Sunday, August 15, 2010

Message From An Old Friend

Man, I got a tweet from the Twisted Metal 2,3,4 Calypso Voice Over actor, the great Mel McMurrin!

He saw my previous video and saw how frazzled I was. I guess he decided to make me this as a tonic! Old school fans of Twisted Metal will get a kick outta this!

Man, it's great to hear that voice again!

As for fans of the series wondering if Mel will return: well as you know, we've shot live action videos for the new TM and so the role of Calypso is already cast. However, my mind is rolling over a number of cool ways we may be able to bring Mel back into the TM family. Nothing set in stone, it may or may not happen, and PLEASE do not send me ideas or suggestions on ways we could do it as we just are not allowed to see them.

But GOD he nails that 'THANK YOU FOR PLAYING TWISTED METAL!" ya know? Thanks Mel!


Caity said...

Haha, well that was nice of him. I can't remember his voice so much since it's been so long, but it's still cool to see one of the voice actors doing his thing. Do you keep in touch with any of the other voice actors from the old games? Maybe I've heard them in other games or even anime and never noticed xD

NeoZealot said...

I love the space odyssey reference!

Archminion said...

I hope The Man can return for some Twisted Love?
Maybe in cameo form at least as I'm sure you have all the voicework nailed Jaffe?

GrYnder said...

The laugh! and, "I promise you that..."

This guys voice is epic! Yeah man, do what you can to get him back cause he's awesome! he will always be the true voice of Calypso! :D

Graham Waldrop said...

YES! Fucking YES!

That was awesome of Mel to do that. Hope there is a way to incorporate him into the new game! Thanks for posting that. Awesome!

Archminion said...

you know what?

I actually like his voice even more now over TM2.

He sounded more darker, creepier and more Twisted than the overdone style of TM2.

Maybe how he would have been done had Mel McM been Calypso in Black.

This guy definitely needs a cameo part of some sort- hell the movies always do it!

I seen a pic of him when he's younger- even looks like Caypso!

Exophrine said...

DAMN! He's still got it!

...after all these years, that voice still makes me cringe and knot up inside.


Shades Perk said...

I'm going to waste hours trying to emulate the creepy laughter. :)

Minion said...

It's always like a magic trick when you hear the voice actor do one of their characters.

Minion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
greekdude247 said...

instant respect. I love 2001 A Space Odyssey. One of my favorite films of all time.

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