Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Seen this yet?

A buddy sent me this via email, but I dunno who to attribute the work to. But whoever did it, they sure ain't wrong!

Now look, I've seen Crystal Skull five times. Yes, FIVE freaking times. And I NEVER see movies more than once...MAYBE twice if I catch it showing on cable after it's left the theater. But I ain't seen a flick 5 times since I was a kid. And to choose THIS to be the movie that gets my repeat viewing dollars?!?! I mean, come on, Crystal Skull is a pretty terrible movie, no doubt. With the exception of a great scene here, a poignant scene there, it's vacillates between average and simply terrible. I know this; fully aware.

But I've seen it 5 times- and plan on buying the DVD this Oct- because I love Indy and I love being part of his world. I love seeing him again, being in that high adventure landscape of temples and traps and jungles and treasure that captured my imagination when I was 10, and has yet to let go.

But my God, what a shame. What a total shame.

Here's hoping The Mummy brings us Indy fans some love this Friday!



grasshopper said...

I thought the monkey scene was the low point for me. I don't get it, don't they have anyone watch the thing before it comes out to tell them that some of those scenes are total crap?!?

PlayStation Museum said...

Will I understand this cartoon if I see the movie? I've been holding out because Dave disses it. I assume Batman is better than Indiana 4??

David Jaffe said...

Batman is not only a real movie, but a great one.

Indy 4 isn't really even a's more like a...shit, I doesn't even feel like a pro movie more than a bunch of old friends goofing around in front of and behind the camera for old time's sake. If you are an Indy fan, see it...see it 5 times :)

If you are a typical movie goer, see Batman or the many other much better flix out right now.

Anonymous said...

To me, Indy is the most fun I had in the theater since I was a kid. Yes its silly in parts, but after watching it just for entertainment value only it is one fun ride in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,
speaking of movies did you see this new movie coming out called death race with Jason Statham. it kind of reminds me of Twisted Metal because by put huge machine guns and weopons on there cars.
Heres the trailer

Anonymous said...

Once was enough for me. At the moment, I'm waiting to see The Dark Knight. I'd've seen it opening night if I weren't waiting to pop the TDK cherry in IMAX instead of standard screen or whatever it's called. And since there's only 6 screens in the whole country (seriously, wtf?), it was fully booked last week, and I only just managed to get into it this Sunday.
Can't wait! Batman has always been to me what Indy was to you, for the record, so understand that if I see anything 5 times, it'll be The Dark Knight.
Can't wait!

I've been waiting for you to do a full post on it. C'mon, man! What's holding you back!!??

Jackie V.

David Jaffe said...

Nothing holding me back- really, really liked DARK KNIGHT. One of best flix of the year. So dense and deep and special and great....fantastic movie. No desire to see it again as I am not a Batman fanatic but it was a great flic.

Only issue I had was:


The big sacrifice he is supposed to be making at the end of the movie rings hallow to me. First off, he is Batman. He has taken on super villains and tons of thugs. Him outwitting the GCPD is not that much of a big deal for him. ALSO, he can always take his costume off and hide as Bruce Wayne.

So this idea that he is a real hero because he is willing to become a fugitive in the eyes of the majority really doesn't mean all that much.

Civil War in Marvel comics did it much better with Spidey because everyone was hunting him including super heroes who can kick his ass AND people knew he was Spidey AND Peter Parker.

Not a geeky issue either, I think it really is a flaw in the story unless I am missing something.

THAT SAID- thought it was great! And the armored car chase/escape scene? FANTASTIC!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo thanks for the spoiler alert...I skipped by it because I'm seeing it this weekend. Been too busy with other family stuff to see any movies.

My short list.
Dark Knight
Mummy returns

Half the list may be a rent just because I know I won't have time to see them all.

grasshopper said...
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grasshopper said...

Dark Knight SPOILERS I guess...

I took it as more of a emotional thing...He didn't really seem to want to be Batman anymore but he's stuck, more or less fighting to protect a city that hates him for the greater good. Its not like it would be hard from a physical stand point to avoid the cops, Its just him making the sacrifice to continue to do something he really doesn't want to do anymore. I don't know...I need to see it again :)

Exophrine said...

Hey David,

Don't forget the family factor in Indy 4, too. Your brother had a hand in making it!


Nokage said...

Heh i thought for sure when i seen your title i would see this pic..

Unknown said...

David your breaking my heart. Please don't put your hope in Mummy. That movie (in my opinion) looks so dumb. First of all, they shouldn't have taken the gang out of Egypt, Not that its terrible. Its just not good to me. But I can live with it. But man! An abominable snowman and a three headed dragon?!?! WTF? If this is their idea of stepping up the beetles from the first one? id.. I don't mean to be an ass its just the movie looks BAD. I thick Dark Knight more than enough satisfied my epic movie for the year (even though Batman is no Indy). Anyway, sorry if I came off as a dick, I just hate it when there's a good movie series and they always F up at the end. (not a reference to Indy 4).

Anonymous said...


I think grasshopper has it right.

Batman was hoping to rub off the hero biz to Dent (a squeeky clean politician, the people's protector, a "White Knight"). Unfortunately for Batman, all the situations in the movie had forced him back into the stead of "protector of the people." Forever loathed, the necessary evil, their "Dark Knight."

It really didn't sink in until a week later when I sat down and thought about it.


Did any of you take notice of the crowd leaving the theater? That scared the crap out of me when I noticed their faces, all puzzled by the ending. I was scared that the movie sucked, but I didn't realize, until I actually saw the movie, why they looked so mentally pre-occupied. They were all letting it sink in.

Rex said...

What can I say, from a positive point of view.. Indiana jones 4 was fun. It was our last opportunity to see Indy on the BIg screen again since 1989. I went twice, and could've gone for a third time but I was on a cruise ship and by the time I came back it was out. And yeah I took the opportunity to get a hold of many of the merchandise (toy related) about the movie. Since my Raiders of the lost ark Indiana Jones became decapitated the first week I got it many years ago. Now I have this Indiana Jones toys, posters, an memorabilia to show to my son when he grows up.

Gonna watch the dark knight hopefuylly... um this weekend.

Rex said...

BTW Playstation Museum... see Indiana 4 as soon it comes out on dvd or something.. I mean if you like Indiana JOnes go see it, dont hold on it because Dave disses it, then again he went 5 times. Its worth it and I bet he had fun. So.. go! And judge for yourself. Have fun.

Rob Shock said...

The Mummy? As ridiculous as Crystal Skulls was, I could always fall back to the reassurance that at least it's not as stupid and outlandish as the Mummy movies.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain this cartoon to me?

Anonymous said...

this picture is from shane prigmore