Monday, March 15, 2010


Look what UPS just dropped off :)

I love to design maps and take game design notes using pencils (not sure why, just makes me feel more creative and in touch than using pens).

So a few weeks ago I was looking at my 6 year old's pencils from school and they had all these cool designs on them. That got me to thinking: why are my pencils always so boring and dull and plain? I should get some fun, inspired, creative designs on my pencils too.

And since it was Dr. Seuss' birthday a few weeks ago- and since he is from San Diego and is a local hero round these parts-he was on my brain. And since- as a parent and creative kind of person- Doc Seuss really is a wonderful inspiration, it seemed like a good idea to surround myself with the magical, Seussacal energy. 

Anyway, so I got to wondering if I anyone had ever made some Dr. Seuss writin' utensils. And low and behold, they had!

And the pencils I found are from what I think is one of his very best books ever, "Oh the Places You'll Go!'If you have not read it, PLEASE give it a look. It's a fantastic book for kids and grown ups alike.

Anyway, so there ya go :) Now back to work! Later!