Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hey- catch me and Scott on a brand new episode of CODE MONKEYS. It airs tomorrow night on G4TV!

I think it's at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific...but check your listing cause I'm not 100% sure. But it airs all week if you miss the premiere...and hell if someone puts it up on youtube, I'll link to it here. Not sure if that's allowed or not but everything else ends up on youtube after 10 seconds...either way, check the damn show out!!! :)

Oh and check out our toons!

Ain't that cool??!? I keep wanting to get these framed with pics of me and Scott behind the mic. I should do that soon...

So, I was at the Code Money offices last month and they showed me some of the scenes from this new episode and it's really gory and violent and very, very cool! Not my place to spoil anything, but here's the link to the episode info if you wanna get a better idea of what the episode is about:


Ok, gotta run. Making cornbread with my kids wife (er, Ex- that's still odd) has been making it for us for years but she makes it the healthy's good but it's not REAL cornbread, you know? ... but she's out of town tonite so I'm gonna show the kids how we make REAL cornbread down in the south, dammit!....err, that is as soon as I call my mom and she gives me recipe cause- truth be told- I don't have a clue...I just remember liking it a whole lot :)

Layer ya'll!


erico316 said...

i have alot of friend who keep bugging me to watch code monkeys.i never seem to have the time for it i check out this week.
i will let you know if i like the show in a new comment in this post.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, cornbread rocks!!

K1ei2 said...

Cool, I loved you in the first season. Any TM references,(already plugged GOW) in this one? Been a fan of your work since TM, BTW love the endings on HOETE...classics...

K1ei2 said...

PS, cornbread is awesome...

Anonymous said...

So Dave,

I'm into this thing 3 blogs down...Hell of a rollercoaster ride up, down, left, right. Hold on tight and just keep riding.

Don't worry about focus, the needs will subjugate the wants and you will find ballance.

Code monkey's is one of my kids fav shows...partly because I post here and my kid think that rocks.

But I'm still an old, lame ass fart as far as me being the man goes in this house...such is the life with teens.


nipun_coolguy said...

Hiya David!

I'm lookin' forward for the 'special' Code Monkeys episode.

It's heckuva lot of FUN making some 'yummy stuff' for your loved ones when it's not what you do frequently, isn't it? I can gauge into your excitement. :D

Did you buy the PSP 'Chains Of Olympus' edition? It's fuckin' AWESOME! I assumed that the Kratos 'watermark' on the body of the handheld would we small, but Man, it's uber cool and quite the apt size!!! Get your hands on it ASAP, if ya haven't already.

Take care and I hope your children LOVE the cornbread their daddy makes! :D


Nipun - 'The Dam Aloo' guy...

Anonymous said...

Didn't know where to post this but over at they posted up an article claiming that you confirmed a new Twisted Metal game will be heading to the PS3!!!

I'm so excited and can't wait, one of the many reasons I bought a PS3...I knew a Twisted Metal game was bound to come out. Hope it's as good as Black.

da criminal said...

Omar- hey!

Can you send me a link to that? We have not confirmed a new TM for PS3. Curious what they are talking about.



erico316 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
erico316 said...

jaffe i also heard about the 1up story its old news but it sound like u saying u didnt confirm it.i was hoping it was true and would be out by my birthday day next a huge fan of metal.o and here is the link
please confirm or denies this cause this is a game i want.
also are you still under that 3 game contract for the ps3?

erico316 said...

i also like code monkey i will keep watching the show its good.

Unknown said...

Code monkeys rock! How cool to be in a cartoon...the resemblance to you is uncanny by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

I managed to get my hands on the limited edition PS3 MGS4 bundle and I only just now started watching the bonus 'Making Of...' Blu-Ray disc that came with it.

Geez, I had no idea you were on there! How come you didn't tell us something like that?! You look great and it was very cool seeing you and Cliff B. and others on there!

I'm more surprised they actually put 'Eat Sleep Play, Founder.' Don't ask me why it surprised me... it just did...

Oh! And I'm gonna try and get some pictures I did of Kratos and Needles up later. I think they turned out pretty darn well if I do say so myself.

Anonymous said...

have you guys seen Adam de la Pena's new show? It's called On the Bubble. If you like his Code Monkey stuff, I'm sure you'll dig it!

Anonymous said...

Nice character look.

Anonymous said...

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