Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Come interact live with me tomorrow nite

Hey- I am gonna be SKYPING into tomorrow nite at around 8pm to be on their cool new video game show.

My understanding is if you guys wanna interact with the show, you need to watch it on and we can all chat live. Or if you just want to watch it old school just go on over to and give it a watch.

I'll see you guys over there hopefully...sorry so few posts this week, been really sick with crazy sinus headaches and terrible cough. Getting better tho. :)

Ok- later!



Unknown said...

awesome. I'll be there. Look out for me David.

Casey Cannon said...

Awesome, I can't wait to hear you rant live!

Anonymous said...

Start a pool on how many times we think Jaffe will drop an F-BOMB

Unknown said...

I'll try to make it on to watch the show. Hope your sinus headaches get better. I seriously can't function when I have one.

grasshopper said...

Sounds cool...will have to check it out unless I forget or cant figure it out. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Jaffe. I'll be there! And get well why don't ya!

VGambit said...

Can you make it a little more clear what time zone you mean? I'm not entirely certain your 8 PM is my 8 PM, because I live on the east coast.

wocyob said...

big fan of your work Mr. David Jaffe :P
ill be there

PAYBACK-joker said...

Yo, that's awesome, I'll definitely be there to watch and participate in what surely is to be tv/internet gold!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, sweet tits !
good luck


Anonymous said...

Cool. Im hoping that I can make it.

TrevDogg said...

sweet ill be there to listen. i dont have a camera or skype :-( owell its always a good hoot to hear u rant or as u say "ramble" xD peace dude

David Jaffe said...

8pm Pacific-...sheesh, doesn't EVERYONE live in sunny So Cal?!?!? :)


Anonymous said...

Dave I have skype, but i'm not signed up to those sites. Do I have to sign up to interact?

Oh yeah, I'll be sure to check it out either way.

Anonymous said...

did you end up checking out teh indiana jones writing confrence transcript. It just seemed like soometing you'd love.

Barter In Blood said...

da criminal said...

8pm Pacific-...sheesh, doesn't EVERYONE live in sunny So Cal?!?!? :)

Try 10 degree snow covered Michigan! :[
Not much to do here. That's why my life consists of being in a band and playing video games.

Thanks for the clarification though i was looking for the time zone as well :D

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to having you on the show, David! Should be fun times.

Barter In Blood said...

we just filled out all the info on our blogger page and are making sure the picture works.

Sorry for the waste of a comment!

see you tonight at 11 PM EST haha

SonyJunkie said...

I will be there. Hopefully I can interact. Not sure if I will though.

Anonymous said...

try Sunnderland UK!


Access said...

Mr. Jaffe,

You kindly fielded a question of mine on LAGtv this evening regarding breaking into the game industry. I appreciate you taking the time to visit the community at LAGtv, you are easily the coolest guest I've ever seen on the show by a mile.

It feels like a difficult time to be breaking in... I've found that even internships are becoming scarce here in Vancouver, BC. Like I asked on the show, I've just been looking for that edge... looking to meet and exceed the requirements of respected developers like yourself. I realize that programmers and designers are a very different breed, but I still appreciate the insight you offered.

On a side note, thank you for putting the new host in his place. You're a champ, seriously.


Anonymous said...


Good interview on your part, but that dude was a prick.He was pretty unprofessional and didn't know his facts.

Dude I know you do plenty of these, so it's ok if you want to pass but I work on a video game site called HipHopGamer...


Basically, I'm a writer on the site but the dude who runs the site has a weekly show and we would love to have you on the show. We've had guys from Bethesda and SCEA on the show, and we always try to ask professional questions.

If you would like to do a quick 5-10 min interview with me then I can contact you over skype, and I'm just curious on your thoughts on gaming, your previous projects, and what you hope to achieve in the future.

I know you havent announced your current project yet, and I respect where you come from. The same for my boss who does the weekly show.

If you'd like to talk to either of us about maybe appearing on the show for a little while then contact me on skype:

Username: MattG728

If not, it's cool. I still respect what you're doing and what you stand for. Stay good man and keep up the good work

PAYBACK-joker said...

Awesome interview Dave, I truly enjoyed how you "Jaffe'd" that guys, amazing.

Keep up the good work.

wocyob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wocyob said...

thanks david for answering my question... im wocyob "love how people dont know what it stands for"
well any thanks and that was a fun interview i must say haha

Anonymous said...

A bit amateurish-ish, but they meant well.

Unknown said...

im sry but is terrible

Anonymous said...

Amature? Come on guys. It was our third show in the new studio. I'll give you that we had a few technical difficulties but far from amature.

David was a GREAT sport and I feel this was an awesome interview.

We invite you back anytime. Thanks for joining us!

Anonymous said...

Well it was certainly interesting to watch...

I really dug Becky, she was a great host and not bad to look at. Her questions we're pretty good and she really seemed to listen to Jaffe unlike mr.Hollywoodhair..He really needs to start paying attentiont to what the guest is saying, instead of thinking what he himself is gonna ask next.

The set desing was pretty nice, and althou' there we're some technical difficulties, overall the show went smoothly enough.

Why am i ranting about this here? i have no idea.


In what sitcom do the characters play Twisted Metal ?

( sorry about the broken english. )

Anonymous said...

MattG, you're one to talk about professionalism. is nothing but flame bait.

And unfortunately, all that shit makes its way to N4G.

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