Monday, June 16, 2008


...ahh, better! I said what Keith O could not (if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch some of Olberman's stuff on msnbc)...

Hey ya'll...this is political but it reflects my views. If you don't like political stuff, don't click play.

You've been warned so please, no need to post to tell me you come here just for gaming information and don't want to hear my political views. The moment I start charging admission to read my ramblings, then you get the right to complain about the content.

Plus:if you've ever been to this blog, you know I post about ALL the stuff I am passionate about: games, movies, family, politics, religion,comic books, etc. If all you want is gaming info, then this ain't the place for you :)

But if you wanna debate politics and this particular ultra-liberal piece of one sided (albeit mostly true) propaganda ...well then, grab some coffee and pull up a chair! You;'ve come to the right place! I love me some political discourse!

But keep in mind: I am not of the mind that Republicans are evil. My views are not that black and white.

I am however of the mind that if you HAD to label a party at this PARTICULAR TIME that reflects the largest number of views that I would lump into the category of evil, well then, the Republicans would be the party I would pick for that honor :)

Can this change? Yep. Has it flip flopped over the years? At times but- to be honest- not all that much. But I'm not saying the Democrats have clean hands either.

But either way, RIGHT NOW, it's time for the Republicans to have the worst batch of ideas out there. You don't get to have a president/piece of shit like Bush in office for two terms and have a party that- for the most part- seems/seemed unwilling to challenge the douche bag, and then get away without the stink of -at least- a small globule of fecal paste. And in this case, it's a hell of a lot more shit paste than globular. It's more like the end of the skate board scene in Back to the Future. You remember...when Biff and the boyz got covered in horse shit? It's more like that. :)



Anonymous said...

While normally I would say that I agree with most of your stuff, this is an area that I have disagree. Let me start by saying that I am not republican/democratic/liberal. I really hate it when I see people who are in the democratic party(or any other party) or like the party sling mud like when we went to war because of the republicans, or our economy is screwed because of the republicans. I just want to tell these people get off your high horse because you are voting or passing these shitty items and you people are putting these idiots in charge. While I understand that an uncontrolled country or dictatorships are not even a good idea, our country has turned into a shit hole because our previous generations have put these crooked bastards from all parties in charge. Allowing them to make these laws that either lock in their views or the people that pay them views to the point of voting for people in this day and age is just plain hopeless. The only way our country will ever change is that hopefully enough of these old bastards that are in the pockets of lobbyist croak over, and hopefully are replaced by younger, more honest people, but the problem there is people only want money and these people coming up will go for the same traps that makes our country one of the most hated, declining education system, and unbalanced economic value country in the world. Just my 2cents.

da criminal said...

anon- I agree with pretty much all you say. I think both parties- as I said- have dirty hands. I am just saying that- right now- the Republican party ideas have done more damage than the Democatic party ideas. The idea that we only have two parties and that BOTH are in the pockets of big biz is the bigger issues, I agreee.

Anonymous said...

That video was funny stuff. Can't say your too alone with your POV since people made the video and you found it on the net.

One of the biggest surprised of the Primary for me in NH this year was not only that Hillary eeked out a win, it was also that twice as many people voted democrate over republican.

I somewhat agree with mr. anon. It's more the constituants of the corperate shareholders running the show than the bought and paid for puppets in government they control.

Jeez just look at how much money went into the tills of the cadidates along the campaign trail. All this money added together is greater than the GOP of some counties.

Anonymous said...

American politics seems to dirty for me and I'm glad I live in a country where my government does it's job but is so small that it's also kind of a joke.

I'm from New Zealand and our biggest political controversies involve politicians spending tax payer money on expensive underwear and whether our rastafarian politician smokes pot or not.

There are other more serious controversies but our media does a great job of ripping politicians a new hole.

Love the blog David, been reading for a few months now, first time comment.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaffe, i appreciate that you have got very "PASSIONATE" political views but, i think that no matter what you, I or other openminded gamers do nothing will change in this world.

Normal individuals (e.g. you, Brian Crecente) and ethnic minorities will always be "shat and pissed" upon while affluent people will continue to have a tight grip over the world's economy.

da criminal said...

Anon- honestly, my anger comes from the fact that OTHERS are getting shat on...I don't feel like the system works against me for the most part...but I do feel like it works against fellow human beings and that is where I take issue....

Anonymous said...

I don't think me or my wife will vote this presidential election. Oh I can hear the screaming now. In a country where you are supposed to have the freedom to vote for whomever you want to, we have found this not to be true at all.

Last Election we didn't like Kerry or Bush, so we wrote in a member of the Constitutional Party. When we presented our ballots we were told that our entire ballot had been thrown out because we wrote in someone who was not on the ballot. Is there really freedom, if you have to vote for only the people you see on the ballot, I don't think so. My parents ballots were thrown out too, because they wrote in the peanuts character SNOOPY. I understand theirs been thrown out for voting for a non-existent entity, but still they should have the freedom. When I asked if we could just leave the presidential part of the ballot blank and vote on the other items, we were told again our ballot would be invalid. So my wife and I watched our ballots get spit out by the machine and then get shredded.

Also does your vote elect a president or does the unconstitutional SUPER DELEGATES votes elect the president. Yes they are supposed to vote the way of the people, but we all have seen that you can win the popular vote but loose the Delegate vote. Delegates do not have to vote the same way as the people. So what does your vote mean anyway? It just shows who you want to get elected, and even if your vote is with the popular vote, your candidate can still loose.

Oh one good thing your vote can do, it can get you Jury Duty, and thats about it. I say we do away with Delegates and only allow a person to become president by the PEOPLES POPULAR VOTE!!! How about a Government FOR the people BY the people??

Great You Tube presentation, but would like to see versions of the other parties too, to show how dirty they all are!

Jyri Jokinen said...

It seems funny to me that somewhere you actually have to register to vote. Here in Finland you are automatically able to do so the day you turn 18. I don't understand that kind of an antiquated system for what is arguably in top-3 of rights that comprise democracy. (My order: 1. Freedom of speech 2. Freedom of press 3. Right to vote)

Also, we typically have some six or more cadidates for president's office. Sure, the president practically always comes from one of the three big parties, but all the candidates get votes. And we hear the results by ten o'clock on the night of election day.

Well, hopefully some time next January it is confirmed that Obama is the new president of the USA. And I hope that eight years is enough for him to fix what Bush and his administration have managed to screw up.

Anonymous said...

I voting Democratic, because it should be about me. Not my children, wife, neighbors, and suppressed 3rd world countries. No, fuck them, it's about me and my wants. We'll just raise taxes and throw money at the other problems.

da criminal said...

What do you think taxes are for?

I never understand the knee jerk reaction to people not wanting taxes raised. It's ok for gas prices to be thru the roof. It's ok to be fighting a war we should never have begun and watching our kids die. It's ok to be lied to by the man who WORKS FOR US AND THAT WE ELECTED about mushroom clouds over major cities.

All that? No worries.

But for the love of God- don't raise my TAXES!!! Don't raise the VERY THING OUR FOREFATHERS gave their LIVES for in order to establish this country in the first place! Don't raise the very thing we need to keep this country's roads and bridges and healthcare safe!

Why some people are so terrified of paying a little bit more in order to get more services for the entire country that so many people- especially Republicans- CLAIM to love so much, is beyond me.

If people want to be mad about something, maybe it's the whole NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION thing that seems to be taking hold once again (if it ever really left)...but it sure is clear that's what's happening these days...


Anonymous said...

Oh no! The tube thing is gone....Sad panda.

Anonymous said...

So just curious David, How would you implement taxation? Would you base it on income status? Would you base it on family status? How would you if you could break down taxation?

One thing I always found curious, that since me and my wife can't have kids, we have to pay higher taxes, while my brother who has 3 kids get all kinds of tax breaks, and is actually more of a burden on the system then me and my wife are.

Anonymous said...

Not all republicans are evil, just the ones who know what they are doing. The rest are just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hah, Rabitguy that does seem to have some truth to it, though I would call the Republicans that don't know what their doing "stupidly evil". George Bush is a good example, he appears to have convinced himself that all his decisions are justified and noble, even though in actuality, his decisions are usually the exact opposite.

Perhaps Dick Cheney is the decision maker for Bush, telling or 'suggesting' to him what to do, and giving him false reasons for doing it that only someone as naive as him could believe. And maybe there are some special phrases Cheney uses, to make Bush especially persuaded to go along with him, maybe like "It's God's Will", or "History is Objective Judge", or some other type of bullshit. the last part of this paragraph is a joke fyi, though probably not far from truth.

Unknown said...

Hey David Alex here. Love the Blog.

Like the comments on teh President too thought you should see this.

Oh and I am playing God of War CHAINS of Olympus on my new PSP.

I think it is an amazing game I have never played GOW1 or 2 but will be getting them ASAP.

You have to give the PSP thing another shot. Unless that is if you don't like money.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Bush is definitely a unique combination of stupid and evil. Stupid isn't a matter of contention anymore. Evil will probably take a while to sink in with most people. Bush isn't merely detached from suffering of people, in a strange and sick way he seems to be empowered by it in his mind. In his own words, he is the "War president" - he has "War on the mind."

Remember, when Rep. Pete Stark famously made the controversial remark that the president is amused by seeing soldiers getting their heads blown off, right-wing pundits cried "stark raving mad!!" Stark is an engineering graduate of MIT and founded a major bank, hardly the c.v. of someone who's mentally ill.

The democrats apparently don't have enough of a majority to put an end to war spending, but Bush could end it if he wanted on a dime, and his lackeys in Congress would probably support him either way.

The sad thing is that he won't. I think he believes the war must continue to his successor, to "save" his legacy. If it stops now, it will be recorded in history as Bush's war. If it continues, it becomes 'our war.' Does anyone remember Vietnam as Eisenhower's war?

Yeah, so a few hundred more dead young Americans is the price to pay for Bush's legacy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't think taxes should be raised until they can actually spend the money they're currently receiving responsibly.

Further, I think the problem is, at least for me, we don't think government can fix things. Personally, I believe government to be inept at just about everything. So, for example, when Democrats argue they should social security taxes - yeah, I get a little miffed because it's already a sinkhole. I don't want to shovel more of my money into a sinkhole for programs that don't work.

The candidate I would vote for would be the one who promised to stay out of my business, stay out of foreign business, and not charge me for empty promises. I would vote for the guy based on what he promised not to do, whereas right now all the candiates want to tell me what they will do.

Anonymous said...

Further, I think the problem is, at least for me, we don't think government can fix things......

*sigh* Bought that whole Republican line, huh? Reagan said "Government isn't the solution, it's the problem." Government is only inept as the people you elect, elect a republican and they'll prove it by example.

And in the last few years, private industry gave us some real golden hits like Enron, Worldcom, Halliburton, Blackwater, and oh so many others you've not heard of because Bush's corporate-crime friendly Department of Justice.

Government does some things better than industry and industry does other things better than government. That's a simple fact. The internet could never have been crafted within private industry.

Heh, strange though how rank incompetence in either government or private industry seems to correlate to political persuasion. I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

I disagree with most of your comments and views but still respect you as a creative developer. People may say the war is unjust but something had to be done sometime for what Saddam did to the people of Iraq; its unfortunate that our own men and women have given up their lives for this to happen. A very heavy price to pay but thats war.

Anonymous said...

There is part of me that wants Mccain to win, only because after 4 years of this man our country will be so fucked up that a republican will not be elected again for at least 12 to 20 years...

Anonymous said...

"*sigh* Bought that whole Republican line, huh?"

Since I'm an independent, I don't feel like I bought it from anyone. It is certainly a jaded view and if you truly nitpick it there are examples where I would back off from it, but not many. By the way:

"The internet could never have been crafted within private industry."

I don't see how you could ever hope to prove such a statement. I think it's an empty assertion.

I'm just saying . . .

Anonymous said...

"Since I'm an independent, I don't feel like I bought it from anyone."

You bought it because you said it. Absent of fact, you apparently believe government is inherently inadequate at solving problems. The army is government. So does Dick Cheney, which is why the Iraq war has been an experiment in privatized military. Look at these expenditures in private contractors.

And how are these private contractors working out for US, the taxpayers who paid for this? Oh, here's one newsclip on YouTube that might give you a clue (and a few nightmares).

"I don't see how you could ever hope to prove such a statement. I think it's an empty assertion."

Nope, this one is fairly obvious if you understood how the internet evolved in the first place. Private industry generally will not invest in technology that it can't derive profits from or retain control. Private industry created The Source, Compuserve, America Online, and many others, all proprietary, overpriced, centrally-controlled, all tried and failed.

The internet, you see, was architected to bypass the need for any centralized control, based on a comprehensive set of protocols simply given away without conditions on use.

You see, the internet is fundamentally incompatible with the free market model. Even if you could peer into a magical ball to see a future of eBays, Amazons, Googles, I doubt you'd convince any company, or consortium of companies, to invest the many billions of dollars and 25 years of development it took before the internet could be remotely called "profitable."

Now if that hasn't convinced you, you're probably a lost cause. I'll end it here. ;)


Anonymous said...

David, thanks for agreeing over the buisness corruption with our government, but I not sure I agree with one or the other party has done more damage. Its not just the last 8 years, but what has been setup over several years. I will say that it may just been the time, but I feel our country turned for the worse during the Reagan administration. More and more I hear, watch, read things that were set in place during his time or he allowed that has built up today to cause us massive issues. To the point of taxes, while I find it funny also how people will jump up immediately about taxes being raised, but gas goes to an all time high here of 4.00 a galllon. I really think its all rediculous, while I support what our troops, I don't agree with the war. I would have rather nuked the shit out of Iraq then waste numerous men/women lives over there. People continue to moan about us being there for oil, but why are we paying these prices? Our government and majority of the US is a christian based religious sect. The country we invaded is mainly muslim, and this is who our government is marking as the religion of terriost. While we are joined at the hip with a jewish nation(israel)that hates these people and pushes toward hating Iran also someone needs to stop and think. Is the big oil companies lobbyist pushing us to attack these countries just so they can step in? Is our major religious sects effecting our governments decisions? Is our international trade and alliances making us a major enemy/target because us as a country is greedy/money hungry? To bring it all back to the taxes, you may hate to pay taxes while being okay with the gas prices going through the roof, but those taxes are only increasing because of wars we are in that makes us build several billion dollar futuristic jet fighters to drop bombs on people that live in dirt floor houses. The funny part is that we don't use these bombs to send in troops that are using bargain bin body armor that the kills are increasing past the point of deaths 9/11 that started this war. Like my point before its and endless cycle and this is the internet and it won't make any difference I am now up to 4 cents.LOL

Anonymous said...

"You bought it because you said it."

I didn't say I didn't buy it, I said I don't believe I bought it from someone. Do you see the difference? I suspect your form of logic involves hand picking the stuff you want from both your evidence, and your opponents.

"Now if that hasn't convinced you, you're probably a lost cause."

I am a lost cause to your assertions. All you did was make several assertions and assume there is no rebuttal. It's pretty easy to declare yourself a winner that way.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,
Love your blog...longtime lurker.

Personally, I don't like Mccain or Obama, so I'm probably going to sit this election out unless one of them seriously woos me over in the next few months.

I'm not Dem, or Repub, I vote for (what I feel) is the best man/woman for the job.

If you really think that Obama is going to be the one that changes things around, then I'm afraid that you are seriously mistaken. Absolutely nothing that this man has said that I have heard (or Mccain either, to be fair) addresses anything about the absolute dry-raping that we are receiving at the gas pumps right now, or our not-so-good economy. Obama to me, has nowhere near enough experience to be the man in charge of this Country. I truly believe that he has survived in this race as long as he has for the simple reason that he knows how to give good public speeches.

Anything was better than Hilary though...if she was too weak to leave her cheating dirtbag husband, it says alot about her overall character and how strong of a leader she would be for this Country.

Peace... ~Mike

Sirsus said...

Very funny video. Here in Spain we laugh a lot with Bush, and do a lot of jokes that involve him, his intelligence or his similarity to certain species of apes. We don't laugh so much about his legacy, though. He's made the world a much more dangerous place. He's given wings to international terrorism. Thanks to his oil-thirsty invasion of Iraq, the really dangerous foe of humanity (Iran) cannot now be properly neutralized. I really hope the republicans lose, for your country's sake, and for the sake of the rest of the world...

Anonymous said...

More services? Do read the fucking bills they pass and what they throw in. 4 million for recognizing the peach tree. GTFOOH. People with ideas, drive, and dedication further the overall good of humanity. Not the government, and not the cash we give. Perhaps if we give enough of our money, they'll make your games for you. So does that mean will get better games?

The whole peace, love, and gone to therapy type of shit hurts/hinders mans creative abilities, beyond his own recognition.

Anonymous said...

Great video, great blog.

The genetically modified food bit seemed a little out of place to me. Is it just the stigma associated with "modified"? I mean literally everything, from the steak on the grill to the tobacco I'm about to go smoke, is genetically modified (selective breeding/hybridization, etc). Anybody have an idea why we're so afraid of GMO's? When you compare it to the alernative (pesticides particularly), isn't it the lesser of the two evils?

Anonymous said...

"I didn't say I didn't buy it, I said I don't believe I bought it from someone. Do you see the difference?"

It makes no difference who told you the lie, you either believe it or you don't.

"I suspect your form of logic involves hand picking the stuff you want from both your evidence, and your opponents."

You suspect wrong. It comes from doing a lot of reading and quite a bit of detective work using The Google. It's fun and easy.

"I am a lost cause to your assertions. All you did was make several assertions and assume there is no rebuttal. It's pretty easy to declare yourself a winner that way."

Okay, you win! :)

Anonymous said...

You read what I wrote and yet still didn't comprehend what I wrote. I have no idea if you're a sophist on accident or on purpose, but I'm not gonna splatter this blog up more.

If you care to argue it hit me up on aim (rachiosis).

Anonymous said...

I love Satire and this video is awesome!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm an Independent, so I love parodies of both parties-but I love mostly republican parodies.

Anonymous said...

How about we stick to talking about videogames?

What's up with your current project? What's the word on the GOW movie?

Anonymous said...

"I disagree with most of your comments and views but still respect you as a creative developer. People may say the war is unjust but something had to be done sometime for what Saddam did to the people of Iraq; its unfortunate that our own men and women have given up their lives for this to happen. A very heavy price to pay but thats war"

you know what the problem with what your saying is? Its that it implies that you somehow care about the people in Iraq.....

even if that is true.. that you actually care about people in Iraq, let me ask you this... when did you start caring? because saddam has been massacring people for over 30 years... so all of a sudden... now you care??

no offense, but I don't even think your government uses that line... the war on Iraq is still called a preemptive srike... that doesn't sound like free the poor people of Iraq to me.

the ignorance people have over this war on Iraq is just amazing.. its unbelievable to me how you could listen to the threats about WMD's for months all over the news, and then just all of a sudden switch to "the war is about spreading democracy" bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a system where we could just vote on the issues instead of the candidates. We would go to a website that proposes tax-funded projects and you'd vote on which you want to support (in other words the people would become the congress). A treasury department would still exist to take account of the money supply and if you don't want your tax money supporting the Iraq war or abortions, for instance, then you remove those issues from your voting profile. Of course it would be a good idea for everyone to have to pay for certain things, such as military and basic education and healthcare, and this could be done through a FairTax program.

As far as personalities go, I think Obama is a lot stronger, but I did like McCain's idea of building more nuclear power plants (most of France runs on nuclear energy). Similarly, I like Obama's plan for building high-speed electric trains across the mid-west.

Anonymous said...

To Mango,

Its true you can only start caring from a certain point and Saddam started killing people a long time ago. To answer the question, no I didn't just start caring like you assume I did. I started caring since age 6 during the Gulf War. My dad was a Kernal in the Army and he heard what Saddam was doing from others. He generally told me then and I found out more as I got older. Besides, whats wrong with caring?

Second, of course the government doesn't use a line like that, it wouldn't sound very sovereign now would it. I said war as a loose term meaning its bad. Merriam Webster has a few meanings but the one that makes sense to me using it is "a period of such armed conflict."

Third, I feel I am well informed about the current situation and the past events. Its not just about "WMD's" and "spreading democracy;" I hope to see Iraq get on its feet as soon as possible. I hope to take ROTC and join the Army like my dad and try to help where I can. Even if it is in Iraq, I would try to do my best.

I know what I am saying is contradictory to what you're saying but as Jaffe put it, the site is also about politics. I figure if somebody has to put out the opposing views, it may as well be me. Thats politics, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

LOL, will there is one thing we can all agree on, we all have an opinion when it comes to politics.

Anonymous said...

Oh please ppl! Theres nothing mor lame and pathetic than saying "Im an independant". Its so desperate! The only reason y the democrats r like that is because the conservative political climate this country is in has pushed them to become like that. If the democrats had their way, America will be a much better country. Just look at the wages/income and living standards of centre-left social democratic countries like sweden, norway, canada, ireland, australia, ect, ect compared to ours.