Thursday, December 25, 2008


Swamped- sorry for such a dull holiday post!

Hope you all had a great, safe holiday and have been making the time to do all kinds of fun stuff.

Will hit you all up in a few days with details on how to win our annual EAT SLEEP PLAY New Year's prize. This year. we've got a couple of EAT SLEEP PLAY jackets to give away! They are cool!

Ok- gotta run. Talk in a few- Happy Holidays ya'll!



Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you again. I watched/listened to your feature on Kotaku (the podcast). Was pleasantly surprised to see you in there at the end, being an industry favourite of mien :)

Looking forward to the contest. Take it easy.

Anonymous said...


Damn booze and late nights.

Unknown said...

Where's the jam session with Papa Jaffe! I wanna hear some old skool jokes man!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

dude..Eat Sleep and Play Jackets? THAT'S SO FUCKING COOL! I'm gonna refresh this blog so often now. I'm determined to win this one.

Anonymous said...


grasshopper said...

Wow jackets...sounds really nice dude!
Hoping to be one of the lucky folks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi David. Just picked up your Twisted Metal-Head on, for my PS2. Nice Job1 As you said..your TM 2 still tops them all, but it was nice to play the real game again. If you ever add a "Twisted Metal X", Use the Game engine from TM2. It was the easiest to use as far as driving and playing. You might also add a schoolbus with burning books as its weapon, and a firetruck that squirts acid. Anyway.. Have a great Holiday and keep up the great games
fan for life

Crossopholis said...

*wants a jacket*

chamorro said...

Hi David Merry Christhmas i am a Twisted metal and God of war fan look the latest game of head on on PS2 is great game specially for the extras and the memmories of the lost crew. I honetly think that in the next twisted metal game should ask us the fans in general on what would like to appear because i would like to give you some advices and i suerly know that other fans has their opinion, i would like to ask you if you will consider them.

Have a nice day.
My score for the latest TWmetal head on is 9 no for the game just for the extras bonus

Anonymous said...

I BEG YOU. Do something PROPER this year, not another "ZOMG!!!!111 IMA CLICKEDED FIRST I AR TEH WINNER!!!11". Be creative.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and if you're atheist...have a good day

Anonymous said...

I found your blog not too long ago and I have been really enjoying it. You come across as a really down to earth guy. Thanks for your industry insights.

Unknown said...

I hope you're checking Steam right now, TONS of stuff on sale (some up to 50% off).

PlayStation Museum said...

The Eat Sleep Play holiday cards were freakin cool too. Check out the thumbnail of one at the museum website (

PlayStation Museum said...

Oh, and the 2008 PlayStation Museum Game Of The Year goes to Blasto! The game really isn't too bad. The dev team definitely had a riot making it. And I'm fairly certain the Pepsi promotion didn't happen because the game was taking so long to finish. (At least that's what I heard, have to hear it from Ami tho) I was told there was a healthy rivalry between the Blasto dev team and other teams.

BZKlint said...

In Soviet Russia, jackets win you!

Happy holidays :P

SonyJunkie said...

I had an awesome Christmas. Hope you did to if you celebrate it.

I want to win a EAT SLEEP PLAY jacket. Will rock it in school :D

erico316 said...

thank for the happy holiday thing.wish the same for you

Anonymous said...

will it be possible to win prizes outside of America ? Here on old Europe I mean...

Happy Holydays everybody

Anonymous said...

awesome! i cannot wait!

-rallyRAYS- said...

Merry Kratosmas to ya Mr. Jaffe!

A jacket!! I could use one... it's freakin' cold down here in Austin!


Anonymous said...

Ughh, now I have to check back every day so I can win that jacket. :P

Thirst said...

Merry Christmas and thank you for the card! :)

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, hope you had a great holiday!

I downloaded Calling All Cars! on Christmas night. Wow, it's really fun man. You knocked it out of the park, exceeded expectations. It's like a small, lighter version of Twisted Metal (car combat) with a very cool Nintendo sense to it, where it's just downright, pure, addictive, arcade fun! Jaffe, great work!

Hope all goes well with the making of the game!


Anonymous said...

Jackets?! Oh my Christ! Who do I have love up to/punch in the mouth to get one of those?

When are we gonna hear about your new project man? The suspense is killing me. When are we gonna get your take-no-prisoners/no0holds-barred review of the titles you picked up over the holiday! AND for God's Sake man...what did you think of EndWar?

vomit-stay wide awake-work
(working title for MY new game company)

Fahad said...

hey , whats ur email address ?

Fahad said...

I am going for 2 entries ,


Fahad said...

no . 3

Fahad said...

happy new year everybody ....

oh and i hope i win .. :D

Anonymous said...

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