Friday, April 03, 2009

If you are looking for something cool/sweet to read...

...and sweet as in emotionally sweet...not sweet like, "fucking SWEET dude!" then click here.

It's a fantastic article over at Comic Book Resources from the guy who runs the Earth 2 comic store in Sherman Oaks, Ca.

You don't need to be into comics to dig what he's saying and what he's saying covers so much of what I've been going on about these last few weeks: childhood nostalgia, digital vs. retail, being a geek, and doing what you love in life versus what society tells you is the 'right thing'. I really enjoyed reading it this morning and I hope you do to.

I'm up early, trying to get the team a bunch of notes before a bunch of the team heads off next week for spring break. Whole house except me is asleep and it's very calm and peaceful right now...but I hear my oldest in the next room stirring and I know she'll come running in here any moment. So I better get done what I can before that happens.

Chat later ya'll! Great weekend if I don't chat with you before!

Oh and: FAST & FURIOUS this weekend! SWEET!!!



Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that, have a good weekend yourself David

Merc With a Mouth said...

That was a great read!

I've been having a hard time deciding what to do for my life this far, but now i'm certain this is it.

I never grew up with my father, but when I was around 6-7 (i'm 17 now) my mother took me to this comic book store, to pick some Spider-Man comics. It wasn't long before I became a regular, and after years of visiting, the owner became like a father too me, and everyone. After one of his 16 year old employees mother died, and was left without family, he adopted him. But then about 3 years ago, he went out of business. I don't think i'd be able to develop a bond like what I had, anywhere else. I haven't really been keeping up with comics since either. (Though I think partially, it may be due to them getting pretty expensive over time..)

And from what this guy describes - Sounds exactly like my experience. It's really inspiring.

By the way, have a great weekend yourself, Jaffe!

TrevDogg said...

great read, anyhow have a good one this weekend ;-) ima check out the new fast and the furious aswell. VIN DIESEL FTW!!!!!!

Clement said...

Since the topic is sweet things to read, I thought I'll drop again the link to the transcript of the story conferences for Raiders of the Lost Ark with Spielberg, Lucas and Kasdan.

Here it is:


SonyJunkie said...

Going to see Fast and Furious tonight. Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Let us know your thoughts, Jaffe, of what you thought of Fast and Furious. Personally I'll never see it nor will I rent it. I liked the first movie, but now it's an obvious attempt, by the film studio, to hank on the utters of the cash cow in which it'll sell. Movies like that tend to be watered down, so to speak, and lack the potential that it could of once had. But that's just me and don't necessarily speak for everyone, obviously.

David Jaffe said...

Toy, I'm just seeing it for the action and stunts. I thought #3 was a good-enough B movie but the stunts and driving were great! And it's the same director. So that is why I'm going to see this one.


Unknown said...

Are you ever going to do that live webcam thing again with all of us? Tat was a lot of fun.

Gazzo said...

That story was really cool. It's kind of sad to see a lot of the "Mom and Pop" stores closing down due to the economy. Truthfully, I don't go to stores like that very often. Mostly because there aren't any around here anymore. I'd like to pop into a comic store one of these days, though...It's been an awful long time. I miss that. :(

I haven't bought a comic in years...Hell, I haven't read a comic in years.

iceveiled said...

New F&F, admittedly, looks decent. Probably go in a couple weeks to avoid all the ricer assholes who show up to these movies on opening night.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you David. I can't wait to see the new Fast and Furious. I'm taking my nephew tomorrow afternoon to see it.

chad said...

hey jaffe i have a question for much of a career can a artist have in video they hire diffrent artist for diffrent projects.or do they work for the company full time.and can they be just really talented artists.or do they have to have a art school background.any reponse would be greatly appreciated.thanks

David Jaffe said...

Chad- it's all over the place. I've worked with full time artists who work for the publisher and/or developer (i.e. so they get a regular paycheck every 2 weeks with benefits, bonuses, office Xmas party, a real job, you know)? Then I've worked with freelancers. Used to be freelancers were mainly concept art folks but these days, freelancers model, texture, animate, etc. So there are lots of options in the biz.

As for school, my experience has been that school is not necessary BUT you get paid what you are worth and the best artists I have worked with have gone to school for it. MOST of the artists I've worked with have gone to art school, come to think of it. But there have been a few- I think- who have not. But the art staff on your game are the ones who hire so they look at your work and interview you and they know their stuff and the field is FULL of amazing artists these days so a self taught artist who could hang with most/any of these bad asses would surprise me, but it doesn't mean it's not possible.


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Rey said...

my fave was Fast n the Furious 3 do to the fact i was located in Japan and Keiko Kitagawa was in it i just wish she was behind a wheel it would of been more awsome.

hay jaffe i know where geting to the 3d game play preey soon but what you think about a full vertual one? .hack//sign and the others come in mind.

are there any games or films coming soon that you want to see?

chad said...

thanks for the reply jaffe.your a cool guy.i have always been very talented at art.i figured without schooling it would be a long shot to land a good job.but i was just wondering.but i think that it's really good that video games provide jobs for artists.since there is not much work you can get by being a artist.

Anonymous said...

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious:

1. Seeks revenge against murderer of his woman
2. Doesn't care what happens to him, no fear
3. Doesn't say much in dialog scenes
4. Doesn't move much during dialog scenes
5. Brutal power during fight scenes
6. Complete the goal at hand at any cost
7. Accepts his fate
8. Bald
9. Buff

Yup, I agree with your Twit. Vin Diesel sounds like Kratos to me. ^_-


Sparced said...

Jaffe, you Disney lover, check this shit out!

Anonymous said...

nice twit thingy lol that be sweet and a dream come true for a god of war movie...oh and that hiphopgamer thingy i go to that site and watch his sunday shows..hes good and is a gamer like us not like all the other sites that are biast and chit

Unknown said...

I doubt that digital distribution is going to be the future for the industry. There are a ton of people out there that don't have high speed DSL connections and it would be a huge risk to release huge games like MGS5 or GTA5 through download only. It just doesn't seem like it would work for everyone.

And I believe that OnLive is never going to replace consoles. What would the world be without console wars? I love having a bunch of different systems with different characters that inhabit different types of games. Competition is important for the industry and OnLive would contribute to the exact opposite. I am very curious on how it all turns out however. The next couple of years are going to be super exciting for the industry and I am happy to be able to call myself a part of it.

Anonymous said...

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