Thursday, December 11, 2008


...ok, a bit dramatic. Hell, WAYYYY over dramatic...but:

LOOOOOOVE the new functionality of Kotaku. It really is fantastic how you can get more news and not miss posts. LOVE IT!

But I HATE the look- it's confusing and garish. And this is coming from a guy who has a blog that looks like liquid poo.

But I'm not a pro...those guys are.

Dear Kotaku: love the change...please fix the look :)

Or don't...still one of my fave sites! :)



grasshopper said...

Bleh...I don't like it at all. Looks like the site didn't load properly or something. They should kill the user comments on the front page takes up important space and who the hell cares.
I would rather have old Kotaku, always used a RSS reader thing (or whatever they are called) so I never missed much.
Not a fan...wont stop me from going there though.

Anonymous said...

i think that it is hilarious that you are still typing a majority of your subject lines in all caps.

David Jaffe said...

You think THAT is hilarious?!?! Shit, you must go to movies like ROLE MODELS and think you are watching comedy gold! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, I just thought that it was funny that you were sticking with that theme. I'm hoping that smiley face at that end of your comment just means that you aren't trying to be a complete jackass like the one you sent to Geoff.

David Jaffe said...

Duuude, It was a joke...yes, a :)= I am joking...


Anonymous said...

Ha sorry David, dog died today so i most likely just interpreted it incorrectly. Happy holidays!

David Jaffe said...

No worries- sorry about your dog. That sucks much.


Anonymous said...

Hey David.
I am one of the people who visits your blog everyday but never comments, dont know why, lol.

I would like to know your opinion on Little Big Planet. I havent seen any comments of yours about this game. I think its AWESOME. And the level creation is pretty much PERFECT. you can do just about anything. This game is 100% fun. I bet you could make some amazing levels and put them out there for us to play hahahaha.

I've been having one thing on my mind that has been bugging me for a while now. I live in Brazil, and the prices of all the games, for whatever console, are extremely high here. 1 dollar is worth 2 reais(brazilian money). So, a PS3 game that costs 50 bucks should be 100 reais. But no, for some god forsaken reason the games here cost 250 reais !!! that's 5 times what it should be worth !!! I know there is exportation taxes, but still, the expenses are waaay to high. Now I dont know if this is an issue, or even considered an issue, that the people in the game industry acknowledge, but they have to do something about this. it's horrible for gamers who live outside the USA.

How do you feel about that ?

Take care.


grasshopper said...

There Dave goes again...always answering the offense douchbag :)

Sorry to hear about the dog dude

Ramon Nafria said...

Hi David:

I have to say that the look is better, but Kotaku is far from being one of my favorites websites.

Is silly, parcial, not really game oriented, not really gamer's oriented... but is very famous.

Well, i suppose that you opinion differs, but, that's mine.

Opa Opa forever!

Gazzo said...

I don't mind how it looks, then again, I don't mind how this blog looks and you said it looked like liquid poo, so....

I don't really have an opinion on Kotaku, I never really went there much to begin with. I always tend to go to IGN or Gamespot for news, although I dislike their reviews.

SonyJunkie said...

I just went to the site and I also do not like the look.

Never really use Kotaku, so it doesn't really matter to me.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Jaffe what you think about the current state of the Playstation 3? I mean it just got outsold by more then 2 to 1 by the 360. I mean I love my Playstation 3 and it has amazing games and more amazing ones on the way, but damn they gotta do something. $400 is just way to much especally during rough times everyone is going through. I hope they figure things out and figure them out soon.

Sparced said...

Kotaku is a necessary evil in my life to stayed informed of gaming news and not to be celebrated.

The constant negative undertones reporting Sony announcements in every article and especially their sarcastic Home coverage leaves a lot to be desired.

They even managed to bitch about Uncharted 2 because the word "stealth" was included in the press release.

Joystiq has a more mature and less whining attitude. The sacrifice of slower updates it worth taking.

PKM said...

Hey man , love your work, read your blog daily.

But as a comment above mine stated, as an industry "insider" whats your take on the Nov. NPD?
Im a gamer of all consoles, but have a sweet spot for the PS brand, so this recent NPD makes me shudder.
400k for R2? LBP not listed? Motorstorm were are you?
Top off with 2mil Wiis sold 800k 360's...
Im sure any comment you might add would flood gaming sites so Im sure you might not want to comment, but it be nice to hear it from Mr. No BSing Jaffe.

sidenote-any opinion on R2, LBP or KZ2 you could share? Your insight as a person in the industry whos opinion I regard is always great.

Anonymous said...

uum.. I HATE KOTAKU! just needed to say that :D Man the sites I love are Gamespot (duh...) and Gametrailers & IGN! other than that other gaming sites arnt that good, well in my opinion :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
Thanks for the input. You can always go back to the original format by clicking on that expanded view button. It saves it as your default when you do, or at least should.

David Jaffe said...

Brian- that's my problem. I LOVE the new format functionality so I don't want to go back. But I love the old format's look. So I'll pick form over function, thanks very much :)

Thanks for stopping by! Love your site dude!


Anonymous said...

Wait Jaffe you didn't like Role Models? That was easily the best comedy of the year for me.

Shit probably in the last 2 years

David Jaffe said...

Have not seen it and am dying to see it.

My point was, my understanding is that it's a silly, raunchy, over the top comedy (with some heart, I understand) and that THAT kind of comedy would be- to anon- the holy grail....versus a smarter, more refined, more intelligent comedy.

I love both kinds of comedy....ah whatever- it was a stupid post :)

but yes, very eager to see that flick.


Gazzo said...

I don't watch too many movies.

I just got around to watching The Dark Knight a few days ago. Good movie, by the way.

I also need to watch the new The X-Files movie whenever it hits DVD. I heard that it wasn't as good as the last movie, but it's still The X-Files.

Luka said...

I must admit i liked role models to a certain point.

The problem of the whole movie is that you can see the trailer and re-tell the whole story.

After 30 minutes it becomes a cliche, with 2 bumed out 30 year olds becoming best friends with 5 year old kids.

Luka said...

Ok, i just wanna say something completly off subject.

I am from Montenegro, not sure any of you heared of it, not a very important country(ex part of yugoslavia(serbia)).

God of war is pretty huge here, and that tells a lot since this is microscopic country that even i find difficult to spot on the map.

Anyway "in medias res"!

I say this because i wonder how the f*** do you stay so normal and simple when you brought something so cool to people worldwide.

It would blow my fucking mind.

P.S Sorry for any spelling mistakes, i learned english from cable TV and im trying to improve it.


Anonymous said...

I pretty much only check kotaku when over gametab and click on headlines that interest me. So it doesn't bother me.

Anonymous said...

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