Thursday, May 22, 2008

VBLOG: Indy (no spoilers!), Clifford B, SAG wants MONEY!!!

ps. I actually rented and watched NATIONAL TREASURE 2 last nite, as I was SOOOOO dying for an Indy type movie that I had to see something! I actually liked it- much more than the first one, which I turned off about 1 hour into it.

pps. not sure what is up with the shitty vid quality- sorry!


PM said...

Just woke up after going to indy last night. not 100% sure what i think of the movie yet. i wont spoil anything but there were parts i didn't really care for. on the other hand there where parts i loved. all in all i think it was a good movie, not yet sure where i would rank it compared to the others. looking forward to it coming out on DVD (or hopefully blu-ray) so i can sit down and give it a good watch with out being dead tired.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with your webcam?!
I was supposed to go today, but couldn't go either because of transport! I don't really care that much, I want to play bowling beforehand more :D.

I was never interested in it, but before Iron Man I saw a trailer, and decided I wanted to see it at the cinema, it just has a certain cinematic elegance and the music is pretty enthralling.

Niko's voice actor wasn't even that good, he was lucky to get $100,000 and if he's getting paid that much I wonder what David Hayter gets? He deserves 10 times as much. And you're really right, no one cares if it was him or one of a thousand different people doing the voice. Keep up the video blogs, it's a lot better than your writing! :P

Anonymous said...

Those are some really thought provoking and interesting statements in the last segment. I didn't know it was like this and you felt about it that way. I appreciate that kind of input because I don't get in touch with game developers as often as I'd like to, be it in real life or on the Internet.

Keep it up. Can't wait to see, read and hear more.

Also, have a good time every now and then :) I know how it is to work under pressure a good number of hours each day with the work never seeming to end.

DM said...


you're gonna love the movie. there are a couple supermanish parts, but all in all it's a great fun movie. you'll laugh when you see the refrigerator scene. lol.
(come on, I only spoiled that you'll see a refrigerator in the movie. not a big deal).


Zodiak said...

Maybellene is sung by Chuck Berry, dunno if he wrote it in 30 minutes or not (forgot what the movie said).

But yeah I think voice actors don't make the game but it does help if you have some big names on the list which would help it generate more money perhaps?

I don't think its his webcam, could be the youtube upload?

Anonymous said...

Concerning voice actors- it depends on the game for me. I agree that for most games voice acting doesn't matter, like in the past GTA games(haven't played 4)which just needed someone competent, but my favourite games, the ones that stick with me are the ones with a really good story, and fantastic voice work is really necessary for that experience.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ you, JaffyB, if anything, game directors should get residuals before voice actors.

While the "star power" of a voice actor is almost never enough to bring in new buyers, the stamp of certain directors--Kojima, Itagaki, Miyamoto--does matter, at least to the hardcore crowd that follows their work.

I mean, let's be honest here..."Calling all Cars" would not have received nearly as much press time if an unknown developer had made it.

Anonymous said...

I liked Indy 4. I think you will too. It's my least favorite of the series, but it's still good. The first twenty minutes are VINTAGE Indy. Great stuff.

Cate Blanchett is very good, Karen Allen is back as you probably know. She's great. Shia Lebouf (sp?) did a really good job here. Ray Winstone, eh, didn't care for him to much. Tried to be a replacement for John-Rhys Davies and couldn't do it. Harrison is still fantastic as Indy.

The special effects are awesome and script wise it probably has the best dialog of any Indy film, but I think there could have been more balance in it. There was too much down time I thought and not enough action where as all of the original Indy adventures seemed to have perfect balance between down time and action. Not that I'm a guy who wants non-stop action, but I thought that the balance was missing a little bit. I don't think David Koepp (screenwriter) was the right choice here. He hasn't written a truly great script since Spider-Man and Minority Report (did he write that?), but this was a better effort than his recent work.

All of the action scenes rock though. Great chase scenes, great fighting scenes. Solid stuff.

Overall, it's a good film and a good send off. Cate Blanchett is really good, she's up there as one of the best Indy villains.

I'd give it a B, but I need to see it again. Hope you like it. I don't think there's any spoilers.


Anonymous said...

That is funny. For me IJ trilogy was iniciation for extensive "freeform" travelling in strange countries around the world (and working in VG industry as well I guess). Even I know that movies are highly exaggerated I am still looking for that jonesy kind of feeling I had when watching it. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is amazing in a way it still talk to me, even when I am twenty years older. Still I can't help it - this movie was better in my imagination when it was still a myth. :)

Michael T. said...

I loooved it! Fuck the haters, Harrison Ford is still Indy and it was just awesome. In fact I'm going to go see it again tomorrow. I really did miss John-Rhys Davies though...

Anonymous said...

aBOUT the SGA, those r some interesting thought right there

But, EVEN THOUGH the voice acting isn't as important as the mechanics of a game or the graphics or any of that stuff that we as gamers look into. It has signinficant importance up to a certain point of extension.

Game reviewers (and sometimes even Most gamers), for example, do kinda judge each aspect of each and look for any flaws in games whatsoever. MOST of the time they even deduct rating points due to the the crappy diologue or voice acting in the games they find.

In my opinion, being that the actor did such a wonderful job getting into the character of Niko, and seeing how reviewers (and gamers) found no flaws with the diologue, seeing as how it was so wonderfully performed. I think he really does deserve more pay behind his check.

Just saying.