Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Hey ya'll. Swamped with work this week and following the E3 stuff on the internets. I MAY go up to the show for a day tomorrow but Scott just sent out the milestone list for end of June and there's a ton of shit on there so I could see me skipping all together this year...good news is, we SHOULD be on show floor next year! So excited...and it's only 12 months away :)

Anyway, not much blogging this week but I am twittering when I get a chance, so follow me on twitter if you like :)...twitter=so much faster than blogging :)



Unknown said...

i have a feeling your trying to pull a fast one on us o.0. but even if your not, enjoy to sony confrence on the internet o.0. and cant wait to see gamespot or whom ever has you talking about your game next year o.0.

da criminal said...

Promise I'm not pulling a fast one. Wish I was- would LOVE to hit the stage with Scott and show off the team's baby...but alas, not this year. Next? That's the plan!


Unknown said...

well alright then. next year it is.

Unknown said...

well its over next year it is. what did you think of the ps3 motion controller ? how do you rank the 3 confrences ? and what game did you think looked best ?

Anonymous said...

i so wanted to see you get on stage and announce the game your working on.. there was some major disappointments at sony's conference, for one if final fantasy 14 is anything like the previous mmorpg then count me out, second they announce a rockstar exclusive but nothing was shown.. god of war 3 scheduled for 2010 and from what keighly said on his show heavy rain was also pushed up to next year oo and also gran turismo 5 didn't get a date.. through weeks of teasing we finally arrived to this day and they leave us with blue balls wtf lol

Anonymous said...

twitter sucks

Caleb said...

I thought MS/Sony both had decent showings...GOW looked awesome as expected sucks I have to wait till March 2010 to play it.

Thanks for the Tweet about James Cameron I was thinking the same thing.

I believe he likes the smell of his own farts. It especially pissed me off to listen to his ass for ~20 mins to see NOTHING of the new game! Oh well that was pretty much the summation of the Ubisoft conferences besides ACII.

Thanks for keeping us posted excited to here about your game for next year!!

TheUsedVersion said...

David, do you believe, in your own personal opinion, that Sony not showing the latest Insomniac game at their press conference for two years in a row could mean that there is possible trouble in their relationship? Seems odd to me and if I was Insomniac I would not be too thrilled.

warezIbanez said...


Um, wasn't R2 presented last year? And, Naughty Dog had their KICK ASS game of Uncharted 2: Among Theives to present.

Naughty Dog ftw! haha

TheUsedVersion said...

@ warezlbanez

It was at the show but wasn't in their presser if I recall correctly. One would think that Ratchet & Clank is a flagship title for Sony and would be featured prominently in their press conference. Especially considering its hitting shelves this holiday. Same thing with R2 last year. I have a sneaking suspicion that Insomniac may have plans in place to go multi. Their new studio in NC could be the realization of those plans. Hope Sony isn't taking Insomniac for granted.

CriminalMethod said...

I honestly thought Sony's E3 would be better. It definitely was a good showing, but the excitement gets ruined when there's rumors everywhere about what's going to be shown. Plus it didn't help that a lot of rumored stuff were just rumors.

Anonymous said...

You were right Jaffe!! God of War III is a work of art. Have you seen helios get his head torn off???

Gvon said...
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Gvon said...

"It was at the show but wasn't in their presser if I recall correctly."

It was there,I remember listing to insomniacs full moon show and laughing at a story about Ted Price nearly dying showing the demo :)

"11.50 - Ted is taking on a 300 foot leviathan (you may have read about this in GamePro) with a rocket launcher. On paper it’s one thing - in full motion, it’s something else entirely…


I thought Sonys show opened the best way possible with uncharted 2,been playing the beta and I really can't wait.Team Ico blew me away,I really wish that old footage never got released.

GOW,that trailer from a few month back made me play the series for the first time,I hate that genre but GOW is different class,and I can't wait because it looked nuts.
Not seen direct feed yet but at times it reminded me of Ray Harryhausen work,I can't explain properly,but sometimes it looks as if it was a real model and not cgi,maybe I was just tripping and it's the depth of field but it fucking great.

GT5,after the number 5 showed it looked like ingame replay but with the bells and whistles and was beyond anything I've seen before.I NEED GT5 KAZ

Ali Al-Hassani said...

I want to know what you guys are working on =[. Anyway, keep it up.

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No matter what happens, remember though, if you take the Red pill, it will show you how far down the rabbit hole goes...or it just clears up your sinuses >_>...

Anonymous said...

I was sad when they didnt Show Twisted Metal in the sony press conference but I cant wait for next years e3. (I was so thinking that they were going to do what they did with killzone 2 by pretending they forgot and saving the best for last)

Archminion said...

the show was ok I thought but there were no suprises.

No probs about not seeing the new ESP game as it's been chucked at us for weeks that it wasn't going to be shown but I was expecting 1 or 2 good Sony suprises.

Ah well, till next year then...

REZBLUE said...

I hope its a new Twisted Metal. I havent played one since Black Online.

Final Fantasy 8 and Twisted Metal 2 got the most playtime out of my PS1 back in the day.

In the off chance it is a new TM I hope to God that there is a dashboard cam like Twisted Metal 1 had. I loved that, seeing the steering wheel and everything, it really put you in the action.

roy said...

dear david
i know this is off topic but can you please relese TM2 for the eu psn store ? pretty fucking please

Unknown said...

Yeah man, I just started using twitter too. It's pretty great... but I still prefer blogging for posting information.

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