Sunday, May 11, 2008


Fuck the haters. I LOVED this movie! A little long and a little young/kiddie (for ME!) but overall it rocked...and that scene with the truck vs. Racer X on the mountain road?!? Pure Twisted Metal!

Shame this is getting hit as the first big bomb of the summer. I think it'll be remembered much more fondly than that.

I know nothing I write on my little blog will make any difference, but if you are looking for a good, fun, cool time at the movies, Speed Racer- to me anyway- really delivers. And I was never much of a Speed Racer fan. I knew of it, used to watch it on and off as a kid...but had/have no real allegiance to it. So I'm not biased, you know? With Indy 4, it could be terrible and I will still love it cause it's Indy. Not so with Speed Racer.

This makes me wanna go get the game- which I hear is darn solid, especially for a movie game.



Dark Ede said...

Didn't love this movie but really liked it. It is eye candy that will never be the same on the small screen with 5 people.

About its Twisted Metalishness: How about blades coming out of the vehicles as a pickup/upgrade?

tdh said...

I was never really a fan of the cartoon, but it did have it's moments. When I heard about it I though "hmm, I check that out." Then I saw the first trailer and said "are you $@%#'n kidding me?" I'll just spend my money to go see Iron Man again. We have $6 Tuesdays at the movie theater here, so I'll spend another $6 to see that again instead.

Sadeq said...

Loved the trailer and will go see the movie next week.

Anonymous said...

I felt it had bad pacing and too many drama moments to race moments. It was too much of an anime translation into film which ultimately fails.

The car fu was underwhelming, each race sequence had the same roll and jump moves and some were in slow motion.

Overall the story suffered and the races never withdrew adrenaline.

Ratsor said...

When I went to go see Speed Racer I wasn't excited to see it, it was more like it was just something to do. After the first race though, I was hooked. By the part were the corporate guy is yelling at Speed, I really like the movie, and by the end of the rally race i loved it. It made me feel like a kid again, which doesn't happen very often. At the end of the final race I had to hold myself back from yelling, something that I've never had to do at the movies since elementary school.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this movie. I was really into SR when i was a kid. I remember using my family's couch, with the cushions and a stool, to rearrange it into a Race car whenever the series air on Cartoon Network.

I thought it was a great movie, but it is such a shame that it's going to bomb. It really deserved better.


HairyAsHell said...

Me and my wife loved it! So yeah, FUCK the haters. Right on Dave!

Nibbins said...

i cant wait to see this movie, who gives a shit what the *critics* say anyway its how YOU yourself feel about a movie in the first place that makes it a good or bad movie... shit i even liked house of a 1000 corpses and EVERYONE i know hated that movie, fuck what they think
besides i rather take your opinion of a movie over someone else, your the man who fucking made twisted metal, the best set of car combat games on the planet *and my favorite series period* so keep up the good work dave!

-rallyRAYS- said...

I agree, movies like Speed Racer are like going to a theme park. Just go, have a good time and and enjoy the ride!
I bet SR was great reference for TW!!! Did you get any good ideas for TW?


Rey said...

i like that part in the movie to, and i cant wate for Death Race 2000.

i injoyed the movie, and i like the extra upgrade that the cars have :)

Andrew AIello said...

I agree David, fuckem. Saw it on my local 50 ft imax and it was a blast. I though john goodman was fucking awesome as pops and matthew fox nailed racer X. Christina Ricci managed to become a sex symbol in a PG movie. and Richard round tree(MF'n shaft) pulled a surprise performance out of it. One of my friends who saw it with me works the pits on the Pro GT league(closest thing to what Speed racer was). He said mom racers speech describing what speed brings to each race perfectly summed up why he and everyone in his industry does what they do. Very good movie IMO and was just as fun as Iron man. I've been hearing iffy reviews of Indiana 4 but I'll still be there opening weekend.

Zodiak said...

You know Dave, I was thinking on which movie to see on the weekend, either Speed Racer which I loved the anime or Iron Man.

I went with Iron Man and enjoyed the hell out of the movie, great writing and great storyline even though its very predictable but still an overall good movie.

Did Racer X pick up the health upgrade? lol.

Solid Sephiroth said...

this movie was godlike! such a great summer flick. i liked it WAY more than i liked IRON MAN which i saw 3 times so thats saying something!

Mango said...

Can't comment on this movie, but is anyone else as excited as I am for "don't mess with Zohar"??

that looks absolutely halarious

Anonymous said...

Could you make cars which could transform into planes or jets

or this guy says blades coming out of the vehicles at the top transforming it into a helicpter and so that would be cool kicking your buddy's ass in multiplayer mode .

from - vivs

Anonymous said...

Could you make cars which could transform into planes or jets

or this guy says blades coming out of the vehicles at the top transforming it into a helicpter and so that would be cool kicking your buddy's ass in multiplayer mode .

knowthyself said...

I agree. Love this movie. Screw the critics and stupid families who didn't go see it.

Andrew Aiello said...

I find nearly everything in the zohar trailer insultingly unfunny. and mike myers' new movie looks depressingly stale too.

ConceptCreature said...

Yeah, $20 Mil weekend, shit!! Couldn't believe it, I turned my brain off, and just enjoyed the Wachowskis pushing concept and visual development to a new brink.
It was the kind of fun, summer movie I was hoping for, and enjoyed it more than Iron Man!

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