Friday, August 22, 2008


UPDATE: OH MY GOD! The level editor in this thing is sooooo fun!!!!

ps. been brought to my attention this was a game on Dreamcast and, among shooter fans and Treasure lovers (dug Gunstar, but have not really played a Treasure game in a while) this game is kind of creme of the crop. So wow- no pressure or anything!!! :)


PlayStation Museum said...

Dave, the dreamcast version wasn't anything spectacular, but it was a solid game as far as dreamcast games go. I never cared for Treasure games except for Gunstar Heroes. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure wasn't all that great. In fact, I won't let my kids play the game because I'm trying to ween them off McDonalds! A better platformer for my kids to play is Mickey Mania. In fact, in September we will feature Mickey's Wild Adventure as the Game of the Month! Twisted Metal, Jet Moto, Warhawk, and God Of War are some of the best video games designed by Jaffe and Giam, but honestly, I prefer Mickey Mania. The levels just plain rock.

V_Ben said...

never really played anything by treasure, so i'm at a loss for who they are... Played Gunstar Super Heroes for GBA, but i cant remember if they made that. it was awesome though :P U should totally do the contest. it would be interesting to see what ur brain comes up with in terms of level design!

NO FEAR said...

Just go for it. If only for the experiance of it.

Think of the children Dave!!!


NO FEAR said...

Just go for it. If only for the experiance of it.

Think of the children Dave!!!


Anonymous said...

The game is said to be Amazing... If i were u, i would take part in it as it is a great game!

Anonymous said...

i played the game it was really good... you should do it... maybe do a greek- theme level.....

Tribute to GOW

Anonymous said...

whatever you decide to do should be fine, if you made somethin than just throw it out there. what do you got to lose. btw i have been a huge fan of yours for a long time (since i was 4 when the original twisted metal came out) i always enjoy reading your blog and getting to hear stories from you. if you do make twisted metal ps3 (and by that i mean announce it) ill be super excited and i cant wait to see what eat sleep play games comes up with next.

ps: you make me listen to christmas music now..damn ur good and im a christian (however u live is however you live)

good luck
Travis from Tacoma

Anonymous said...

Is cliffy b doing it to

Deometris said...

Good luck man. If you plan to go through with this that'd be cool to see the level you make.

Anonymous said...

like is said greek-theme man

SketchTheArtist said...

Hey Dave!

Sorry about not being clear enough with the "stage" thing.

We haven't seen a video blog of you for a while and then you have this fishing hat on and I immediately flashbacked to the blog where you talked about your hair loss. You spoke about if, when the time comes, you had to shave your head completely bald, let it go 'au naturel' or simply wear a hat.

So I thought you were at THAT stage in your 'baldness'.

Sorry, didn't want to be rude or anything but you seemed comfortable talking about it. Didn't want to bring back to the front stage the terrible ravages of life.

See ya!

da criminal said...

Hey- OH! OK!


Nah, I don't care about going bald. I just dig the hat!


tsenzen said...

hey Dave, its pronounced

(Bung-ai-o) with a hint of "ah" mixed in

Robin said...

Hi Dave,
Im a Big Fan from you.
I hope you will make nice Multiplayer-games in the Future (of Course you will:)).God of war 1 was Awesome!
Greetings and good luck from Switzerland.

Robin said...

Hi Dave,
Im a Big Fan from you.
I hope you will make nice Multiplayer-games in the Future (of Course you will:)).God of war 1 was Awesome!
Greetings and good luck from Switzerland.

Tiho said...

wow, you're being invaded by the swiss? O_o don't worry, we bring chocolate ;)

treasure made a couple of great games, not only gunstar heroes. they were responsible for stretch panic (freak out/hippa linda), very weird game. but my favorite treasure games would be mischief makers for the N64 and radiant silvergun for the saturn!

@robin: grüezi wohl! *g*

PS: if you shave your head, you have to grow a beard or at least a goatee.

robin said...

Yeah mischief makers for N64 was Great!You Speak Swiss Language? (Grüezi wohl):)
Lol im really a GOW freak,
Maybe i make me a Kratos Coustume
Shave my full body and paint my body red.And then i Go to SCEA Studios and
Scream:Give me Your Signature all of you!Or there dont will be a Gow 3!^^
robin from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

I hope u win !

endymion said...

Hey Dave, speaking of designing games, there's a new book out called "The Art of Game Design" by Jesse Schell (Carnegie Mellon ETC) that makes for an excellent read. It's not bogged down by a bunch of intros to maya, level editors, etc, but is instead focused on getting your mind thinking about design and the user experience in general. He draws upon all types of disciplines, especially psychology and anthropology, and his experience as a ride designer at Disney comes into play several times as well. There is also a deck of cards he calls "lenses" which are effectively a bunch of questions from different perspectives that you can ask yourself as you progress with your design. I'd be interested to know how you go about designing your games from scratch (actually, it'd be cool if you wrote a book!), but in any case this is definitely a worthwhile read. I've been in the game industry for several years and found it quite insightful.

nipun_coolguy said...

Hey Dave, did ya see 'The Dark knight'? If yes, whaddaya think about the movie?

Rey said...

hay jaffe just saw Death Race for the 7th time now and on opening day i saw it twice. i loved it :D.

i never herd of that game i have to check it out.

im shur what ever you do well rock

hay i preorder Left 4 Dead, Tomb Raider 8 and Mercenares 2 , to bad Twisted Metal ant one of them...well i hope they hold me tell it comes out.

hay what happen to the God of war movie?

Anonymous said...

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