Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another reason I miss Los Angeles...

...massive movie billboards that take up entire sides of buildings!!!

My brother- who still lives in LA- sent me this yesterday. think he said this one was on the corner of Highland and...shit, I forget. But man, look at it! It's so big! Even tho I really do not like the final Indy poster (it's just boring and Karen Allan looks like she's posing for a portrait at the Sears photo studio), it's still great to see Indy back and larger than life!

Only in LA!...well, and in NYC and other big cities...but certainly not in the burbs of San Diego :)

But yeah, I used to love to drive down Sunset and see all the giant ads for the new flicks coming out. Heck, I remember for God of War we were toying with the idea of spending most of our marketing dollars on a massive animating Kratos billboard that would have loomed over Sunset Blvd! That would have been so cool! But doing so would have blown our marketing budget for the title, so I think Sony marketing chose wisely! :)

Ok guys- gotta get to work. Talk a bit later!



Unknown said...

Dude! I can't wait for Indy IV. I really wouldn't mind the bilboard being right outside my window. That way, I always know that Indy keeps me safe.

Anonymous said...

There are several movies I want to see this year but nothing beats Indy. It is the giant looming over all the others.

Anonymous said...

In Detroit, they could never put one of those ups.
Someone would tag it in less than a day. :(