Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Come work at EAT SLEEP PLAY!


Hey all: ok, so if you fit any of the descriptions below, please send to:'ll be on the lookout!

BUT PLEASE understand....we are only looking for the positions listed below. I am so appreciative and grateful to all of ya'll who have expressed interest in working together. Who knows what the future holds. But for now, we really only need those slots filled. So if you do something else that is NOT those slots, you really don't need to spend your resources sending in a resume. I will alert you on this blog and on our eat sleep play site when new positions open up...thanks for your understanding!



Hey- wanna come work with us on our brand new Playstation 3 game? It's gonna be really cool, I promise :)

Well if you are interested- and you fit any of the below descriptions- then we're dying to talk to you. The company is in Salt Lake City (altho I work from San Diego, so you won't have to deal with my handsome mug every day!) and it's a great, great group of people. I've worked with them for 13 years- on and off- and they just rock.

We've also got a great deal with Sony (worked with them for 13 years as well) and a terrific producer who- unlike other places- will make sure the game actually ships and you get your work seen :)

So if any of this sounds good, let me know in the comments and I will let you know where to send your resumes.

Maybe we'll be working together soon! Sweet!

David here's what we need:

#1-Gameplay Programmer-
Overall, the position of Game Programmer is expected to partner with the organization to:

1. Implement code systems based upon:
• Technical designs as submitted by the Lead Programmer
• Game designs as submitted by game design and art staff
• Working cooperatively with team members to form or further enhance code systems

2. Develop skills to produce competitive and technically superior code systems by:
• Communicating with experienced staff on the team to learn techniques and/or design philosophies
• Working with existing code systems and learning how and why they have been developed
• Seeking outside development influences through either peer relations and/or conferences related to current field and project parameters

3. Support code systems including:
• Pre-existing code systems
• Newly developed technologies
• 3rd Party libraries / tools and technologies
• Provide technical support to art and design staff for tools and game logic code systems

4. Self-Manage programming tasks including:
• Task management based on schedules provided by the Lead Programmer
• Communicate with the Lead Programmer on amount of time required to finish tasks on a timely basis
• Identify tasks that require extra scheduled time or extra programming help to aid completion.

REQUIRED SKILLS – This section outlines skills necessary to perform the function.

• TEAM: Must be able to work effectively with other programmers, artists, and designers in a team environment.

• PROCESS: Must be able to take instruction from Lead Programmer or Senior Programmers and be able to provide insight into a broad range of technical challenges. Must be able to utilize a variety of tools to aid in programming and be able to think beyond the given challenge presented for a potential solution.

• TECHNICAL: Must have a competent knowledge of the programming languages and practices being used on the project. Must possess good problem solving skills and have a working knowledge of 3d Math. Must be able to tackle new challenges as presented, such as working on unfamiliar hardware or code environments.

• PLANNING/IMPLEMENTATION: Must be a self-starter and be able to follow implementation plans provided by the Lead Programmer.

• COMMUNICATION: Excellent communication skills are required to be able to explain programming solutions and ideas. Must be able to adequately provide instruction to non-programming personnel on how to use programmer generated tools and code implementations.

We also are looking for:

#2- Software Engineer: Looking for highly talented Software Engineers with 2+ years experience in some or all of the following: Flash programming, Online game programming, game scripting.

#3- Sr. 3D Modelers: Looking for Sr. Modelers with 3+ years of game specific modeling experience. Must be proficient in MAYA and Photoshop. Animation experience a plus.

So again, if any of that sounds like you, hit me up with a comment and let's see if we can make this happen!


Anonymous said...

I can make some nice scrambled eggs....that's about it(that and I can license my electronic music to ya for free). (I'm on itunes as The bad one andy).

Anonymous said...

I have experience with modeling, animation, and Photoshop. But, alas, I'm stuck in Tha Ole' Stanky 'Ham down here in Alabama.

I'd love to license you guys some songs for the soundtrack, though! lol

Anonymous said...

dam.... i dont fit the bill but if your looking for help on story or character building hit me up:).

wish i had those skill but the schools in my state suck dont carrie tose classes

Anonymous said...

I just got promoted to manage a department at my firm, so I'm going to gain some managierial XP first... I'm learning Java now, anyways, so I'll see you somewhere down the line, Jaffe!

My dream job, though, is working for the developer of TM (Singletrac, Incog, ESP, whatever you call yourselves...).

Anonymous said...

... that's where I want to be...

Jeremy said...

I'm an SDE with 10+ years of experience. I've never developed video games professionally but it is my dream job and I've messed around on my own time learning some of the concepts. I would really seriously love working for EAT SLEEP PLAY.

David Jaffe said...


What is an SDE?

Chris said...


I live in the SLC area and previously sent an email to Angelic Quintana (since it was just after you guys started the studio and she was the only email address that I could find at the time). She said she'd talk to the appropriate people but I've been busy and haven't been able to check up with her and haven't heard anything back. But I would really love to talk to you or someone else about working with you guys.

I'm currently working as a C++ developer but one of my best friends works at Insomniac and after seeing the hell he goes through to make games I have decided I need to get into the industry.

Let me know who to contact so we can talk.

Chris said...

BTW a SDE is a typical acronym for Software Development Engineer

PM said...

be sure to let me know when you guys are looking for a janitor, i got crazy cleaning skills.

Anonymous said...

Well I am no Maya Modeler. However I am quite proficient with Photoshop, and was recently published in Layers Magazine in their design makeover section.

I live 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City and would LOVE the opportunity to work at ESP. It would actually be a dream come true.

My skills are as follows:
Adobe Creative Suite CS3
Limited Web based programming understanding and manipulation.
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Internet Marketing
I can stand on my head and whistle!
Milk once came out of my nose.
I am able to grow a limited amount of facial hair (which at 27 comes in handy, because otherwise I look pretty young hahaha)
I am extremely creative. Don't believe me? I'll give you my mothers phone number! She'll tell ya!

At any rate. I really would LOVE to be a part of ESP and really start my dream career. I work EXTREMELY hard and play even harder.

My site is (my contact information, including my cell is on there) it's limited as I currently work for a very substantial web based marketing company that I put in way too many hours at. However it's not my dream job, and since you asked... here I am... sooooo...


Jeremy said...

Yeah, sorry about using acronyms. I am a software development engineer, i.e. programmer.

Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of demonstration.
Here is the limited 3D I can do. It's in flash using Swift3D

I hope you enjoy it David, and it's not much compared to what you do.

I hope you read my previous post, and hope to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Ah, bummer. I saw job openings and was hoping for a concept artist opening or something of the sort. I've been working on some stuff and I plan on putting them up regardless but, damn, that would have been a great opportunity. I'll try and get those pieces up soon.

Anonymous said...

Ima cat and I can haz make games? I canz hide in ceiling and supervise Scott Campbell. >:|

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I know Lingo code if you want? lol

Isak said...
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Eduardo Rebouças said...

Hi Dave. I'm a 3d modeler working with SoftImage XSI but I'm more than willing to switch to Maya, which I have training in as well (would just need to switch my mind-set back to it since we normally use XSI here).

My e-mail is edububuccaneer(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)br.

Eduardo Rebouças said...

Forgot to note that I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, graduated in 2006. Photoshop is one of my primary languages! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey David:

Okay I'm not the greatest person out there but I know that If you give me the chance that I will be able to do anything that you guys need. The only experience that I can rely on is Photoshop and Drawing(You could say I have my own style) I'm trying to break free of my job right now and find a small entrance to the videogame development business. Right now I'm working on some ideas that I been having in my head for so long. As I said earlier, I'm not the greatest or Badass as other people are.

My name is Juan Contreras and if at least I could get a response from you it would be great man. Email

I almost have the same process of thinking and getting the same ideas as you.

Anonymous said...

Man, I would be all over this but I still have 11 months left at Full Sail

grasshopper said...

Man that's awesome...its not me though :( Dave give me a call when you need a unqualified person not in Utah...I'm your man for that! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I'm a computer science student and I want to know if it's possible for me to be part of your project as a trainee.

Ever since I can remember, work in the game industry is my dream , I don't know if my actual knowledge and experience meet your expectations about someone who can occupy some position in your project but I decided to try anyway.

This is basically what I've been learning and practicing through my life (by they way, I'm 21 years) that is associated with game development:

C/C++ language
Data Structures
Game Design

This would be my first real experience in the industry



David Jaffe said...

Samuel, where do you live? Are you willing to relocate to Utah if you were to get a job with Eat Sleep Play?

For everyone else, will be posting an email address to send resumes to tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

could you use a Sculptor? like clay sculptor?

Anonymous said...

Hey David, would it be too forward of me to keep posting here till my phone rings?

... just askin.

Number and email on my site:
ya know... in case you want your lawyer or someone tell me to stop harassing ya for a shot.

David Jaffe said...

Captain- hey. Thanks for the interest. But if you read the job descriptions, we're not looking for someone with you skills right now. I'll post on the blog when we need someone who does more of what you do. But right now- art wise- we need a kick ass 3d guy.

Thanks tho...really appreciate the interest!


Anonymous said...


Yes, surely I would move to Utah if I was to work at Eat Sleep Play :), I'm living in Brazil right now, but I already come up with a solution in case you guys accept me.

I'll be part of an intercultural program for students using the J-1 visa. The visa will last up to 12 months and after the expiration time I can get another at any time as long as I'm in college.

See ya!


Anonymous said...

*Sniffle* well I figured if the right Photoshop guy came along *sniffle* that you might break one of those jobs up into two *sniffle*.

It's *sniffle* no problem.

I appreciate you're response *sniffle* anyway.

*lip quiver*

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Jaffe! Just wanted to let you know that if your team is in need of a content writer or someone to spew out creative writing, let me know! Been writing since day 1. I love writing screenplays, stories, poems, lyrics, and anything else that comes to mind.
My experience in the gaming industry: Intern for Hudson Entertainment, QA for Sega of America, and Game Monitor for KOEI in Hiyoshi, Japan.
As of right now, I'm in the role of game designer for my newly started gaming team, Armandra Studios. Also, I'm writing a book of short stories. I'll update you when it gets published =D

Eduardo Rebouças said...

To Dave, about the question to Samuel. I am also willing to relocate. I also live in Brazil, Sao Paulo to be exact. My travel visa is going to expire on October, but if I have proof that I have a job set up abroad, I can get a work visa.

Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

I've been waiting for new openings but I'm still a little behind on the experience side for 3D modeling. Almost got a year under my belt (9 months now + 3yrs college). Still a lot to learn but I'll be looking at job posts and submitting my portfolio to ESP whenever things come available!

Rex said...

Hello David, sent an email to with my resume and various links of my games and interactive applications for the web. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave,

Love your work. I'm a big fan of GOW. I'm currently in my last year of college for Game Design and I'm
looking to get in as a storyboard artist and character development. I know you don't have postings for those position yet, but I would love to do some work for you when & if the opportunity arises. I would love to send you a few examples of my work whenever possible to show you my skills.
I'll wait for the official postings for the positions, but I would love for you to see what I'm capable of. I will definatly keep in touch with you here on your blog so I can show you some of my pieces.
Keep putting in the hard work, you rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Sent you my resume. My Modeling experience is technical and mechanical in nature.

Learning Software isn't much of an issue once you have the CAD tools and geometric construction experience. It's just a matter of learning what command does what.

I had a working knowledge of Solidworks in 1 week and gained proficiency with the parametric design aspects in 3 weeks when I started my current position.

I respect that it's a different discipline, so you probably not interested in any type of learning curve or transitional period.

But what the hell I here the Mountain biking and Snowboarding in Utah is awesome.

-rallyRAYS- said...

Hey Mr. J,

I was in SLC on Monday, and SLC is a beautiful town! I can see why you guys wanted to open ESP there.

I stopped by Incog and chatted with Dylan, but I didn't have a chance to pay a visit to ESP.



Anonymous said...

Dear dave Jaffe and scott campbell

the twisted metal games are my favorite games ever!
my mom actually got me hooked on it.
and i wish i could work at eat sleep play but alas i cant.
im only 14 and dream of becoming a game designer.
but one day i shall work with you.
oh i can see why the 2nd twisted metal is your favorite but black the 3rd best. black my fav and yellow jacket my fav charactor.

Form huge fan of tm John Coolidge

Anonymous said...

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Dustin DeWitt said...

hi dave,
i live in the salt lake area an would love to work for ESP. I actually e-mailed Angelic just the other day. i have 2+ years professional experience in maya and i am very experienced in photoshop. i also know sculpting software such as z brush and mudbox. my website is
thanks and i am excited to hear from you