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Hey Mortimer (tmalliance)? If you come back please comment me with your email. I would like to ask you a question. Thanks!

Hey! We are going to be shooting a documentary/round table discussion on the Twisted Metal series. The piece will be used for something I can't talk about right now (sorry about that!) but for those out there who consider themselves fans of the series, I was hoping you could do us a favor:

We are trying to make a list of the issues/questions we want to address in the doc and we want to make sure we hit the things Twisted Metal fans want to know about. So:

If you have any questions that you would like us to answer/address in the doc, please send them to the comments section in this blog. These can be questions about the series overall, or about a specific title in the series. And the questions can be as specific or macro as you'd like them to be. If we use your question, let us know if we can mention your name or handle in the doc; if you don't want us to, let us know in the comment.

Not sure how many Twisted fans are reading this blog but if you are out there, let me know if you can help us out!

Thanks in advance!



Anonymous said...

This certainly sounds like an interesting project, and I can't wait to see what becomes of it. I've been a huge fan of the Twisted Metal series since the very beginning.

I'm sure I could come up with at least a few dozen questions that I would love to ask, but I obviously know that time constraints will not allow that. I would have to say that most of my questions deal with the series overall; and please forgive me if you've been asked these questions before and are somewhat tired of hearing them:

What was the overall inspiration for the series?

Where did your inspiration come from with regards to level designs, weapon designs, vehicle designs, character designs and backstory, etc?

Why do feel that Twisted Metal 2 is looked at as probably the best, and most solid, game in the series?

Do you feel that Twisted Metal is the best, and most solid, game in the series?

Twisted Metal has been on the Playstation, the PS2, and the PSP. How do you envision the future of the series, and how it will evolve and continue to grow, on the PS3?


Todd K. from Westmont, Illinois

P.S. If any of my questions are deemed worthy enough, feel free to use my information from above.

Anonymous said...

Second to last question should read:

Do you feel that Twisted Metal 2 is the best, and most solid, game in the series?

Todd K. from Westmont, Illinois

Anonymous said...

Im a huge twisted metal fan , back in the day for multiplayer fun twisted metal was the shit. Especially twisted metal 2 and the destructable enviroments, who didnt enjoy bringing down the eiffel tower! Great stuff Dave, thank for the memories.


alx242 said...

I loved Twisted Metal: Black...unfortunatly it was seriously borked in Europe. Most of the story was removed or censored...*darn*

Unknown said...

Please tell me that this is the beginning of the development of a new TM game. I'm dying for this game to come out over any other game.

Here's a question concerning the development of the series: What made you decide to take the sinister "Black" approach when deciding to create a new TM for PS2?

Who is each of the development team members' favorite characters?

More than welcome to use my name if any of these are brought up. Seriously though, just tell me if a new one is going to come out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, this is my first time leaving a comment but I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I have loved most of the games you have worked on. I plan on getting CAC as soon as I get some credit card issues resolved because I can't find a damn Playstation card anywhere, that is if they even exist. Now for the questions!

What was the inspiration for Sweet Tooth?

Can we expect to see future installments of the core series or Black in the future?

What is your favorite car/character Dave?

Throughout the core games who would the winner of the previous tournament be for story and continuities sake? Sweet Tooth?

Well that's all I got for now. I might have some more later.

Zack R. Helena, MT.

Feel free to use my name!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a question, just wanted to say the only game in the series I ever played was Twisted Metal 2, but damn if me and my friends didn't play the shit out of that game. That was my first PS1 game, actually. And then when I found out that David Jaffe, the mind behind GOW was the creator... I almost believed in a god for a second. Anyways, you rock hard, Jaffe, keep up the damn good work!

Dave Kelly

P.S. All shoulder buttons+ up, down, left, right, right, left down, up

Sadeq said...

Can't say I'm a big fan but I got a few question:

1. What are you waiting for till you add it to PSN's classis?

2. Why bother with a story in such a game that does not really need?

3. What other titles did you consider before going with Twisted Metal?

4. How much did the team change throughout the series life?

Sadeq (aka EViD), Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffey,I like the idea of you focusing on more smaller and fun games. Any chance that you are going to do anything in the near future for Nintendo's Wii. It seems to me the direction you want to take mirrors exactly what Nintendo is looking for, specially with them just announcing Wiiware.I think your work would sell like hotcakes on the Wii, a multi player version of Calling all cars would be very successful and fun.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. I love TM and TM2 was the reason I bought a PS1 (I was a big Sega fan at the time). I'm a huge fan and am still holding onto hope for a sequal! But I'm still hoping for a new Jet Moto so I guess I should just let go. :p

Onto the questions:

Who is your favorite character in the series and why?

Did you like the more dark mood of Twisted Metal Black or the more cartoony/dark humor mood of Twisted Metal 2?

Which was the best in the series in your opinion?

Will there be a new Twisted Metal in the future?

Are there any characters or vehicles that you wanted in the game but couldn't include them?

Do you consider the series a bigger success than God of War?

Who wrote the music for the Paris level in TM2?

Can't wait to see what comes of this and if I can think of any more good questions I'll be back!

Tapion440 said...

As popular as you are today and since you've already proven yourself, I'm pretty sure the execs at Sony would eat mud if you sincerely asked them to. But how much freedom and leeway did they give you when you were making the first Twisted Metal?

*calms down and says as cool as possible*

You can use my name if you want:

-Josh McGuire

Unknown said...


I can't think of any questions, but just wanted to say that Twisted Metal 2 is one of my favourite games of all time!

- Jeromé

David Doel said...

Firstly I'd like to say I'm a huge fan of the series and I hope we see something about a PS3 iteration very soon.

Anyways, I'm curious how you guys went about getting the Twisted Metal license back after 3 & 4 were handled by 989? What was the process behind 'getting the band back together'?

Feel free to use my name (David Doel), and I'm also the guy who made a fan video about 3-4 years about called "The Woman of TMB", which you can still check out here

- David Doel

David Doel said...

That link to the video ends in ".wmv"

The end of it was cut off.

Anonymous said...

first of all it's awesome that you guys are doing this. hope to see TM on ps3 sometime soon. it would be sick.

What would you do differently if you guys made TM 3 and 4?

Do you think you guys would have made a huge story line that went from game to game that included 3 and 4?

Do you guys think if you made another TM for ps3 (you should) you would continue off of TM: Black?

Anonymous said...

I've loved the twisted metal series since the first. Was one of the first games I owned for psx. Was disappointed with 3 and 4, but black made up for those.

My question is, have you guys ever thought of giving darkside (semi truck) a trailer and why it was removed/excluded from development? Another question I have is, was there ever a vehicle with a grab moved planned for black (like mr slam in tm2) and if so why was it removed/excluded from development?

Andy said...

@Jeff, Twisted Metal I always thought was "dark" and "twisted" from TM1, and not including 3 and 4 which were just embarrassments.

What would you do to make Twisted Metal more mainstream?

What caveats do you feel need to be avoided to retain your fanbase all the while attracting new fans to the series?

Who would play Sweet Tooth on the Silver Screen?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Well, I want to know, don't know about everyone else.

TM: Black, for the win...

Andy - Redwood City, CA

Rory said...

The rooftop levels in 1 and 2 were my favorites. Nothing like bumping your competition off the top of a skyscraper. Hammerhead FTW.

Anyway, I've loved the pick-up-and-playability of the TM games. Once I learned the controls I could have just as much fun as my friends who had been playing for a lot longer than I had. While it is a twitch game, it doesn't require as much hand/eye coordination of action and FPS games because the controls are loose, yet effective (larger firing radius, using your car as a weapon, etc.). Do you see a downside to making games like this? Do you think it can turn away hardcore players looking for a challenge?

Anonymous said...

1)What inspired you to create Sweet Tooth?

2)What is Calypso's true desire?
3)Why is Black such a huge departure from the original series? I love the game but there was a certain disconnect.

Anonymous said...

next gen TWISTED METAL plzzzzz i beg you grow man cryin for sum TWISTED METAL next gen:(

Anonymous said...

ive been a fan of twisted metal since the orginal and here two things i would like to hear answered
1). why a clown? was this inspired by something or was it just brainstorming
2). had there every been a idea for a car you wanted to do but didnt have room for or it didnt work out quite right

Anonymous said...

Simple question:

Can we please get a new TM game for the PS3?

Anonymous said...

Good to see there might be a renewed interest in the TM series.

I think the game gains a lot with the inclusion of story. The cars seem to gain their own personality thanks to their having their own sort of narrative.

I am curious, do you guys ever read the theories regarding certain characters? It's been so long since I've played any of the games, but I think I recall there being a big link between the drivers of Sweettooth, Roadkill, and Minion. Did you guys go into the creation of these games with a single story in mind? Or did you just want to make things ambiguous enough to spur these fan-made theories.

Justin K
Roanoke, VA

Anonymous said...

hey, big fan of twisted metal, so i thought id throw in 2 cents:

just to second a comment made earlier, and as an interesting sidenote to the manhunt 2 stories at the mo, what prompted the removal of the story sections from the PAL release of the game?

how badly do you think this affected the game? (i personally felt it was detrimental to the atmosphere of the game)

who wrote and performed all the guitar music for the first two games?

was TM:B online deemed a success or failure, and why?

what was the inspiration for the "meta" storylines in the game? (examples roadkill in TM2, he minion secret messages in TM:B)

how did you get away with putting pedestrians (militant or civilian) in TM1?

and lastly, why the hell aren't there more "cars with guns on" games?

looking forward to your future work,
John C, Ireland (feel free to use my details)

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Long time fan, played the first game when it launched and I will say you should really bring up to the team, what makes Twisted Metal, Twisted metal?

Well, the city's feeling realistic is what made Twisted Metal for me.

It feels the realism got away from the series as it went along.

While the graphics did improve the city's just did not feel the same.

The first time I was driving down the interstate, the first time I was in the sub burbs I really felt as if I was there.

If your team is making a new TM game, you should definately re make the original levels from the first game.

Obviously, these would be more like a bonus and playing homage, but going back to these levels may get the team more on track to how the levels should pertain to a certain feel of the level area.

Something to keep in mind, when doing sound effects, sometimes newer isn't always better. Refresh the old sounds, but keep them similar.

Did you ever see Terminator 3, new and more high tech sound effects, but it didn't feel like the same Terminator from part 2.

Controls, while touching on controls, cars in a game like this don't need to react realistically, but getting in some good sounds for scraping metal would be very nice.

Hearing a nice loud, real scraping sound as the bumper is hanging down in front of the car with sparks flying is something to ponder on.

Sound hasn't played a big role in games, but I feel for the PS1, TM did it quite well, let's see what we can get from a team that isn't the same old crap.

Keep in mind, level's don't have to be completely huge to be fun, you can have objectives, or extras like you have in GOW.

Why not just have something like VR missions besides the open worlds. Killing x amount of cars on the freeway, etc

Then in the story mode it self, you can branch out more so than just your normal sit around and kill everything, throw in some chase acts, where you have to chase down one of the physcho paths cause he fears you, you have dominated the event and he spazzs out, and takes you on one hell of a ride.

There is so many good ideas you can put into the Twisted metal formula that doesn't really take away from what Twisted Metal, but actually adds to it.

So, like I said, try and go back to TM 1, notice how the cars feel, the atmosphere, the design... even the menu system... top notch...

We need a throw back to that.

Anonymous said...

Bring back in the car view...

Part 1 was the best.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the orignal's tracer smoke trails on the missle.

Make sure all of your explosions and fires are TOP NOTCH, as a lot of games get it WRONG>

Anonymous said...

"So seriously guys, if we make this game good enough, it can kick Halo's Ass"

Anonymous said...

my question would be.
why the hell did you let people beside YOU the creator touch the twisted metal franchise? you seem to do that with a lot of your games and if God of War suffers the same fate i will hunt you down jaffe

Luke S. said...


I hope you read through all these as I have a few questions regarding the series responsible for bringing out the gamer in me. TM2 and Black are two of the greatest games ever made. Ever since I've thought about all the things you could bring out in the genre that seems to have been forgotten...

1. Is there any chance, given the history of the series, a new installment could bring about a larger (online) presence? By no means on a MMO scale, but something closer to the effect of Warhawk, BF2, and so on. In this generation, a TM with arcade-style gameplay, coupled with over the top weapon effects (Full Auto is a joke) could be a huge hit. Especially if there is a great amount of style in the art work of the game.

2. Why has no TM allowed for any kind of RPG elements? I don't necassarily mean attributes (though that could work) but simply customizing your car that effects the driving/armor capabilities.

3. Given the storyline of the tournament, and the dark pasts of the contenders, why has TM stayed shallow in its presentation? Black was a great improvement, but there is room for it to spread to environments, vehicles, weapons... etc...

4. Do YOU think a game like TM could be taken into a more open world setup? Perhaps say you join a server online, then choose 1 of 2-4 factions, which then fight over control of said environment. From outposts to headquarters and what not. With spawn points, weapon bays, repair bays...etc...

5. Why, with all the new elements we have seen throughout every genre since the release of Black, has nothing new been implemented into the design of TM?

After all, the genre has gone downhill since the TM2/V8 days, and it has become watered down to almost boredom. If the series were ever able to bring about new elements, the genre could essentialy be revived, with fans that werent just TM fans from the past, but those of other genres/games before, that had never taken a glance at TM.

Isaac said...

I was an avid TM player, especially Black. The level effect of destroying the ferris wheel and watching it destroy everything in its path only to eventually plummet into the depths of the water was without a doubt was the most memorable moment for me. Pair that with the character design of Sweet Tooth and Mr. Grim and I was hooked. I would love to see the series revisited and revitalized on the PS3! Oh, and getting tunes like "Paint it Black" back in the soundtrack wouldn't hurt either ;)

Anonymous said...

Dave, I loved blowing up the Eiffel tower, I you are planning another game you should use famous landmarks thoughout the world for the board. I would love to drive my car up the St. Louis Arch.

Anonymous said...

I loved playing TM Black. If this serious is in developement it would be great to be able to create ur own vehicle.

JH said...

I have a big question actually.

One thing I've always wanted to know which may be impossible to answer is what happened to the character Black from twisted metal: Black?

Playing through as Black and seeing the end i always wondered how it played out. I figured since the character name and the game name were the same there was more to it and it would be addressed in the next Twisted Metal, but sadly it hasn't come yet.

Oh dear god i pray that this is a sign that there will be a new Twisted Metal for the Playstation 3! A real one! Not a download. A big full fledged game. In the same vein as Black. Dark and twisted. As a Twisted Metal game should be!

Anonymous said...

i was a HUGE! fan of twisted metal but the series did take a nose dive after twisted metal 2


twisted metal story lines was amazing! i even lined how some stories mixed into with other....the anime animation was cool to..i didnt like the twisted metal black 3d intro to the characters..

the stages in part 2 - were fun and a nice after parts things just got to big and too much crap and u lose urself in part 2 u had ok sized stages and then u had like 2 big stages...

split screen - is a must - do not take that away

feel of the controls in part 1 and 2 were nice - stiff and not to realistic - i hated how the cars flipped over soo easily in part 3 going 4ward...try 2 keep the same control and feel of part2 and twaek it

i liked weather change in black - keep that

pretty much if u grab part 2 and tweak it and build off it it will be amazing...that was the most fun i had and playing coop with my friends taking on sweet tooth was amazing....but im sure every1 will say part2 rocked...and bring back some of the oldies like agent stone and sweet tooth

"i scream" best lic plate EVER!

Anonymous said...

I loved Twisted Metal 2 but couldn't get into black. The difficulty was insane! If there is a PS3 version in the works, I'd like to see a return to the run and gun fun (please don't use that for the game's motto) and a departure from the insane difficulty.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, i have been a long fan of TM since TM2. I loved what you did with TM:B for the PS2 and i was wondering if we are ever going to see an online only version of TM on PSN[ala WarHawk] while a full fledged retail PS3 game in the future? Thanx alot man.

Jose C., Long Island, NY

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been a huge fan of your games since psx, but I don't have a ps3 for this gen of gaming :(. I can't afford it, yet. I do have a 360 though, if you guys create another game for this gen, do you think it will be multiplatform?

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of the series for years now. Even from the less popular twisted metal 4, to the rather fun twisted metal small brawl and head on. I heard on the Insomnic podcast that they wouldn't be surprised if Incognito was working on a sequel to TM black. Well anyways my questions are...

1. Was it difficult to transform the cartoony characters like Calypso and Sweet Tooth in the PS1 series into wrecked murderers in TM black?

2. Did the entire series pose any challenges with each and every characters alternate ending?

3. Would you consider bringing back the old bosses in a possible sequel, Such as Minion, Dark Tooth, Prime Evil, War Hawk, trapper, Piecemeal. (not so much tower tooth)

SoulScreme said...

Dave, I love TM as a series. It seemed to spark it's own genre in vehicular combat and a lot of similar games came out around that time, notably Vigilante 8. Why do you think that the genre has died off in recent years?

-LJ Katz

(Feel free to use my name)

felman said...

Is there another Twisted Metal in the works?

felman said...

Will said game be a full fledged game or a downloadable title?

felman said...

Why aren't the twisted metal games on PSN with online play?

felman said...

Will said game be closer to twisted metal 2 or Twisted metal black? (I think TM2/3 were the best, though I know you didn't have a hand in 3)

Anonymous said...

Obviously the characters in TM series are pretty dark. What fictional/non-fictional characters have inspired the creation of the "key" characters in the series?

My question can be used how you see fit.


PS- I can't wait to see/play a TM on the PS3!

Unknown said...

If this is what I think it is, I want to see a sequel to TM: Head On for the PSP. It's a fun game, especially on the go. I'd also like to see TM 1 and TM 2 available for download from the PS Store, as well. Do it, Dave. Don't let me down!

Anonymous said...

i loved black so dark and twisted but i hold tm series up with halo and a huge fan of tm cant we see a version or port for xbox 360 i dont see buying a ps3 for this game even i have a set limit on what i would spend for a new tm

Anonymous said...

why did you guys take create a vehicle out and you guys should put it backin

also it would be sweet if you made
TW PS3 32 players online atleast.

Anonymous said...

hey I just wanted to say if you guys made a new TM game you should
put alot of heavy metal in it bring back rob zombie.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what happened to SingleTrac and why it broke up only to "reform" as Incognito. They/you had a fantastic track record of games. 989 just f****d up each of the series, IMO.

Why the decision to move from the animated atmosphere of the first two games to the really dark and sick one of TM:B, or was Black closer to the way you originally envisioned the series?

Was no reward for a co-op victory in TM:B an oversight or a just a cruel way to punish us?

Were there any car combat games that influenced/inspired the designers such as Car Wars, Auto Duel or Deathrace?

Is there a canon for the stories or is it all just up in the air?

-Alex Silva
Davis, CA
(you can use my name if you want)

Unknown said...

Have you ever thought of doing a FMV of one (or a set of storylines) of the series (TM2 or TM:Black) a la the old Street fighter anime movies.

A game would be better but settling for a small/medium buget FMV/anime is just as good to me

Kxpuc ~-~ Houston, Texas

Anonymous said...

Twisted Metal Black is the best car game IMO because of the levels, gameplay, and storylines. I was really excited when I got it and heard the opening song to be Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones. And then the game music and videos were so twisted psycho, kind of like a Nine Inch Nails video. But I was disappointed in the background music. Not that it didn't fit, but much more so that it didn't compare to that of Twisted Metal III. Rob Zombie's soundtrack made TM3 the best game soundtrack IMHO. I carry the game in my CD case to listen to the music at work when I want to massively crank. The hard rock/metal music of TM3 made that game an all-time favorite. Even my friends who sucked so bad at the game loved playing it just because the music was driving and perfectly fit the game. In fact I would occasionally go back to TM3 just for the more intimate crazed-mad-dash experience with the UFO, Sphinx and Pyramid, Tokyo rooftops, Eiffel Tower, blimp, and jingle of Santa's bells to the tune of More Human Than Human while hunting/avoiding Sweet Tooth in the North Pole. If the graphics were better, I'd keep playing it. TMBlack is better game but that doesn't dimish TM3's excellence in fun. The game and name Twisted Metal to me means speed, speed, speed, firepower, unique weapons, even more unique vehicles and characters, and mass destruction. So please, if you make another TM game, bring back that driving rock-n-roll metal with yelling, gnarly guitars, and punky gritty mosh-pit feel. The dark feel of TM Black was cool, but let me jump my car into a mosh-pit of Arkam Asylum-worthy fools during a Cochella-like music festival in the next game.

Feel free to use my name if you use my comment. And thanks for the great games over the years (looking forward to GoW3 in 1080p).

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave, this is Kent (AKA NightShade) from the Twisted Metal Alliance. I just posted about this blog posting on TMA, as I figured you could get some concentrated feedback from some of our regular posters and diehard lifelong TM fans. You can check it out here. Hope to see you there, or if not, at least read some of our thoughts and posts!

Thanks again,
Kent (NightShade)

wtfgrouch said...

I own TM 1-4, TM: Black, and TM: Head-On.

Although I have A LOT of fond multi-player memories of TM 2 (REMOTE BOMB ROCKS!!). I have to say TM: BLACK did it for me... It had it all: fast action at 60fps, great graphics and particle effects, the detail in the cars(weapon changing), and the interactive environments, all came together to make in my opinion the BEST TM game.


1) At any time during the development of TM: Black did you guys ask yourselves if the stories of the characters were too dark or graphic? Was the game supposed to be darker than it was?

2) Twisted Metal: Black came out in 2001. Why is it that the PS2 never got a second TM game?

3) Is it true in TM: Black, players were originally going to be able to get out of their cars? Good move, not putting that in if it was true.

Welcome to use any of my questions and name.

Oscar Gomez, CA

P.S. PRISON PASSAGE is one of the BEST TM levels ever created! start on the ship, bridge opens up, allows ship to dock, then you can go all over the massive's still fun after all these years.

Anonymous said...

why did you (and incog) allow the heavy censorship for the european version of twisted metal black on ps2? yes, the game is missing all the story sequences and many other things like the crashing plane in the junkyard. just because of 9/11? next tim write that on the back package - i bought the game, played the game and sold the game as fast as i could. :(.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe, just a few questions:

Who truly is Darktooth and his true connection with the Kane Family?

Were there any plans to put Darktooth in TMB?

Have Marcus and Sweet Tooth been the same person all along?

Is TM1 the actual reality and TM2.TMB, TMHO just in Sweet tooth/Marcus head?

Who is Calypso Sister and why was she mentioned by Minion of all people?

At what time did Minion actually lose his powers?

Who won the TM1 contest and does it have anything to do with TM2?

Psycho Se7en said...

Hey Jaffe,

This is P7 on behalf of Twisted Metal Alliance ( just a few questions:

Who truly is Darktooth and his true connection with the Kane Family?

Was TM1 part of the TM2/TMB link or is TM1 the real world?

Were there any plans to put Darktooth in TMB?

Have Marcus and Sweet Tooth been the same person all along?

Is TM1 the actual reality and TM2.TMB, TMHO just in Sweet tooth/Marcus head?

Who is Calypso Sister and why was she mentioned by Minion of all people?

Who won the TM1 contest and does it have anything to do with TM2?

Anonymous said...

This is NightShade here again, and here are some of my questions in the event that you don't check TMA.

This question is likely on most of the minds at TMA, and that is why was there little to no ramming in TMB and subsequent games? In TM2, ramming was a very prevalent and important gameplay element, and its removal has been rather controversial. Was this intentional, in order to create a more deliberate, longer range type of gameplay, perhaps more slowly paced and methodical? Was it due to fear of online lag causing problems? Was it to create focus on skill weapons?

Adding to this, do you think that freeze was too powerful in TM2?

In TMHO, the swarm weapon has a reticule much like the reticule weapon in TMB, but it is unnecessary to use it to get maximum potential out of the weapon. Was this an accident, or was it felt that it was too difficult to use with the reticule?

Regarding the TM storyline, have you had an idea of what is going to occur in sequels in mind when you create storylines, or are they created during the development of the sequels based on the original story? For example, Marcus Kane's TM2 ending turns out to be quite relevant in TMB and TMHO - was it known that it would be a major plot point in future games at the time it was created?

Has it ever been considered to attempt a create-a-car mechanism, or has 989's disastrous handling of the mode been too discouraging to try it again?

Thanks again,
Kent (NightShade)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

It's Mort from TMA. Great news on the TM documentary, I will help all I can.

First I just wanted to educate the TM3/4 fans posting that both David Jaffe (the owner of this blog and designer of TM1/2/B) and Incognito/SingleTrac (developers of TM1/2/B/BO/SB/HO) had nothing to do with TM3/4, so this documentary will most likely skip your questions on Flower Power, Club Kid, Super Auger, etc. No one cares that you are a fan of Rob Zombie either, he has nothing to do with TM (infact doesn't even like it). The TM1/2 soundtrack reigns supreme!

Anyway, now onto my questions that I think (some) would be answered interestingly in a documentary...

1. What cars do you think are the most popular and always warrant inclusion into every TM no matter what the setting? (obviously Sweet Tooth is #1, Mr. Grimm has never missed a TM also...)

2. What cars did you struggle with the most to create a personality and creative special for, perhaps even still a bit dissatisfied with even today?

3. What cars from TM1 got cut from TM2, and what cars from TM1/2 got cut from TMB? (if you can so reveal)

4. Does the fact TM has so many popular cars ultimately hinder the number of new cars you can create because you don't want to disappoint old car fans, or is it a blessing because it saves development time and gives the fans more of what they know and want, plus some new cars for them to grow to love? (however was sad Thumper/Mr. Slam/Hammerhead missed TMB, and Darkside/Yellow Jacket/Crimson Fury missed TM2)

4b. What cars in TMB were originally designed to be new but then ended up being renamed to appeal to the fans? (e.g. we know White Knight was renamed to Warthog, but what others... I suspect Outlaw)

4c. Do you think it's in the realms of possibility that one day we will see a new TM with not one known car or name besides Sweet Tooth?

Now my less interesting, gameplay-related, and perhaps a tad anal questions...

5. The Gas Can vs Napalm/Remote combo... winner?

6. Is the cheap shot in TMB... cheap... really? How many of the actual designers/developers actually agree it is cheap to double freeze someone, and how is it any cheaper than doing 2 shields in a row or cloaking 4 times in a row? (we don't get penalised for either of those, and neither requires skill) And was the fact cheap shot was not in TMHO a retraction on TMB?

7. TM2 introduced many great innovations over TM1 (advanced attacks, creative combo-based specials, deadly ramming). What would you say were the main gameplay innovations that TMB offered over TM2, and do you think they compared to TM2's over TM1?

8. TM's seemed to have flip-flopped on the damage that fire/homing missiles do. In both TM1/2 the fire missile does less damage than the homing. In TMB this is reversed and the homing does less damage than the fire. This is then reversed again in TMHO, where the homing does more damage than fires again. Does this mean you guys have decided now what does more damage? (the homing)

9. In TM1/2 when you reverse and turn left, it'll turn your car left while reversing naturally. In TMB it is the opposite, so this caused issues when swapping between TM2PC and TMBO for some players. What were the reasons for it changing, and will it remain this way? (perhaps you could let the player change it in the options to classic-style in future TM's)

10. My final question is my biggest issue with TM1/2 vs TMB/HO... and that is on the subject of ramming. In TM1/2 the big cars use their mass and armor for ramming to make up for the fact they lack speed and handling, and can do considerable damage on frozen enemies with a turbo ram/crush into the side/back (Hammertime!). But in TMB it dropped to almost pointless levels and no matter how lethal the ram was (e.g. Manslaughter barreling into Mr. Grimm), it did the same weak damage. Was the reason for these changes simply to make Axel's secondary crushing special and Darkside's ramming special more unique, or was it just designer/developer decisions or some other technical reasons? (not rectified in TMHO) Speaking for many, I would love the TM1/2 style crunch-bash ramming to return into future TM's.

That's it from me for now, more questions later if you want.

Keep Twisted,
Mort - Twisted Metal Alliance (

Anonymous said...

I think once you fellas went too "Dark" the game lost alot of its fun value. The 1st and 2nd Twisted metals were the greatest, partially because it was FUN and Kinda Funny Looking when the Guys Were flying by with nitrous. I think TM:Black was the beginning of the downfall of the series.

Keep it Somewhat Lighthearted like the first 2, and not Devilworship like the follow-ups. Also notice the art style in the followups, all the levels were dark and dreary. Why doesn't anyone understand People dont want to be in a "Dark" and "Dreary" world for too long. No one does even the biggest goth kids, it gets depressing after long periods of time.

~my 2 cents

Anonymous said...









ID ON ON-LINE PS3 IS lovely2

Anonymous said...

If you are bringing TM to the PS3, then please bring back Mr. Slam.

Mr. Slam.

Mr. Slam.

Mr. Slam.

oh, and please bring back Mr. Slam.

Unknown said...

David, your blog is like a breath of fresh air but with a stink to it. It is that stink that brings us back again and again - Thank you.
I enjoyed the Twisted Metal series very much especially 1 and Black. A friend of mine loved driving over pedestrians because of the sounds they made going under the wheels, so would love to see more regular stupid people available to drive over-through; disrupting their lives. It would be sweet to see, in a future game, how your destructive/sadistic efforts affect the games storyline.
Here are my questions:
1. Was Sweet Tooth a recreation of your father or just some childhood fear of clowns come to fruition?
2. Why haven't we seen the other childhood fear icon used in the game - i.e. person in dinosaur costume driving the weiner mobile?
3. Was there ever the idea of doing a US locale game that actually used recreations of city specific places (ex. Vegas Strip, Beach only level, Disneyland-esq theme park level, Grand Canyon-complete with new skywalk, etc.)?
4. Who or what is Calypso really?
5. Were you trying to make a political or social statement with the Twisted Metal game?

You can use my name and thank you for creating a truly twisted game idea!
Ben C. Goodyear, AZ

Anonymous said...

hiding codes in some parts of the levels. Finding those was fun.
First, I thought calypso WAS the bad ass. Second.. Not much was revealed about black, leaving me not to care about what he eventually does. The explodable environments compared to TW 2 were a bit weak. The rolling Farris wheel, the plane crash… nothing could beat leveling the Eiffel tower. Or the changing of the statue of liberty into a bikini babe, then fat as a cow! Though a bit less realistic, TW2 had some real comical, and thrilling levels; Black felt a bit forced. You HAD to have a rooftop level, you HAD to have an ice level. It was almost expected because it followed the rest of the series. The places didn’t have that “world tour” feel that TW2 had. Another thing, I felt Calypso’s different looks over the years has been a bit misplaced. Where as in TW2 he had that “batman’s joker mixed with the main bad guy in The Crow (Brandon lee)” he was more of a homer simpson who has seen better days. A bit over weight, and bald; Not as terrifying as it could have been.
Another good reason I feel TW2 was the best in the series, is it left you with the chills you’d expect.
EVERYONE remembers running and hiding after Dark Tooth, the behemoth, came speeding down the road with his flaming clown head of death. The helicopter in Black reminded me more of Rogue Trip for PS1 than a Twisted Metal boss. Hiding the secret characters and levels in the form of boxes and cages was a breath of fresh air… but it was sometimes more of a hassle for less of a thrill. The jet moto track and Siberia from TW2 was cool. But leaping off of the roof top boss level for a box that contained the level you were in, opening it for multiplayer…. A bit lame.


Anonymous said...

(first part of my post) - Richard

I have been a steady follower of the series. I think the most thrilling aspect of Twisted Metal was the unique story lines, and capabilities. For instance, the return of outlaw through out the series was an alright to an extent, but then it got old with Black. I still remember the chills I got when the Outlaw 2 character was sent to space, then found her brother. She was ready for that and had boosters to get back to earth. I couldn’t wait for 3! In Black, the characters did stand out, and the story lines amazing, but the endings were a little subtle. Like Black… he didn’t speak, calypso ran and left a bomb, then Black drove away…
It is no secret that TW2 was by far the best in the series… mostly because 989 didn’t have the know how. TW2 played off of TW in story for the most part, and enhanced the weapons, vehicles, characters, and camera view. Not to mention


Anonymous said...

I read on that you will be looking back at the whole Twisted Metal series for the next one!

So does this mean that every character and/or level in the franchise will be in the next one or is this one of the ways you want to build the next one!

If this one does bring every character and level in the series together then my dream has come true!!!

Anonymous said...

I would first like to say this is the best video game series ever made. Twisted Metal was my first game for the PS1 and my best friend, my dad, and I played the heck out of it. It brought my dad and I together even though he generally didn't like video games, he loved Twisted Metal, so thanx for the memories Jaffe and you entire crew. I am truly excited about another one for the ps3, it is pretty much 50 percent of why I bought a ps3. Any way I would like to know:

1. If there is a future game will we see customizable cars like 3+4?

2. Why did you only use Yellow Jacket in Calling all Cars?

3. Which is your favorite level throughout the series, and which was the hardest to make?

Ok thats all I can think of right now you can use mine and my bestfriends name for the questions so it's Justin and Geoffry from El Paso thanx!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I'm a huge fan of the series, a junkie possibly.

What innovations do you think would be possible for future TM's?

Would you ever consider bring back the machine gun referee's to a TM game? They sure would keep people from camping in multiplayer...;)

What is the significance of Harold the Wacky Lunch sack?

Any chance of getting the same destructive effect from a next gen ricochet bomb as in TM2? knockback effect, increasing damager after ricocheting off of a few walls, longer duration before termination?

TM2 had probably the best final boss battle of all time, any new ideas for suprising, intense boss battles? Darktooth Rules.

Ramming!! Not essential to the intense gameplay of Black, but so damn fun to crush someone. Would you ever bring it back?

Hammerhead, his special in TMHO was odd, a hop more than a crush. Would you ever bring back the Monster crush special ala TM2?

I could go on and on. Small Brawl was also an amazing game, especially the level design.

I pray to the TM gods that you resurrect the series and give us something insanely fun again.

Did you know that the server for Twisted Metal Black online recently shut down? A few of us diehards played that shit til it died man, best game ever!!

Good luck with this project!

wtfgrouch said...

Liquifiedart said...
I think once you fellas went too "Dark" the game lost alot of its fun value.


I completely disagree. The "Dark and Twisted" story line was one of the reasons I couldn't pull myselft away from the game. I played through the entire game just to find out what happend to all the characters (I cared). Also, the music and dark atmosphere complimented the great gameplay.

My thoughts.


wtfgrouch said...






Brandon said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the opportunity to ask you questions about my all time fave game. If you do use them, you have my permission to use my handle. Here they are:

1. It feels like the designers of Twisted Metal always gave it a single player game focus. Multiplayer was excellent, but was more of a side feature. Is this true, and if so, have you ever considered giving it a multiplayer emphasis?

2. What was the genesis behind making Black so much darker than any other example of the series?

3. Was it difficult to watch 989 release Twisted Metal III and 4? Did you ever wish you could have been in charge of the project during those years?

4. Especially in Black, there seemed to be a strong emphasis on both offense and defense. Weapons could be fired in unique ways but there were also numerous ways to dodge/defend against those weapons. How do you plan for this level of complexity in a game?

5. As a person who has showed a love for sequels in other realms (Spiderman, Indiana Jones) you have somewhat steered away from sequels in recent years. Do you feel pressure as a developer not to do sequels in order to maintain respect in the industry, or is this simply a personal decision?

6. What were the inspirations for some of your most creative cars (Brimstone, Junkyard Dog, Axel, Mr. Slam, etc.).

7. There is numerous evidence that a TMB2 was started but never completed. It certainly makes sense to follow up a successful game like TMB. If this is true, why cancel a game that was almost guaranteed to be a success?

8. Final question, is it difficult to keep the fans happy in a game series, especially with Twisted Metal? Twisted Metal 2 obviously got a cult following, but so did Black, and there are some key differences to the two games. Do you think it would even be possible to design a game both groups would love?

Anonymous said...

Killer Klown from Chicago

I have been a TM fan since TM2. I liked it, tm3/4 were fine but black
made me love twisted metal.

1)will the style of twisted metal keep changing throughout future installments such as tmhead on - tm black???

2) the story lines for TMB were awsome will there be any way we the gamers could have full stories on them like 20 minute shorts or possibly a book??

3) if there is a future installment of TM will you go in the same direction style of TMB?

4) knowing that you had no control over tm3/4 did you think create a car was a good idea?
and if you did like it,
could we se it in any future tm games? but please a bit more refined.

5) the atmosphere that TMB had, was that the initial atmosphere you wanted to create for tm1 or vice versa? cause the two games both feel dark but black is darker.

thank you for your time

feel free to use anything i have enclosed in this comment

Anonymous said...

Killer Klown again

I love clowns because of
twisted metal black

and bring back the flaming cone!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember my copy of TM1 was so jacked up from being used and abused that it would only play if my Playstation was turned over and laid face down. Good times... I've always wondered...

"Why were the FMV sequences removed from the first installment and text used for the finales?"

Good luck with the Doc, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Ya my question is could you guys make a twisted metal collection for the PS3 It could have all the twisted metals games on one blu ray disk!!

Anonymous said...


I'd say EVERY character in TM is cool and unique, so my question is:

Who is the Genius behind the superb character creations for the Twisted Metal Series?

Anonymous said...

How come there are no gay characters in TM? Any possibility in the future? :)

Anonymous said...

Huge fan of the TM series..........My comment is that I hope a new Twisted Metal for Playstation 3 is in the works. I think the console would benefit greatly from a new version with the high def graphics and would sell like hotcakes. Internet online TM tournaments? Hell yeah!

Anonymous said...

I definately am for a documentary on the Tsisted Metal Franchise and if it spawns another Twisted Metal in the future that would totally rock.

I think I might have an idea as to the inspiration behind the development of Calypso in the game. There was an old episode of the Twilight Zone that revolved around an antique shop owner who finds a junky looking bottle. When he rubs it a genie appears and grants him wishes sure enough with a twist. His appearance does slighly resemble the Calypso from the TM2 game. Could that be where you got the idea for Calypso?

The music on the skyscraper level for TM1 was my favorite of all time, do you have a favorite track or level in any of the twisted metals? On an off note, I do like the stories involved in the previous Twisted Metal series, that is the one creative element that makes a Twisted Metal a Twisted Metal, keep it up.

Finally, if another Twisted Metal is in the works it would be nice to incorporate a few cars we did not see in TMB like the original Warthog, Pit Viper, Twister, Thumper, Crimson Fury and the like. But again, that is your call and I know you will ultimately make the right choice.

I hope the documentary flourishes into a memorable niche for your work portfolio.



SapientWolf said...

1. Can you guys discuss the simulation work you did for the military prior to Twisted Metal?

2. What features do you feel are the most important for a car combat game?

3. Are there any similar titles that you enjoy playing?

knives said...

David Jaffe....Please make this game.
And if you do plan on making it. Make it the best you can!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did you switch developers for the third and fourth installments?

Mike G.

Anonymous said...

How much of Twisted Metal went into "Rogue Trip"? Concepts, characters, levels, ideas?

Anonymous said...

Please make a new Twisted Metal for the PS3.
Q: Why haven't you started on a new Twisted Metal for the PS3?

Anonymous said...

Is it any interest that when the next TM comes around, that possibly it could include everybody from TM1, TM2, TMSB, TMB be in the same game? that would rule.

Anonymous said...

Can you please scrap Black and return the TM series back to its fomer glory? (TM1/TM2)

Can you please bring ramming and the old skins back as unlockables?

Can you bring back the TM1/TM2 source codes in general?

Can we can an explanation to Black and Spectre's Small Brawl Ending?

Anonymous said...

my email:

Anonymous said...

HEy Dave! Great to see you still have interest in anything TM. Hope all these good questions get you stired up wanting to do another. I know alot of people would be excited if it came true.

My questions are,

1-Would it have been possible to combine weapons to make them more powerfull or diverse? Like in TM/HO for flack combo, make it a weapon combo? Give a Power some homing ability when mixed with a Homer. Other possiblities could come to mind.

2-If there should happen to be a new TM made, what storyline would it follow from? Would it work off the colorfull world? (2) or would it get darker? (Black)

3-Is there anyway to meld the 2 stories together?

Hope all's well man. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Wow alot of response here. I'll try to keep my questions short haha.

Is there any thought about bringing the TM universe togeather as one?

After Twisted Metal Black, Twisted Metal Small Brawl, and Twisted Metal Head On, where do feel the series is headed visualy?

Do you feel that the TMB/TMHO style of gameplay advanced in a better direction than the style of the origional titles?

With TM making a jump into Online Play. Would more time spent in the testing process ensure the vehicals and weapons are well ballanced in the next TM title?

Has there been much thought in remaking old TM levels for online play? Being able to play in Cyburbia from TM1 and Suicide Swamp from Jet Moto was awesome.

Greg Stella said...

What was the reason of going to a faster game in Twisted Metal Black and do you like it as opposed to a slower game like TM 1 and 2?

Anonymous said...

First off, I am a rather big Twisted Metal fan. On day one of owning my Ps1, I had TM2 to keep my company. The cooperative gameplay was a HUGE deal to me and my friend Ben at the time, and as time has gone on I've seen co-op in console shooters/action games only become more and more important- so good job for so early in the game.

I could go on for a long,long time about how I own every TM game (including TM:Black online and Head On for PSP) or that I have a Sweet Tooth T-Shirt, etc, but I think you're more interested in the questions. So here they are:

Twisted Metal handles like a first person shooter with momentum heavily factoring into the gunfights. Do you think this makes level design more heavily based on larger battle fields,multiple heights of combat, and so forth? Basically- how does this make the game's level design unique?

Did Incog/SingleTrac/989/Etc ever consider allowing players to exit the TM vehicles? If so, how close did this idea come to fruition?

Are there any easter eggs/codes that the designers are particularly fond of?

Was there much controversy on the airplane shoot down sequence in TM: Black (from the junkyard level) after 9/11? I personally was not offended, but I had a friend or two point out how it could hit some people hard. The plane crash was also featured on Black's packaging.

Where did Axel come from? He has always been my favorite driver and I still love watching his cut scene from TM: 2 to this day. Who came up with him?

As far as the future is concerned, I've seen a ton of questions. I simply want to know that if there is in fact a new game coming:

What console?
Which vehicles can we expect to see return?
Old level send ups?
PSN game or Blu Ray game?

Thank you so much Dave for helping make this franchise as strong as it is. I look forward to every TM title and I am also a film maker, so hearing about a documentary being made on these games makes me incredibly excited. If there is any way at all I can be involved or help out, please let me know! Whether I can shoot some interviews with friends (I have a few friends here in Massachusetts who essentially grew up on the 95-99 PS1 era and would have a lot to say on the series) or what have you, I'd love to be involved. Thanks in advance!

-Kevin James

Unknown said...

twisted metal black is the best one but theres room for more one, the cool comericals are the best.

Anonymous said...

As quite a number of people have pointed out, TM2 represents the pinnacle of an excellent series (despite being slightly marred by 3 & 4) and I simply can't agree more. Me and a friend would spend countless sessions playing co-op to the point where we became too good at the game. As such, we came up with our own little challenge of playing co-op in the highest difficulty setting AND not lose a single life till we reach the level set in Holland (aka Field of Screams). Expending a life point meant restarting the game. Boy was it that much more fun for us.

Our vehicles of choice are what we firmly believe to be ultimate knockout combo: Thumper (mine) & Shadow (friend's). As you can tell we prefer swooping in upclose for the kill so heavy use of freeze & shield specials became a necessity, especially for me since Thumper's flamethrower special takes a longer time to regenerate. Another interesting observation we made from playing co-op to death is that Spectre's ghost missile homes in only on the first player. And since my friend's always the "first player" we planned such that I'd have to finish Spectre off first before everyone else if he's in the level we're playing.. Heh yes i know, its kinda late to report a bug =p

Alright so my question to you guys is, do you forsee the series putting heavy emphasis on co-op play with its own specific features, shared endings/storyline, etc..?

- adelante (Singapore)

You can use my nick if u wish to.

Anonymous said...

This is -SCoLD- from Drop by and say hello to us if you are feeling frisky. Most of the GOOD questions were taken already, but I want to contribute some way. So here goes:

What changes were made towards the games at the last minute, and why were they done so? Rumors of all four secret characters in black having FMV movies but censors thought it best to show concept art and narration (except YJ), or was that planned?

Also, smashing into pedestrians, White Knight to Warthog. I also know Thumper was cut. And lastly...

Of all questions answered, answer this...Which world is reality and which world(s), obviously including TMB, are in the alternate reality of thought?

Thanks for the chance to contribute on such a wonderful project, and I look forward to the result. Hey Jaffe, if you have any GoW broken controllers lying around, you know where to send them. Preferably not with foul language, I have kittens that aren't full grown yet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great news. I've been an avid fan of the Twisted Metal series for many years and have even considered working the story into a movie script, which bring me to my first question:

Was a movie adaption of Twisted Metal ever considered?

I have a few other questions if you don't mind, I tried not to repeat any of the ones already asked.

What was your initial reaction to Twisted Metal III?

Was a direct sequel ever planned for both Twisted Metal 2 and Black during the development process?

The first Twisted Metal game bills the tournament as the tenth annual and takes place in the year 2005. Was there any plans to expand on this concept, perhaps with a prequel or backstory, or was it just a way of putting the game in a futuristic setting ten years from when the came was released?

Judging from Roadkill's ending in Twisted Metal 2 it suggests that the storyline in Twisted Metal: Black was planned all along. Was this preconsieved or on the fly?

What was the inspiration behind the character of Calypso?

Did you plan for more people to have knowledge of the Twisted Metal 2 comic when you wrote the game?

How much of the Twisted Metal 2 comic is canon if at all?

What are some characters or storylines that didn't make it into the final product?

Was a Twisted Metal remake ever considered?

Whatever happened to Twisted Metal on the PC and how come Twisted Metal 2 on the PC wasn't as widely released as the original?

Twisted Metal is said to take place Christmas Eve, what was the significance of this?

There was said to be storylines or ending sequences for Dark Tooth in Twisted Metal 2 and Calypso in Twisted Metal: Black. Why did this never come to be or did they never against?

What was the official reasoning behind 989 Studios taking over the Twisted Metal series?

Was Warhawk meant to be a playable character in Twisted Metal: Black and if so, how was that going to pan out?

Sweet Tooth, Calypso, and the operator of Warhawk all are missing an eye in Twisted Metal: Black. Was this done or purpose and was there ever a plan to expand on this concept?

Was there any other plans for the final boss besides Warhawk?

The hidden characters in Twisted Metal: Black don't have a full beginning, middle, and end set of movies and they are all in the style of the Twisted Metal 2 endings. Is there a reason for this or was it merely a creative decision?

How did Twisted Metal: Black come to be? Did Sony approach you or did you bring the idea to them?

How did Single Trac end up reforming to create Incognito?

What was the inspiration behind Small Brawl?

Is Small Brawl meant to be canon?

Is Head-On the official sequel to Twisted Metal 2?

In the Twisted Metal series the origin of Calypso's powers varies from stealing a shadowy figure who grants wishes at his command in the original Twisted Metal to internal powers he was granted by the devil himself in the Twisted Metal 2 comic book. What is the official ruling on how he became tournament master and received his wish-granting powers?

In the original Twisted Metal during Mr. Grimm's ending sequence it is mentioned that Calypso is over one hundred years old? Does this still hold true or was this concept retconned in future installments such as Twisted Metal 2 and Head-On?

Why does Calypso sport his Twisted Metal: Black black eye in Head-On? Was this supposed to be a hybrid of the real world Calypso and the black world Calypso? I suppose it would explain his "skullet."

That's all for now, hopefully I'll think of a little more to help you and myself out. Thanks for reading this and hopefully one of them will make it into this doc.

Best of luck,

-Ben Crocker of Revere, MA.
Webmaster and writer of

Anonymous said...

hey this not about twisted metal but I was wondering what was heartland about and what type of game was it?
also will it be made for ps3 instead of psp?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, its P7 (TMA \ again ( dfor some reason, i got an error logging in on the BLOG) , just wanna ask some more questions, thanks....

I heard there were alot cut from the TMB game:

More PED varieties, PED kill violence, the movies were toned down and so on... is this true?
What else was toned down or cut from the game?

Was Darktooth ever meant to be in the game?

Why was warhawk chosen to to be the final boss in warhawk and then not playabe in the final version?

And was isnt the playable minion as big as the Boss Minion?

TM2 Questions:

Was Darkside meant to be in the game either as a boss or playable?

Was Darktooth at one time gonna be playable or ever for that matter?

Who is Calypsos sister and how does Minion know her?

Are the TM comics in canon with the TM Games?

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Blair from TMAlliance again. Do you realize that TMB was a mistake and was not the real TM2 sequel people wanted after that 989 rubbish?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Please, If you could cover stuff that got cut like the Apocaylpse 9 and original video endings from TM1.

What are the inspirations for the drivers/car designs?(not to be limited to Twisted Metal 1)
Like Yellow Jacket (Escape From New York), Crimson Fury (Bond), and Roadkill (Mad Max) etc.

Is there a chance of seeing HD remakes of Twisted Metal 1 & 2 on PSN?

R.Bunk said...

Loved the TM Series (Except 3 & 4). TM1 was great, in car views were cool. TM2 was simply awesome. TM Black was a great evolution, controls weren't quite as tight as TM2 but the graphics for such an early PS2 game were spot on. Weather Effects were great too.

Was the same team responsible for Rogue Trip? Weiner-mobile was awesome!

How old were you when you created TM1, TM2, TMB?

What ideas did you NOT use in each of the games?

IE - Weapons, Powers, Levels, Vehicles, Gameplay features.

How many people worked on each game?

What were the biggest technical hurdles you overcame?

If you make TM for PS3 any chance you will implement some sex mini-games?

Brian said...

Hey Jaffe...

I don't know if this is really a QUESTION per say, as much as i just hope that during this documentary you give credit the the GENIUS behind the instruction manual on Twisted Metal Black... I talked about it recently on my blog actually. It was perhaps the best game manual i have ever seen to date. It really bothers me how games today seem to pay no attention to the instruction booklets for the games the represent. So please, interview that guy, and pat him on the back!

Brian Mills
Character Animator

Anonymous said...

You should put kratos as a unlockable if you guys made a new TM.

Anonymous said...

on Tm 1 their was a cab(I forgot the name) is this the same cab from TM black?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that you can use any of the info from my previous post along with my name/alias/email, etc. Thanks again Dave.

-Kevin James/Foom Man

Anonymous said...

Publish Your Comment David Jaffe i have a ten page (still growing)word document concerning twisted metal please contact me at

Joel said...

Hey jaffe.

im stoked about the fact that SOMETHING regarding twisted metal is happening.

one night when i was young my friend rented a playstation and rented twisted metal 1. we played that game for 3 days straight, and we didnt play any other games, and that was like the night i truly became a game fan.

i bought a playstation and a copy of twisted metal 2 not too long after. my first system (that i actually paid for)

me, my brother, and my dad would play that game ALL THE TIME. (someone else in this comments section said something about their dad and them bonding via twisted metal.. and i'll tell you its SO true)
my dad and i arent THAT close, but during twisted metal 2 we always had a lot of fun. even if i did have to let him win a few times. :p

also.. i own twisted metal 1 and 2. (regrettably also 3)... i own Rogue Trip. and i also own twisted metal black and head on.

please never add Rob Zombie, despite what one fan in the comments section above said.

anyways, heres my questions:

what are some of the level designs you came up with that simply never worked out due to restraints?

what are some weapon ideas you had that had to be cut, or were never even that realistic in the first place?

whats the deal with the kane family? i tried reading someone's interpretation of the story once, and i nearly went insane trying to wrap my mind around it all.

in tm2.... on the rooftops level... if you fall off at a certain point.. theres a code written in the lights.. no matter where i entered that code.. it had no effect.. what did it do? (if you can recall)

also.. i just want to say, the secrets in tm make the game what it is. finding secret rooms, like in the tokyo level... amazing. especially because with the warp pad, you could like get onto the upper level, and try to sniper people when they came in. LOL. oh man!! great memories.

also... the codes during gameplay that everyone knows.. the ice... the mines.. the jump (jump was so totally necessary btw.. YES!).. and firing backwards.

also.. if you did it right you could fire your ice backwards. SWEEEET!

also.. i know someone else said it above, but i do have the God Mode code stuck in my head forever.

up down left right right left down up! (with the shoulder buttons pressed)

not to mention the ice was left right up. and the jump was left left up. and all of that good stuff.

i swear thats the game i know best. i can drive through the levels in tm2 in my head. and know where the powerups are.. and everything!!

Anonymous said...

^^^don't listen to this guy put
some of rob Zombie songs in the game.

Anonymous said...

^^^don't listen to this guy put
some of rob Zombie songs in the game.

Anonymous said...

I've been a huge TM fan ever since the original, and I can't wait to see SOMETHING new about TM, even if it's not a game. Can't wait to see what you're up to Dave!

I don't really have any questions that weren't already asked and probably in better wording than I could muster, but basically I would just like to see what your guys' favorite characters/levels/bosses were, how you all feel about both the games you guys worked on and the 989 games, where the inspiration for the gameplay came from (IE the speacial abilities such as freeze blasts or the skill-based weapons from black, which were my favorite addition to the whole game), and of course I'd like to see just a flicker of hope for the continuation of the series on PS3.

Can't wait to see the documentary!

Anonymous said...

I just can't wait for a new twisted metal game, when I heard about Twisted Metal Head on I was so excited. Then i found out it was for the psp and not the ps2 and was really kinda disapointed becouse I don't care much for hand helds so I don't have a psp but I still think the series is awsome!

For questions(hopefully for a ps2 or ps3 version of twisted metal!!!) I would like to ask....

Why do you think Twisted metal was so succesful?

What inspired the series?

How where the individual characters created?

Why was their only one Twisted Metal game on the ps2?

How did Twisted Metal 3 and 4 affect the series and reception of the games?

What you thought about the create a vehicle feature in Twisted Metal 4?

Will their be a soundtracks in future games and why wasn't their one in Twisted Metal Black?

What can be excpected in the future will the games have some cool cheats, downloadable features, will we se returning characters and arenas from every Twisted Metal game?

Feel free to yous all my questions in the documentary!!

Casey S. from Tolland,Connecticut

Gruby said...

I heard about this from TMA, I was very interested, as I've been a fan of the series since the 1990's.

1) My only question/suggestion, is that you reveal what was cut from games, such as weapons, levels, characters, like Black Razer for example. It would also be great to see concept art and plans for the various games in the series, just as something interesting that people haven't seen before.

PS. Some people have said that Twisted Metal Black was too dark, violent, etc. I personally disagree completely. Some people (well one actually)have gone as far as to suggested that TMB be completely scrapped, which would be a monumental disaster.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the TM series & your past work.

There's been a TM title for every Sony platform. Any one for PS3 would be great & needed for either old style or black. Preferrably with a character balance like headon, but have the core system & weapon balance of TM Black. Sorry, but last two TMs weren't balanced for online play.

TM Online owns ALL!

Davish said...

First just let me say thank you for such a great game series in TM,
It is one of my two fave car games, those being 1.Twisted Metal (1, 2, Black) 2. Carmageddon 2,3. Im really looking forward to a Twisted Metal game on next gen systems. One level I would like to see would be on the inside of a large sphere where the action takes place on the inner "walls" (like the dyson sphere from star trek. I would also like to see your company get a hold of the Carmageddon licence seeing as the morons at SCI decided to scrap "carma 4" then you would have the 2 best car games, and could have TM cars hidden in carma and carma cars hidden in TM. To see these two games blended togather and run by the same company would be a dream come true. thanx again

Anonymous said...

The twisted metal series has to be one of my most favored of all times. It is pure joy, blowing up an ice cream truck. What could be more fun?

Anyways, as you most likely know. Twisted metal head(also known as TMHO)feels so different than all of PS1 originals. Mostly due to the better graphics and more speed as well as more reliable weapons (Meaning, a better chance of hitting your targets). Do you feel that move was a bad thing? Pretty much, the past games were all about kicking your opponents undercarriage if you will will a huge variety of weapons and taking it to the enemy head on. The latest game, TMHO is more about speed and jumping out behind your opponent, getting 40+ damage points and running off again to do the same. I personally like this, its what keeps the TMHO community alive and thriving. Its simply a fun game to play, just like the originals but in a different way.

Sincerely SaVa6e of clan crows
(PS you may use my name as well as my questions)

Anonymous said...

Well personally I believe you should try to be less Obedient to the Sony Company because if you keep making games for the Sony Game Systems you will find much hardship seen as how Sony has made there systems so expensive and not affordable to the majority of Middle and Lower class maybe even some Upper class citizens. You should make your next game, if you have a next game, to be available for Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony, It may cost more at first but I assure you that it will be much more beneficial than keeping a Sony Exclusive game. And thus leads to my questions, will there be another game? If so what vehicles and characters will be available? Will there be a new character introduced? Will it follow the path of the Twisted Metal Black storyline (my personal favorite game)? Thank you, Goodbye.

curse of yig said...


#1 I think a Twisted Metal Sandbox style game would be great. Battling other cars in enviroments packed with NPC traffic and pedestrians would make for great fun. Has that been considered?

#2. I think i saw a Crimson Fury lookalike submarine car as a special released vehicle in Critical Depth. Do you consider Critical Depth to be in the same universe as Twisted Metal?

David you are king of vehicular combat. Not just cars! Critical Depth was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

my name is dylan. i'm a big fan of twisted metal 2.and something happenson a video clip of tw2.why does mr slam throw a vehicle over top of him and out of his bucket in this clip? why cant i make this move happen while playing the game as mr slam? the move can be seen in the demo clip. can someone please HELP! thanks, dylan

dylan said...

my name is dylan and i am 10 years old. in a demo video clip in twisted metal 2,it shows mr slam picking up a vehicle to slam and he throws it backwards,out of his bucket and over top of him. i would like to know if this move can be done while playing the g ame, and if so,please explain how! happened to me before unexspectedly and i would love to be able to do it again.if anyone could please help it would mean so much to me. thank you, dylan 10

Anonymous said...

Well I used to love the Twisted Metal series when I was younger. I haven't read through all the questions so i am sorry if I repeat or ask something obvious but here goes. (And if you actually like any of my questions, feel free to use my name)

Twisted Metal 2 was such an amzing game, why did you not work on Twisted Metal 3 or 4 which subsequently ended up being terrible games? Do you regret not working on them?

When reviving the series with Twisted Metal: Black, how did you choose which characters would return and what made you decide to give them all new stories instead of reviving a continuous one such as the original Outlaw stories of the Roberts family?

Why was there never any kind of story ending on Co-Op play? Every game always ended with telling you to play one player if you wished to see a closing story cinematic.

My cousin and I could never find the Santa Clause on the Antarctica level on Twisted Metal 2. Was he actually there on the level?

Twisted Metal 1 allowed the player to view the camera through the driver's perspective if they wished. Why was this feature taken away?

Why did Calypso go from having extremly long hair to being bald in Twisted Metal: Black?

Will everything from Calypso's past including family (Krista Sperks etc) ever be explained?

Was Twisted Metal: Black really just a figment of one of the characters' imagination?

Do the makers of Twisted Metal: Black ever wonder if they made the game a little too 'dark' and morbid?

Were any of the serie's characters inspired by anyone in real life?

P.S. thank you to Twisted Metal Alliance for alerting me to this blog entry.

maartyrr said...

my apologize 1st for not reading through all of the posts, its good to see that there's a huge fan base for this great game. also you can use my name (maartyrr)i've made a couple of fanmade vids for tm

i'm really curious to see how the story will play out, I feel that you have been keeping some parts of the story in the dark, almost like there's connections all around but somehow I'm oblivious to it. What is going on in the TM world,
which world is real
which is fake, or are they both fake?

we all know that marcus/needles are the same person, but how do the other characters fit in? are they made up by marcus in his mind or are they memories of others that he dreams about.

was tmho supposed to be released on the ps2 origionally, and how much time did sony give you guys to put it together?

and somehow I already know that you cant answer this question butis the rumor in egm magazine true "that there's a new twisted metal in the works thats supposedly to be darker than black"

Thanks for your time,


Anonymous said...

Where did the ideas for all the characters and their backgrounds come from?

Jburd65 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jburd65 said...

Twisted Metal was THE best game on the original plsyatation. It was the first game I rented and owned. SO revolutionary at the time and now there are so many games that try to mimick it and just fall completely short. Then the sequel came out and totally blew me away. Jeto Moto, Critcal Depth, ROGUE TRIP (The true twisted metal "sequel") I was sad to see where the TM franchise went with 989 running the show, but ahhh BLACK what a masterpiece!!!!

I would love to see a new Jet Moto and Critical Depth on PS3, which brings me to an idea I had while playing Critcal Depth.

A true VEHICULAR combat, by land, sea and air/space.

Onto some of my issues with TM.


I loved the first person "dashboard" view why did you guys get rid of that.

I thought it would have been cool to add radio stations like in GTA only different vehicles have different stations. That way the sound track would vary from car to car. Like with sweet tooth, all he would hear is that ice cream truck single.

Coop was by the the best thing about TM. Online coop totally kicks ass, but my main problem with coop were the endings.. Maybe calpyso would force the two players to have a final death match to see who would win. Or a mixed ending.

3- 4 I won't even talk about A) because you didnt have anything to do with the two games and b) they sucked in just about every way.

Black - improved on an already great swqual (TM2) hmm i dont have anything left to say, but ill be sure to check back again if i come up with anything new and to also keep myself updated on this documentary!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I don't sound like a broken record, but if I do excuse me for not taking the time to read all the posts...there are so many! It's so nice to see people passionate about Twisted Metal!

Well, I was wondering if a Twisted Metal movie has ever been considered?

And who in Hollywood could you envision portraying the characters?

Secondly, I was wondering how and why 989 gained control of the series for a short period of time?

Also, I was wondering if the way 989 Studios handled Twisted Metal 3 and 4 upset you?

And lastly, what's the future for TM? Will there be any sequels in the Black universe?

It's so exciting to see news about Twisted Metal again!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey David

Ever had a g/f or ex totally piss you the fuck off?

Why not include them in the game, so we all can blast the fuck out of these stupid things that are known as bitches.

A good though, no? lol

On a serious note, ever thought of such a weapon that lodges it self into the opponetns car, and has a push button destruct mechanism, that flips the damn car like a warthog?

Wouldn't be too bad of a weapon.

Have you ever thought of weapon combos that cause greater damage or a quicker death?

one problem I found with the series is that your health lasts a bit too long.

If you have ever played FPS you know of a few good combos that work well.

Cars should also take more damage points in certain spots.

Throw away the whole every car has a certain amount of points to be taken away from their damage.

if they get hit in certian areas, it should be like a head shot In Halo.

a rocket to the ending or tire should reflect just that.

When you get this done, the game will be AAA even more so.

Your the man Jaffe, I think your outspoken attitude is pretty dang good.

Keep speaking your mind.

Unknown said...

Oh just thought of another good question:

Why do you guys think that the Car Combat genre never really took off, and is essentially dead today?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave I am a huge Twisted Metal fan, my favorite character is Sweet Tooth like a lot of people. I want to know how does some characters keep surviving after each contest.

Also will Marcus Kane drive Black Tooth and Needles drive Tower tooth on the next game?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

hey, this is Thumperman900 of TMAlliance. I have some questions?

1. How come there hasen't been another Twisted Metal game for the PS2? I think there was more fresh breath in the system for a new game.

2. Will Pit Viper from TM1 ever return?

3. Have you ever thought about a different spin-off to Twisted Metal like Black, you know, like a gangsta-style Twisted Metal?

Thanks for the chance, and I hope to see Twisted Metal live on, especially on PS2 and PSP.

Anonymous said...

David,I know a lot of people have asked this but when are you going to make another Twisted Metal game??

Zodiak said...

got a few Dave, hopefully not too late...

1. Is TM3 your favorite in the series? (lol)

2. Could we possibly see another TM on PS3's PSN much like CAC?

3. Would you consider releasing a collection edition of all your TM games on 1 disc and make it with online play? (I mean we all want to play TM2 online!)

4. If a new TM comes out for the PS3, will there be more downloadable content like new cars, levels and powerups?

5. How did the character Sweetooth come about?


Anonymous said...

Why has it been 6 years since we have seen another Twisted Metal? Its one of my favorite series ever and Black was one of the great PS2 games, even though it was released in the 1st year of the console, it held its ground.

I would love to see a sequal to Black/Keep the dark aspect of the game and expand on the whole Marcus Kane/Sweetooth story.

Unknown said...

Have you guys seen this image?

Man that really thinks a TM is coming soon to PS3. More details here:

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave this is Pj from TMA.
Big fan of the series and I'm glad to hear about the documentary and to have this opportunity to post some questions.
By the way, you have my consent to mention my handle (PjRoadkill) when necessary.
Now on to my questions!

1. It's plain to see that I'm a big Roadkill fan so I was just wondering what the real inspiration for the design of Roadkill.. the vehicle was for TM 1, 2, Black and Head on.

2. Napalm was such a cool, innovative and useful weapon in TM2. Was there a point in the development of TMB where you guys were thinking of bringing it back?

3. Was there a point in the development of TM2 when Crimson Fury and Yellow Jacket were part of the roster?

4. Was there a point in the development of TMB when you guys considered retaining the knock back effect that TM2's ricochet weapon had? (Which were extremely tactically useful by the way)

5. Was there a point in the development of TM2 when you guys considered using CG instead of comic type are for videos and driver profiles?

6. Was there a point in the development of TM2 when you guys considered implementing an easier way to rear fire a freeze? (It ended up being 6 button presses instead of 3 or 4)

7. Who came up with the game's title?


Anonymous said...

Here's one for you: Twisted Metal one offered a first Person cocpit mode, and the game had vehicles that actually felt like vehicles.

2 was a fun game but ruined what looked like a very cool modern iteration of the boardgame "Car Wars". Vehicles no longer had weight to them, they could just spin on their axis without having to apply gas (so their wheels weren't really adhered to the ground), and every game after that got worse and worse with ever more lousy "Arenas".

And since each subsequent game got more and more stupid, did they ever think to return the game to its roots, and not turn "SweetTooth" into yet another comic bad-guy like Freddy from the Nightmare On Elm Street days :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I'm also one among the masses of the many TM fans, having played TM2 back in the day and owning the whole series, TM 1 through Head On (Yes, even TM3 and 4.) My first question is, what is your take on 989 Studios introducing actual licensed tracks to their branch of the franchise, I personally liked rocking out to Rob Zombie and Skold while I trashed my opponents, and blew $#!t up, but I'm just one of those guys who likes hard rock. My second question is, what you thought of the game physics in TM3 & 4? For me it was easier to drive
around full speed, and jump off platforms. It just felt great, though I have to admit, the cars handled like pushing around a matchbox car on a desk, and you could get stuck on the edge of ledges, or "dolphin out" which is when your car stands straight up on it's bumper and refuses to go down.
Another thing, is the new button combos, which actually were quite impressive, however repetitive these two games may be. Hyperspace and invisibility were just great. I DID notice a distinct lack of pedestrians however. My final question is your take on 989's level design. I thought TM3 was just trying to be another TM:World Tour with awful physics, but TM4 was actually quite creative with it's levels. Take for example, the bedroom level. I have a deep down gut feeling that this was the partial inspiration for the later project, TM: Small Brawl, though I could be wrong. By the way, I noticed that Thumperman900 wrote: "Have you ever thought about a different spin-off to Twisted Metal like Black, you know, like a gangsta-style Twisted Metal?" That's already been done in 187 Ride or Die, a lame excuse for a combat game that thinks it's as good as Twisted Metal.
Thanks for your time at reading this.
-Tyler Phifer, TM Fan

Anonymous said...

In TM 1 at the end for darkside he
gets his demon back and it is called black so does it have any collection to TMB?

also on TMB darkside boss was the original darkside, so if he survived the older TM then does this mean he was the winner of the past Tm tournement ?

Anonymous said...

^^sorry about that I ment connection

Anonymous said...

can you guys put TM 1 on th PSN and onlineable with hd resolution kinda like the new wipeout HD.

Anonymous said...

You should put kratos as a unlockable if you guys made a new TM. and you sure have online Co-op
in it

Anonymous said...

Hello, only thing that bodered me is Kane family and they actual connection. In some TM Marcus is Minion, Marcus is Sweet Tooth, Sweet Tooth is Calypso...maybe they are all the same person.
I would really like to see who is who actually!!!!!
But the story u got there is prety good and should take a movie play!

Vladimir, Serbia

Anonymous said...

Fan base and demand for a new Twisted Metal is huge!!!! One of my friends and I discussed the fact that this may be the game that saves the PS3, and takes it to the next level. As of now, we don't look forward to playing anything on PS3 (we got tired of Motorstorm). One of my fondest TM 2 memories: My friend (who talks much trash) was in the red, trying to survive while being chased by me. As I'm going up the ramp to the roof top, I peep him driving down the ramp full speed with the Spectre. I lay a remote bomb before he gets to the bottom, and boom! His car vanishes, blown to feathers! He looks at me with dismay, questioning why his car all of a sudden disappeared.

Brett from Washington, DC.

Anonymous said...

Hey so why was TMB called black ?
does it have anything to do with the character black or does it have anything to do with the creature from TM1?

Anonymous said...

I agree that kratos should be a unlockable charcter, I was surpised that he wased in callin all cars.

Anonymous said...

Hey! NSB here!

That means NeoSpearBlade.

I got a few questions.

1. Why didn't you do TM3 and TM4 and do you regret it?

2. Are you going to put TMHO to the PS2?

3. This might be a bad question but.....
Will TM stay alive or will it die someday?

4. This is more of a sugestion than a question but I'l put it here.

If you're going to make an anthology, take Mortal Kombat Armageddon as an example and do the following:

All contestents and I mean ALL Including the Secret and Boss characters (you can play as WarHawk!) and the contestants of TM3 and TM4 AND the Create-a-Car feature of TM4.

All versions of the contestents.
Example: You can select TM1 Sweet Tooth and you use his TM1 car, Special and ending but better in 3D grafics. And by winning story mode, the next generation Sweet Tooth (TM2) will be unlocked and so on and so on.

All weapons including those from TM3 and TM4.

All stages WITH the respective song Including TM3 and TM4 AND the 'virtual' stages from TM4.

Create-a-Stage: Pretty much speaks for itself. Take example from Exite Truck; Put your music on the created stage.

Although TM3 and TM4 sucked gameplay wise, at least there were some good ideas. Like the cheat codes and the weaponds in those two games. If you can, Put ALL cheat codes of TM1, TM2, TM3, TM4, TMB and TMHO.

In short, put all TM games in one disk.

I'm not so sure about TMSB.....

If you want to, You can use my Profile:



Urges to play videogames at any moment, thinks about it everytime non-stop

A cup of Coka-Cola, good tv shows, Internet usage
NOTE: Meds have no effect, lost cause.

Anonymous said...

NSB here again!

Forgot to mention:

All contestents means ALL characters that appeared in TM, every single one of them including those of TM3 and TM4.

And if the game appears on the PS2, do NOT put the custom music feature in the Create-a-Stage mode.

And Keep up the good work, Dave!

Anonymous said...

Hi David;

A quick question, one that's been bothering me for years...

-What has become of SingleTrac?
I understand that most of the team members have "migrated" over to Incognito, which is superb, but what about the ones that didn't jump ship? Do you still keep in contact?

Anonymous said...

Twisted Metal Black 2 would be the best game in the World !!!!!!!!! The only Reason to buy a ps3 !!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Calypso's old voice?

The one in TM2.

How do you feel about Critical Depth and Rouge Trip?

Are you planing to make modern versions of those 2 games?


Anonymous said...

Hello Dave. Can't wait to see what this documentary will be used for.

Not sure if any of these have already been asked but here are my questions:

1) Why was ramming not included in the later TM installments? Could it make a return in future TM's?

2) Why wasn't DarkTooth included in TM:Black where he could've fit in perfectly?

3) Considering TM1 starts with the 10th Twisted Metal contest, what were the previous tournaments like? Would they make for good prequels?

4) Are there any rules or limits to Calypso's wish-granting abilities? What would you wish for and how would you be screwed over?

5) Which level backgrounds did you like designing the most? What other locations not used in the series would you have liked to do?

6) Which vehicle designs did you enjoy working on the most? What new vehicle designs would you come up with?

7) What criteria exist to determine a weapon's usefulness and potential for strategy in a game? What other weapon ideas that haven't been used yet would you include in future installments?

8) What innovative ideas in general can be added to improve the Twisted Metal formula?

If any of these questions are used, you may include my name Shkendim Memedi or my online handle Methid Man.

Anonymous said...

Also, in case it matters, I am a Twisted Metal Alliance poster.

Butner B said...

My second wind of video gaming came when Twisted Metal was released, I bought a PSX for Twisted Metal 2, I bought a PS2 for Twisted Metal Black and I bought a PSP for Twisted Metal Head-On.

I really really like the Twisted Metal series. It's my favorite of any game ever. EVER!

Anyway, I think you should discuss what has happened to the series over the past 12 years. That sounds broad but the series is so good, so original, and yet it's still this big mystery of a game franchise.

The games have always had a very dark undertone. What brought that about?

Has there been some kind of behind-the-scenes struggle with the series? I always thought Sony would want to adopt TM and make it the face of it's gaming platform like Halo or something.

Why was the game given to 989 Studios to ruin when the franchise was at it's peak?

Again, it just seems like something strange happened with this franchise and I have always wondered what it was. Thanks for giving myself and other TM die-hards some material to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Before i ask my questions i'd like to thank you for making a series of game which has kept me playing for well over 10 years

It's been - in my eyes - 6 years since the last Twisted Metal and i think its long overdue a comeback

I know if there was a proper "TM3" that was on the calibre of TM2 then it'd be an instant hit

As for a Black 2 - that could work also provided it doesn't get censored into nothing as with Black [gutted it had no story - kinda made story mode pointless - damn SCEE]

In response to a question regarding the being known as Black - i'm guessing it is the same entity from TM1 - i mean after all the similarities between TM1/2 and Black are numerous

Anyway to my questions:

1/ Were there any other "Easter Eggs" in the games like Darkside's appearence in Twisted Metal 2? [both intro and in options screen]

2/ What do you really feel about #'s 3 and 4? I go against the masses and go out on a limb to say they were enjoyable BUT not true TM games

3/ How comes Dark Tooth was so underused?

Besides an appearence in TM2 [and Head-On which i can't comment on] and references in Black he was completely overlooked.

I think this is a pity as it would be good to clear up that tale - unless that is in the pipeline should another game be released.

Plus it'd be great to play as him - i know with a cheat code you can in TM2 but it was so buggy i could never get too far in 1 player [i tried many times but no luck :(]

4/ Am i right in thinking Pit Viper became Grasshopper and thus wasn't needed anymore?

5/ Why are Warthog and Mr Grimm mainstays in the series?

I mean Grimm's story came to a conclusion in 2 [if remember rightly]

As for Warthog he's had his fair share of dealings too

If i had to suggest characters that would've been better to have seen more of then i'd say - Darkside adn Yellow Jacket [ok they were in Black but between 1 and then they were nowhere to be seen - if you ignore Darkside in 3 of course]

6/ What was the reason behind making Minion a tanker in Black? I feel that took away from his character but could be just me

7/ Which type of ending do you prefer? FMV [as in TM1] or cartoony animation a la TM2?

8/ IF another game is made would we see more levels [say 10 or 12] for story?

Obviously there'd be new/revamped characters and maybe an extra weapon or two

9/ On same trail of thought - would each level has its own boss?

I think that was one of TM4's plus points but many people would probably disagree with me

10/ Who is Calypso and would you have made him a playable character had you made TM3?

Perhaps he could be the end boss of the final game [hopefully won't be for a while :D]

Also what's with his voice in TM1 - sounded really weird [shame didn't keep it in future games]

And how did he get burned - guessing going to Hell right?

Finally does he have any more family members? Perhaps they could appear in future games [if another is made of course]

11/ Who is your favourite character?

Or rather which character do you feel did the name Twisted Metal justice?

12/ I read that the damage dealt by the missiles varies depending which game you play. Is this true?

I always thought it went on a scale of homing vs power

Homing of course being the most accurate but weakest

Fire being your run of the mill average-joe weapon

Power being the big daddy which pounds opponents but has no homing ability

Also are there any weapons from 3 or 4 that you'd consider taking/modifying?

I did like the idea of the MIRV, Rain [TM3 version], Rain 2 and AutoLob :)

13/ In 3 there were many places used that were probably going to be in a World Tour sequel - has them being used ruined any chances of seeing them?

I'd love to be able to fight in the streets of London and in the North Pole

Although one place that has yet to be touched is Australia - say Sydney :)

14/ How many characters are still alive? Lost count to tell the truth

15/ Are there any vehicles/characters that you have toyed with but never quite met the criteria to get put into the games?

16/ Do you feel the events of 9-11 accounted for the withdrawal of most of Black's dark content? I sure do - damn terrorists

17/ I read that Head-On is coming to PS2 and that it'll feature levels from the never-released Black 2.

So it shows you guys were in the process of making another game - question is what happened?

Also does this mean that the next game would be Black 2?

18/ Will Sweet Tooth remain the focus on the series or will someone else take over his spot? [if possible]

Also what made you choose him to be the centre of the TM universe?

And are there any more Kane's?

19/ Will we see Primeval again? [Even though he was in TM3 it'd be good to see him again]

I only ask as i feel Calypso could do with some more demons doing his bidding - perhaps you could make it so you have to fight through an "army" of demons and then at the end you face off against Calypso with the fate of the world at stake - just an idea :)

20/ Finally a nitpick with TM2 [yeah i know it doesn't matter now but has bugged me since i 1st played it]

Shadow - why can the CPU fire multiple specials at once and why do they explode on impact?

I feel that would have been better than the fire-detonate method

Sorry for the length of this post but wanted to cover all bases and think its safe to say i did :P

Hope you guys do make at least one more as Twisted Metal is a Playstation institution on the lines of Tekken, GTA and Gran Turismo

Should you cover any of my questions then that would be great

aka RandomNutjob

maartyrr said...

Hey Dave,
Just wanted to say congradulations to you and Scott on your new studio, i look forward to supporting the games you design and sell. Thanks so much for keeping this series alive, even though its not the game everyone at was hoping for, it still a tm game non-the-less and thats all that matters to us

- Carlton

Anonymous said...

im an older guy who loves the Twisted Metal 1 and 2. I would play with my son quite a bit. I will always like the classic 1 and 2 characters and hope once a new game is out that those characters will be available.

Anonymous said...

Me again [RandomNutjob]

Just had a thought

How about an anniversary edition [or something like that]

Have the best of the characters [or all of them - whichever] and most of the levels in one game

Of course it'd only work with the 2 Playstation titles but it could be something

Another thing i thought of - what about 4 player co-op and team deathmatch? [either 2v2 or 3v1 - also have a 1v1v1 or 2v1 as well]

Think that's more than enough from me

At least this post is quick and easy to read [well hope so anyway]


Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of the Twisted Metal series. Maybe not all at once but I've owned every Twisted Metal ever created. I got rid of 3 & 4 when I found out they were frauds. I currently own Twisted Metals 1, Black, and Head On; and I'm trying to find copies of Small Brawl and 2 that actually work. I bought a PS2 just for TM: Black, GTA III, and GTA VC. I bought a PSP just for TM: Head On and GTA: VCS. With VCS already ported and Head On underway, it seems I don't need a PSP. I'm thinking about buying a PS3 just for the new Twisted Metal and Grand Theft Auto. And an Xbox 360 just for Halo 3.

Well anyway, about that port, I think Towertooth should be able to play a storymode, and maybe add a few characters, like Minion! That would be awesome.

Also, is it true, WIKIPEDIA"In the November 2006 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, a rumor was printed saying a new Twisted Metal has been in development for Playstation 3 which will feature large online worlds, high definition graphics, and other features including Calypso's daughter Krista Sparks (a.k.a. Grasshopper) as a boss."

Anonymous said...

Hey, I haven't posted any comments before but came across this and wanted a chance to ask some questions. I love the Twisted Metal titles. My first game on the PlayStation 1 was a Greatest Hits copy of Twisted Metal 1. I loved it from start to finish.

I noticed that the original game had a lot of elements inspired from other game genres. What game's in particular inspired you to mash all those ideas together? Things like the directional button combinations for special/hidden attacks like a fighting game, and the hidden and secret areas of each level mixed with the action/racing was completely different and welcome.

Also, the characters were all so different, I can guess that it was intentional to have the wide cast of characters, what were some of the original ideas you had for characters that were scrapped or changed that you can remember?

Also, especially in Twisted Metal 1, were there any other gameplay ideas you had originally envisioned but decided to go another way with? What ideas were left on the cutting room floor with the gameplay?

Twisted Metal Black would probably be most cinematic of all the games in ther series, but before Twisted Metal 2 had the comic book vibe Twisted Metal 1 seemed to have a cinematic feel to it as well. What movies and non game materials were inspiration for the story lines of the characters and setting?

Here is my last question, sorry for going on too long. Are there any story ideas or characters you removed because you thought you went to far? Were there any you had to change because of technical issues? Black probably was your most disturbing in the series especially with The Preacher and his special move. There has to be some sweet ideas you didn't/couldn't use because of technical or censorship issues.

If you want to use my questions in any way thats fine with me. My name is Darren Hupke, I'm looking forward to any new TM news coming for the PS3.

Anonymous said...

you know that each twisted metal game has its own story for each character. I wanted to know which game has he real ending and begining and puts the character's story to a permanent end. so which twisted metal has the real plot?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the comment be for this one the he is suppost to be the thank you! (: (p.s. i'm the same guy who worte the last comment TWISTED METAL ROCKS

long live the Sweet tooth logo !

Anonymous said...

hey ppls,

im quite possibly one of the biggest TM fans on the blog and id like to know "twisted metal is a series of creepy yet fun games. How far is the TM series going to go and will it ever stop"...if you do use this question you can use my name.

Anonymous said...

I have loved the Twisted Metal series forever. Sure 3 & 4 were one step foward, and two steps back, but none-the-less I played them. Twisted Metal Black is my all time favorite game, ever on any platform. Do you plan on making another Twisted Metal of this fassion? If so please, tell me it will be out soon.

ConceptCreature said...

Hey, just wondering when Eat Sleep Play will have a company website, and is your company expected to expand beyond its 30 people that you currently have, or is that enough for the workload you have now?

Jason M

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered releasing older battlefields/vehicles in a new TM game?

Fox436 said...

hey dave, just like to say that ive watched some video on youtube i think you made about the design and development of the twisted metal series. it was a very interesting watch, especially with tm2 in the background (minion falling off a building in NY :p )

anyways, im hoping there is another twisted metal game coming soon, ive been playing every one of them since i played the demo fo the fist one in circuit city. if you guys decide to get another one goin, it really should tie up alot of loose ends with story and what not, with the kane family and the real / fantasy disputes. and after watching the high octane live action endings, i think that if you improve the quality of scripting with that sort of ending scene, then you will create probably the ebst twisted metal ever. just stick to what you tried with twisted metal 1 and improve on that, and i can guarantee you we will all be amazed.

btw, after watching that video on you tube, i began creating ideas for my own vehicles in the game, and characters to drive them along with their storylines. i think that after the 40 ideas i had, the few that stood out got me thinking this might be something i would like to do...

yocisla said...

hey dave, i have this question thats been buging me ever since i played the first twisted metal..

is calypso real?

is he really burned?

by the way..looking foward to the documentary! i hope my question makes it :)

Cesar Cuevas from bakersfield,CA

Anonymous said...

Was Twisted Metal: Head-On intentionally a direct sequel from TM 2 or did you feel like TM 2 deserved a sequel?

Anonymous said...

PLEEEAAASSSSEE KEEP THIS SERIES ALIVE!!! This series was literally THE reason I bought my playstation one AND my playstation 2. And I bought my PS3 out of hopes that this series would one day continue on in it's former glory. I have to say, however, that I personally liked twisted metal two the best. even though I enjoyed the gameplay of TM: Black, it got WAY too dark and demented for me. So much so that there were many moments I had to turn off the system because my little nephew happend to be in the room at the moment of a really gory scene. I am SO looking forward to the Head-on Port. I have always said Twisted Metal has the potential to be the most awesome and fun franchise of all time. (Even more than Halo) if it will just continue on.

Anonymous said...

I just left the previous post but I just remembered something that I had to bring up. the ricochet weapon. This was THE most satisfying weapon of twisted metal two (hitting somebody in the face with a rico and knock them clean off the rooftops.) but has not been the same since. I like the idea of modifying weapons, but let's face it even the rico on TM: Black was unsatisfying compared to the rico in TM2. Just a thought. Keep the TM2 version of the ricochet.

Anonymous said...

MY first game on playstation was twisted metal,i have followed the series ever since,and it has taken me 3 hours 2 just find this page, i am trying 2 find as much info on the new tm as i can.
All chac. from prev. games should be included,along with all worlds,bring back the world editor,and the car editor,we love making the game as much as we love playing it,also the storys need 2 all be different,stop taking short cuts. Each story should be completly different with no simmalaritys. I may not know how to spell good,but i know what i am talking about. want 2 make the best game never 2 be beaten by any other,make the worlds endless,this is possible,I have discover leeks in tm games where you can drive for days away from the world,then turn around and drive back. the worlds need to at least be big enoff 2 get lost in them literlly. no questions here but plenty of things 2 tell you,of what should have been done.The price of tm:black in used circulation went down to 5.00 after 6 months from release date,this should not have happened. I hope you get this and read all of it, not much for repeating myself. 23/M/FL

Anonymous said...

twisted metal es lo maximo

Anonymous said...

twisted metal es lo maximo

Anonymous said...

Is there anything special that the numbers represent in minions storyline?

Anonymous said...

i hope you guys keep making them i love the series if anyone has any new info on the future of this series some one please let me know
e-mail me at

p.s.1,2,and black were the best hands down

Anonymous said...

Hey David, ive been a long time twisted metal fan, but ive got to say i was pretty dissapointed in dark tooth's design in tm head on, and at least Minion could of made a return in head on extra twisted edition, in his original battle tank from tm-tm2 plus i hope minion returns in twisted metal ps3, in his original battle take, i didnt care much for the semi in black.

Anonymous said...

and another i forgot , i was thinking about the whole twisted metal ps3 thing, and i came up with a huge post over on twisted metal alliance about a 3 stage secret final boss

if serten requirements are met, i am full of ideas for twisted metal cars / characters or what not, i am known as crazed_clown

twisted metal alliance's new comer of the week,

Question #1

Can we expect any big returns in tmps3

Question # 2:

If Minion dose return in tm PS3 can we expect to see him back in the tank

final Question

I know alot of people havent figured this out but im Twisted Metal 2 Vs Dark Tooth there is one section says "an old deformed man walks from the head saying heads up you freak" Is dark tooth actually charlie kane?

if you would like any ideas what so ever you can get ahold of me on my myspace or you can get ahold of me on my email or on yahoo im tormented_legend_of_kinmoku thanks for your time Dave




Anonymous said...

if there is a TW for PS3 would there be the same mood that there was in black because that color scheme is awesome.

in the PS3 TW there should be every car from twisted metals 1,2,TMB, and TWHO and more.

Twisted metal is the f**king best game series ever made (with the exception of three and four)I hope you guys keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

TM is my religion, not joking. i get more inspiration and mental stimulation in life from the stories and movies behind the characters in TM than i do from anything else haha! yeah, i know thats probably not healthy. I don't care.

now that i'm out of highschool, i am questing to eventually buy a super shit car and literally turn it into a TM car. i dont care about guns/missles. it's gonna look amazing. and i'm going to create a character that is myself like Jaffe did with Sweet Tooth (or, perhaps moreover, Marcus). I am going to be fucked up just like most of the characters in black because i AM. I'm going to get a wicked costume and mask and if anyone sees this and would ever wanna do the same, we could have twisted metal conventions! or road shows. or if it got big enough and jaffe would permit it, have a literal giant twisted metal traveling carnival!!!! if only there was a way to simulate the actual combat without using actual firepower...

but if the world ever ends up ending anytime soon i really WILL do this. i will make a REAL twisted metal car and get ready to combat anyone!

is anyone good at website stuff? it'd be nice to have a forum or website where people could register and create their own TM character and exhibit their real life cars or just so much other stuff! someone please do that!!

Jaffe you are my god, TM is your brainchild. I've got it all figured out. The Marcus Kane/Sweet Tooth combo is a PROJECTION of yourself and the contrastive "dark side" of you you mentioned in the Dark Past video. and in the game, it is recurring that the entire twisted metal tournament is in Marcus Kane's (sometimes Sweet Tooth's) head. Whether it's Head On or Black, it's all in your head. Twisted Metal as a whole is literally a giant, massive, immersive, horrific, chaotic, archaic, dark, comedic, thrilling, psychotic, explosive, beautiful projection of YOUR MIND.

As we leech on to TM video games and it's surrounding culture, we are literally ALL in your brain, like a giant, twisted, playground for the id in all of us! TM is a reality you provided for us and one i will always latch onto over the real world.

intermission: i will never murder anyone, stalk david jaffe, or start a cult just so everyone knows =D haha!

anyways Jaffe don't you ever lose interest in Twisted Metal, like you always seem to think you have. You will never be able to escape the inner workings of your mind and their attempts to escape and be seen by the masses, and there are thousands of people who are just as connected to it, so please don't ever cut us off of that access. TM is not just a game series to all of us, to some of us it is literally another reality.

wow... epicly long comment and i'm not anywhere near done. fuck.

well to wrap it up LOOKING FORWARD TO PS3 release i will buy one JUST for this game. (and by the way Jaffe are you going to be implementing the third person walking stuff and the freeway streamline integration system and other aspects intended for Harbor City into the new one? there's been hints to it so....) and also, about the movie idea.. ALL SYSTEMS GO! pleaaaase make it! and PLEASE reconsider the toy lines! i will buy!!

AND ONE LAST question. though subtle, you have at times tied the ends of the frayed storyline(and other stuff) of TM 3 and 4 in the newer games, so this might not be unrealistic: What about an old school release of Twisted Metal? remember back in the TM4 intro video with those old ironclad rustbuckets duking it out with mounted tommies and other primitive stuff like that? a lot of stuff in TM has explored a futuristic or modern feel but what about an ancient edition of twisted metal back when the automobile was first invented? if it was an odyssey in itself, surely there could have been reason to integrate it with the traveling circus (also a huge thing at the time), so it's very realistic, and would be VERY different, like small brawl, except toys are NOT as fun as RUSTY CONTRAPTIONS OF PRIMITIVE DEATH. and as far as the storyline is concerned? have it be the ancestors of the current twisted metal regulars! how interesting would that be? the great grandfathers of today's twisted contestants. after all, psychosis does run in the bloodline, also realistic.. and with such a difference in time setting, how could there not be feeling of freshness? I know it would be a big jump and a dangerous one, but much less worse than, say, a futuristic release, or something to do with your crazy "black is a demon sent from a parallel universe's more colorful Calypso to kill the darker Calypso" idea hahaha!! although a parallel universe TM release would be funny haha, you could just re-release a current game and change the color scheme to be "more colorful" HAHA.

ANYWAYS. I think going to the past with TM would be fresh and attractive. "Theme" is in SO many ways a huge part of TM, and when dealing with Themes of the entire releases, such as the darker theme for "black" and rc theme for TMSB, they have been fairly subtle IMO.

1920 TM would be a slap in the FACE. just think of how well received star wars episode one was! just DON'T CLOSE THE GAP. don't do a 50's one or something the closes the gap between the distant past and present. (for example star wars 2 and 3). if you just release a vintage one, i think it would be incredibly well recieved especially since you've already got the attention and enthusiasm of the TM fanbase, and the freshness and newness of PS3 on your side.

C'mon Jaffe. think of all those harsh reviews on the graphics of the first couple games. Even what they did on 3 n 4 wasn't exactly FLUSH. and think of all the people playing TMHOETE on ps2 thinking "whoa these graphics suck they look like this game should have been on psp or something!" black is good and lost is too obviously but ALWAYS you have been too busy with the intensity and variety of dimensions in the game itself to focus enough on graphics.

Twisted Metal "Origins" (haha 10 points for silent hill pun) would be PRIMITIVE enough in theme for you to focus on a TRULY stunning release. I mean the cars won't be going over 50, the color scheme would prolly be more sepia-esque, and how expansive are weapons from the 20's gonna be? You could spend a LOT of time on graphics, physics, simulation and other realistic aspects of the game to really make this a down to earth, SOLID release of twisted metal. that's not to say it wouldnt be on the fucking EDGE like every other twisted metal game though haha!

and quite honestly, look at how much more gruesome and intense and horrific characters stories and etc got when black happened! that was because you tied it down to what black was themed on. you were also eventually somewhat bored with black in creation, however, and a MORE primitive environment/time era would probably bore you even more now that i think about it. BUT black is just a different reality of the same thing, this would be so fresh and it's WAY different, so i think that in itself lends interest and drive to create it!

and back to the point, if tying TM to an ASYLUM made it freaky and awesome (which it truly truly did holy shit), think of what an actual 20's traveling circus would do! i've seen and heard the life stories of sideshow "freaks" from the old days that scare the bejesus out of me more than the stories in Black and that shit is REAL. The tolerance for TRUE twisted stuff increases the further you go back in time,and in the 20's there were some TRULY dark stories. Not just for sideshow freaks either, EVERYWHERE. Gangsters and mafia, pimps and prostitutes, drug lords, circuses and other outsider outfits, the poor, improper institutionalization and treatment of psychotics/neurotics, probably much more, hell i'm only 18 i'm sure you know way more about all that than i do! But i think you and the team would have a fun time thinking of some MESSED UP olde tyme horror stories and even MORE fun creating the ORIGINS of the characters we all know and love instead of once again thinking of how you can change/reboot/build off of them.

Circuses and carnivals have always been a collection of freaks, outsiders, misfits and people who just can't handle "normal" life. Back in the day was when the circus life was STRONGLY contrastive to normal life and i think if you stuck TIGHT to the traveling carnival of automobile chaos idea (for once.... . . ...) instead of just deciding to occasionally mention it or include it, like in almost every current release.. you would be able to create a VERY encompassing story mode as a whole. Black did this by having all the characters come from the same asylum, all using whatever they could find for a vehicle, and stuff like that, in the BEGINNING anyway. But i think black holds as loose as the rest of the previous releases do when it comes to story mode.

i think the key to really sweeping the player into the twisted metal carnival is to... well.. DO IT. :)
people in carnivals and circuses have always been in it TOGETHER. they travel together, and perform/ maintain the carnival together. If this game's story mode held tight to the circus idea (and would integrate the actual travel ides, that the TM: Lost freeway idea would have helped to simulate) you could make the player feel like they're in for a ride both during the matches, between them, and during the storyline as a whole. I don't have to fill in the gaps, you're already a genius, you could figure out a perfect way to bring the feel of a "1920's carnival of traveling automobile destruction" to the story mode, because i know what is in those quotes is as mouth-watering to you as it is to me.

the key with this game though is to bring SOLIDNESS. in graphics, gameplay, continuity, relation of the drivers to how their grandkids are now, looks in general, and most importantly, storyline all sewn together from start to finish (dealing also with interaction between the characters themselves, considering they travel through the carnival with each other (even though they die after each match, but that's something that has never been really focused on and i dont think ever should hehe)).

C'mon, just think of Charlie Kane as a young man, think of a really old civil war general pissed off that he lost a battle having let his *kids and grandkids* down. think of a young, ambitious racer that had a horrible crash or got cheated out of winning the indy, his/her dreams crushed, willing to do anything for revenge and to get that money he/she needs to raise their kids in the harsh economic times. think of the idea of a twisted, evil clown in an old 1920's carnival that could have been wreaking havoc before modern day sweet teeth (haha PLURAL FORM) ever got to!!!! i'll be more blatant with this one: think of a 1920's axel, steam powered, wheels probably steel like the old tractor wheels they used to have. damn. that sounds sexy. Think of a police constable entering the contest to try to stop the evil carnival from destroying the world in the already harsh times, in fear of his own *childrens* safety! Two more blatant ones: 1920's Mr. Grimm?! 1920's Shadow?! WOW. and i have NO IDEA what your twisted mind would come up with for Roadkill, but i'm sure you could manage, Jaffe.

Boiled down, i'm sure the upcoming ps3 release is going to be classic twisted metal, or perhaps better said, Twisted Metal 2 literally about 15 years later. (Jesus, Jaffe, your kids all grown up haha! I am seriously seriously proud of and for you and all you have done with twisted metal over all these years.) So we all know it will include mayhem, thrills, great fun, great intensity, lots of twistedness and evil, and "high octane" fun, and a real "urban assault" of a time HAHA (i just ran halfway through the Twisted Tour to find the factoid that showed your old promo poster cus i forgot the old name JUST to make that really bad pun =D). But anyway, with the ps3 release being all fun and sweet and awesome like twisted metal always has been, why not come out with something that will be STRONG and STURDY, encompassing and whollistic? There are so many hardcore fans out there and once i again i have to say that releasing this vintage edition would be like Star Wars Episode 1 was to the Star Wars universe.

Fucking Epic.

Like this comment was. whoa..
sorry. but yeah i have a TON more ideas for twisted metal that i haven't even begun to cover and i would love to be hired by you so i could get them to you daily and have them shot down HAHA. Seriously though, is there any position open for work on the game developing team? i'll even work for free and die of starvation i dont fucking care haha i want to be a bigger part of the Twisted Metal world than just a witness of it's amazingness!

Thanks so much for anybody who had the time to read this entire thing or at least scroll past it! and if David Jaffe reads this please email some sort of response to me


Anonymous said...

If there is a twisted metal for ps3 a good boss would be a derailed train ( does not need tracks to get around) instead of train wheels it could have car tires

Anonymous said...

if you guys make a new twisted metal could you put it on the wii, because I don't hav a ps3

Anonymous said...

will we see minion and/or darkside in the ps3 game

minion&darkside said...

I am a big fan of twisted metal I have played every single game in the series. My favorite character is minion. when is minion going to return with his tank. I think that minion and darkside should be the bosses of the new twisted metal game

Anonymous said...

if you guys do make another twisted metal game, do you think it will also be made for the Xbox 360 or will it be a PS3 exclusive?

Anonymous said...

Twisted Metal 2 was the very first video game I ever owned. And ever since then I've wondered officially who won in Twisted Metal 1 and 2? I don't care much about 3 and 4 and all the rest because they're non-canon to the series.

Anonymous said...

hithis is jesse & jacob burns we are 14
yers old and i suke at speling. i lovetwited metal
i am hard core fan. and we dont just want a new instalment of the game we dumand a movie.
twisted matel: the movie
now thats a insort(tolate) uor quostin is when u a@sholes making a movei ahmen
j & j out. (email)

Anonymous said...

hi this is jesse & jacob burns we are 14
yers old and we suke at speling.
we love twisted metal
we are hard core fan. and we dont just want a new instalment of the game we dumand a movie.
twisted matel: the movie
now thats a insort(to late) uor quostin is when you a@sholes making a movei ahmen
j & j out. (email)
twisted metal isthe best game ever

ps:sory we up mest up

Anonymous said...

hi this is jesse & jacob burns we are 14
yers old and we suke at speling.
we love twisted metal
we are hard core fan. and we dont just want a new instalment of the game we dumand a movie.
twisted matel: the movie
now thats a insort(to late) uor quostin is when you a@sholes making a movei ahmen
j & j out. (email)
twisted metal is the best game ever

ps:sory we mest up

pss: twisted metal 2 wasthe best 1 2nd tow best black is 3rd

psss:jacobs fave is sweet tooth but my persanol fave is twiter from 1 and haed on
she,s a solid racer and diservs a reaperince comon give a sista a brake aint i rite

pssss: twisted for life.

Anonymous said...

hi this is jesse & jacob burns we are 14
yers old and we suke at speling.
we love twisted metal
we are hard core fans. and we dont just want a new instalment of the game we dumand a movie.
twisted matel: the movie
now thats a insort(to late) uor quostin is when you a@sholes making a movei ahmen
j & j out. (email)
twisted metal is the best game ever

ps:sory we mest up

pss: twisted metal 2 wasthe best 1 2nd tow best black is 3rd

psss:jacobs fave is sweet tooth but my persanol fave is twiter from 1 and haed on
she,s a solid racer and diservs a reaperince comon give a sista a brake aint i rite

pssss: twisted for life.

Anonymous said...

hi this is jesse & jacob burns we are 14
yers old and we suke at speling.
we love twisted metal
we are hard core fans. and we dont just want a new instalment of the game we dumand a movie.
twisted matel: the movie
now thats a insort(to late) uor quostin is when you a@sholes making a movei ahmen
j & j out. (email)
twisted metal is the best game ever

ps:sory we mest up

pss: twisted metal 2 wasthe best 1 2nd tow best black is 3rd

psss:jacobs fave is sweet tooth but my persanol fave is twister from 1 and haed on
she,s a solid racer and diservs a reaperince comon give a sista a brake aint i rite

pssss: twisted for life.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hey David I don't know if you know this but do you what are all the pieces that make up piecemeal in twisted metal small brawl I have been trying to figure it out for quite some time now

Unknown said...

P.s I am a huge twisted metal fan played it a lot when I was little

Mr.Slam&Hammerhead said...

I absolutely love Mr.Slam and Hammerhead

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