Sunday, August 01, 2010

Twisted Metal At San Diego Comic Con!

Hey- in case you missed it- the press was very kind to us at this year's San Diego Comic Con! We got a great deal of press from the show. Here's some of the stuff you may have missed. If you are interested in our new game, please give it a watch! Thanks!

This is an interview Scott and I did with the Playstation Blog. This was actually from E3 but they launched the vid during Comic Con so it still applies! :)

This is the full on panel we did at the con. Me, Scott, and Kellan gabbing about the game. Lot of behind the scenes end movie stuff in here, as well as us showing off our very early rooftops and desert chase levels.

And here is a little one on one with super nice Ryan MacDonald of Gamespot fame.

This is an interview I did at the Sony cocktail party. So I was well on my 2nd or 3rd shot of Patron. I actually sound a bit more focused in this interview than most. Perhaps it's cause I knew I was already tipsy and really had to concentrate on what I was saying. Hmmmm....maybe I should drink before all my interviews! :)

Here's the GameTrailers TV episode with Geoff Keighly from the con. I'm in there somewhere, along with other lots of cool comic con stuff. It's a great episode!


Billiam C said...

I got to meet you at the Playstation Party, your great man. Keep up the great work.

jmfidler said...

The new game is looking great. The first two Twisted Metals were a big part of my gaming in the 90s. I've yet to pick up a PS3 but I think this game is going to convince me to buy one.

DuckOfDestiny said...

Jaffe, I have a question for you. Is the actor for Sweet Tooth who is doing the voice over in the game, the same actor who did the voice in the E3 trailer? I thought that guy was great and I loved how he delivered the line, "It's goood to be back!"

Also I'd just like to say I was watching the original motion videos endings for Twisted metal 1 and I fucking love them, however that's just probably me, as I love all of that over-the-top, cheesy, b-movie shit.

Unknown said...

I heard you on Podcast Beyond clearing up the confusion regarding Twisted's single player. As much as I love the old games they were pretty much just rinse and repeat. So I am glad you guys are making a more meatier and focused Twisted experience. Keep up the great work.

abdulsalam said...

This is great


Alex said...

Dude, your idea for the God of War III ending was completely and utterly epic. I wish they had gone with that idea!