Tuesday, November 18, 2008



HOLY FUCK! Look what I found in this interview with Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon!

In talking about downloadable content for MK VS. DCU he says:

BOON:: No. I think [the characters we chose] are the most popular. I think that pretty much encompassed 90% of the audience. We'd hear people complaining if we didn't have Superman in the game. ... There was the occasional person who said Lobo or Doomsday or someone like that [should have made the cut] but we're hoping to do downloadable content on this game, so that could also be a great opportunity to add some of the ones that were left out.

WOW! FUCKING DOOMSDAY!?! Hell...better yet: FUCKING LOBO!?!? IN A MK GAME?!?! Ok, count me in. Best DLC ever man! Please make this happen, Midway!

Ok...ahem, I'm calm now :)


Had forgotten this hit this week. Saw a review on Kotaku, realized it was out. Ran and picked it up during lunch yesterday and played for a few hours late last nite. I have ALWAYS loved MK, but especially the earlier 2D games. This one feels like a decent cross between old school 2D MK and some of the later 3D efforts.

I'm digging it. The online is buttery smooth and Captan Marvel fucking ROCKS! He's my fave...his special attacks are so fun and really link well together. Green Lantern so far seems kind of cheap but I must just be fighting him wrong cause I know in this day and age they would not allow a character to be that cheap in a fighting game. But man, once someone gets me with that hammer attack, I just can't get up to defend or counter.

Never been much of a SF or TEKKEN or VF fan...that stuff is amazing but way too deep for me. MK is more my speed, for sure! And I am digging this one. Something is a BIT off in the combat, tho. It's not that it's sluggish. It may have to do with reach for the jumps and some of the attacks...the distance the attacks go is a bit too short for me and keeps me from falling into that great combat rhythm I used to get with earlier MKs. I find myself missing a good 30-50% of the attacks just by a few virtual inches. And that bugs. But overall, it's fun! Enough to keep me from finishing the stunning GEARS OF WAR 2 for at least another few nights while I learn some more characters, finish the story mode, and battle online. But then come the weekend, it's back to Gears!

Also, played this yesterday:


NOTE: Took the actual game off the site as it turns out the sound was interfering with the video posts....

I've always been an 'on the edge' Vegetarian. Not a vegan (but we do make sure to get most eggs and cheese products from animal friendly farms). But the meat stuff- since I was a kid- always kind of grossed me out. I DO like the taste of chicken and steak. But the concept of eating something that was very recently walking around is usually too much for me to stomach. But sometimes I deal with it and enjoy a steak at Ruth's Chris or an egg and bacon biscuit at Mickey D's ('mamma! mamma! Grandma won a Centipede game at Mickey D's!!!)...but after playing this- and watching the movie at the end- fuck it. I'm done. For good this time. And I feel pretty darn good about it. It's not for everyone, but it is for me, that's for sure.

Big dog and pony with the Sony folks tomorrow- wish us luck!

Talk later!


ps. the sound is coming from the Peta game- sorry about that. Wish I could turn it off....if it gets annoying, I will just rip the game from the post and put up a link.


Anonymous said...

Being a vegitarian or vegan is all good a fine but the way PETA goes about it is vile and disgusting.

they compare killing chickens and cows for food, to the holocaust. they see animals lives somehow equal to humans, now i love animals they should be treated well and not slaughtered inhumanly but dont even try to tell me that the death of 6 million jews, tens of thousands of gypsys, blacks, and homosexuals is somehow equal IN ANY WAY to a butcher shop or KFC. sorry but that just doesn't fly.

They compared the horrific murder and decapitation of someone in manitoba on a grey hound bus to a chicken. not only does this go so far beyond tasteless as to be impossible to articulate but, they are trying to somehow justify in their own logic that its ok to make fun and parody the murder of a person. http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_25515.aspx

http://www.spinachcruelty.com/advertisements_detail.cfm/ad/14 thats right, if animal testing CURED AIDS and therefore saved MILLIONS of lives they would still be against it. i understand and agree with the ends do not justify the means but aids is a pandemic and if animals are used for research in labs and they save millions of lives then im not to sorry.

these are just a few instances of PETA insanity, i trust NOTHING they say, they are putrid people, absolutely disgusting. People needs to research PETA more, they aren't good people, their organization is ridiculous.

da criminal said...

If I recall, Peta tried to sue Sony back in the day for putting a dog pedestrian in Twisted Metal 1! :)

But you could never hit the dog or kill it but they claimed you could....

...that said, the way the world works=needing to make some noise to get attention. Reality is, yes they are very much over the top. But hey, I played the game...and the movie that comes with the game was enough to push me to one side of the fence that I had been sitting on for many years...

...that said, sure, to compare animal slaughter to the Holocaust is crazy.

But THAT said, I'm one of those left wingers who thinks ALL life is sacred. I won't even kill bugs.

So you know, who is to say one life is more important than another. Sure, if you GOTTA make a call, but I think at a pure philosophical level, life if life, regardless of the shell it's housed in.


Caipirinho said...
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Anonymous said...

I enjoy a good stake too, but, fuck it, from now on i'll eat soja instead, cheers David, love your blogging.

[PARiAH!] said...

I was a little iffy on the MK vs DC..but the way you are putting it..I might have to check it out. But, I'm thinkin' about just importing the European version to catch the wicked Joker fatality, haha. With the whole PETA thing, I'm not against them or anything, I eat meat..but as of late..it seems less and less. Eventually I'm sure I'll rock some vegetarian style. Tons of luck tomorrow with the whole Sony meeting!


p.s. the music from the PETA game makes me want to do an old school MK Fatality from MKII on myself! AAAH!!!

deadgopher said...

The PETA thing, yeah. It's hard to watch that shit they show you between hilarious rounds of Angry Cooking Mama, even if it is 100% "You're a Fucking Monster If You Eat Meat Like Everything Else Has For Millions of Years" propaganda.

David, what's your take on Resistance 2? Played it? I swear to god, I must be the only person in the world who doesn't like it. Fuzzy, dated visuals (most of the time), dated gameplay ... yet 9.5s from everyone on earth.

Am I crazy? Are they taking bribes? Should I be taking bribes? Where do I get a bribe? I have some bills I need to pay off.

Michael Jarvis said...

Re the whole PETA thing. A lot of what they said was pretty stupid (in the video that is). While I disagree to an extent of treating animals badly I don't really sympathize with them (animals).

They are bred for one single purpose to feed our population, there is absolutely no outcome for the birds other than slaughter, and in that it shouldn't quite matter what their living conditions are like or how they are treated after a vehicle accident. I empathize with the fact that I would not want such a thing done to myself, nor could I do it to the birds either but, in my eyes, the 'farmers' don't seem to be doing that bad of a thing.

The beating was a bit much, but they only showed 2 birds getting hit, without context at that.

I do know there ARE better ways to kill off the birds, asphyxiation is one, I know they use this method for baby chickens, it is SAD yes but there isn't much of the cruelty involved.

My main point though is that, in my opinion, it is silly to stop eating meat simply because they were visually alive at one point. You are only sad or distraught because you can relate to the animal you are eating, in some form or another). I would say stop eating all together! as most everything comes from something that was 'ALIVE' at some point in time. Why should it matter if it was a plant or an animal? Because plants have physical indicators (faces) of pain and suffering? Because, we, in our egotistical omnipotence, think that anything without a brain can neither feel nor think?

ANYONE that stops eating meat on the basis of animal cruelty, and goes on to eat vegetables are nothing by hypocrites in my opinion.

The act of providing food for billions of people around the world might not look very nice, I admit, but it is no reason to stop eating meat all together.


I realize I am not going to change opinions with this post but these, like yours, are simply my opinion.


da criminal said...

I don't eat meat mainly because the concept of putting something I can easily identify as a leg- for example- in my mouth and eating it makes me a great deal nauseous.

The fact that many animals are made to suffer so in order to provide me with a meal that- conceptually- makes me want to puke just a little bit is simply the straw that breaks the back.


Anonymous said...

MK vs DC is unplayable dogshit. Maybe if people stop accepting flaws in games because, "overall, it's fun!", the market would thin the herd of crap like that.

Bigrhyno said...

I have never really liked the idea of eating an animal myself. The problem is since I was raised eating meat, the meals I enjoy usually involve some sort of meat. What kind of things do you usually enjoy eating David?

da criminal said...

What other core criteria should I judge a game on, other than if it's fun or not?

Unknown said...

Hey, you should do as you want to obviously. I've thought that God/Mother Nature made us omnivores and that being just meat eating or just veggie eating probably isn't the best thing for our system.

But then again, I say that I prefer meat as at least it had the capability for getting away. The senseless slaughter of plants that can't even move just doesn't seem right. So I may be biased. = ) (On a meta level, we have to kill to eat.)

Anonymous said...

I am surprised MK vs DC did so well considering all the concern from hardcore MK fans about the neutered fatalities and the T rating...

Anonymous said...

"So you know, who is to say one life is more important than another. Sure, if you GOTTA make a call, but I think at a pure philosophical level, life if life, regardless of the shell it's housed in."

By this argument harvesting crops is also slaughter because after all plants are technically alive. Wiping your children's toys down with *Sweet Tooth's lemon scented spray* is also slaughter because of the bacteria your killing. I know thats very Kurt Vonnegut "So it goes" but oh well (if you dont get the reference - Slaughter House 5) and i also know im exaggerating but if PETA can to make a point then so can I.

Now i agree to an extent, they are animals and they have feelings and are conscious but, when it comes down to it i fucking love the taste of turkey and i love a nice meaty steak . Im not really that in love with the fact that there are millions of animals killed a year but as long as its not Soilent Green then ok.

P.S. OMG!!! David Jaffe replied to me! TO ME! *swoon* :p

da criminal said...

Loved SH5! Great book.

grasshopper said...

"I don't eat meat mainly because the concept of putting something I can easily identify as a leg- for example- in my mouth and eating it makes me a great deal nauseous."

Funny you say that...I cant eat at KFC or wherever for that same reason. Just the idea of eating it off of the bone totally bugs me.

lb003g0676 said...

Haha, the music starts of pretty awesome, but then gets annoying.

As for the meat eating, will play the game in a minute, but here's my respnse, BEFORE playing the game.

Start off gutting, cooking and eating fish. Then Move onto preparing chicken and cooking it, and thats how you get less squeamish.

I don't know if I am screwed up, I assume not, becuase Gears of War 2 (I will be trying to next week at my friends, it's his brothers Birthday present, such a cheapskate, but I can't afford a game and console too this fall) doesn't appeal to me in it's goriness (I think it's releatively unecessary,a dn doesn't add to viscerality in any game unless you erode your enemy, but eating a chicken leg or soemthing, I love the idea I am eating like a lion would.

I guess thats a bit weird, but it's satisfying to get each morsel off the bone.

lb003g0676 said...

Sorry about lack of closing brackets. That pisses me off like nobodies business, and it's the height of hypocrisy for me not to note it and apologise for it.

R.Bunk said...


Get the british version of the MK vs DC. Their teen rating is for 16 year olds, so there is more blood and what nots.

Anonymous said...

Please don't make your first PS3 game have a political message about PETA.

I like to eat tasty animals. It's only natural, I have carnivorous teeth.

Anonymous said...

I played the game before this post went up and I went through all of the first round. Made all the food, turkey, stuffing, gravy, all of it. But then it's like "Oh hey, make this vegan one" I said Fuck that! and closed firefox.

Unknown said...

that game was hella fun! wow, the cartoon violence was so awesome. BTW David, you had to have been a Marvel VS. Capcom fan right? Whould you want a third? Or possibly a Marvel VS. DC fighter (wish)?

Anonymous said...

Jaffe you play Little Big Planet yet? The game is fricking amazing, so much fun, and I think you'll like the level editor to!

lb003g0676 said...

Milkman, I agree, awesome.

I look awesoem on it.

Anonymous said...

Omg i would kill for a David Jaffe God of War, Twisted Metal, or Calling All Cars (i love all of them, it was just a shame Calling All Cars didn't do too well) level in LBP. its just too bad that your so busy making this all new non-twisted metal PS3 game, oh wait NO ITS NOT.

OOO i have an idea. for marketing the new non-TM PS3 game you should totally make a LBP level for it. THAT WOULD BE EXCELLENT. just an idea.

lb003g0676 said...

Jonathan, cannot wait for Sony to announce a game in Home!

It's such a clever idea!

DF334 said...

Good Luckk Dave!!!

lb003g0676 said...

Oh yer, sorry to spam, but good luck with the presentation.

If they give you a revealing date, then tell us won't you? :D

Anyway, either you or Incognito are working on a new Twisted Metal... I just can't decide which.

But your sketches vaguely imply it's not you, and maybe Incognito ARE doign a new IP.

Seems strange TM would be going to waste then, though.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I don't agree with the treatment of Animals. But I will not stop eating meat. Sure, it makes me feel bad to hear and see these animals being tortured like that and yes, that should change. But I will not stop eating meat.

PETA also wants to eliminate the common house pet. Fuck that.

I agree with the first post by jonathan. PETA is just completely ass backwards when it comes to the ethical treatment of animals. Go watch the episode of BULLSHIT! that calls out PETA for their... well, for their bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Remember back in the 90s when PETA were throwing blood on kids? yeah, i just can't stand them. they work to elicit three things: fear, guilt & hatred.

i doubt you'd be pleased if PETA called your kids FUCKING MURDERERS for eating eggs. it's a regular thing for them to do.

humane society good, PETA bad.

Anonymous said...

Ya the game rox, my Son got it. does play smooth i really like the animations for the 2 min stint I had on it. (he doesn't want to share right now and I don't blame him)

The audio in the box was anoying but mute button on my KB FTW!

I belong to a different Peta group. People eating tasty animals. I hunt...I hunt with a bow too. There is no greater respect for your food than hunting it, cleaning, butchering and cooking it yourself.

Gazzo said...

As my first comment, I just want to say: Fucking love you, Jaffe. Goddamn. You may be the most personable person in the video game industry, and your blog is incredibly fun to read, heh.

I think that any life is, essentially, equal. Just because we're more intelligent and advanced than a frog doesn't mean that we're more important. That's one of the most egotistical and overall just stupid things I've ever heard. I'm kinda with Jaffe in that I feel all life is sacred. Plants? I respect them, I treat them fine, too. =)

That aside, I can understand if someone cannot eat meat. However, it's only natural. And while, yes, the human body can survive just fine without meat, we can eat meat too. As for living conditions...I just...I dunno. I mean, I think their living conditions could be a LOT better. My mother told me a story once about how when she went on a field trip to a Tyson factory, how the chickens were starving from being so cramped up. And even though they were born to die, that's just sick.

I find it humorous when people act like humans and "animals" are any different. We are animals.

Jaffe: The thing about you not killing at all makes me smile, considering you worked on God of War and Twisted Metal, haha.

I'm one of those people where if someone finds a bug in the house or something, and they're about to squish 'em, I say "Nah, don't. What'd he ever do to you?" type of guy. I guess I'm just a big pussy. =(

Miguel said...

turkey tastes good.

MvmntInGrn said...

I cannot stand the way Peta works. They could convince more people if they weren't so graphic. If you need some overly graphic scare tactic to convince you to become a vegetarian or vegan then you are not changing for a good reason, think about it on a personal level first. Reminds me of the people who became Christians after seeing The Passion of the Christ based on little more than the film.

Personally I think vegetarian is fine but vegan is hard to manage and HARDLY healthy, my sister tried her hardest to maintain a good diet as a vegan but was more often on the verge of passing out and having no energy.

Life is life, that is important but in the end humans are animals and many animals eat other animals. I think we should try to make the most of the animals we kill (something we don't really do to the fullest).

This is easily one of the most conflicted subjects I have looked into. There is a part of me that says all killing is wrong but another that says death for purposes of food is wholly natural and should not be so vigorously opposed. I doubt such a subject will ever get a definite answer though.

Great now this is on my mind again...

It is definitely a decision everyone has to make for themselves, but I will never hasten to hate based on others views and choices. (that is aimed at Peta)

Oh great and I was about to go grab a snack...

obie191970 said...

David - You need to put the kibosh on Cooking Mama. She totally interferes with your video posts.

lb003g0676 said...

Uh huh, Turkey is niiiiice.

Here in UK we have to wait till Christmas.

We adopt the crappy Halloween celebration, but not the one where you eat shitloads...

Richard MacDonald said...

However you feel about eating or not eating meat is totally legitimate. In fact, both sides of the argument are pretty stupid. You do what's right for you and you let others do what's right for them.

That said, I would suggest that everyone check out Penn & Teller: Bullshit! It's an amazing show. Specifically, episode 1 of season 2, which is about PETA. It isn't going to change your mind on whether or not to eat meat. That's not the point. It is just about exposing the hypocrisy of many of PETA's practices (they themselves have killed more animals than many of the animal shelters they protest), including a look into how they use ridiculous propaganda (such as the Cooking Mama game) and violence (by funding terrorists. No joke.) to try to get what they want.

Don't believe me? Check out the show. You can also go to http://www.petakillsanimals.com for just some of the information if you're too lazy to track down the Bullshit show.

Anonymous said...

Good call Richard, even if people do agree with PETA's shock tactics, the fact that the group is in manifesto 'batshit nuts' should sway some in the other direction.

I think p&t's bullshit! is on youtube and google video.

Anonymous said...

"What other core criteria should I judge a game on, other than if it's fun or not?"

I understand that you are a "popcorn gamer" or whatever you want to call it and that fun is entirely subjective, but come on...

My point was: Is it really fun or are you accepting its' mediocrity? I played it for a good hour and found it to be terribly frustrating with sloppy character collision, clunky control, and no real visual appeal. The anims are recycled among characters and the movements are stiff as fuck all. If GOW moved like this I would not play it.
As far as the story is concerned why they decided to shoehorn some bullshit with cutscenes that took asset creation and development time away from designers, animators, programmers and artists is beyond me.
Why gamers accept anything less than stellar products (across all disciplines of development) baffles me. Have you ever felt skillful while shooting/punching anything in GTA? I sure as shit haven't.

Anonymous said...

i put the Mk game a side i pick it up in 2 weeks. so i can play the new Tomb Raider and Left 4 Dead

Anonymous said...

"...life if life, regardless of the shell it's housed in."
David, you end countless lives every day without even thinking about it. If you didn't, you'd cease to function and the things you kill would kill you. Your body fights off disease in the form of bacteria every day. If life is life, and all is equally sacred, you should end yourself to stop the senseless killing of innumerable microbes every day.

Other than that, how would you compare MKvDCU to Deception? Better or worse? Smoother? Armageddon left me wanting more, and if they haven't delivered I don't want to waste money.

Rob Shock said...

"But bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good."

Did you also hear WB are talking about making a new Captain Marvel movie? It's true.

Zana Oyakata said...

I got to play it on my friends 1080p projector and it was awesome. The Flash is fun but Captain Marvel just seems awesome because of his special moves. David I would like to play MK vs DC if you are up for it. Same with any of you out there. PSN is the same as my user name.

Joel said...

that's awesome you've gone vegetarian. good job sticking up for what you believe!

laralou said...

Great work! Going vegetarian is the best thing I have ever done for my health.

thegetupkid said...

I love all the people equating PETA with vegetarianism. It's not like when you quit eating meat, you automatically sign up for PETA. I think they are just as crazy as the rest of you, in terms of many of their actions.

And to anyone really trying to "call out" vegetarians for eating vegetables and being hypocrites, are you fucking SERIOUS? You do realize that animals have brains and emotions, don't you? And that vegetables do not? If you are really trying to use that argument, you must be desperate or just plain stupid.

Being a vegetarian is incredibly good for the planet, too. Fuck factory farming and their incredibly horrible practices:

All that being said, congrats on your decision! It is a tough one; one that I had to make a few times before I finally stuck with it.