Sunday, September 16, 2007

Movie Going Weekend

Just goes to show, I don't know shit. Cause this movie has a 98% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes:

Most depressing movie I've seen since the documentary on R. Crumb. This was not only boring and slow, it also made me sad. Me and the wife left the theater feeling down and depressed and just...grey. I mean, sure, that doesn't mean it was a bad movie (although it was- to me, at best- an average movie) but nothing in the previews made me think I was going to pay to see a real downer. The guy running around the arcade telling people that a Donkey Kong kill screen was coming up made me want to put a gun to my head and just end it. The only reason I didn't was I was rendered unable to move by the scene of the players stuffed into someone's 'cabin' (wtf?!?) and gathered around an old school Ladybug machine. These people are lost in time, detactched from reality, and sad as can be. I hope at least at least some of them are able to crawl out of this hell one day...but they probably don't even see it that way. Which- I guess- is all that really matters anyway. But for me, living in the world of King of Kong would be what going to hell would be like. I guess you could say it struck a nerve. I guess you could say it made me question: shit, I'm a how much would it take to make me as geeky as those guys?!?!

So that was King of Kong. Beloved by critics.

And then there's this, weighing in at 43% fresh on the tomato meter, it's the new Jodie Foster flick:

And I LOVED this movie. I thought it was soooo cool and entertaining. Previews made me think I was in for a downer and it was actually smart AND often does THAST happen? It's like what Batman would be like if he were real...down to the Alfred role being taken by an eccentric next door neighbor and Commish Gordon played by the amazing Terrence Howard. I thought this flick was just great.

Again,goes to show what the hell I know.

Ok, off to pack for my Utah to ya'll soon!



derrickgott007 said...

Thanks for the heads up on The Brave One....I was wondering if it was worth a damn since the commercial clips are too quick for the eye to comprehend....

Good luck in UTAH.....maybe you'll show us some more insider pics on game development on the new game?

Rob Zepeda said...

The Brave One was indeed pretty cool. I havent touched King Of Kong and the only reason I would want to watch that 'movie' is to see just how cut of from reality those people really are.

felman said...

Marilyn vos Savant, one of the smartest humans alive, also tends to enjoy movies that most people hate and vice-versa. Perhaps its an intelligence thing.

felman said...

Speaking of Halo, here's the ending (If you could call it that) to the third game.

I was expecting some huge explosions, tons of gunfire and stuff and THIS is the best Bungie can come up with in 3 years? Now I wished the video was fake.

Anonymous said...

That movie was awesome.

In 1972.

With Charles Bronson.

Nikko said...

fancy that. I thought the Brave One was gunna suck elephant testicals. Regardless, I want to see the new Haloween movie by Rob Zombie, I hear fantastic things

Brice said...

I loved King of Kong. I found it fascinating. I was surprised after reading your post to find out that The Brave One had such a low tomatomeater. Up until release it was getting very good buzz and early reviews :(

Anonymous said...

I've never found a movie critic that I agree with. They rate movie's on some scale that is detached from reality. I mean, I'm an artisit, I understand movies as an art form, and I still can't figure out what those guy's base their ratings on. I never cared for reading reviews that much anyways.

David Doel said...

Really? I enjoyed The King of Kong. Haven't seen The Brave One yet.

Anonymous said...


Etchasketchist said...

A movie that can make you actually feel depressed and grey is a great movie. A movie that tries and fails to make you depressed and grey is a shit movie. If you actually feel the feeling and aren't groaning and smirking the whole time, then the movie works and it is great. It's not that you don't know shit, it's that you don't know movies. You know video games and in video games, if it ain't fun, it's shit.

Anonymous said...

speakin of "bad" movies that are actually quite good. . . Have you seen "Shoot 'em up"?

i caught it over the weekend and it was awesome!

just a warning though, its totally a guy flick. I took my wife.. and well, lets just say its not on her top ten list.

But I thought it was really cool. definitely worth watching

SoulScreme said...


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Guilherme said...

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felman said...

Heavenly Sword

I wish I had the $$$ to buy that game but I'm a little short. With luck, Sony will throw me a review build for

PlayStation Museum said...

THE SECRET!! That's great that you watched the movie Jaffe! I read the book and saw most of the DVD. I know that I will one day meet David Jaffe. I have a visual board of Dark Guns and David Jaffe on my wall next to my bed. My wife wonders why, but I just say Thank You for the wonderful day and the chance to meet David Jaffe.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, I'm sorry but...what the fuck man? King of Kong was a great movie, great pacing and had great characters. You are calling those people geeky? Those are the dudes that love games, kind of like you used to be, until you became a big suck. Seriously man, don't post any more movie reviews. The Brave One? That was awesome when it was called Death Wish and The Punisher. I can't believe you of all people are putting down people who are so into games...what if it was Calling All Cars that they were into? Would you put them down then? Not that it would be, because that game was a huge disappointment that took way to long to make for what it was.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

wow... this got pretty weird.

hey.. so what do you guys think about halo 3 now that its out?

I thought the graphics would be better, I dunno. seems like halo 2.5 to me but whatevs, still gonnna rock online

felman said...

If there's a Halo 4, it should be online only. Spend whatever resources you would on the single player to make more multiplayer maps, weapons, map creation, etc

Anonymous said...

when you describe the King of Kong, i could't help but make comparisons to the people that were crying over the Halo comments.\\

Dutch DeGay said...


Couldn't agree more. I gambled on Brave One and it was AWESOME!!! Great story and there's a reason why Jodie Foster has an Oscar on the mantle. The movie was excellent and even more important RELEVANT to what's going on today.

Have you played Halo 3 at all? I was really wondering if you were gonna give us you're two cents. And when I'm not getting my Master Chief groove going, I'm all about Heavenly Sword. It may be a little short but its the best game on a Sony Console since GOW.


eda said...


Anonymous said...