Friday, February 20, 2009


And here is the amazing box art from SLOT RACERS! I saw this and HAD to have it when I saw it at Service Merchandise at Eastwood mall (a place enshrined in my childhood geek memory, along with Aladdin's Castle at Brookwood mall and the Brookwood mall theater).

With box art like that, how could you turn it down?!?! SO AMAZING!!! My little kid imagination was going off the rails!

And then this is what I see when I plug it in to my 2600: look, the old school games never looked that amazing and compared to the Intellivision, Atari 2600 had the worst graphics for sure (kind of like the 360 having shittier graphics than the PS3....I KEED! I KEED! Man, it's so easy to stir up a shit storm....or AM I kidding?!?!)

...but yeah, that fucker went back in the box and back to the store in no time flat! I don't recall what we exchanged it for....but it sure as shit was better than fucking Slot Racers!

Ok, later!



Anonymous said...

the mystery window??? hmm is it a clue???

Archminion said...

well i'm curious, mebbe u can uncover an image or summat ? lol

Chris said...

Hey David, some rumors already popping up about Twisted Metal.

Though most of them seem feasible, it's funny that this guy is making up facts that have never been said.

da criminal said...

I saw that story on TM PS3. We have announced nothing and trust me, if someone wanted to scoop what we were working on, I'd like to think we have enough cool features in our game worth writing about that we'd get more cool info than this guy put up.

There is nothing in this news story that is:

a- interesting
b- indicative of anyone with any insider knowledge of what we are doing...


SonyJunkie said...

That comment about the 360 and PS3 should stir up alot of fanboys if they take it the wrong way. But you never know and you like to fuck with people. Who doesn't?? LOL

After seeing this vid, I think when I get older, I am going to have my favorite games from years and years ago hanging in my house or office. Want to be a game developer so maybe in that office. My favorite game of all time will be up there. God of War of course.

Have a good one Dave. Can't wait to hear about the Twisted Metal you are making on the PS3, I mean the game that you are working on. :)

Anonymous said...

lol obsessing over Atari games. I remember being 9 years old and playing a demo of the first Twisted Metal and completely obsessing over it, driving my mom crazy until she bought it.

Jason said...

The over/under for the Kotaku headline "Jaffe declares 360 graphics shittier then PS3" is 1 hour.

Gazzo said...

I love the posts like these. Something that really stuck with me that you said was about people being nostalgic for games that you worked on, and I just found that kind of interesting. I don't know why. I guess I just never thought about it, but yeah, that would be really cool.

Anyway, I think that was the first you've ever stood up in one of your video blogs. I could be wrong, however.

So, when are you going to be able to reveal what you're workin' on, David?

Oh, and it was kinda funny that you mentioned the weight thing. I was looking at myself in the mirror the other day and I noticed how weight I've gained from doing all my school stuff from home. There have been too many times where I've been writing an essay and a piece of cheesecake looked too enticing to ignore.

Gazzo said...

Dammit. I keep missing words. I did that on my last reply too. Grammar fail.

*first time.

Sorry guys.

simon said...

Go to the Gametrailers forums, we love you there!

CleanNJerk101 said...

Considering the "Mystery Window" is next to your dashboard I reckon you have it there as part of this project & I believe it's a compilation of GoW with Twisted since you said those games were totally like the ones you made. I WIN

grasshopper said...

Man I used to love Service Merchandise as a kid...ya never hear much about that store. Not sure if it was all of them but mine had the little computers you "ordered from" then you went up to the front and waited for your crap to come sliding out from the mystery stock room. For some reason shopping there always stuck with me because of that.
And wow that Twisted Metal info story was BS...he might as well have just said its going to have cars with guns and its gonna look better than vague and stupid.

PyroHazard said...

I'm already nostalgic about TM games. I vividly remember going to Blockbuster after getting a PlayStation and picking it up thinking it was a racing game.

I was pleasantly surprised. :)


Apart from SNES and Nintendo titles, i HATED and still HATE every "ol' skool" game. And the reason is because, i was always fooled by the stupid box art.

Casey Cannon said...

Dude, you're the coolest person over 30. I love these kinds of posts, they show real insight of why you are who you are now.

This has inspired me to maybe frame a few of my most inspirational, perception-changing games; Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver, still great! Played it when I was 9, scared the shit out of me! Zelda: OOT, who wasn't inspired by that one? God Of War, the reason I'm here, obviously. Half-Life 2, first taste of a GOOD FPS. I think only in God Of War, I can say I was entertained all the way through the entire game from beginning to end.

Oh, and I personally don't think you're working on another Twisted Metal. You're just to crazy to be that predictable, lol. Must hear some more of "it" this year.

DBVII said...

I loved that Service Merchandise! I used to beg my parents to take me in there every time we were on that side of town.

Of course, you wouldn't be caught dead (no pun intended) on that side of Bham now...

Anonymous said...

David why are you biased against the wii?

why don't you make games for it now that you are independent?

does it make you sad that carnival games sold more than calling all cars?

Ryan said...

I never thought that was a window, but I guess I can see how others might.

Totally Off Topic: Any chance of you coming to PAX this year? I love meeting the few devs that do come, but more would be more awesome.

Zodiak said...

meh only things I get are brain freezes, no sun headaches. Unless the west coast has that problem lol.

never got the Ateri catalogs, just the retail catalogs every x-mas.

I think I have a lot of influential games, too many to think of. But yes Twisted Metal comes to mind, Final Fantasy 7, Die Hard on the NES. So many games that inspire me to get into the gaming industry...that's if the job are available in this shitty economy we are in =[


TrevDogg said...

yea i feel that way about twisted metal 2 and FF7/8 that was my childhood :-D i really hope ur brewing up something really badass david.

Deputydon said...

I remember when I first got a super nintendo. One of the first games I ever got was Uniracers and I used to play it for hours.

Oh, the goods times are killin' me.

Anonymous said...

For me personally, as a kid, the only thing that kept me playing those games, on the Atari 2600, was the box art. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is a great example of that. I would picture the box art (despite how shitty the game was)and emulate it in my head while playing the game, letting my imagination go wild. Even going so far as adding my own sound effects at times.

Then I owned a Nintendo and it was all over with.

jack said...

Ok, I'm just gonna go ahead and admit something that probably most or all of the xbox 360 fanboys would never admit. First, let me say, I am not a fanboy. I own a 360, a psp and my pc, which has many games as well. Ok now for the admittance (if that is a word). The reason I own a 360 isn't because I find it better than the ps3. In fact, except for halo 3 and gears of war 2, all the games I own are multi-platform games. The reason I own it is because it was cheaper. I only had so much money to spend. However, if I could afford it, I would own a ps3. Especially with games like Resistance 2, Killzone 2 coming out, uncharted and part 2 coming out, GOW3 coming out whenever, LBP. All of these are PS3 only games. My favorite games are L4D, dead space, far cry 2, POP, Call of Duty. All are multi-platform games. I think I should sell my 360 and get a ps3.

Not just for the games though. A built in wireless adapter I don't have to spend $100 on would be nice. Also, having blue ray, a hard drive bigger than 20GB that I don't have to pay extra for and free online play. I know the 360 has the best online play, but they've had longer to figure it out and obviously they should be better with all the money they receive from $50 a year subscribers. A media card reader and the design are other reasons I would rather have a ps3.

Sorry for the ginormous (yes I realize that is not a real word, but spell check doesn't think so, so who knows) post. See, I can't even talk about the size of the post without ranting. I think I'm worse than you jaffe. Peace!

Bob said...

You know I have to say, I am one of your younger viewers (15), and this post really did make me nostalgic for back when we had our PS1. My all time favorite game was Twisted Metal. We even have a video from a long time ago of me and my older brother playing it. But man, you did create one of my favorite childhood gaming memories.I remember that my older brother, who is about nine years older and pretty censorious, wouldn't let me see the endings because he thought they were too violent. I ended up buying a copy online a few years back just to play through and see them all. But, I remember the day we sold our PS1 for an N64 I was so sad to see my favorite game go. But the day we sold our N64 to get a PS2, the first game I wanted back was Twisted Metal. I also want to say Twisted Metal or not, I'm sure your next project will be great and I will be picking it up regardless.

So in closing, I owe not only owe you a thank you for a great childhood experience, but for continuing that great experience with the things you work on now.

Banov said...

Whoah! Actually saw Dave get up and move a little bit in this one! I's kinda rare to see you get off your ass. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

@Deputydon: I totally caught your Modest Mouse lyric reference, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

Anonymous said...

david david david... i check up on you 3+ a week.... still no news on twisted metal ps3... WHEN DAVID WHEN!!!!!! :(

Gazzo said...

What the heck, Dave.

I was browsing neoGAF, (I just browse, I don't post there) and I noticed the topic about you and the biased email journalism thing. Do they just fucking scour your blog to find things to attack you on? I mean, seriously. Jesus Christ. I don't know how you can stand it, dude.

MrDaBucket said...

No offence, Jaffe, but practically all those games were garbage. Sorry I had to step on your childhood. Great post, though!

da criminal said...

Garbage?!?! Dude- Slot Racers, yes.


Ok, Raiders - compared to Adventure- was a garbled mess that unless you loved the fiction was pretty much unplayable...but the others?!?!

From that generation and on that system which games do you think are great?

Asteroids and Missile Command were great- and Ms. Pac Man. There were lots more. But those 3 I listed above were not in most people's shit pile, I assure you.

Wow- an OLD SCHOOL game argument- refreshing!


PlayStation Museum said...

Dave, Thanks for showing us what's in the frame. I thought I spotted Atari games.

HairyAsHell said...

I think you shouldn't frame that white board in your video posts. It always distracts me into trying to figure out what's on it...Hehe ;)

Dominic said...

Yeah, they were really trying to sell the game back then. Remember the Shadow of the Beast cover?

Killa-Indian said...

Hey Jaffe I work for a site called

Please check it out. We would love to get an interview. We are an up and coming site.

da criminal said...

Killa- been to your site and I like it. Would be happy to do an interview with you guys. What email should I hit you up at?


The Beaner said...

I'll decorate your office for you, david.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

ps3 may have better graphics on exclusives, but they don't sell enough for anyone to know about them, get your head out of your ps3 ass. I used to be a PlayStation fan but they have really screwed up this gen.....maybe next gen they'll be back.

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