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Oh and my 10 min. YOUTUBE limit ran out...but I was done rambling anyway :)

And here is the post I did on neo-gaf about the whole GOD OF WAR 3 Trailer reaction:

So my take on all of this, FWIW:

a- The footage aired on Spike looked meh. It was dark and grainy and I was watching on a SD television. But the SAME footage shown in screen grabs from this thread- which I guess was taken off an HDTV playing the footage in HD- was 100% ONE of the two GOD OF WAR 3 things I saw when I was in Santa Monica a few weeks ago. It is NOT the thing I was raving about- as I made clear in a video post a week ago- but I still think it looks darn good. To me, the stuff Spike showed when viewed in proper resolution looks like a AAA God Of War to me. It doesn’t rock my world but it doesn’t look: meh. It looks like I’d expect a next-gen GOW to look. Granted, the team still has a long way to go and I imagine the final game- in all areas- will look much better. But I still thought it looked good. Fair to disagree but at least you know where I am coming from/where my barometer is set for my expectations of AAA next gen graphics.
b- What I was raving about has not been shown outside of internal Sony meetings. I imagine it will be shown soon, but I have no idea. I also assume that the Spike stuff was turned in earlier than the stuff I saw (that I raved about) as the stuff I saw was for a meeting and didn’t need to be edited, reviewed by Spike,Sony marketing,etc. The stuff I saw that I raved about was probably finished 1-2 days before I got to the studios. The Spike stuff I saw had aleady been turned into Spike so it was 100% older. Not that I thought it was bad- again- just I can see how the new stuff I saw looked further along, for sure. And to give you an idea, the stuff I saw that I raved about looked about 25-30% better than what you see in this thread (the Spike footage played on HD). If that’s not exciting and cool enough for you, fair enough. It happened to blow me away and remains the best looking console game I’ve ever seen…beyond Gears 2 which so far is the best looking console game ever released.
c- Fuck you idiots with the painting thing. It’s not semantics, it’s not a trick phrase. If you know God of War then it doesn’t take much of a leap to assume I meant the footage looked like a painting of the concept art or a realistic, but bold and dramatic Renaissance era style painting. I am well aware a painting can be Andy Warhol style or can be Wind Waker style or can be- as one eloquent Gaffer wrote- simply them wiping their ass on paper and calling that a painting. But come on…is this really something you want to bust my balls on? We can argue and debate- when the footage comes out- if you agree with me that the footage DOES INDEED feel like a GOD OF WAR painting/GOD OF WAR concept art piece come to life…that seems a fair debate. But do you people really want to keep wasting your time and energy acting as if I was trying to sneak something by you because the term ‘painting’ can encompass all art styles? I think it was pretty clear what I meant. If I had seen something in GOD OF WAR 3 that indicated the art style had changed to a PAINTED Manga style or a WINDWAKER painted style or even something that tried to emulate the painted stylings of one particular neo gaffer’s fecal paste splattered onto a sheet of Charmin, then I would have hinted at something like that…but I didn’t so isn’t it kind of obvious what kind of painting I meant?
d. Some of the venom aimed at me is amazing. I'm not out to get anyone, I'm not out to screw anyone over. I was expressing my feelings on a game I had seen. It was not PR it was not spin it was not marketing. It was being jazzed about some ultra cool graphics and tech and I was sharing that info and excitement. I stand to gain NOTHING if GOD OF WAR 3 is a success. Hell, I stand to lose more if it is a big hit given that if the game fails- which it will not come close to failure, by the way- but if it DID fail, I look even better because then folks will go, "well, see what happens when Jaffe leaves...the game falls apart" and my stock goes up. Not that I want that to happen and not that that will happen given the talent on that team and what I have seen so far, but all I am saying is: to those who think this was/is some sort of attempt at starting a hype train, use your heads.

Take care- eager for the footage I saw to come out and then have that discussion/debate.

Later ya’ll…



Anonymous said...

Video is down David, and I don't want you saying that you took it down because you reconsidered and may have offended too many people in it.

Ramble more, it's more fun for us!
Eager for the vid.

Anonymous said...

People just to relax with this GoW deal...The game is most likely coming out in 2010 and people are already up in arms about how it's not this amazing over the top graphic crazy game....come on people give it a break until GDC or E3 where we at least see a extended trailer or gameplay....

Anonymous said...

hi david,you're fucking awesome homo,but I can't wait for that new god of war video that you saw,did you see uncharted 2??? that was fucking great

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, why do you even BOTHER to explain something to trolls? You see it doesnt matter if GOW3 ended up blowing up our minds, and going over what we expected, they would still find something to complain about.
I think trailer looked good, not on the grpahical level of KILLZONE 2 and UNCHARTED 2(from we have seen) but its there in top and i cant wait to BUY gow 3 and play it on my PS3

Anonymous said...

Did you delete the video?

Anonymous said...

Jack Black + Brutal Legend + Uncharted 2 + God of War III = fucking win! (eventhough not much was shown). Other than that , I didn't think much of the show itself.

MGS4 would have been a better choice than GTA IV for GOTY imo just based on the gamplay , but what they heck do I know?

Looking forward to seeing your game you crazy s.o.b.

Luka said...

It really makes me sick when i see how negative people are!

They all of the sudden spit on a company that game them one of the most succesful and best selling games in history.

Where the fuck is the gaming enthusiasm.What kind of pleasure can it be to critize a game that is ages from release.

Be positive people, be happy about aspects of the game that you love and that entertains you the most.

All the best David.Looking forward to seeing more of GoW.

Anonymous said...

F*** God of War III,and F*** SONY FOR MAK-Oh,for a second there I thought I was on Major Nelsons site.

Anywhoooo,come on,we all know it's only the Xbots that are bumping nuts and shooting loads on one another over the somewhat meh-ish GOW III footage,we all know it's going to be the best action game when it releases.

Unless of course Mr.Jaffe,you're working on an action game yourself...

Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to hate the "gaming community". Like seriously, from what I saw it looks amazing. If they released the game and it looked as good as the trailer did it would easily be better looking then 85 percent of just about every game thats been released this generation. Just cuz it ain't as good as Heavy Rain or Killzone 2 does not mean it looks shitty or even "meh". Oh and I'm surprised VGA's picked MGS4 as best graphics. I mean I agree with them but I was seriously thinking they would pick Gears 2. Oh and LBP as best PS3 game? Seriously? I mean I pretty much love it but MGS4 was a much better experience.

Anonymous said...

YAY David !

Some people at Neogaf really need to see a shrimp

I think GOW3 (in HD) already looks awesome. I can't imagine how beautiful it will be when the game is released.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when the footage YOU saw is gonna come out?

Anonymous said...

David said in THIS post that he doesn't know when Sony will show us that footage !

I missed the original video, damn ! I want more info about Brutal Legend, I love Tim Schaffer's games (A cooperation between Eat Sleep Play and Double fine would be a bit too awesome to be real)

I agree with what David said about Uncharted 2, this game looks fantastic ! And I love the way Nathan is talking to himself, it sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

lol dude why are you trying to justify the graphics it looked grat.

KingParappa said...

Damn how did I miss the 10 min vid? I like when you ramble about the industry. Anyways GoW 3 look good in my mind. I just want to finish the story cause this revenge tale is great in my mind. Hercules better be in this one. Brutal Legend is going to be the shit. Can't wait for something original to rock my socks. oh Tyson in my fight night! I'll finally buy a Fight Night!!!

Anonymous said...

oh and uncharted and god of war are my favorite playstation games.

erico316 said...

jaffe the god of war 3 trailer in hd is on the psn store they put it out last night.I loved god of war 1,2, and chains so im still looking forward to the third one coming out next year .
uncharted 2 is a huge game for me i loved the first one .have you seen the scene shot taken of game play yet?if u haven't i link u it them just let me know.good luck in 2009and whatever project you working on .

Anonymous said...

i thought god of war looked sort of like a painting style. sorta like the new prince of persia. but couldnt really tell. it was short. but i cant wait for this game. its cool jsut pausing the HD video i downloaded off the PS store kep pressing the right button on DPad. get a frame by frame of the video.

and it better be march 2010. sorta a tradition every god of war was released in march. not sure bout cell phone game though.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you David. Award Show's in general don't need, or shouldn't need, a "Game of the Year" award, or "Best Game" award, as that is a subjective category to narrow the selection down to one game.

Personally I would like to see an award show reboot. Instead of "Game of the Year" rename the category "Most innovative Game of the Year" or something to that affect that will celebrate the talent within this great industry.

Show's like the VGA's is such an embarrassment because it feels like they don't know anything about video games. It's all about ratings and celebrities to pull in said ratings. What we need is an award show from, and by, the industry itself celebrating and recognizing their achievements.

After all video game's have come along, long, way from what they are today and we need a better way to show our appreciation through a different venue than the VGA's or G-phoria.

Gazzo said...

I'll be honest, I didn't even watch the entire show. I watched like 15 minutes of it, just to see the GOW trailer/teaser. I only have an SDTV, and you're right. It really looked grainy and the colors looked rather bland and whatnot. So today I went to Gametrailers and watched the HD version-- Much, much, much better.

I wasn't blown away by the teaser, although I was surprised to see the gauntlets. I was reminded of the Gauntlet of Zeus in Chains of Olympus. (Great game, might I add. Needed more situational stuff though, like platforming and maybe a few more puzzles)But I digress.

I was reading the comments on the GOWIII trailer video, it amazes me that people are still throwing fits over systems. It's ridiculous.

Broski24 said...

Hey David, love reading your blog.

Anyway, I totally agree about the GoW3 trailer. I thought it looked great (in HD, mind, because like you, I found the SD feed for all of the videos was rather poor).

But anyway, like I said, it looks great, especially the really nice animations, (i.e. the wall run and QTE of Kratos swinging around, and that new weapon looked pretty damn sweet). And if you think it looks even better with the other thing you saw, then awesome, that's certainly promising IMO. I honestly don't get all the hate the trailer is receiving (especially since you have said this is clearly an earlier build).

Oh and btw, Uncharted 2 was the other highlight of the show besides GoWIII, and I agree, the guy who plays Nathan does a great job. I haven't yet played the first one yet(I know, I need to get on that, lol), but I could tell he was really funny and charming and just the way he delivered those few lines was great.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not a "people" problem, or anything like that: I'm fucking excited about wallrun, lighting effects, and all that stuff.
The true problem are haters, or whatever you wanna call 'em. I mean... man, it's GOD OF WAR!
The first two games were amazing... in Feb we'll have Killzone 2, then Uncharted 2 or Heavy Rain, and then, hopefully, God of War III.
I agree on what this man here said:
"Jaffe, why do you even BOTHER to explain something to trolls?"

Anyway, I think, Jaffe, that your last comment on God of War III HYPED everyone too fucking much.
They were all expecting super pumped graphics... But what we've seen here, it's not THAT good. I mean, it's "on working", and, just to make an example, it's not comparable to Uncharted 2 graphics.

Or, maybe, we "ain't seen nothing yet"?

Anonymous said...

I wish I had TIVO to skip all the bs too.

TyrantII said...

This award show felt like less about the games and honoring the industry and people that make it happen, and more about pimping out \ hyping new games, and selling ads.

Burger king ads over everything, and the very annoying "pre-order this at gamestop" crap after every teaser.

I'm sorry, but that really turned me off and trivialized it to me. Isn't the point to promote the industry as a whole and recognize the people on the leading edge?

Instead we were whore'd out to be sold something and inflicted with pitches that should have only been in commercials.

And let's drop the crap of celebrity presenters.

They don't know or care about the industry and it's fans, and it's very obvious they're just there for the paycheck and ready to boot before they make it on stage.

That said, you could tell Jack Black had a great time as host, and also loves games. Unfortunately they limited his time on stage horribly. The other exception was Kiefer Sutherland, who seemed passionate on his work and where the industry is headed.

Any future presenters need to be in that mold. Less of Dookie forgetting his lines, or some hot broad who hasn't touched a video game ever.

If we judge industries by how well their awards shows are, the gaming industry has a way to go.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even have answered the idiots evidently its hard during these times to think anything out logically.

I had the same opinion after watching the videos again on

However I thought the whole VGA show was garbage. It was a long fucking commercial with shitty music. The best part was Neil Patrick Harris.


Sadeq said...

Thanks for a good laugh Jaffe (especially about them gaffers).

Anyways, I loved God of War III trailer. If they can model Kratos this way already then I am sure to be pleased. Did you see that new weapon? I just love it when he shakes his hands and it moves and makes that click sound.

And what about Uncharted? Nate still amuses me to no end. He's probably the most believable character in any video game today.

Keep rambling and putting a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

hey jaffe thanks for creating such a great franchise !
by the way , why aren't releasing details of your new game?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaffe, you need to learn to shut the fuck up about upcoming games. No matter how relevant they are to your previous work or whatever.

People are already taking the piss out of you on GAF for that "clarity" post. Just don't feed the trolls, mkay?

It's okay, I know GoW3 is going to kick so much fucking ass, it will rape my head with a gigantic Gorilla dildo and I will like it. It doesn't have to look like Crysis to be amazing.

Also, why the hell do you think Gears 2 is the best looking game ever created, even when only talking about console games? Hello? Do you know what is running under the hood of Killzone 2? That shit blows my mind and I know what I'm talking about. Gears 2 has many many weakpoints and while still good looking, the engine is hitting its limits. Partially destructible environments are nice, fully destructible buildings are fucking better. High Res textures are nice, but High Res textures + deferred shading, unlimited number of lights, specular maps, nAO32 HDR + 2xAA are fucking better. Etc.

You should check out some of the newer footage. I've got it in 720p on HDD. If you don't have it I can upload it somewhere for you if you want.


Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up yourself!
Oh man everywhere this fanboys..
Gow 3 ist THE BEST no gears 2!!
PS3 is better no XBOX360!!
I give a shit about graphics...
the only i want in GOW3 is:
A great Story and Gameplay!!
the Graphic of the GOW3 trailer is good enough for me!!

you are the best!!
I love your Blog!!
All the best,
robin from switzerland

Anonymous said...

David, to all those who keep bringing up this painting shit, fuck them. I havent seen the spike gow3 footage in hd, but it still looked great to me. I looked at it frame by frame cause i was bored, and saw Better textures, resolution and animation than what was in god of war 2, especially when he grabs that flying bird. Overall the graphics reminded me of the firsr unreal tournamnet 3 trailer showed at E3. Either way cant wait til i see more. Cya mate.

Anonymous said...

@robin: You're a fucking idiot. Never try and talk to me again. Dumb shit.

I don't give a shit about which game is better in your opinion, and I didn't even say which game was better from my point of view.

I'm comparing technology of games and game engines, you stupid fuck. Besides, KZ2 and GoW3 are both PS3 games.

Unknown said...

Did u guys notice a message on the god of war 3 trailer at they end of the trailer you will find a message saying 6f here look at the pictures on this following link

Banov said...

Dave, I found you on facebook! XD Are fans allowed to friend you? Or am I just kinda creepy >_>

da criminal said...

Greg- hey. You are not creepy, far as I know :)

BUT yeah, Facebook is for family, real life friends, and colleagues. Sorry :(

I figure everyone else has enough access to me already :)

Unknown said...

Hey Dave i watched the god of war 3 and found 6F at the end of the trailer, does the 6f possibly mean that the game is going to run 60frames or theres going to be another trailer on 6 february?

Anonymous said...

awesome vid, i must say every time i watch a jaffe blog vid, i enjoy hearing how down to earth and honest he is. As for the GOWIII footage, it looks good, it looks fun, but it didnt look like much actual gameplay and it didnt blow me away. i cant wait to see newer builds, assuming this is a very early build this game will look amazing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Don't you think this makes for a MUCH better trailer:

E3 & Spike trailers edited together. New sound & music mix.

Anonymous said...

stingerlvl3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stingerlvl3 said...

Hey, Dave. You seem to be a big fan of Amy Hennig's work on Uncharted. Were you also a fan of the Soul Reaver games she worked on?

scarslasher said...

If you ask me, the VGAs made fun of gamers for than it celebrated them.

But if you can't laugh at yourself.. *Shrug* :)

But most of it, I just found incredibly corny. Seriously.

Unknown said...

David Jaffe i know theres going to be a God of War movie but i know who should play the roll for kratos and definitely sounds like him im talking about Bill Goldberg from wrestling he should play the roll i mean look at him David i know your reading this check out the link and tell me that doesn't look like kratos

Rami said...

Another awesome video. The GOWIII was sort of a let down. Not because it didn't excite me, but because I didn't think it was a good teaser video. People who never played a GOW game might thing, "I don't get," when they watch the video.

Anyways, Jeff, are you involved in any shape or form with the team? I really hope you are involved in the development process seeing how this is the last game in the series. Unless...this isn't the last game...

Shovion said...

I disagree with you, David. I found the VGA's extremely disappointing, and nothing like other award shows.

Mind you, I don't sit through every minute of every Oscar either, but there is a striking difference between the Oscars and the VGA's - the VGA's just seem to be a thousand times more commercial - and publishers and SPIKE are taking advantage of this fact.

When you watch another award show they present the winners with the award. They tie a face to a name for a recognizable award. In the VGA's you watch a half dozen game trailers, some lame attempts at humor by B-rate celebrities, and less than amazing musical presentations.

I wish that they simply did away with some of these needless commercialization and pop-culture tie ins, and get to what really matters - giving the awards to the developers.

Sure, maybe "Best sound effect" or whatever is an unimportant award - perhaps the list of awards needs to be tuned down a notch. But my biggest gripe with the VGA's was when they went off and listed 10-20 awards in rapid succession - as if a back-stage producer went "Oh hey, we have about 20 more awards to hand out, and only 10 minutes to do it... I know - Get that announcer woman in here!"

They just spent too much time jerking off, and not enough time actually paying homage to the studio heads. They spent so much time with little sketch comedy bits, hip hop songs, and overdone trailer reveals... I just can't respect this show - I never have.

They should have icons up there awarding new and exciting titles. As hot as she is, FUCK Eliza Dushku giving a VGA. I'd rather see Sid Meier giving awarding the best strategy game... or maybe Carmack awarding the best use of graphics - at least that would be more appropriate.

If the VGA's want to maintain self respect among the gaming industry, perhaps they should bring you out to award the best action game.

Maybe some day the ESA will get off its ass and do something like that.

Unknown said...

it's all about presentation. a TEASER is called a teaser, because his job is to tease.

god of war 3's teaser wasn't that spectacular. because kratos was running around, killing a horde of enemies, looking mean, etc. nothing new there.

uncharted 2 had alot of cliffhangers. first teaser, he was in the middle of nowhere holding a dagger whilst bleeding almost to death. first impression "OMG what happened?" - second teaser he wakes up in a train hanging over a cliff. it gave the same impression of "WTF is going on??" - it didn't show anything about the gameplay or the mechanics, etc.

I think, he we would've seen a close-up of kratos talking some macho-bullshit about chaos, whereas the camera would slowly move out and we'd seen, I don't know, a pile of butchered monsters, in my opinion that would've given more hype.

people do underestimate the power of teasers/trailers - just as an example, if you can, watch the trailers to "nochnoy doozor" (night watch) the us version and the russian (original) version. if you watch the latter, your face is about to fall asleep, whilst the american version kicks the socks off your feet. (the movie itself is boring as hell).

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that GOW is a playstation game. I can't justify buying a sony for the lack of great games.. ..please don't, in responce to that coment, rhyme off a list of games you psfans consider to be AAA ps3 titles, it's just not true. The sony console is just not worth it this time around when the 360 has more AAA's then I have ever seen on a console. I'm not a nutjob xbox finatic, I loved the nes in the 80's, snes and neo geo in the early 90's' 3D0, ps1, dreamcast, ps2, and I'm writing this from a wii... I just got really fed up with sony for being over a year later then microsoft and promising a surperior system that in reality, is far less capable of delivering better looking games due to an absolutly retarded arcitecture, and a business model that devalues the inteligence of the consumer. I enjoyed the Gow franchise on the ps2, but I in truth, the only reason it's being so highly anticipated is due to the lack of exclusives on the ps3. I have a huge prediction on the future of the console market: Apple "iplay"

Anonymous said...

The spike vga are always a joke. They are taylored to the "absolute morons consumers who are not capable of an original tnought", or little white kids who listen to 50¢ and obsess over wrestling. We need to stop watching garbage award shows that drag gaming into the same type of cookie cutter comercialism that the music industry occupies. Gamers don't care to see 50¢'s new rap, movie stars acting, wrestlers, skate borders' bla bla bla.. ..we are watching the video game awards to see what? ..that's right VIDEO GAMES AND THEIR CREATERS GETTING AWARDS!.. ..duh. I've been a gamer long enough to know it's a self sustaining industry, and games are compelling enough on their own not to need all of the hoopla spike seems to think they do to keep its viewers watching the vga. I had to finally change the chanel because there was so little happening that had anything to do with games. I mean honestly, would you go on a game website to read about games if that site was more about the entertainment industry, music, hollywood, etc.., thats why they have separate sites for different aspects of entertainment. Maybe instead of calling it the Spike VGA, they should call it Spike's Entertainment Party for People with ACUTE ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVE DISORDER...US

Anonymous said...


We don't care. Enjoy your Shooter, Shooter, Shooter and Shooter.

I'll be playing LBP, Pacific Rift, Wipeout HD and a little game called MGS4.

Watch how all of those are top sellers and top rated games, and only one of them involves guns. Involves.

Twat. Now go back to GAF.

Anonymous said...

G4 got it right. One year they did something very much like the VGA's and it was a bust. Next year they changed it so that the awards are on XPLAY and its smaller, simpler, but its 100% about the games. No celebs. No musical guests. No waste of time. Just the games and the winners. Thats how it should be done. The VGAs are whats wrong with how we perceive video games. Sexist. Childish. Nerdy. Half the awards were handed out off screen for goodness sake. The brutal legend skit before the footage was revealed was cringe worthy.Half the audience didn't even KNOW who Tim Schaeffer WAS.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog =]

But I'm sorry man,the GOWIII trailer doesn't look like what a GOW3 desrves.If Factor 5 can make "Lair"[which looks great but plays like balls] on the ps3,and Naughty Dogs can make a game with great graphics like Uncharted 2..I expect Santa Monica to blow our heads kaboom--However,I know that the story+gameplay will be amazing!

Not saying that the graphics suck--all I'm trying to say is that GOWIII desrves better!
Hope you pass this to Santa.M


Anonymous said...

There needs to be a next gen version of Twisted Metal released. The amount of fun you could have playing that game online would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Some people say that the GoW3 trailer looked like a PS2 game and I really have to call bullshit on that! Anyone who reads this and thinks that should take a GoW2 screen shot and a GoW3 screen shot from that trailer and GoW3 blows it away already!

David, it's still kinda sad to know that you're not involved with GoW3 but I think it's in good hands because I thought GoW2 was amazing, I know I'll love the next one! When are we gonna see another game from you? Another downloadable game? Maybe another Twisted Metal? Or better yet! A downloadable Twisted Metal? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey David,just started coming to your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have to admit, the clips of things you've said that I see on other sites did not endear you to me. However, actually hearing it all in context now, I'm quite impressed. Anyway, can't wait to see that other footage, and I would LOVE to hear how you would compare the new Uncharted screenshots to God of War. From my perspective Uncharted 2 looks like it might top the graphics of every console game I've seen, so it God of War going to look even better???

Anonymous said...

yeah, I don't know why you apologize for rambling, that's actually what I enjoy most about your blogs.

I wasn't really taking the VGA footage to heart, considering it's not that huge of an event, so I wasn't expecting santa monica to bring their A game.

It looked more like they were *forced* to do it, so they just threw a video together of what they had at the moment.

A lot of the textures looked particularly low res, i'm guessing their working textures, so it's not a big deal. Hell they probably don't even have normal maps on them yet.

I'm eager to see more footage, probably at E3 next year.

Anonymous said...

Dave, when are you gonna reveal yourself to actually be the lead designer for God of War III?

If you do, I will french kiss you lol

But seriously though, i'm scared for GOW3 sometimes, i'm afraid it's going to end up needing that Jaffe kick in the ass that the second game was lacking.

Anonymous said...

luke... the director of the 3rd game has already been announced. Sadly it is not Jaffe =(

CaptainKovalski said...

I dont care what the haters are saying, Im super pumped for GoW3 and I think it looks badass.

Your the man!

Anonymous said...


I agree sometimes shows get really boring.
I thought GOW3 would look something like that

It's just a phtoshoped pic from the new trailer...but maaan it looks amazing.

Flying Wombat said...

I actually think you have a really good point about game awards being a strange concept. From my perspective, the amount of change that takes place during a year in videogames makes it difficult to place games that come out earlier in the year on the same level with games that come out later.

It makes more sense for movies because movies have slowed down in terms of innovation. In that industry it's all about creativity now. Games as a whole are still constantly evolving, and the amount of innovation that took place between the time that GTAIV came out in April and the time Gears 2 came out can be quite substantial.

I feel no shame in saying that MGS4 is undoubtedly my favorite game this year, but ultimately the games that came out earlier didn't have the same technological benefits as even the games that came out later in the year.


Anonymous said...

I think the fact that you don't want to sit through "Best sound effects editing" is exactly why there needs to be a category for best sound effects. B

eing involved in your industry as you are, I'm sure you appreciate every team member that builds your vision and takes it a step higher. But in the end, Mr. Director/writer/designer gets all the attention for the end product. I think it's important that some of the more specialized positions get attention. As it recognizes the hard work and the industry's dependence on highly skilled individuals. Without amazing sound guys, special effect guys, music composers, even key grips and coffee getters, everything would look like youtube; whether it was directed by Peter Jackson or your 47 year old neighbor that gets the mail in his underwear.

And I agree, you can't exactly say if one game is greater than another...though I do and will always argue for my preferred...I think it's still important to highlight. It's not so much which is chosen as which are considered. To me, MGS4 is the greatest game of this year. That doesn't mean Gears of War 2 is bad, just that it isn't as good. (In my humble opinion)

Speaking of GoW3, I was very under-wowed by the video. I think GoW2 looked amazing but there needs to be serious gameplay advancements in order to wow me with 3.

Uncharted 2 looked great. Wanted...I can see that, but plenty of action/adventure films have done the whole hanging off an edge bit. I loved Uncharted. After playing GTA4, I loved Uncharted even more.

K-I'm done.

Sadeq said...

God of War III to end the series? If this is true, then it's really sad news for me. I mean come on, Kratos will always find someone to kill, maybe the Titans (if he doesn't kill them as well in III). Source:

Sadeq said...

Been meaning to ask, David: how successful was Extra Twisted Edition on PS2? (from a sales point of view).

Anonymous said...

Im sure there will be plenty of footage at E3 09, if there is one.. then people can decide for themself if improvements have been made.. and if its has met all of there expectations.

Im eager to see more footage of Uncharted 2 aswell, and not these almost erotic teaser trailers...

Heres some new screenshots, for those who havent seen it already.

Somehow i dont see how Naughty Dog are gonna use up 100% PS3's power though when the last game was using 30.. and K2 is using 60..

No load times is a nice touch mind :)

Anonymous said...

I was a bit dissapointed by the trailer. The way God of War was designed, without a player controlled camera the game should have a significant graphical advantage over other games that allow the player to look at anything they want by pointing the camera at it. With the camera being in the control of the developer, they only need to build out what is on the screen and render out exactly what the player will see from a specific controlled camera angle and nothing else. This fact alone would make me believe the game should be the prettiest game to ever come out. The footage shown so far is far from that. I guess my expectations were a bit high.

Anonymous said...

hi david
your probebly not reading this but anyway and to bad you couldnt post the old one cause it allways intressting when you rambling on about games and other stuff don´t want to write them all down
i thought the trailer looked awsome im one of those little kids that wanted god of war when i was like 12/11/10 donno cant remember when it came out but my mam sayed it was to bloody and i wasnt allowed to play games for a week cause i asked her if i could get it anyway and when i could get it i got my ps3 and i forgot about i but after seeing this trailer and i remember seeing gow 1 and 2 on gamestop the other day and seriusly that trailer hyped me so much i just loved everything i just want to see more and i feelt the same feel i got the first time i played gow 1 demo on gamestop maby it was the full game donno but it was awsome you and santa monica did make a great job on that one what i could tell from the demo and people that saying that this one (god of war 3 ofc) looks like a ps2 game got to be blind cause i looks just as a next gen game even though it doesn´t have the graphical appeal uncharted has it still looked freaking amazing all the action

and i can´t agree with you that gears of war 2 it the best looking console game ever release to this date i still think uncharted looks freaking amazing i don´t know wich one has is the best technolgy wise but i think that your personal opinion of how the game looks is what matter

now after my painfull wall of text and instult on you opinion maby its fact i donno

anyway bye


Anonymous said...

Hi! David i'm a gow fan from china .l bought a ps3 just for gow3 and final fantasy13. I think the video is just ok .but still i hope it will be better and better.believe it or not there at least 10000000 people know it or have seen the gameplay in china.At last i hope gow3 can come out in 2009(better have a chinese vision) -Liu ji xin,Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Unknown said...

i dont understand why some guys on here dog jaffe.... He is one to most open minded outspoken dont give a fuck guy much respect to a guy to doesnt conform to the ideology of the gaming industry. He might of been a little over zealous about GOW3 but honestly do u think sony will show the good shit right away???? Thier not microsoft who show polished and repeat a unreal 3 engine every new version of gears and i am not knocking it trust me gears is a fantastic game but looks the same as the first one just they made a great co-op and a shitty multi-player wtf anyway Jaffe keep speaking your mind and fuck everyone else if we had more ppl like you in our industry we wouldnt need 5 sequels of COD we would have sweet new ip's and less EA backwash FTW

Unknown said...

I have to said that i believe in Jaffe and if he said that he saw a God of War III with the best graphics on a consola game is for something, by the way i guess that he surely has a demo of Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and any other amezin game in development for the PS3, he also is playing Gears of War 2 and he said that the sequence in video of God of War III was better than that game.

The only thing that i dont understand is why Sony or Santa Monica Studios didn´t sent that sequence that imprese Jaffe, Sony sometimes made this type of mistakes that don´t see a reason to commit...

But what else we need to be pacient´s an hope for the cinema shown to Mr Jaffe.

Anonymous said...

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AVS Sambyal said...

David sir if ur reading this i have to request u something ,sir im an indian boy, i had just got a gift PS2
from my relative i accepted it it just to play ur GOD OF WAR 1,2 i wanted to play its 3rd part also in PS2 but u have made it in PS3 ,sir i cant buy a PS3 coz its of 25,000 rupees sir my parents prevent me from spending much money on games, sir i love ur game but i cant play its 3rd part juat coz u have made it in PS3, its not just me sir but there are some other children too who dont have a PS3 they just had enough money to buy a PS2 and play ur Games but now when u have made the 3rd game in PS3 their dreams have been shattered, sir i beg u if dere is anyway in wich u can make the 3rd part of GOD OF WAR in PS2 please i beg u to try that sir its my dream to complete all GOD OF WAR's part if u can create the Game in PS2 plzzz think of it sir ,I beg u

Anonymous said...



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