Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GDC plus ANOTHER blogging break

Here is the ListenUp! podcast I was talking about...BonusRound links when they hit.

later you guys!


Keith K said...

If we don't hear from ya by E3, I hope the world hears ya at E3.

Anonymous said...

This is the only blog I visit on the internet, hopefully you'll be inspired to keep doing it. :)

Darren said...

You reffering to Hideo Kojima's keynote there David?

David Jaffe said...

Anon- I will keep doing it. I love it. Just fried right now and don't have much to say and don't want to post for the sake of posting. I will be back- hope to see you soon. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

David you should just post about things you're up to... what you got accomplished with your game that day or what new games you've been playing

Make some mini reviews or something so we can hear what actual developers think of the games we're all playing.

Post about some random shit man it's always a fun thing to see a new video of yours up.

TrevDogg said...

yea u will be missed jaffe. we'll see u soon though ;-) keep workin on the game and i cant wait to hear from u at E3 hopefully :-P peace bro

Jguy275 said...

I agree with Murderdolls, just post about what's going on in your life. I would love to hear about what a designer does all day and stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

A little hypocritical that you are taking such a long break especially how you started out the video by saying that you "believe in frequent content" and don't have "gaps of months." I understand that you are out of things to say but even if you see a cool video or read an interesting story in your spare time throw it up on the blog so we can see it. I enjoyed hearing your opinion about onlive. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Plz dont take too long jaffe this is the only blog i follow

Gazzo said...

I don't really have much to say as a viewer, either. :P

In any case, see you later. This is pretty much the only blog I follow, so it's slightly disappointing, but really, if you have nothing to talk about, I have nothing to read or watch, so it really doesn't matter, right?

I'm glad you had an all right time at GDC. I'll talk/comment later on whenever you get back to the ol' bloggin'.

Murderdolls's thoughts on you doing reviews of games is a cool one. They don't really have to be in-depth or anything, just little opinions. I'd read it, anyway.

Anonymous said...

hey david,

will we be hearing about what your working on this year ?

CleanNJerk101 said...

Okay David, have a great time & cya later Mofo.

Anonymous said...

:( oh well, I bet you i will still check daily to see if you've broken it :P

Justin said...


Awesome blog. I've been reading for a few months and I seem to agree with many of your viewpoints. Hopefully you're not gone for too long. Later.

Justin said...

p.s. that intro music for the 1up podcast you linked is pimp!

Justin said...

ah shit, one more thing.

David do you have anything to say about this article?


It's related to some of the things you've been talking about lately and would like your take on it.

DigiMish said...

David, if you're not sure what to talk about, how about putting up a poll for the readers?

Have some specific design issues you want to discuss that can range from something specific to more broad choices.

For example:

1) Dying and restarting in games.
2) Weapons on cars.
3) Interesting level design.

The readers vote, and everybody wins.

In any case, you mentioned some time ago that you would like to talk more about design so that this blog has more of a topic, and I think a poll is a really great way to reflect that.

Barter In Blood said...

this is the only blog i follow too.

take your time.

we'll be here.

and you know what would be fun? not sure if it would be legal. but you could make a metaphorical story, telling us everything about the game you're working on and its development but entirely in a metaphorical sense.

like lets say you were working on halo 4 (super random pick? :D) instead of saying "well the warthogs are now all red, and guns shoot various food groups such as fruits and vegetables now" etc etc...... it would be something like "there once was a pack of wild warthogs that ran under a bucket of red paint! And then there was a hunter who tried to shoot the red warthogs with appless"

and etc etc. you could make the story entirely nonsensical, prolly have fun doing it. and we would all read a super super super abstract "story" and suddenly millions of people are speculating what all the symbolism could POSSIBLY mean in relation to the new game!

hahahaha it would be a fucking field day for me and anyone else who follows your blog. funner than an easter egg hunt!

It would be a universe of mental discourse and you would be the big bang!

Anonymous said...

april off o.0. but lots of games come out this month ... not to mention movies o.0. not to mention tv finales... not that you speak about tvshows often o.0. well have a nice break o.0. don't overwork.

Hellhound30 said...

Well take your time Mr. Jaffe, and rest your mind. I love listening to your blogs, and your rant sessions. Most of the time I think you speak whats on most peoples minds. Either way I hope to hear something from you at E3...

Unknown said...


Ok...thought this was a good cos play of Kratos.

Too bad I didn't get to meet you at GDC. i had some stuff for you to sign.

YoungZer0 said...

Ah, before you leave us alone for so long here is something i made yesterday:


It's very related to one of your blogentries.

I hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

Even when you dont have anything to say its still something interesting for us to watch.

I dont know what that says about us lol but its entertaining either way.

Anonymous said...

Young, that picture is awesome!

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I'm in the same boat as that first Anon. This is the only blog I frequent on the net.

Here's to hoping you suddenly realize you have A WHOLE SHITLOAD OF STUFF TO TELL US and you return shortly. :P

Anyway, take it easy.

chad said...

great podcast man.you had a bunch of valid points.this gen i really hate game journalist too.it seems the market for games has so much more money now.with the wii 360 ps3 and 3 handhelds.it seems a new gamesite comes everyday trying to make clicks.i think atleast 50 percent are atleat somewhat based on the money they will get.so they make crap articles just to piss people off.or something untrue to get attention.it really sucks for ps3 fans.people have so much negative energy twoard sony this gen.so great games like heavenly sword uncharted get not so good reveiws.plus the whole game reveiw is just someone's opinion.i know lots of games that scored low.but i still enjoyed them.i wish it was more like the old ps1 ps2 days.where so many games had demos.i would much rather like just try it out myself to see if i like it.but only aaa titles most of the time get demos.even though thats starting to change.and you already know in most cases the aaa game will be atleast good.and for game reveiws that's why i love metacritic because of the general reveiw not just a one person reveiw.it's so hard now just to go to n4g and find articles that are not flamebait, biased opinions,or just crap.like the 50 cent blood in the sand review. i think the problem is that someone who is not into hiphop and the younger crowd would enjoy the game half as much.and i dont think that a huge percentage of gamers are into that.well i don't know i know that my opinion doesn't really matter that much.but i loved the podcast and wanted to comment about it.well dont stay gone to long david i love this blog.

Alclay said...

Come on Jaffe!, You don't have to take a break from Blogging for a month just because you don't have anything to talk about.... there's plenty of stuff to talk about.

I wouldn't care if you just talked about stuff that happened on a random day at work or something that caught your eye while out on the town or whatever. I enjoy watching your video blogs regardless of the content in them.

Even though you probably live an oridinary life, Regular joes like me not in the gaming industry and that are fans of your work would love to know what goes on in the average day of Jaffe :)

You could talk about what you think of new upcoming games, what you think of new movies, etc... I think you get the drift :)

I hope you guys at EatSleepPlay get a chance to finally announce your project at E3.

Love the blog Jaffe. I wish other devs. out there had their own video blogs like you.

Chris said...

Jaffe, just blog when something comes to you. You think about it too much. We aren't expecting a blog every single day at the same time every single day. I can't speak for all of us, but we tune in to hear your rants. When you think of something to say, say it. No more, no less.

a_German said...

April fool hoax?
I hope so.

Magnus Ahlberg said...

Hi Jaffe

Now, what the hell was that David ^_^;

Love your blogg, you will not be able to stop blogging for a month, i bet all my dimes on that and you shouldn`t dude.

If you want to just vent some anger, share ideas or whatever, post again, we will all be listening and feel insipired by some reason.


Anonymous said...

I echo the sentiments of the previous posters. This is the only actual blog i daily visit , i find the honesty of it all thoroughly entertaining and refreshing. Its great that you dont have all the PR BS thats associated with some blogs.

I do like the PS blog but its never really going to give you some honest opinion and insight into gaming and the Playstation world.

David i hope the game is progressing well and we all hope to hear from you soon!

Dublin, IRL

YoungZer0 said...

Thanks anon. Took me like 3 hours to complete it.

Archminion said...

keep sloggin away, hope to see you have a nice demo for us at E3...

Guy said...

Hey man just listened to your 1upYours podcast. It felt odd/rude to me when you started telling them how to do there podcast, I mean they aren't telling you how to run your blog. Just had to get that off my chest but otherwise the rest of it was really good except when you talked about that car crash thing, what was that about? :S

Archminion said...

So the game is confirmed as BDR anyway...

Miguel said...


I'd probably take less blog breaks if I thought anyone read it. I get your point though...I guess?

Fred said...

Spirited Away isn't an arty film, it's just a well made animation. It is wildy imaginative but essentially a children's movie so it's not exactly a bizarre arthouse thing. I know it was just an example you plucked out of the air, but it kind of annoyed me.

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