Wednesday, December 19, 2007


EDIT: And that's all she wrote. We're well past our 20 card limit so THANK YOU guys/gals for all the interest. I will be sending the cards out in the next several days so you'll have to wait to see if you made the cut :)

Gotta run get the kids out of the bath- chat with ya'll later! And thanks again for playing!



Hey, wanna get a little Eat Sleep Play holiday cheer in your mailbox AND have a chance to win the very first EAT SLEEP PLAY game ever made?!?! Sure ya do!

So...check it out:

Here you can see our first evaaar Eat Sleep Play holiday card. I have 20 of these that I will send out to the first 20 people that send a functioning snail mail address. NOTE: DO NOT COMMENT YOUR ADDRESS HERE....send it to and see if you can get your hands on the card.

That alone-the chance to own what will one day be a small piece of classic gaming memorabillia!....err we hope :)- should be enough to get your ass rushing to your keyboard to enter your address! But if that wasn't enough...check this out:

There it is, the cover for our first game! I like it! Pretty snazzy, I think!

So here's how you could win a free copy of the thing!

The FIRST 3 people WHO HAVE BEEN SENT AN EAT SLEEP PLAY HOLIDAY CARD to comment on THIS BLOG (not at the eatsleepplay100 account) but THIS BLOG in 2008, will get a copy of the game!

So the steps are:

1- get a card by being one of the first 20 to send your address to
2- IF you have a card AND you are one of the first 3 commenters on THIS BLOG in 2008 (SAN DIEGO TIME, BY THE WAY) you will win a copy of the game.

That's it...pretty easy, yeah?

As always, you need to be 18 to play and Eat Sleep Play makes the final rules and decisions about who won,lost,and matter if you think you won or lost :)

So...hell...a free holiday card AND a maybe a free game! What the hell is wrong with you! Send us those addresses! :)

Good luck ya'll!

Talk soon!


ps. and don't forget. Don't comment here with the address...send it to



Anonymous said...


DeliciousBLT said...

Thats a pretty sweet holiday card/prize!

grasshopper said...

Maybe I will get lucky this that your free stuff requires no skill. I'm really looking forward to the 4 new black levels, and if its free even better :)

Anonymous said...

Does the lack of the PSonline insignia on the box mean no online play? :(

Well damn

Mario said...

I don't thik I'll be able to comment in the blog since I will be at my family party computer-less, but at least I want to see if I can get myself a Post card.

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet cover! And I'm excited for hear about the new PS3 game your studio is working on, now that would be a sweet x-mas gift! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love it and Love the Holidays

Anonymous said...

I sure hope it has online! X-fingers crossed-X

Anonymous said...

Does it have to be 2008 west coast time? cause east coast over here and I don't want that to effect anything.

TripleA14 said...

Do we have to wait till David makes a new blog entry in 2008 or do we just comment on any existing blog entry?

Also, how do we show that we actually received a holiday card?

Anonymous said...

Oh snap!

I totally missed out on this one. I still have the Calling All Cars xmas card from last year too.

gg on the company cards, they look great!

I'm digging on the TW HO box art too :)

Hope you and your have a Happy Holiday!

derrickgott007 said...


Did you ever get my Interview questions? I never heard back from you after you told me to resend them...Let me know something...


Anonymous said...

Again, I was too late. Don't get me wrong, but these contests suck. I mean, there's no challenge in it, nothing, the winners are the fastest people and people who where visiting the blog at the moment of adding new post. And btw: ppl coming here are from different part of the world, so due to time difference it's often quite impossible to even participate in such contest. Change the rules, it'll be much better.

Anonymous said...

It's awesome to see a new Twisted Metal game coming out, i loved black so i'm looking forward to the new levels :D Please consider making a new Twisted Metal game for the PS3, it would be amazing to have it online for some deathmatch with Sweet Tooth :D Hell it could just be TM:Black with updated graphics and i'd buy it since i never had the online adapter for PS2 =(

Go on, you know you wanna make it :D

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what time he put up the edit that said the 20 person limit had been passed.

Anonymous said...

Awesome cover Dave! I've already reserved my copy at GameStop!

Feb. 5th=Reckoning Day

gary Z said...

hah man how on earth i missed that ..... any compliments for the last comments for the last ones please...!

Joel said...

damn, i SO missed out on this one.


Delriach said...

damn! I missed yet another one. Argh. ;_;. This makes me weep.

Anonymous said...

Hay Jeffe i cant wate for this game. hay when you Guys make Twisted Metal Black 2 can you all bring in

Grasshopper ( i cant wate to see what she looks like), HammerHead, Twister, Crimson Fury, MR. Slam, Dark Tooth along with New Characters and give Sweet Tooth a daughter and call her Veronica Kaine.

Anonymous said...