Monday, May 19, 2008


Not sure if that is how you spell standee. Is it stande? Who knows...but you know, those movie theater and video store displays that advertise upcoming releases?

Man, they are getting more and more elaborate every year! Check out the one for The Hulk that I saw this weekend when I went to see Narnia (walked out of it, terrible, dull-as-shit movie)...

And Kung Fu Panda's standee rocks...and last year's Silver Surfer was- and remains- my fave ever. Hell, even the standee from last month's Prom Night (where you get to open the doors yourself to see what is inside) was amazing!

I used to beg and plead with the video store owners to get the standees when they were done displaying them (I think they are SUPPOSED to either send them back or destroy them, but sometimes they would look the other way). Still, I never got the good ones. But it didn't matter; I would take ANYTHING. I even had a KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN standee just because it was a big ass standee from a movie (that I have yet to see and have no desire to ever watch). But hell, it was a real movie ad from the mythical peeps out in Hollywood! That's all I cared about!

But man, the standees today would give movie-geek kids, like I was, freaking heart attacks! I mean, this Hulk one is - far as I can tell- actual Hulk size, so it was really cool to stand under it and imagine what it would be like to encounter the Hulk in real life. Ok, so now we know how big a geek I am because yes, indeed, that was a cool moment for me :)

Ok, gotta run. Been taking my kid to pre-school these days cause after next month, she's onto kindergarden. Man, it goes fast. I don't wanna miss a moment! And then it's back to the desk to start the week- hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Chat soon- David


Anonymous said...

I completely understand the "anything you can get" mentality. I used to get the giant PS2 promo boxes from Babbages/EB Games when I was younger. I'd always strike a deal with the clerk. Something like, I'll totally pre-order a game if you give me that giant box...

I had FFX, GoW, Grandia 3, Kingdom Hearts, and a bunch of other ones that I can't remember.

My local comic shop has one of those Silver Surfer displays sitting in the front of the store. It really is fantastic

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks expensive. Narnia is poorly written allegorical christian propaganda deliberately designed to brainwash children and get them used to accepting bogus ideas. I read them all as a child and looking back, there are some dreadful poisonous ideas in there.

The hulk looks really promising. I've never read comic books (okay I lie, I have like 1000 in the attic, but they're british, and not about super heroes so they don't count) but I really love the movies, they're so happy, and a welcome change from the dark emptiness of most movies. The exception is batman, despite christian bale being by far my favourite actor, it's uncomfortably dark.

Anonymous said...

dude the hulk looks so fng awesome i cant wait. my bros are comin from out of state this summer and we'll prolly go see all the huge movies coming out this summer. Every comic book adaption looks absolutely amazing this year. Have you seen the hellboy trailer yet jaffe? del toro said there is gonna be well over 30 creatures in the movie. and in some scenes there are thousands.

Anonymous said...

haha, you walked out of Narnia. Unfortunately I got dragged into seeing that thing with my mom.
I always thought the idea of children engaging in sword combat was alittle absurd, but thankfully the kids are alittle older here so its kind of more beleivable. Kinda.

Just looked up The Chronicles of Narnia on Wikipedia. These movies have made over 700 million as of 2007, and there set to release two more films. We'll probably be seeing these things till 2012.

Anyway, I've been visiting your blog for awhile now Jaffe, so from now on I'll start posting on it more. Hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you Dave. I couldn't stand the first and walked out of it a ways in. As a result I didn't even bother with seeing the 2nd.

I also know what you mean about the promo stuff like that. I would love to collect that stuff but I would never have enough room to do it.

Anonymous said...

Narnia has 7 books and i bet its going to have 7 movies.

mr potter move 7 well be splet in 2 movies.

Hellboy 2 is what im looking foward to as well "Death Race 2000"

o hay jaffe this are the top 3 trailers i did that my fan loved...yep i got some couse of my fan fic and these :)

Trailer 6

Trailer 5

Trailer 2

Anonymous said...

I hate when things I like (books, games) are turned into movies. This is why I don't want to see a God of War movie.

Anonymous said...


you shouldnt hate it dude, sure it sucks when they turn your favorite stories into garbage /cough xmen but they gotta break a few eggs to make an omlette you knaw broh? I wish someone would make some movie adaptions of some of gary paulsons survival books. those would be epic not much of a book reader but my favorite story is the transal saga which i think has alot of potential.

Marc Alva said...

i though narnia was good
also my favorite standee is the 10ft wide GRINDHOUSE stante of a crappy movie theater, i though that was cool
also loved the movie

Anonymous said...

My favorite standee is definitely the silver surfer one.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at a second run movie theater growing up. Mostly because it wasn't a very structured environment. I would sell the snacks and when everyone was in the one theater we had, I'd go and sit in the back and watch the movies for free. Of course if someone got up I'd run back to my station, but no big deal I was in the back of this massive, theater that I believe was built in the 50's. It was the kind with huge murals on the walls that looked as though Da Vinci himself painted them. Just huge. The ceiling was very much like Grand Central Station (with the constellations). Anyways for a few years I was one of those guys who would post goofs/slip ups/and continuity mistakes in moves because I would wind up watching the same movie over and over and over and over.

What were we talking about?

Oh ya... I'd collect the movie posters that would come in and outta there. I even got to take home a few broken light boxes for em that I was able to fix... well.. fix enough for my room anyway.

I'd love to see that Silver Surfer Stande (standee?) if anyone has a link to a pic.

GrYnder McDuff! said...


I remember like 5 years back or something, I was at this small game store in the mall, and they had this Twisted Metal: Black poster... Every time I went in there to check stuff out, I'd ask the owner guy if he'd give me the poster when he took it down, and he always said yes... But then a while later the store closed down suddenly and I never got it.

Dunno if you'll read this, but I thought I'd share my story. Thought it was semi-relevant.

Anonymous said...

I know that for most of the larger standees like silver surfer, simpsons(had the whole couch with them on it) and such, they have to send them back to the company. Im assuming that hulk would be the same, just given its size.

But yeah, the theater I used to work at, everything was really just a toss up between all of the employees. Mostly managers got all the good stuff though...

xonewingedangelx said...

I'm always asking for stores and cinemas to give me those standee things, i even say i'd pay for 'em but thay nearly always say no... but i did manage to get hold of a gigantic FFVIII one and a FFVII big box thing, the store was closing down so they didn't care!

Woop for free shizz!

sleepy said...

actually, anyone can order these.
ive ordered a few at and

theyre pretty cool, and you dont have to beg any clerks at the store.

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