have already tried to take care of us with TM:B2, but now cancelled and the TM:HO game coming out with new added cool stuff. But I only ask that you don't give up and just quit on us. You're the only one who can deliver the best TM experience we know and absolutely love! Thanks for all you've done for us so far (so far, as in I really hope there's much more to come!)... It's been so much fun!

P.S: Good luck with Eat Sleep Play! I hope that's good, maybe even great news for TM Fans!

HairyAsHell said...

Damn, you are so inspiring! Although, I am currently just an animator, I wanna be able to start out into game design someday. Your stuff always made me realize how much I love games and how much I want to make my own games someday. If you can, would really appreciate a reply email on any tips/words that you might have, dude. All the best! Keep eating, sleeping and most importantly...PLAYING!!!


felman said...

After Incog is done with Warhawk (a kickass game, everyone buy 5,000 copies of it) think they'll go back to doing TM?

Zodiak said...

Best of luck Dave with the Eat Sleep Play game company. The name sounds pretty cool and I'm sure there will be a few dozen new franchises coming outta there. :)


Anonymous said...

Will we never see God of War 3 then? I did buy GOW2 just the other day and that game is awsome.
Good luck with the new projects.

Anonymous said...

jaffe didn't make god of war 2. so this doesnt even matter.

Sean P.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Dave! I'm pretty sure the TM Head On port will be successful. We TMA folks just can't wait to get our hands on it! :)

Good luck and more power to your coming projects as well.

Joel said...

alright.. i dont know if your ever going to read this comment or not.

but first off. congratulations on going independent. i know that was a dream of yours. i hope it enables you more creative freedom. i hope you can make your games MORE adult and more controversial and less family friendly, because you dont have to worry about being a part of sony.

but at the same time i hope you dont forget that by moving onto working with non-sony systems, you WILL hurt a lot of sony fans. i know it shouldnt be that way, but most fans only buy one console. when people pick on their console and say it isnt as good as the xbox or whatever, we sony fans could always say "yah, well, we've got david jaffe games!"

so.. dont forget thats how WE feel.

anyways. a new twisted metal game is very exciting to me, even if its mostly levels i've already played.

i hope you add new secret areas into the levels. new secrets.

man.. i love twisted metal secrets.

anyways, the other thing is.. work a lot on the steering and control.

play a LOT of twisted metal 2. you created gold with that game, and you need to figure out how to evolve that while still keeping the same feel. its near impossible to improve a game so great, but you can do it.

you should add some of twisted metal 2's original levels without the changes. the changes they made to the levels for head on were good, but i would have loved to see the originals too. haha. maybe if there is space anyways.

as for the cars and their special weapons.. i guess the main thing to keep in mind is that you want them to all feel distinctly different... and yet in gameplay.. you want them all to be equally matched in some way. no car should be vastly superior or vastly worse unless its a secret car. (and having a secret car thats vastly worse isn't a bad idea)

gameplay codes rule.. the one for the ice is fucking awesome. try to create one that is equally awesome. how about... like.. an ejection seat you can pull to shoot you out of your car... it makes your car blow up... and you have to run around on foot... ONE SHOT KILL... but you DO have a single machine gun (which does almost no damage) that would be pretty sweet. but totally up to you. what do i know.

umm.. hmm. another idea is you could make a weapon that you shoot... like a grenade... only instead of exploding.. when it goes off it teleports you to where it landed.

unreal has something like that, and it can be a lot of fun.. i can think of several examples in a twisted metal environment when i would get a kick out of that.

imagine in the Twisted metal 2 rooftops level... trying to transport yourself over to another ledge.. but you miss.. you'd be teleported off the edge of the building. LOL. seems funny to me (until you do it a couple times. lol)

umm.. please try and copy as much of the sound effects as you can from TM2. you can re-do them a bit, but dont drastically alter them, or i'll be pissed. remember spectres special weapon noise? wow. what a great sound effect! and tons of them were that good too!

lastly.. please make at least one completely new level.. and at least a couple new cars and weapons.

i know with all the shit you already have to do to port the game it might be nearly impossible.. but comeon! have some fun! :p

felman said...

"i hope you can make your games MORE adult and more controversial and less family friendly, because you dont have to worry about being a part of sony."

If sony okayed God of War I think pretty much everything goes (except for manhunt apparently)

Hush404 said...

AH ha, I figured something like this was coming. :D All the best to ya man, can't wait to see what you and the rest of the team comes up with! My PSP/PS3 will be waiting!

Unknown said...

Few other thoughts I had...

Assuming the Twisted Metal documentary isn't finished yet, I'd love to hear you and others talk a bit about the stylistic differences between Black and the rest of the series. Perhaps what you felt worked or didn't work about each style, and where you'd like the series to stylistically with future games.

Also, if you do make another Twisted Metal in the future, I've always wanted you guys to run a contest to submit a car / character design, and the winner would make it in the game. Back when I was a kid and the original Twisted Metal came out, it got the creative juices flowing, and I wrote to Singletrac with my own idea for a car. I think what I had in mind would be even more relevant today, I'd love to have the chance to pitch it in a contest!

Carlos M. said...

There was going to be a Twisted Metal Black: Part II!? Damn! :(

Anyway, good luck with independent development. I can't remember anyone that has gained such notice from the birth and creation of a publisher-owned epic franchise that decided to go indie afterwards.

That shows some balls and passion, so I'll be looking forward to any new IP you guys come out with.

Det. Conan said...


I watched two of your latest interviews that was done in CC 2007 with

One of them is really cool when you discussed about your new company and your future plans in the gaming industry..

The other one, where you started joking around and telling people about the college days, was not cool at all...

Man you laughed and start mocking about an "Afghani" guy. and your friend pulled out a nasty trick (i don't call that a joke) on a "Pakistani" guy just because he hated him!!!!

Even if you hate a person so much.. U don't do something like that and start laughing about it nowadays instead of being ashamed of yourself.. Man, what would your kids learn from you when they see you mentioning that and laughing about it: That there is no problem laughing at people who got personal issues and pulling nasty tricks on people who are not Americans...



David Jaffe said...

Conan...this is the 2nd or 3rd post where you come across way too sensitive. Let me make something clear to you:

- the dude WAS a pakastani guy who liked to make amatuer bombs in our kitchen. This is a fact.

- The guy did ALL of the crazy shit we said he did in the video.

I never said anything bad about his race; I simply identified him as 'the pakastani'. I have friends from all over the world. The fact that this guy happened to be a pakastani- to me- had nothing to do with the fact we felt he way crazy. You and your ultra sensitive view made that connection/leap...not me.

David Jaffe said...

Conan...this is the 2nd or 3rd post where you come across way too sensitive. Let me make something clear to you:

- the dude WAS a pakastani guy who liked to make amatuer bombs in our kitchen. This is a fact.

- The guy did ALL of the crazy shit we said he did in the video.

I never said anything bad about his race; I simply identified him as 'the pakastani'. I have friends from all over the world. The fact that this guy happened to be a pakastani- to me- had nothing to do with the fact we felt he way crazy. You and your ultra sensitive view made that connection/leap...not me.

Anonymous said...

Hey David. Great to see you open up your own company, hopefully it works out and you end up making some money, if not you know you can always go back to sony and make a new god of war or twisted metal. Good luck though!

Anyways, i have a question, will the TM port have an online multiplayer? I miss playing TM black online, even though not many people played it...Thanks

felman said...

First day on the new job. How is it?

Anonymous said...

Can you explain to us how the TMB2 levels will be fit into the game? Will they be made into the story mode, or what?

Anonymous said...


Why don't you make games for Xbox 360 ?

Thanks for your answer



Anonymous said...

please please please please make a twisted metal for the ps3. im still playing my copy of twisted metal: black.

maartyrr said...

That's great news Dave, goodluck on your projects, I will be sure to support them. Any idea when you will posting an Eat Sleep Play website with info on your company/games?

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you are leaving Sony, although they will get your next few games. Think it is for the best. I am thoroughly excited for the possibilities. Loved ROGUE TRIP and CRITICAL DEPTH back in the day and would love to see would they would look like on current gen systems and with your touch. And I can't wait for the TM:HEAD ON port. The extras are outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for keeping TM alive, I'm a really big fan of the series myself excluding 989 studios renditions of 3 and 4, anyways if still possible could you please Have some good rock music for the port of head on? heh thats the only part 989 got sort of right in the series with the whole rob zombie thing, It really makes a diffrence to me when i'm out there wrecking havoc, Maybe get some official music from mudvayne too. =) Rock on! and good luck with ESP.

Anonymous said...

Dang david... if there isnt a TM for the PS3 (which, I dont know if their will be) I'll probally put a bullet in my head! lol j/k good luck with eat, sleep, play!

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