Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Still on break for a bit more but I had to pipe in real fast:

Lord have mercy- E3 has JUST announced that it's going back to old school format (THANK GOD!!!! GAMING GODS, YOU ARE REAL AND YOU HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!!) and already...fucking ALREADY...there are asshats bitching about in: well, if E3 was fine back in the 1995-2006 years, it never would have needed to that I say: GO FUCKYOURSELF!!! Just don't come if you don't like it! Stay the fuck home!!!

It's a God Damned circus is what it is and I for one am SOOOOOO thrilled to have it back. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend, "Oh I am so serious, I have business to do there and all the sweaty fanboys and Gamestop workers and booth babes are in my way of doing serious business...brr! brr! Mr. Potter's the name! Brrr!"'s like, 'ultra serious dude who has probably never actually shipped a game that anyone gave a shit about' ? Uhm would you please just go and FUCK OFF!!!! Sounds to me like a bunch of elitist bullshit where wannabes who have somehow managed to get a toe hold in the biz now get the chance to act all high and mighty towards the 'little people' who are not where they are yet. It's like: 'waaaahhh! waahhhh! This is MY special club and I don't want anyone below me to come in it so I get to feel like a big shot....wahhhh!'

Well fuck that.

I do 'business' at E3 as well. We all do. And yeah our feet get sore and our voices run out and we are tired as shit at the end...and yeah, SOMETIMES the booth babe thing makes our industry look immature...but so the hell what....sometimes the booth babes are just damn fine to look at and what the hell is wrong with that? I mean really.. so-the-fuck- what? Why can't E3 be loud and obnoxious and the fucking geek party of the year as well as a place to do the biz? Oh and damn, you get to catch up with all your industry friends too. AND the mainstream media covers our biz all over the place?!?!

What the SHIT (tired of writing FUCK) are you complaining about?!?! As for who is complaining, I ain't naming names but it's on a major game site...that's all I will say.

....and I am SOOOOO glad it's back. GOD this rocks! Thanks to all those who made it happen...and to bring back a quote from the 60's and to mangle it a all those who don't like these new developments: if it's too loud/too big/too spectacular...then ya'll are just too damn old!

Later ya'll!

Happy David

ps. I guess the public is not going to be let in via tickets and such but it sounds like it's not going to be that big of a deal to get in if you really have your heart set on it? FANTASTIC! Now maybe next year they will sell some tickets and let the public in...


-rallyRAYS- said...

I went to the last "good" E3... and haven't been back since, but if they are going back to old format... count me in!


grasshopper said...

Never been to one myself. But the news that came out of the old E3 was a lot more entertaining to watch. Any chance somebody can sneak me in there :)

Anonymous said...

I snuck into the 1996 E3 to play Super Mario 64 but the highlight for me was as I played a demo of Twisted Metal 2 seeing Scott come up behind me as he explained the game to someone-have no clue who that someone was. I did not see anything even close to the spectacle of E3 until I finally made it to Comic-con.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to E3, but I can sure relate to feeling "tired as shit at the ned."

My girlfriend of 4 years just left me. And I DO feel tired as shit at the ned.

You've captured it, Mr. Jaffe.

da criminal said...

Joel- I'd say I'm sorry for your loss but I'm really not. I think relationships end for a reason and it's something to be mourned if need be (no need to pretend you are happy when you are sad) but it's also something to celebrate because it means one chapter of your life is ending and a brand new one is opening up. Throw yourself into the uncertainty with abandon...that's where the real living of life occurs. Good for you!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cliffy,
you manage to say "FUCK" eight times in this short blog. Your a funny man!

Anonymous said...

David, as it's my birthday tomorrow could u wish me a happy birthday to me, a big fan of your work...entertained me with you fantastic games! thanks...if you could it would be great name is chris Krol

Anonymous said...

That would of been an AWESOME video blog post :D

StressedOutCat said...


I had a chance to go to the old E3 in 2006 but I didn't ... ended up wasting the money I saved to go on other stuff .. figuring I just go the next year and it would be even bigger.. then i found out no more big E3... I felt like I missed my big chance of seeing the spectacle called E3... and I would never ever be able to see it the way it was..

but now... yea am going!!!
am saving me money... unless I get killed or the plane I go on gets gonna be there...

and grasshopper if you find anyone who can sneak you in.. let me know I wanna be there as well!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

amazing level of immaturity in our post.

it's sad that you are someone who is seen as a leader in our industry and that's all you can come up with.

da criminal said...

That IS sad anon...hey, try this one on for size: suck my cock.

I am SO fucking tired of the self anointed, judgmental pricks in our society. I choose to express myself how I choose to express myself. I certainly don't need your anon ass coming in here and acting holier than thou. It must be SO GREAT to be so mature and so articulate. Alas, I would love to be you, but I am not. Asshat.


Anonymous said...

how is it "holier than thou" to ask you to come up with something of substance when commenting about our industry (the very industry that you said looks immature sometimes in your post) instead of barfing up f-bombs like a kid with his pants hanging around his ankles in gamestop?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...then why are you here? Go fuck a goat.

da criminal said...

because anon, it's not your place to ask me to do ANYTHING. I'm not a paid commentator discussing the state of the industry. I'm a guy who makes games who is jazzed E3 is coming back. That's it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking about the gaming industry, David, how do game companies like gaming schools?
You see, I'm interested in becoming a programmer but getting a BSc in Computer Science would take 3-4 years, whereas going to a game school such as Full Sail, DigiPen, Art Institute (the one i'm looking at now) etc. would take about 18 - 20 months. Any advice and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

serialman said...

Don't give in to the anon troll, CliffyB. Consider this: he offers no links to his own works, so he's afraid of criticism.

Also, the return of the old E3 is great news. I say, bring the spectacle. If games were meant to be taken "super-serious" with loads of pretentious bullshit smeared all over it, E3 would've merged with the Academy Awards.

Zodiak said...

haha finally the old e3 is back!!

Booth Babes: 1
Game Industry: 0

Cliffy B, thanks for this great news it just made my shitty day :)

erico316 said...

jaffe keep up the great post continue to stay true to urself by not letting anyone bully you around
you should try out dead space its really good.

as far as e3 the damage had already been done to it im sure it will be alot better then last may take 1 or 2 event for it to be fully healed.

DeathMammoth said...

Calling him immature that's a laugh, you are the one being immature by calling him that.Just because he doesn't follow your idea of mature doesn't mean that he isn't. Also by the way annon you came on HIS BLOG Cliffy B can say whatever he wants.

Man E3 is like Christmas to Gamers. The new E3 was like they took Christmas and took away the music,presents and the whole atmosphere, so it just felt like a normal day. To hear news like this is like when you woke up as a little kid, ran down to the tree and seen all the presents you just wanted to yelling in excitement well that what I feel and I thinks Cliffy B feels same way.


A said...

Hey Dave,
I'll be honest. Is there any way you can buy me a ticket to LA, pay for my hotel stay, get me into E3 and meet me?
That would be so fucking awesome! It would literally be one of the highlights of my year.

Joel said...

i'm pretty stoked to hear that the old E3 is coming back. i remember growing up thinking E3 must be one of the coolest things to ever attend, as a gamer.

when i heard they were changing it into a more serious, less interesting, conference.. i was pretty bummed.

that said, its not like i'll ever get to go to it, its simply too far away. but... ya.. Booth Babes for the win.

Anonymous said...

Bad news guys... The old E3 isn't coming... it'll be like the last two years

Anonymous said...

What average gamer is excited for E3? A exhibition for industry people and journalists exclusively -- not gamers. PAX is a real festival for gamers that openly invites the public and is geared toward them. E3 was a bloated, profligate trade show who only advocates are industry people (like Jaffe) and game journalists who miss their yearly circle jerk of unfinished trailers, target renders and tech demo's.

The average gamer, like myself, only got to read (wow) about this shit -- I get as much satisfaction from visiting GameTrailers as I would from an "E3 Wrap-Up". I can only hope in the future E3 will wither and die while PAX flourishes.

Sadeq said...

big a$$ E3 FTW

Anonymous said...


Alastor Mused said...

"Oh I am so serious, I have business to do there and all the sweaty fanboys and Gamestop workers and booth babes are in my way of doing serious business...brr! brr! Mr. Potter's the name! Brrr!"
That made me lmao.

"That IS sad anon...hey, try this one on for size: suck my cock."
That made me lmao even more!

David you rock!

Anonymous said...

Thank God its finally back. Seeing something touted as E3 being held in a high school gym and an airplane hangar just wasn't cutting it.

Why don't they sell tickets?! You could sell them for $50 or $75 bucks and still have lines down all the way down Figueroa!!! Talk about making a mint. I can't wait to get back to the madness that is the videogame industry's showcase.


Anonymous said...

That's cool. I never get to go to E3 because it's in LA and I'm near SF, but the coverage was a lot more fun to watch/read about before 2007.

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schmidty said...

Tech and Games FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

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