Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Should we legalize Pot? + STAR TREK (mild spoilers)

NOTE: Someone just told me that alcohol is found in nature as well...so scratch that statement :)

Star Trek stuff kicks in around 7 min, so if you've not seen it and want to avoid spoilers, you've been warned :)

UPDATED POST: Here's a quick follow up to some of the comments:


theGRZL said...

I think you've got a pretty good understanding of the issue. The "big deal" is being generated by the loud-mouthed right wing. Who knows just how big the barking dog is? We'll find out through a ballot.

I also read this the other day:


da criminal said...

Yes but why is the right wing so opposed to it?

It seems to be the right wing has no issue with alcohol. And hell, the right wing tends to be more about making cash than the left wing. This could make lots of cash for us as well.

So what are they actually opposed to?

Stephen said...

Hi David,

In terms of your musings on Cannabis, there is an interesting BBC documentary that is saw this year that looks into the effects of cannabis. It looks into the whole gateway drug theory and gives a history and roundup of case studies on the drug. It is fairly balanced and scientific, and takes a little look into the social stigma that you mention. Its definitely worth a watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSaPdKDW6Xk

Still waiting to watch Star Trek, I'm looking forward to seeing Simon Pegg's performance since I'm a big fan. But I also find it amusing that he's willingly starred in the film when in 'Spaced' he openly perpetuated the "Every odd numbered Star Trek film is shit" theory. Im hoping it doesn't ring true and the fan service makes up for the alleged mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Impression after watching Star Trek Kirk=Jaffe :D And I say this after several months of watching your Blog

theGRZL said...

They're opposed to breaking their God-given morals/values, etc?

Anonymous said...

In response to your Star Trek comments, I agree that the story was didn't quite achieve what the filmmakers wanted to and Eric Bana as well as that whole story arch was wasted. But how can you call the action sequences such as when they jump out of the spaceship onto the drill dull when you said how much you liked Fast and Furious?

GrYnder McDuff! said...

With the marijuana thing- I agree that things are a bit topsy-turvy in that people are OK with alcohol but not weed. I'm NOT a regular user of both but I have tried both and to be honest, alcohol has far more potential to be dangerous than marijuana ever could.
I HAVE heard of some rare occurrences of people not taking their pot experiences too well- panic attacks and the like- but aside from that I'd say alcohol is far more dangerous of an intoxicant.

...Yet it's legal. :/

Now! Star Trek! I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I went in not expecting a whole lot, but I came out thoroughly impressed.
You may be right, they did sort of seem to try and fuck with you with the whole future/past thing but I sort of looked past that. Whenever a movie deals with alternate realities/time travel I give them a break because lets be honest- This whole time travel thing in movies never makes sense. Ever seen the butterfly effect? Sort of like that, but even that fell short of how grand time travel would change things.
During the movie I leaned over to my girlfriend and says "I wish the original series was this entertaining... Maybe then I'd watch it!"

Anyway, I'm rushing this post cause I'm late for work.

Take it easy, Jaffe.

iceveiled said...

Yes, absolutely legalize it. Obviously, making substances or even acts (prostitution) illegal doesn't prevent people from doing these things. If history has told us one thing it's that people seek out and do things we shouldn't.

So yes, legalize it, tax it, and let's get some money flowing into the government to pay for better roads, better schools, better health care, etc.

It's pot! For crying out loud you sit around and laugh and eat pringles when you smoke it. I'd rather go to a shop and buy a bag, with tax, than have to deal with the friend of a friend of a pot dealer where each time the bag passes through a hand some is skimmed off the top - which if you think about it is sort of like a tax.

Enough is enough. This shit is silly. Seriously? Pot is dangerous?

Unknown said...

thats a great documentary stephen, personally im on the fence with cannabis, i believe its the choice of the user,however i question how responsible the users are.
I havent had the chance to try it, but i am curious to see what the fuss is all about

Jack_Vykios said...

One argument a friend of mine said against legalization of pot (who is a stoner), was that people don't generally wake up in the morning and start on the whiskey (unless really, really depressed or something), but marijuana's different; effects go away in two hours, so you aren't wasting your day by getting stoned, so people are happily going to (as some do) light up first thing out of bed. They could easily just spend weeks stoned at a time, and then live like that.

I'm all for legalization, though, so...yeah.

Griffo said...

It can be mentally damaging if your mind is susceptible to it. I for one know that I wouldn't have the self-control to keep myself from indulging too readily in something which makes me feel good. That's why I stay well away from it. I'm messed up as it is, and I never drink and have never done any drugs.

I find it easy to drastically shift my frames of perspective on my own. It's not exactly good for productivity though.

I can see it being fine for some people, but there is no doubt that there are others who are simply damaged by it. My aunt is evidence.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

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Chris Hall said...

Let's not forget that while legalizing pot would likely open up a profitable steam of revenue for the overall economy, government is a form of business that has interests in making money for themselves, much like most corporations. Having pot be illegal, much like many non-violent crimes, generates lots of money for the feds, the state, and the affected municipalities. Have you ever gotten a $60 jaywalking ticket in California and wondered why? Same reason pot isn't legal, because it makes money.

As soon as it's more profitable to legalize pot and our esteemed civil servants see their jobs are not longer at risk for backing the issue; you can bet the money under your mattress post will start to be legalized.

PM said...

I have three real good friends who smoke ALOT. Their all good guys, in good health, but i have one huge problem with them--they never want to do anything ever! Want to go to a movie? No; Want to play tennis or disc golf? No; want to go out and get something to eat? No. If legalizing pot increased the number of people like this in out country, it would kinda suck.


I don't think it would. Pot is so easy to get a hold of--if you really want it, your gonna get it. So i really doubt that legalizing it would increase its use much at all.

just my two cents on the issue.

TrevDogg said...

LEGALIZE IT!!! DONT CRITICIZE IT!!! hahaha just had to do that :-P the issue is exactly what u said jaffe. older ppl just see it as a drug automatically bcuz the govt has shuved it down there throat. every since they were lil theyve been told in school and at home its a drug it will kill you! if ppl would accept the fact that this is natural and not cooked in someones basement than maybe we can jail some real drug cartel(mexico) and stop persecuting our own ppl for growing a friggen plant. they prescribe marijuana for asthma becuz maryJ is a bronchiodialator. marijuana cant help soo many ppl, not to mention the hemp that can be made here and sold worldwide for profit. our govt is just ignorabt and doesnt want to change. obama has done nothing but put a different face on the same devil. the only way the govt will change is if there are no dems and repubs just AMERICANS.

TrevDogg said...

can* help FUCKIN TYPOS xD

Anonymous said...

The legalization of marijuana isn't a right-wing, left-wing, political issue. It's a moral issue.

Right now we're having major troubles with Mexico being the main distributor of all drugs including marijuana. If we legalize pot who's to say that it won't be sold on the street, expanding beyond California? I understand that kids have access to alcohol and various other drugs including huffing products located under the kitchen sink. Harmful drugs of any kind needs to stop somewhere. Two wrongs don't make a right. Down the road what's next legalizing cocaine in 20 years?

Taxation on everyone is the only way to get out of as much debt as California. That's the way it is not drugs.

Plus we all know that marijuana is from nature and some may think that it's good for us. Oil is from the earth do we drink it? Of course not. Some may also say that pot expands they're minds intellectually, but at what cost? Pot is known to reduce reaction times and eventually make a person dumb. What does pot have that books don't to expand a person's mind? If we're talking spiritual experiences then find religion. Be one with the forest. Twist yourself into a pretzel and pray to the yoga gods. Do anything besides smoking yourself stupid.

da criminal said...

Toy- I won't respond to your whole post mainly because I don't agree with it and I'm ok agreeing to disagree.

However, the idea of the sort of shift in consciousness I am talking about being able to be achieved via yoga, mediation, and/or reading is simply untrue. I've done all of those things and they are great. But I am talking about the same sort of brain chemical shift you get when you drink alcohol (at least I assume being drunk has to do with messing with brain chemicals). You can't experience what it's like to be drunk from a book or from yoga...same with pot.

Anonymous said...

RE: da criminal

I'm the same way. I agree to disagree with what some people say on topics such as this but it's America. A place where we can express ourselves freely without constraint. But wait we're on the internet. Ummmmm .... lol jk

Anyways, all drugs on this earth cause a chemical reactions thus the heightened sensation when taking LSD, or the confidence one get's from drinking liquid courage (alcohol). But to shift one's consciousness drugs and alcohol won't do that. Sure you'll feel good but how does that expand or project yourself to another realm or plain? I myself have been drunk a plenty of times here on earth and yes it's enjoyable, but I don't experience a shift in anything. Sure people have different experiences, but it's a chemical reaction people are having not physical or mental experiences that some may think.

Most people are trying to find something of a higher power. It's fine. Find that something and roll with it. However, drugs is never the answer. You won't find high power in drugs.

I enjoy your posts. Having conversations like this expands one's mind.

Sean said...

maybe the question should be should alcohol be banned?
obviously no but to tell ya the truth i think both are for pussies who cant handle thier own mistakes and have to get high/drunk to get away from it. trust me i know pleny of pot heads and drunks and all i see is weak minded people.

plus did you ever think how many people will lose thier income if they legalize pot. not all of them are low lifes and it could seriously ruin families lives.

Zeus, you betray me! said...

I actually thought the action sequences on Star Trek were pretty awesome. It was an extremely entertaining movie, very modern.
I have to agree on the story, it was pretty simple, but I don't think story was the point in here, this was about visual action impact, in my opinion!
And I actually loved the final sequence, very epic with great sound editing and all. ( the soundtrack is amazing, by the way )
I'm not, however, a big star trek fan, I saw one of the other movies, and some episodes of the show, but nothing to much.

J.J. Abrams is a genius though. ( yes Lost, I'm looking at you )

About the pot, it's all a taboo. It is not healthy, and it can cause addiction as well, but every once in a while it can actual be pretty beneficial. Also I think it has been scientifically proven that alcohol is much more worse for your health then marijuana.

Cheers, take care

Lucas Sparks said...

I believe inhaling smoke cant be argued as "healthy". I don't care if you are smoking captain crunch, I don't want to walk through clouds of your Captainy smoke... Alcohol I would also agree that is "bad", but at least it doesn't directly affect those around you as well.

What about those that don't want to get "high"? Thanks...

Vitter said...

David, i never liked star trek, maybe as a lil kid, cause spock looked like namor haha, but growing up to me was pretty shitty.
Anyways, i found this movie to be a really well made popcorn flick, to me this is the way they should have done the latest star wars movies, with a character you see progress with the story and it´s adventorous, etc, like Luke was.. and not the stiff hayden guy.. the narrative in ST to me flows, the characters are well presented, and this is the first movie ever to not knock everything that came before in the hour to rebooting/remaking a franchise, the canon is not broken but this time travel accidents provoqued ¨us making fresh and new takes of this material/character¨ withouth upsetting smart people, not the blind fans.
Anyways, usually i feel/think we have a similar way to appreciate movies, and to make myself more in context of my tastes i can say, to me movies like transformers suck, no soul, only explosions, and this movie wasn´t like that, and the easter eggs were not directed to me obviously as im no fan.
Lucas wasted his chance to give us a fresh and modern take of his universe, thinking that shooting the movie fully in green screen it´s the ¨modernization¨of it, and not giving us an evoluted way of storytelling, etc, full with dull characters, maybe except for ewan who is a great actor anyways.
Time travel, and Aliens,to be the explanation to key plot points, usually end up being the lamest, like crystal skull was such a MESS.. it is hard to really pull off, but this movie does it pretty well, using it as i said before, as a tool, to creativity, but i really do hope, that it´s just used this time around and they can go forward withouth those tricks anymore.
This movie will be a HUGE succes at the box office, it´s been a long long time, since we had this type of adventure and cool movie in a summer, if u recently saw wolverine u know what i mean... but watchmen was great and endend up being treated like shit..
I wanna watch terminator salvation, i was really thinking it´s going to be awesome, but lately the pg-13 rating, after mcg was all no way we r not R, or those problems with the ending etc, are making me feel a lil doubt about it.. then i will watch gijoe and transformers 2, i love going to the theater, and those movies are made to go with friends and enjoy/have a laugh, and then talk about likes and dislikes after it, but in no way i think they are going to be great movies.
Then theres UP, pixar NEVER fails to deliver so, i will be there!

Anonymous said...

RE: da criminal

I appreciate the clarification of what you were trying to express. And again we agree to disagree and that's cool. I understand, also, that you don't have time for such debates as this because it can go on forever, especially when people are butting heads together trying to get they're view points across.

However, I resent the Nancy Regan remark with the 'war on drugs' campaign. Personally I don't let politics, or political figures, guide my life based on how they see fit. It's what they're doing today, through political correctness, which will catch up to them in the future, that's my opinion. But that's neither here nor there.

Anyways, again I love the posts. And enjoy your lunch.

Lucas Sparks said...

You stated the problem right there, it alters your consciousness. Yes, that is a fun past time for some - but for the majority of users, you don't want them frolicking the streets to begin with - throw in alcohol or pot and it gets even worse.

Yes, I haven't partaken in the act of experimenting with Cannabis myself, but I have been around my stoner friends way to long to realize what total waists of spaces they have become... yes, marijuana is not entirely to blame - but it sure has not helped them.

da criminal said...

Too much of most things are bad for you. This includes pot. If you are classified by friends as a stoner, then yes, I think that's a problem because it says that most days you are stoned. I think this is bad because it's an escape from the reality in which we are meant to live our lives. But I think that has more to do with the person than the drug. The drug can be a wonderful way to shift your mind and open your mind. But as a day to day activity? Yes, I would agree that for many people, that would lead to problems. BUT again, that is a problem with the person and the same is easily said for good, alcohol, video games,etc...

Anonymous said...

A Bag of Weed, A Bag of Weed
Oh, everything is better with A Bag of Weed and everyone A Bag of Weed, A Bag of Weed :)

And NO for draugs.

Lucas Sparks said...

So then what is legalizing going to do? It is not going to be beneficial getting tax revenue from those that do it, "from time to time" it is going to be those that lives are based around it.

And as I said before, you can't get drunk by being near someone that is drinking - but you can sure get high being near people legally smoking weed.

Juncti said...

Hey, just a few comments.

1. On your 2nd response. I think this video is a good example of why keeping this blog alive is a good thing. Prompts a nice debate on an issue. I'd also wager a guess that you enjoy having a place to go vent/discuss issues outside of just gaming news. (I know I've started to like blogging)

2. Why they don't want to legalize? I'd say a large part is admitting wrong doing. All the money that has been made off incarceration, all the jails that have been built, all the ad campaigns proclaiming drugs as bad, this is your brain on drugs, the huge increase in size of DEA and enforcement of drug policies.

They would have to essentially say "oops, our bad." Not to mention that's a huge deck of cards to come tumbling down all at once.

You legalize marijuana suddenly all that revenue is gone, crime goes down and there's less people to arrest, some jails might go empty, cops and prison guards would lose jobs, all the people in the system that process all these drug offenses wouldn't be needed (I know there's still crime and drugs if pot is legal, but this would take out a huge chunk).

Add all that plus the moral righteousness that people want to push on the populace and you have a hard job to get this legalized.

That said, I support legalization and regulation. I just don't think it will happen wholesale all at once. I think we'll see more and more states get in line with the medical provisions like California did, and then somewhere, sometime a state will pass full legalization, and little by little the wall will come crumbling down.

jason gianetti said...

I have a decent 3.2 GPA and perfect attendance at a major university. I also am married and (before school) had a well respected job. I also have been smoking pot almost everyday for about 7yrs. I know that I'm not the only one that can smoke my days away and still function in society. I do it mostly because it calms me down. It gives me a few moments to stop and smell the roses so to speak. I really would like it to become legal for many reasons, but mostly so that I could stop feeling like a criminal for doing nothing.

Chad said...

I don't smoke pot but I have before.In my opinion it's stupid fast food is more harmful for you than pot.Alchohol can also be a gateway drug too.Plus it kills more people every year than pot could ever kill.Did you guys know pot used to be legal in America's early days.But they tried to tax it and could'nt that's the only reason that it's illegal today.Google it,Plus the whole strong people shouldnt need pot.I think we all have a crutch of some sort.Something we do or need in times of stress.If you don't than you are srtonger than anyone I know.I think it's a waste of time and tax money with it illegal.But I think by alot of the main public pot is just misunderstood.It's nothing like cocaine or other drugs.Plus if pot was legal there would be more money and time to go after the really bad drugs.Well thats my thoughts on it. Chad

Anonymous said...

Hey man I love the blog. I come by all the time. I just really needed to say something on this issue. For one thing Tobacco by itself is not all that bad for a person yet cigarettes cause cancer and that is because of all the added crap put into them. Who's to say the same thing won't happen with pot?

There's that which if true brings me to my second point, second hand smoke. With everyone banning cigarettes everywhere why would pot be any different if they added all that shit into it? Why would it be different if they didn't? I don't want to walk through some disgusting cloud of smoke that makes me feel a way I don't want to feel. The main problem I have with pot is that it can affect people who are just near it. What if they allowed that shit in restaurants? Do you want to be sitting there trying to eat a nice meal with your kids and some asshole is blowing pot smoke all over the place?

I don't know what measures would be taken to address all of that stuff as I haven't done the research but those are the main things I wanted to talk about. That's my view of it Jaffe just thought I would throw my two cents in.

DM said...

Hey Dave. Here's the thing.
I don't see how legalizing pot would make more people use it. Taxing it to help the economy could work, but it won't get more people stoned. Most people know that pot isnt the best thing in the world for you, and they wont start using it just because it would be legal. If the parents educate the kids properly, whats the big issue ?

Anonymous said...

Hey I live in holland, weed is legal in here and it does not effect people lives at all :D

I actually agree with you, it should be legalized.

Unknown said...

As my psych teacher has said repeatedly "Every hardcore drug user started life drinking milk, so milk is the real gateway drug"

I agree that drugs are not the big bad bogey man that many people portray them as. It is possible to take most drugs casually and live a normal life.

However there are people who require drugs to escape their lives because they have been through tough shit and are using to self-medicate. This is a fact but it is not universal. Not every drug user has a psychiatric or psychological disorder. I can guarantee that every hardcore user does, but not the it's Saturday night so I'll get stoned with a few friends users.

Those casual users get lumped in with the hardcore and that is why drugs are perceived as the devil spawn. IMO opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and other natural drugs are perfectly fine and should be legal. In fact all three have legal substitutes such as morphine and novocaine.

And for those people who fear that addiction happens to easily with drugs like heroine you are wrong. You would need to use heroine for 4-5 days in a row to become addicted, one time use will not get you addicted to any natural drug, outside of some synthetic drugs.

One last thing, withdrawal from all drugs sucks but only withdrawal from alcohol can kill you unless proper medical supervision is administered. Just some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Well, in the drug issue, i can say that as someone who has experienced such drugs, a lot of fear comes from them to those unknown to these experiences.

My father, who is the most open minded person i know, and quite the anarchist as me, was sad when he learned about my experiences. And it breaks my heart to even acknowledge it.

It seems that somehow those drugs are a source of fear because the only time people hear about them there are some associated words that are always there, such as traffic, crime, etc., and that has made the mid of people a little too much.

Also, from what i understood from my father, such stances on drugs are allowed because drugs DO, in a certain way, free your mind, and most people aren't ready for such things. Therefore, the law tries to contain people so they can't hurt themselves. Which, even being an acceptable argument, is causing more problems than benefits.

Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
starblinky said...

Jaffe, I hate that you went off on someone calling them a sheep for saying drugs dont help creativity.

Fuck that man, you havent really experienced drugs as you say you have, fuck that, look at people who do drugs every day, I use to do hard and 'light' drugs every day for years and years until it ended up ruining my life and I was forced to quit. I have met all types of people that are fucked off this shit.

Does it help you see things in a different way? Yes it does you're right I cant argue that, but I cant stand you defending it like this and mocking someone who believes its bad and stating 'ooh you never put a joint to your mouth' so you dont know, well fuck that, you have done it like 5 times?

Well if you are a person that does drugs or knows someone who does drugs for creativity then I believe you can defend it if you feel its still right. But how can you feel its right when those people, once normal and healthy, are now completely fucked. Have you ever had a conversation with an intelligent person? Yeah probably, but have you ever had another conversation with that same person after they had done drugs for a few years to help their 'creativity'?

I am sure you would not still defend it, especially if it was yourself or a loved one who went through it/is doing it.

Kevin said...

I have to say, that fucking "Nancy Reagan" statement is a load of bullshit. I understand where you are coming from, but just because someone doesn't want it legalized doesn't mean that they are under some fucking spell. There are actually people out there that think for themselves, make decisions and use their brains to form opinions. Some people pull it from experience, from their own backgrounds. Pot does effect loved ones and friends of the people who use them, which is something I know far too well. There are more perspectives to this thing than the Reagan perspective, and you can't just spew that out there to the people who don't agree with you.

Besides, isn't it the sheep that usually drift into pot? It's almost like every fucking person does it, and they only do it because either their friends get them to do it or they're duped into thinking they'll become a better person. I think if you don't do drugs or alcohol, you're a pretty unique person.

BUT Jaffe, you're still one of my gaming heroes an I fucking love every game you have done. I probably came off as a jackass or something in my post, but I still respect you tons man and I dig your blogs and videos. :D

Unknown said...

Well, the drug issue for me is not an issue at all. The way I see things, every kind of drug should be legalized for people over a certain age, it's up to the parents to educate and instruct their kids on the benefits and dangers that they represent. I don't do hemp, or coke, or acid, or E and the fact that it is available in a drug store or even a bar will not change that behaviour. I do drink from time to time and it works great for me cause I'm to shy, so it allows me to loosen a bit.

On Star Trek, I can understand what you are saying but my take on that is that it opens the dors for new things to be done do the series, witch is good for new comers.

PS: Picard rocks! Thank's God Patrick Stewart took on that role!

Alastor Mused said...

It's Taboo in America. Propaganda and moral values have instilled a sense that "drugs are bad". If it weren't for drugs we wouldn't have great music or art among other things.
It should be legalized. People that are afraid the drugs will spread, don't realize drugs spread now. They spread faster and better then most businesses. We are talking about the one of the most dominate world markets here. If the US could grow it's own stuff and legalize it in some states it would help bring money in. Would need a system however. ID check of some sort. Just remember people, If someone wants drugs they can get it no matter what, why shouldn't the government tax and gain money for it. People are just in denial and feel taboo about the subject.

Shades Perk said...

I may have a slanted view on this issue due to family history of alcoholism/drug abuse but I don't want anyone to downplay the effects of self-medicating. I kind of resent the notion of people downplaying the harmful effects and how the culture surrounding drugs is borderline dangerous.

Not to say pot is just as bad but I know people who use the aforementioned drugs as a means to function in their lives. :\

Hellhound30 said...

Mr Jaffe... Pot is awesome! Its better than beer, but to be honest my drug of choice has to be a triple aaa game. You are right, every now and then a little pot could'nt hurt... I wish I could get high... it really is an awesome way of relaxing. You know, get home from a busy day at work, and just settle down with a blunt, or a joint and just chill... people do the same thing with a beer? Why not bud? I don't know if it ever comes down for voting on a weed that groes out of the ground to make it legal (LIKE GOD ALREADY DID.) I'm going to vote. also this comments for another post you did...."can't believe Walt Disney was such an ass...."

Anonymous said...

Pot laws do more harm then good IMO. I worked at a great job for 4yrs with not a single write-up or missed day. But one day I got a random drug test and failed, I was fired on the spot. I could have went home and got drunk as a skunk, but as long as I did my job nothing would have ever been said. I'm still finding it very hard to get employed in my profession due to a failed drug test that had ZERO to do with my on-job performance. I never used on the job only at home.

The_Iceman2288 said...

Interesting fact about the Nancy Reagan/Just Say No thing - a group of kids from a British TV show (Grange Hill) released an anti-drugs song and as a result were invited by Nancy to Washington.

Long story short - they all got stoned in the White House.

KonKat said...

Weed is definately a tough issue, and when it comes to it I'm a lot like you. I have gotten high on marijuana with friends before; not a lot, but I have and I know it's effects. So it's safe to assume that I am NOT an uber stoner.

So yea.. I agree with what you were saying. :)

I still haven't seen Star Trek.. I was gonna watch it with my girlfriend, but she saw it with her family and I just haven't gotten around to it. I don't know what you said about it though because I didn't want anything spoiled.

Aegis1337 said...

Usually the blog posts on here bring out some valid points and unity amongst the viewers but damn...this topic (as I would have guessed) brings out some atrocious stupidity.

Someone said "I question how responsible the users are."

-Did you not listen to Dave's post? Is he not a productive, responsible human being? I know doctors, architects, programmers, teachers... some of the brightest people I've encountered, they're pot smokers. There is nothing dictated in ones life by the act of smoking pot. If your responsible... then your fucking responsible, pot smoker and all. I know, it must be hard to fathom. Ironic that your posting name is also a strain (also a ancient African nation)... funny coincidence.

Other people who claim they can alter their perspective without using a substance are right. But your wrong if you think that it is any way similar. You don't know what you don't know (in simplest terms), but to deny it as a viable form of enlightenment isn't for you people to say. If you haven't tried anything then you really don't have an opinion worth respecting, or one at all for that matter.

Someone stated that stoners are more likely to kick off their morning with a joint than an alcoholic is to kick off theirs with a bottle of Jack. You must live a sheltered life, as it's fairly easy to occasionally see people waiting outside a liquor store before it opens in the morning. Oh yea, and as opposed to people who like Marijuana...they get fucking volatile and caustic when they don't get their drinks in before 12PM.

Another states that their stoner friends are just plain lazy. To them my question is: Ever see people who don't smoke weed who are lazy good for nothing slobs? Chances are if your buddys lay off the smoke...they may still be just that~ LAZY!

Then there's Toyboxx. In this case I cite his name specifically because he is so grossly misinformed in his "truth" that he seems to think his statements are actually remotely accurate. If smoking pot is a "moral" issue then have fun maintaining that paradigm of virtue you've established for yourself. Just don't preach your yuppie shit to the rest of us pal. For one so adept at "twisting up like a pretzel" and upholding philosophical protocol, you must never have heard the phrase "There is no right or wrong, just perspective". It basically means that although you think you're upholding this standardized "right" or justice, it's really only right because that's the way you perceive it. I won't tell you that you're wrong, because you believe in what your saying. Just don't tell the rest of us that your right. See what I'm saying? Example~ Lions find killing zebras morally compliant. Zebras, as living creatures find the act of being killed by another species to be morally void. "Truths" exist within each of us and in turn lack an absolute quality. Oh by the way, drinking oil is just plain stupid. That was meant to be a logical symbol? Cmon' man, THINK.

Enough with all these goofy comments. Marijuana and the personalities of SOME individuals who use marijuana are mutually exclusive. I agree with Dave that everything has a downside when it surpasses moderation. Seriously though, the government and scientific studies don't even try to pass some of the claims on this page as "fact" I.e. "Pot is known to reduce reaction times and eventually make a person dumb". Find me a link to a reputable study that verifies that information (no, not some fucking outrageous propaganda ridden commercial, where a girl melts into a couch).

As an everyday smoker for years, I eventually gave it up (got boring I guess). You know what's changed? I have a bit more energy and feel slightly more inclined to go out after work. Did I get a promotion from a Chemical Technician to CEO of the company? Nah. Do I get in trouble and go to jail less frequently? Nope, never did in the first place. Surprise, surprise everyone! I'M THE SAME EXACT PERSON!!

If you wanna delete this for taking up your whole page then go for it Dave, I just had to put thoughts into words or I would have lost it. People need to be more open minded. I think it was a great blog post. If you see this shit, let me know how to send you a site banner I'm working on. degaczewski@gmail.com


wocyob said...

i agree 100% that pot should be legalize i realllly should....

i used to smoke alot of pot a few years ago and its not bad at all

i used to love it i still love it but i just cant smoke it anymore for some odd reason... idk lol

my best friend was brain washed into thinking pot was evil and shit

but just a few months ago he told me that he did it a few times and he liked it

and thats the shit that pisses me off the most... you cant judge something you never tried

the way i see it is that keeping it illegal we are seeing more people getting killed over this shit and thats just fucked up

idk just what i think on the whole thing... i could type more about how i feel on this but i dont feel like writing a shitty written book :P

Lucas Sparks said...

Your argument is stoners are not dumb, yet they all want pot legalized. Thus = stoners are dumb.

Do potheads not understand how badly taxed Pot will be if it is legalized? It is going to be much more expensive and why would stoners want government controlling their favorite substance??? They are going to outlaw (just like cigarettes) in basically every area so you would not be free to do it whenever you like.

ALSO, it is like legalizing masturbation (for outdoors) yes you could do it, but you'd be ridiculed for it and look worse than if you were doing it in the privacy of your own home.

Unknown said...

Thank you David for posting that second video, because that's exactly how I feel about smoking pot. I'm really annoyed by the people who have never smoked pot ever, but they say its stupid. I don't condone using drugs often, but if its used occasionally in a safe environment, it can really be a special event.

Unknown said...

I'm fine with legalizing pot and I don't even smoke it. I don't even drink either. I think you have really good points on how people automatically hate and they eat whatever propaganda is fed to them.
I mean, if they don't legalize it, people are still going to smoke! Why not just make it legal? You can already get intoxicated with booze and crash your car into a family van. I doubt pot will make a difference.

Anonymous said...

"Everything that is new or uncommon raises a pleasure in the imagination, because it fills the soul with an agreeable surprise, gratifies its curiosity, and gives it an idea of which it was not before possessed."
Joseph Addison
I thought this quote sort of related to your post, haha.

Chissock said...

I totally agree with you on your views on drugs; I've done marihuana a couple of times and it's been a great experience, but it ends there... I can't imagine my life being high all the time.

If you abuse anything being drugs, alcohol or food, you're going to live an unhealthy life, guaranteed.

PS. Here in Chile we have the "San Pedro", it's a cactus that when cooked right has some very interesting properties :P

XII said...

I'm just going to make two quick points here. The first one is I don't see how pot is illegal and alcohol is legal. I have never heard of anyone overdosing on pot. Drunk driving can end the life of an innocent person. Its sad but the drunk driver is the one who usually survives a tragic accident.

My second point is that nowadays drugs are being laced with other checmicals/drugs. Like another user said pot can be handled by many people before you smoke it. Who knows what the pot could be laced with. Wouldn't it be safer to go to a store and buy untained pot?

Jack wants to comment said...

Mr. Jaffe,

I am first and foremost a believer in freedom. Nothing can ever take the place of true freedom. So in my view, almost all drugs should be legalized. That being said, I am firmly opposed to using them myself, as a matter of persona preference. But you asked why the right wing is so opposed to drugs. While I am not a conservative or a republican, I can sympathize with a lot of them. They hold their values very, very high. What grips a lot of them about the drug issue is how it could potentially dethrone those values in the minds of their children. This is fear at its most basic level. For this same reason, many people fear that violent video games can corrupt our youth.

But fear is to be confronted if we are to remain a nation whose highest value is freedom. We must take these issues as challenges of our character. We can't keep restricting and banning and outlawing forever. We have to face the world we've been given. Gay rights are another similar issue, but a far more important one because these people can't simply stop being homosexuals and marry someone of an opposite sex. So while I may be able to sympathize with the fearful, I can only take their ignorance and cowardice for so long.

I hope to have children some day. I will raise them to be two things and only two things: 1) Open minded 2) Individuals. How else will they be able to confront the world of tomorrow?



Catherine Rector said...

You were just asking for controversy with this one haha

I guess my opinion on this one is that I PERSONALLY have had a lot of people in my life who have dabbled in pot and I really could care less what they do. My issue is when it becomes a necessity in a persons life, the same as alcoholism. I have known probably a dozen people who just could not live without the feeling every single day and the habit caused them to get into other drugs or to start skipping school, work etc and its not a wise thing to do.

It's like my views on religion. I'm not religious, but that doesn't mean you have to be. Just don't push it on me. I think the only way I would be intrusive about my choice to go without drugs is when I see a close friend headed down a steep slope into a lot of trouble.

It's all about personal choices I think.

On the topic of legalization I guess it's kind of like this. A bunch of people abused the substance and they ruined it for all the honest people, the medically ill and for whatever other honest purpose it could have been used for. Now there will always be that one big issue tipping the scale to keep the good and bad from balancing out.

S3NT1NEL said...

I'm getting your POV, but I can't shake the feeling that you've basically encouraged people to try out these drugs.

No doubt that the majority of people are responsible enough to not get caught up with them, but the proof is out there that there are always those who will be.

There's truth in that the people have been influenced to see drug use as more negative than it really is, but I think we're a better society because of that as well.

A said...

I agree with the above post. It does feel like you're encouraging people to at least try drugs...and you actually made me curious, because I would definitely love to experience that out of body / another point in time feeling.

Unknown said...

Star Trek has already made over $80 million. It's well on it's way over $200. This year's Iron Man is confirmed.

Unknown said...

Up with Hope, down with Dope!

Booze, Wine, Prozac, Buds...if you shun one, you shun them all.

Tobacco made America. Can marijuana save it?

Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Jaffe.

Briankbl said...

Okay, I apologize in advance because I am about to go pretty sci-fi on everybody, lol. This whole comment may sound ridiculous to most, but I felt the need to spit my 2 cents out here.

In order to explain the timing of when pot was outlawed (1961), let me take you back to 1947. The first "major" U.S. cover-up in history, as far as I know. Whenever something alien or supernatural occurs, the gov't is right there to pull down the veil on the subject and deny deny deny. With the Roswell incident's successful cover-up, the doors to Gov't control/conspiracies was blown wide open. This leads us to pot.

Indians are known to many as a mystical/magical group of people, dwelling in knowledge of the supernatural. Disturbing Indian burial grounds, hexes, curses, etc. It is also widely known that to enter these mystical states/trances, Indians would smoke pot.

What if, and I mean this is a titanic "what if"..., the U.S. gov't outlawed pot in order to prevent us from seeing things they didn't want us to see; "dumbing us down" if you will. Who knows, maybe even the Mayans smoked pot, giving them the abilities to map the stars/calendars with pinpoint accuracy over a 3000 year timespan. Maybe the Egyptians used pot, helping them create the pyramids. Who knows. But I could see our Gov't, realizing that pot allows people to see the world in a different way (maybe even a supernatural way), shitting their pants and scrambling to find a way to prevent the peons from gaining an advantage over them through pot.

Okay, I might not have explained that very well and many will think that idea is stupid, but whatever, fuck it.

KonKat said...

If we're gonna keep pot banned just because SOME people can't control themselves, then alcohol should be banned because of alcoholics. And while we're at it, lets ban spoons for making some people fat, and ban keyboards to take care of internet trolls. :)

Aegis1337 said...

Nah, not stupid at all. I agree 110%. I even go as far as to wonder if certain ancient religious figures were familiar with its pacifying effects (the blasphemy!). People on here fail to believe that the government is more sinister than a simple drug. At least in the case of pot, YOU DECIDE if you want a part in it. The government on the other hand, we're all fucked by it from time to time... no end user choice required.

As I read through more of these brilliant posts...

"What about those that don't want to get "high"?" ~~~ Referring to second-hand smoke giving others around you a buzz.

Do you realize what concentration of second hand smoke you would need to encounter before you got any sort of buzz??

The movies tend to make you think you'll get "a sick contact high dude", not the case.

In fact, you could be in a sealed car that is getting "baked out" and not have it show on a federal standard urinalysis the next day.

I'd avoid hanging out in a burning garden of 10 ft. pot plants, enclosed in an air tight green house though. You could get a little dizzy...maybe have the desire to eat a bag of Fritos. Damn.

Matt Dickinson said...

I think pot should be legalized, and taxed if sold, but untaxed if homemade.

Disney shouldn't be idolized (as nothing should). If he did bad then, he should be judged for it according to what's right, not according to "the standards of the time" -- there were plenty of good people who were neighborly or kind to blacks, Jews, women, etc back then.

Didn't like Star Trek. Walked out in fact. As usual, I disagree with the critics :P

Harlequiine said...

OK this is just another opinion in a sea of worthless opinions but I do think pot should be legal. I smoke maybe twice a month, if that and I always enjoy it more than drinking. It's quite often a party drug. You could say smoking it every day is bad for you, but so is drinking. And McDonalds. And World of Warcraft. Going to make them all illegal? No.

In my opinion [note: OPINION] alcohol is FAR more damaging than weed. Both physically and mentally when used excessively. There's much research on the internet that agrees with me if you decide to search for it. I wrote a paper in school on it so I've done my fair share of research.

Anywho, it all comes down to opinion.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't mind people that smoke pot - but I'm never doing it again lol; I wasted like three years of my life stoned and wasted, partially because I had the "too cool for school" mentality, I actually had to go back and get my grades up in order to get into university. I've been clean for a few years now, and am on my way to getting an Education degree. I've never looked back. However, I understand alot of people have different experiences and levles of resistance to addictions, therefore it should probably be legal. I mean, alcohol is legal and its arguable that it has killed more people than pot as well as ruined more lives, and if pot was legal at least it would be clean, taxable and safer than dealing with drug dealers. Hell, if Salvia is, why not pot lol

Jim said...

Buncha hippies if you ask me.

ged2000000 said...

I'm a regular reader of your blog but never posted a comment before. Alright when i was 12 years old me and my friends all got started smoking canabis.12 years on and I don't touch any drug but 1 of my child hood friends commited suicide from depression when he was 17, 2 of my other child hood friends are junkies, in and out of prison and another child hood friend is a drug dealer with 4 children to 3 different women.

All of us started out smoking hash and look how lifes turned out for us. I was lucky, if it wasn't for my girlfriend I'd be right there with the others but most of the others wern't.

Bottom line is canabis does open up a gateway into other drugs, along with problems with your mental health, this is speaking from personal experiance. The drugs alright when you try it out here and there but for a lot of people like me it lead to an every day occurance because there was nothing else to do.

Not to mention 2 children who are now growing up without a father because he is a selfish drug dealing pr**k. See what I mean thats why they just don't go out and legalize canabis. It may help the economy out but with each case i mentioned above a ripple was sent out affecting people close to the above people like how my friend who took his own lifes family took his death and how it destroyed there family.

Rob said...

Ok, here is my point of view on the whole thing. I grew up in the Eastchester Projects for practically my whole childhood. During my time living out there, weed played a huge part in peoples lives. Every day you'd find the shit littered on the floors of our buildings, dudes just doing nothing with themselves but chilling outside smoking, and the occasional person being shot at night over a deal gone wrong or some other bullshit(For all of us to see happening outside our window). Living there left a lot of issues to be played out in me & the little brothers heads, Severe Anxiety, Depression.

Rather than be outside playing a part in that lifestyle, I chose to lock myself in the apartment after school and did other things to pass by my time (played video games, drew). Unfortunately two of my older brothers embraced that lifestyle, smoked weed all day, dropped out of school, chilled with the people who they thought had their back. They both ended up in jail.

I still remember this kid that lived on the top floor of my building. He was cool, did what he was supposed to in school, didn't chill outside with the people who just wanted trouble. He got robbed on the train for his chain, He gave it up with no problem, and the guys still shot and killed him afterwords. I wonder what they wanted the chain for, Bet it was worth a lot of money. What do you think they were so desperate to buy with that cash?

In regards to weed, I personally hate how some people let it tear up their lives where I lived. People smoked weed, played a part in the gangs that sold them. The majority of kids watched and copied, wanting to be just like the "cool" people they saw growing up. They end up to be just like them, A repeating cycle.

I believe legalizing weed is a great idea, So long as its not allowed where others can inhale it. It would be taken straight off the illegal dealers hands and go to the stores. No more beefs with who could sell on this corner, It won't be a major player for gang activity anymore, IF, and only if its sold at the same cheap price as on the streets. (Not everyone can afford the higher end drugs, so illegal sales would go down.)

The main reason weed is so rampant in the ghetto is because of its price. Its cheap as hell, We live in the projects because we just don't make enough money to get by any other way. It mixes together perfectly.

If weed became legalized, I believe and hope gang activity slows down, and changes some peoples state of mind in regards to making money. Work for their money rather than selling weed and killing competition. Don't rob people to support your habits. If they also legalize the stuff, put more people in schools to REALISTICALLY explain drug use. Get people who's gone to jail for doing stupid shit while high or intoxicated. Don't send in people who hasn't had experience with the problems of drug use. Teach them that if they do ever use drugs, not to do it in a situation where you could hurt yourself or somebody else.

Have jobs allow weed smokers in the workforce, So long as they're not high while working. One of my older brothers turned his life around, moved out of the projects, and got a GREAT job in a cable company by working his ass off for a few years. But one day he got in an accident while working, they tested his blood, and fired him just for having marijuana in his system. He never smoked before or during the job. It was a strictly at home thing. He lost everything once again.

The main problem with drugs in general is learning to keep it under control. If you smoke weed or drink every once in a while, Cool with me, I have nothing against you. But if it becomes a daily thing and just fucks with every aspect of your life then puts others at danger, Put the shit down. Have control over it, don't go driving while high, and PLEASE DON'T HAVE A FUCKING GUN OR OTHER WEAPONS around while you're high or intoxicated. I can't count how much kids my age died because of that shit.

Sorry for the long comment, I felt like I had to get that out there. And excuse my writing skills, I'm not all that great at it.

Rob said...

By the way David, That was my first comment on this blog so I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your games. Twisted Metal & GOW were two game series that I constantly played with my brothers. I enjoyed every minute of playing them.

Looking forwards to seeing the new game Eat Sleep Play is working on.

simon said...

I consider myself a conservative person, but I love to spark up every once and a while

Anonymous said...

Extremely well put Dave. Bout time a public figure has the balls to be up front about the issue at hand. Very delicate as well...nice job. Hopefully one day the masses won't be sheep and we all can express our individual opinions based on individual experiences. btw Lucy is one fine lady. Don't underestimate her beauty.

OutOfOrderTMalliance said...

As a past heavy drug user I can say that for many of us pot is in fact a gateway drug... Now don't get me wrong I'm not by any definition of the term "antidrug"... I had my time with it, had some great times, some really fucking bad times, and some unavoidabley profound moments in the years I used heavily. I'm only clean now because life is easier this way.

Dave you do seem a bit neive about the whole issue I must say... I respect your view... it's rare among people who have used very little.

The biggest hole in why legalizing weed wouldn't work (which understandably is only noticed by people who smoked alot) is the fact that they really wouldn't make much off of it. It would be way too hard to regulate. Any fool with half a brain could grow it in their backyard. It is a weed after all. Along with the fact that even if California does legalize it somehow it would still be illegal on a federal level and I fucking guarantee you the DEA would be all over that shit.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say this i am not on the band wagon or any thing like that. But your wrong about most of the stuff you just said. You have never seen any one at the bottom of the barrel. It all started with pot for them. When their dealer did not have any pot they moved on to other things. So its not the drugs per say but the people you meet because of them that are fuck ups. I think pot is fine maybe some other stuff but most of it will fuck you up and there is no real need since it just makes you know and me so many shitty people. That you will keep fucking up your life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i mean meet so many shitty people. I was just the guy above and i missed spelled what i was saying.

Aegis1337 said...

Whoever it was that posted above ^^^ must have an issue with pot as well as books and higher level learning altogether. I can't help but feel like some of the most rigid, anti-drug posters on here... are also bringing the least developed ideas to the table. I won't necessarily attribute that to them lacking intelligence, but you gotta wonder. I mean spell check is right on this fucking thing. If your going to make a point of any kind, at least form logical sentences. You really can't say weed is going to wreak your life when presenting the ideas and grammar of a 5 yr old. Weed should be legalized, if only to make room in prisons for people who are addicted to illiteracy.

Anonymous said...

Yes JAffe yu are the fucking man! i have been a smoker for years, i have a steady job, great girlfriend (will bemy wife) a child along the way, things are great, both my parents indulge also, they both have great paying jobs, own an old victorian mansion etc..Marijuana only brings you down if you let it, yah i get the days where it just makes me wanna sit, then i get the days where it makes me want to go on a hike, or make a level on LBP, really, if you can hande it (which if you just relax, everyone can, )

the main reason some people freak out is because they dont know what to expect. its new, they have never felt that before, and dont know if its what they are supposed to feel.

Laquer said...

check out your Sunday, July 01, 2007 post. You look like more than a '' 4 times in my life'' considering the size of the bag and the fact you own a pipe. :P haha I have been following the blog for a while. And I can't tell you I believe you when you say 4 times or so.
Oh well good ideal's. I read somewhere that it would be a 40billion dollar industry so I say go for it.
How much drunk people get in fights and stuff when intoxicated? Alot
How much pot-heads have you ever seen get in a fight while high?

Jimmy H said...

Hey David

Heres a great couple of links that offer some interesting facts about cannibis.I ll let you make your own decision althrough they seem to back up what your saying. Loved God of war by the way and looking forward to your next game. Cheers



adaMAntiumSpork said...

To Kush: Then maybe you should change your username if it wasn't intended to be ironic?

Jaffe, I think you summed up the words of thousands with your second video post. It should be shown in fucking Times Square.

As for why the right wing is so against it is that it doesn't fit the rich, white mans, dominant perspective. Weed has always been seen as the lower class, minority demographic substance through the eyes of conservatives/republicans for years. That could be one reason why alcohol is legalized and why pot isn't. It's okay to sit back with a glass of whiskey after a long, hard-working, American day, but to light up a joint is just blasphemous.

As many previous posters have stated, the effects of over using marijuana versus the over consumption of alcohol are drastically different. I think the over consumption of any substance is to the decision of the user and needs to be dealt with responsibly, although the effects of being drunk are way more severe, damaging, and threatening to the individual and others around them. How many regular pot users do you hear of that go home, get high, and beat their wives? It's like you said, propaganda bullshit that has deep, constricting ties with the powerful culture and perspective.

As for the whole using substances to ESCAPE reality nonsense needs to be buried in a deep grave already. If you DO use drugs/alcohol for this reason and not as just some lame excuse, then get your fucking head right man. Using either recreationally, in my opinion, isn't the issue here and never should have been an issue. That's just like saying that video games or movies are some sort of drug that helps you escape reality. Should we make them illegal too?

Know your limits. That's all I can say. Being responsible to your self and to those that matter around you are what's important, in any facet of life. Drugs and alcohol being one of them in our modern world.

adaMAntiumSpork said...

Lucas Sparks:What the hell do you mean alcohol doesn't directly effect others around you? Maybe not physically (if you don't consider getting in a car intoxicated and possibly killing others) but definitely, in most cases, psychologically and emotionally (maybe considered MORE dangerous than second hand smoke, especially from weed).

Sure, smoking any kind of hot smoke has adverse effects on the lungs and respiratory system, but to say that alcohol doesn't effect anyone directly is just ignorant.

adaMAntiumSpork said...

I apologize for triple posting, I just keeping finding things to talk about.

Juncti:Do you have any idea how strenuous it is on the economy for the incarceration of "criminals"?

You legalize marijuana suddenly all that revenue is goneRevenue!? There is NO revenue for incarcerating a person for drug related offenses. In fact, I would bet that the amount is actually negative.

The cost of incarcerating one federal prisoner a day is $259.05. I don't know about you but I don't make that much money in one day of work. The average cost of incarcerating a male in federal prison is $87,665 a year ($150,000-250,00 per year for a female). That is WAY more then the average income of a middle/working class individual. Not to mention the cost of going through court hearings, police reporting/filing, etc... you are looking at one of the largest chunks of economical money sucking. Even if the person was slapped with a measly ticket as well, it would surely not pay off the cost it would take to incarcerate the individual. These stats are from 04/05, so you can only imagine that the amounts have increased.

Source: http://www.vcn.bc.ca/august10/politics/facts_stats.html

  miko.illustration@gmail.com said...


Very interesting and insightful documentary about pot. Discusses pot as an industry, prohibition, legalization and tons of stuff the government and pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know.

Nerull said...

Had to post on this one. It's nice to hear the same open-minded outlook you have applies to weed as well.
It without a doubt should be legalized but I highly doubt it will be for a long time to come, it's yet another distraction (like violent videogames) to keep people focused on creating problems rather than solving the real ones, like why so many countries, let alone their citizens, are in such massive debt. Not to mention the snaffoo somebody mentioned about the massses of people unjustly jailed, fired, and ridiculed. It would be like when slavery was banned... sooo no hard feelings eh guys?
Bottom line, pot isn't illegal because its so harmful but because of all the stigma and special interest groups surrounding it.
But I can't even comment on the stupidity of stuff like,"but legalizing it would eliminate so many jobs in prisons so people couldn't make money." So the solution is to keep needlessly imprisoning people?
And yes you have to be an incredible lightweight, and I'm practically underweight, to get a real contact high, not to mention cigarettes are illegal most places other than peoples homes now, so even if hell froze over and pot was legal why would it be any different?
As for the gateway drug issue, 1 I've done pot for going on four years now and my friends are likewise yet none of us have turned into junkies, 2 if weed was legal wouldn't that separate it from other drugs more? ie so many people try weed and realize it's not the devil's candy it's supposed to be and maybe this misleads them into not realizing how dangerous other drugs can be. Either way huffing is a lot cheaper and easier to get a hold of and more dangerous than weed and booze combined, at least physically.
PS can't wait til your game is announced, even though so many awesome games are up and coming to preoccupy myself with, Infamous looks to be the next must-have.

Anonymous said...

There is no real economic reason to legalize pot, so there is no push in government to do it.

Lets suppose that 10% of what is seized is actually sold (http://www.drug-statistics.com/marijuana.htm), and that a pound on average cost $1k? No clue how realistic these numbers are, somone can expand if they so desire...

480k lbs = $480 million a year in california, even if you tax this amount at %50 (highly duboius you'd even be remotely able to collect this amount ); then you making roughly $240 million in tax revenue.

Or roughly 1.2% of the budget short fall this year. to take very publicly unfavorable position. Its just not going to happen.

1.2% suppose its double that, 2.4% ?

Besides, once its legal, then your kids can do it too when they are of age. just think about that fellow dad :P

Unknown said...

If somethings punishment is worse than any other consequence from using it... I think it needs to be legalized.

Unknown said...

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