Friday, January 18, 2008


++++++++++++++EDIT #2+++++++++++++++++

#1- Check out me and Scott on the Playstation Nation podcast! Always fun to work with those guys! Find it Here!

#2- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the TM flame wars to TMA? Me and the folks at Eat Sleep Play appreciate and LOVE the passion over the series but this really isn't the place for it. Thanks! :)


A few more Twisted Metal: HEAD ON- EXTRA TWISTED EDITION interviews hitting today...check them out :)

IGN interview

1up interview

Also- as to WHY FUCK WIL WHEATON, considering in the vblog I talk about how much I dig him, it was gonna be this whole joke thing making some comparison between me at one time wanting to be his buddy based on his blog...or something...I've forgotten and now all I recall is the title- FUCK WIL WHEATON!- which I really like...even though I'm a total Wheaton Fan (Wheatie? WheateiHead? Wheatonian?)...anyway...see ya!



Zodiak said...

(extra twisted edition Jaffe lol)

hey Dave, it's not lazy to do vblogs, I mean it's great to see you on here and all but many people either just whiz through the text or read a sentence and gets ADD. I actually, as you heard already, love the vblogs and how cool it is to have. Especially after the ESP Design Meeting, I mean you can type out the meeting on the blog, but it's the atmosphere of the video that gives it that super cool look.

@the awesome deal . Yeah it's pretty nice to get both Vacation movies, but I'll 1-up ya. Recently, I got Spaceballs/Robin Hood: Men in Tights for $13 both great and hilarious movies if you are a Mel Brooks fan.

Well Dave, enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Vblog is way more interesting than normal posts.
Btw: what are you gonna do with those Eat Sleep Play cards left? :)

Anonymous said...

i agree Vblog is way more interesting than normal posts. cosue in normal posts we dont get to see are fav devlopers and hear them all we whould get was a photo and some tex. i got both Vacation movies with a deal as well. along with Mad Max Road Worrior and The Tunderdome for the same price. and Road Worrior has that fell of Twisted Metal kinda.

Well Dave, enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave. My reply to you on the Twisted Metal Black Rest in Peace post was deleted at TMA by some TMB extremists so I've decided to post it here.

Title - Dave

"This is awful they never needed to depart from TM1 or TM2 to begin with!! The TMB link that said that we would return to the colorful world and Spectre's Small Brawl ending lied to us! The speed in TMB was chaotic to begin with. And screw the new generation because we know whats best. Screw them. Everyone wants TM2's speed, skins, and controls at 100% and not because we cant handle some learning curve but because the ramming, speed physics and shooting pansy missiles and ricos that dont do shit isnt realism. The fast speed is what Twister and turbo is supposed to be for. Your job is, assuming you actually want to impress your boss, is to make what sells the best and TM2 will beat any of the new generation crap you come up with hands down. Thanks a lot for continuing on the path 989 paved. At the very least get Sony to release TM2 PC's source for us so I dont have to enter Twisted Metal and ask the Twisted Metal game we all want myself. And Roadie I wouldnt need to bash Black if it wasnt getting in the way of the game I want. We all want.

Edit: And thats right Trichocyst Mort wanted a TM2 sequel. You cant deny the creator of this site!"

You Tube movie here -

derrickgott007 said...

That comment about "In a parralell universe we'd be friends" is really quite stalker-ish....hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Do you think you will be able to be as blatantly "controversial-on-purpose" with only an attention-grabbing headline and the video blog?

If not, stick to the old way. it hasn't failed your ego yet.

Chilenodude said...

Vblogs are cooler. But they also make people feel like they are closer to you, like you were saying today. Because when someone writes something, some people define good writing when they feel the person is talking to them. Thats probably what Wil Wheaton does that makes him such a good writer. The Vblogs brings you closer to your readers, and if you want to get closer to your 100,000 visits, continue with the Video Blogs.

I don´t really like the shout box, because it doesnt come up on most laptops I have been on. You should get like the AIM chat box or whatever the shit its called. I heard that works better, it can be something to experiment with.

I think The Orange Box is the best deal yet. I have never heard of the Vacation movies, so I from what I know The Orange Box is better.


Anonymous said...

"I think The Orange Box is the best deal yet. I have never heard of the Vacation movies, so I from what I know The Orange Box is better."
Are you serious? National Lampoon's Family Vacation? The Chevy Chase epics of legend?


Like others have said, I love your video blogs, because they project alot more humanity. It's great to have the person actually talking to you. You get more of the humor that way. The writing just seems disconnected and cold in blogs unless you actually know the person.

So yeah, I'd love to see more video blogs. Especially those such as the one you did in Eat Sleep Play.

I also laugh when you forget what the name is of the PS2 port. Extra Twisted Edition. It was funny to me because I kept wanting to call it Extreme Edition as well.

derrickgott007 said...

I get nostalgic when I hear the song "Holiday Road".....I think we all kind of grew up thinking we were the Griswalds.

PM said...

Keep doing the Vblogs, they are supreme.
your too lazy to write, im too lazy to read, we both win.

Robert said...

I agree with the other guy. keep doing video blogs.
i refuse to buy new games that try and force me to read.
If you don't have characters that actually speak then i'm not playing it. ..

Robert said...

btw the new TM does have a bad name...

Anonymous said...

lol Blair, how ironic you would show up now, considering people were talking about you in the previous blog post comments.

I don't agree with you though about TM2/Black. While i also prefer 2 (still like Black though, and embrace both), I disagree about what you said. TM: Black was not following in TM3/4's footsteps, and while it is a classic, a new, next-gen TM would be much more marketable, and, if done right, the best yet.

You had a couple good points, but do you have to be so extreme? Do I need to link the "Why Blair Hates TMB" post into this?

But this is getting way off topic. keep it up with the video blog and long live TM!

Dan Allison said...

I don't think vlogs are a sign of laziness. At least you're making an effort to post... thats more than most people.

Also, if you're interested. Viddler is a better and more feature rich video flash service than the one your using now. (IMO) Give it a look and see if it floats your boat.

Keep up the good work man. Take care.

VZMadness said...

love your v blogs but i also like to read your blogs to so just do both. but good deal with them vacation movies.

MikeyB85 said...

Hey Dave,

The other day I found a copy of Twisted Metal still sealed, for $15and snagged it right away!

My question is did they use a pic of you for the character Roadkill? haha I never noticed before but he does look sort of like you.

Anonymous said...

with all this,"Extreme edition, Twisted Edition, aww what do we call it?", I'm beginning to think you are parting with Twisted Metal and Scott is doing all the work. Plz don't do that Dave. I mean, even with God of War, the first one was the best. The games are great when you make them, but they suck when you just give them away. Oh, and do you have myspace?

da criminal said...

dkse- I PROMISE I have not 'given away' the game! It is OUR game and I worked hard on it and am very proud of it. It's just a long ass title and I've been doing press for the game the last three days and my mind is fried :)


derrickgott007 said...

hey david, where did you find those movies? Wal mart? Target? Thriftys? Let us know because I'll go pick it up for that price.

Anonymous said...

I got done reading thoes new links for the game and i was woundering

Twisted Metal Symphony downloadable soundtrack?

is that "Eree Bell like melody" in there <-- you know the one that came up after Dollface spelled the coffie, when Calypso gave cage the set of hands. also are the song in black you talking about the ones in the Movies or Levels? i can remember Two and one sounded like "Gothic Power". and the roof top level from the first TM sounds like "O Fortuna" i forgot the New York stage in TM2 was called but i herd it somewhere, o and of Cours Paris in TM2 was London Brige Falling Down.

Well Dave, enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I thought you aren't some cocky ass, but making interviews for the biggest ones only and disregarding many question from the fans of your games is just... lame. Too bad...

Sadeq said...

I live vblogs, keep'em coming (but not too much, I lover reading your regular blogs as well)

here's to a great year for EAT SLEEP PLAY

Sadeq said...

hi jaffe, just read your interview on IGn

gotta say that just like you broke their editor's heart, you broke mine and my little brother's hearts

man, one of my favorite moments in 2007, if not the best, is playing CAC with my little brother, both of us jumping and talking smack to each other

hopefully you'll get back to it just like you did with TM (fingers crossed)

PM said...

also just read the IGN interview.
First off LOL @ turn based car combat.
then about CAC, although i love the game, and still hop online with my friends at least once a week ( i wish more games did split screen online), something team based like you mentioned in the interview would have been awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think asdfcore comments are unfair, and I doubt Jaffe intentionally snubbed the small sites.

I'm assuming Jaffe's publisher arranges all the appearances? Maybe? maybe not?

Your video blogs are a real treat after the millions of emails and tech documents I have to deal with all day!

You might want to spice up the videos with some costumes? maybe dress like a pirate one day, and Hilary Clinton the next day?! My bad... they are the same, both rape and pillage the tax payers for their own perverted satisfaction. ;)

Have a good weekend Mr. J

Anonymous said...

The vblogs are great David, I like them more than your texted posts because I'm lazy and don't wanna read when I get home from school :P

Anonymous said...

*LOL* Vacation?

Yeah, I know Walmart has those impulse stacks of DVDs for $1 each -- I shit you not -- $1. I guess they're old movies that are put on DVD, but I can't, for the life of me, imagine how they make money on those things. Wouldn't the packaging, alone, cost more than $1?

Anyway, I need a job, so if you've got an opening, Jaffe. :p

Seriously, I'm an out-of-work communication student who loves video games. Give me a job. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

You're ridicoulous...

Anonymous said...

Lamrock funny coming from someone who is the laughing stock of TM2 PC. Like I said it has nothing to do with a learning curve because Kilrahi and Stitches know they're losing. TMB2 got cut because it was lame idea to begin with and Dave has admitted TM2 is the better game. Seeing as how the new generation hasnt even played TM1 or TM2 Jaffe just needs to grow a set a balls and realize a TM2 sequel would still kick ass in the market place today! And Dave seeing how its adults who have the money we are the new generation and I will ban my kids from playing any "new gen TM crap" you come up with until you either A. release the TM2PC source code or b. give us the game we want!

Anonymous said...

The IGN interview was great! Perhaps we will get a next gen TM someday.

Didn't 989 become Sony Bend? I think they did, and they are now a great studio.

Anonymous said...

You know Blair, as much of a twat as you are, I am one of the few people on TMA who doesn't flame every post you make. And yet you call me the laughing stock of TM2PC despite the fact that every single person on TMA hates you. Honestly, have you been let in to any non-TMBR games so far this YEAR? I really hope that Jaffe knows that dumbfucks like yourself aren't the TMA fanbase. Way to start a flame war. Go show off your spawn kills to your Brazilian friends.

Anonymous said...

Fixed link.

Anonymous said...

Delete the space in the link. Seems the link is BBClaired.

Unknown said...

Jaffe....we would definitely be buddies if we knew each other.

I would take you to play beer pong and you would take me to hang out at the Playboy mansion where you reveal God of War IV

gary Z said...

great watchin these v - blogs .... its more beta to c jaffe n sum rest for my eyes ..they ain`t need to be crossing any more...! thnks to buddy dave

Anonymous said...

Lamrock if Jaffe didnt wanted people to spawn kill in TM2 PC he would have made it so you couldnt. All waiting does is slow down the game but I'll count to 10 seconds after everyone dies if I have to. And that animation proves nothing. Hellbent wants a TM2 sequel as well.

Anonymous said...

TM2 sequel is Head On (isnt it?) Head On is Part 3 where Black is the new part 1

Anonymous said...

Nope most people didnt like it. It has Black's graphics, no ramming, and doesnt use TM2's skins.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the fact that you just flamed me for no real reason, other than RESPECTFULLY disagreeing with you. And you only dislike TMB because you were the laughing stock of TMBO.

And Blair, just because you disliked TMHO doesn't mean you speak for "most people". Though TM2 and TMB were decidedly more popular, "most people" actually liked it.

But, anyway, can't wait for the next blog update. TM2 was the first game I ever played. :)

Anonymous said...

Lamrock you disagreeing with me after I took you under my wing and played TM2 PC with you is not only illogical but a knife in the back. Following your logic since Dave said he thinks TM2 is better than TMB does that mean he automatically thinks TM2 is better because he's bad player at TMB? Is it impossible for someone to geniunely hate Black for another reason? If not then STHU. Im only rusty at because Im boycotting it. Im sorry but a slow kill with weak ricos just isnt gratifying. Its like comparing a $100 bill to a $1 dollar bill. If I can only take one I'm going to take the hundred dollars. That being said I wouldnt hate TMB or these new generation TM's if they wouldnt get in the way of a real TM2 sequel but they no business standing in TM3's spot.

Anonymous said...

So playing a couple of 1v1's with you means that my opinions must AUTOMATICALLY be the same as yours? I didn't know I signed a contract endorsing your beliefs. Do you hate every single person who has a disagreement with you about a nearly 7 year old video game?

And you liked Black the first year or so it was out. and there are posts to prove it. Not as much as TM2, but you certainly didn't compare it to TM3/4. After you realized you sucked when TMBO came out, you suddenly devoted your life to spreading your TMB hate. Maybe it was a coincidence? If so, tell me what set you off. And Dave may have preferred TM2, but he never said he HATED it, so it isn't quite the same.

And TMB isn't standing in the way of the elusive "real TM3" The "TM"3 made my 989 was. If there wasn't Black, there would be no TM. TMB or no TM, period. You decide.

Anonymous said...

I apologize Mr. Jaffe, for the flame war between me and Blair. I won't ruin another Blog Comments section like this again.

While I still like TM: Black, and don't have an extreme hate for it, I really hope the next Twisted Metal (provided there is one) goes more in the direction of TM2. TM2 alone can't sell in this day in age, but a TM2 with new levels, PS3 graphics, 60 FPS but with the classic TM2 speed and the gameplay that made TM2 great with Black's subtle improvements would be a dream come true. This has been said a million times, but the more its said the better.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe that as a respected designer when Jaffe was asked to do TMB he could have done TM3 instead and be like hey this is what the people want. Id rather there be no TM games if Sony is going to insist on ramming forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of TMA i join like 2 years ago and im still on Moneated and i email the guy but nothing has change. >_<

derrickgott007 said...

Not to sound retarded, but what is TMA?

Anonymous said...

irt videoblogging.

Pro's Yor sarcasm come accross better...people try to be sarcastic in text form but it almost never works.

Con's. I don't want to listen to this stuff around kids so it limits when I can. Written blogs tend to be more live video people tend to ramble more.

Summery. Do both/each when it suits your intent.


Anonymous said...

Derrickgott007: TMA is TM Alliance, the biggest and best TM fansite on the internet.

I disagree about wanting to have to TM games rather than a bunch of games like Black. I still think Black was a great game, and any TM is a good thing. (barring TM3 and TM4 of course)

Anonymous said...

hay Lamrock how come the Head On Area ant Updated like the others? with all the Car info and Backgrounds.. ex

Anonymous said...

rey: Your guess is as good as mine. I would ask Mortimer about that. He is updating the site sometime in the near future, so maybe you should bring that up as a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

yeah TM2 should be given a chance with today's gaming crowd. The TMA site is getting a new look.

Anonymous said...

God damn it Jaffe, I just found out that you are responsible for Mickey Mania.

No offense man, but that game pisses me off so much. I remember back in the day when I first bought that game, I was going to break my snes because of it. You know what, I still have the game.

Its a good thing you have TM and GoW to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

people are reading less and less books nowadays, so is cool to video blog.

P.S. if you have played assassin's creed, u gotta read alamut, AMAZING BOOK!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read the IGN interview.. it was alright...just wanted to comment about the calling all cars part where you mentioned an upgrade (or whatever it was called) where if you have the criminal you could sooo glad that it was never implemented, in my opinion it would kill the hot potatoe would be too easy to keep the criminal and scores would be so massive (moreso then already) and i know in previous interviews and blogs that it has been said that you wernt totally happy with this aspect...or that just wanting to say its an awesome awesome game that truly pays homage to the great 4player arcade games of the past...i know alot of people wont dl it ... or wont try it....but when you do its soo fucking addictave (and thats what its all about right :P)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just noticed the second edit. Really sorry for the flame war. Won't happen again. Promise. :)

Joel said...

Hey Jaffe.

in an alternate universe, you'd be commenting on MY blog. LOL.

but seriously, i do like the Vblogs... but i hope that eventually they will cover topics as deeply as some of your writings, like the ideas for the one-console-future... or design ideas, etc.

anyways, hopefully you can really get some motivation to really fight through to the end and make this new TM game legendary.... something people will still be playing in 5 years.. you know?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dave my replies to you at TMA were getting shut down and since I have no other way to contact you except for going to E3 this was the only way for you to hear what I wanted to say.

Torgo said...

Thanks for coming on the show again David, it was a blast.

Coldhand said...

Twisted Metal forever!

Anonymous said...

Man, I about flipped when you said the value pack should've been Vacation and Christmas Vacation. That's also my top 2! Every Christmas, my mom has the family watch CV; the movie's just as funny now as it was the first viewing. Even better, I now understand some of the humor that I didn't when I was five ("Can't see the line, can you Russ?").

To me, European V and Vegas V are hollow shells of the movies' predecessors (EV = empty version of the 1st V, VV = empty version of CV). The bad voice dubbing didn't help European V either (during the chase around Italy, Clark's tire is shot out and though he's heard yelling "Darn it all!" you can clearly see his mouth going "Aw, FUCK!!!") As for Vegas V, well... it had its moments. But in general, the movie felt like nothing more than the result of producers saying "Let's milk one more dollar out of this beast!".

Cool to see a fellow Vacation fan, let alone one who also think the top 2 are V and CV!


Anonymous said...

I really liked "Calling All Cars" too. I think it would have been better with a team mode, as already stated, and more than four levels. Perhaps downloadable levels? At either rate, I never felt like it was a rip off. I gladly paid the $10 and felt it was hard to complain for what I got (a way fast and fun game of hot potato).

It's also not one of those games I feel needs another version to come out. It's perfect the way it is.

Anonymous said...

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