Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's 12:11am...

...and I know what I'm doing for the next hour or so.

Halo, Abba Zaba, and diet Coke! What could possibly go wrong?!?

Sure, I gotta get up early for work and to take my kids to school but fuck it, I can play till 1 or so and still get around 6 hours of sleep...that should be enough,eh?!?

Thanks to the fantastic help from Jose and Kristen at my local Gamestop for helping me secure a copy at the last second. You guys rock tons!



Unknown said...

AH, Im jealous. I wanted to head out last night and pick up my copy, but i couldnt justify coming to bed at 1 am to my fiance without having to put in some quality "together" time tonight, on the release day of Halo. lol Good for you though Jaf. Hoping it lives up to the hype.

Peter Rivera said...

went last night and picked up my copy of the limited edition. that thing is a beast. I love the massive amount of stuff that came with it that shed more light on the whole Halo universe. These guys went all out.

da criminal said...

El- I just got the standard edition and I'm simply blown away by the sheet amount of content on the disc itself. From 1 player, to the TONS of MP modes and options, to FORGE, it really does make you stand in awe.

That said, it also make me once again question the 60 dollar price point of games. I think the game biz is being short sighted. 60 bucks is simply not enough money for all the value packed on that disc. I know gamers will disagree, as they should. But from a pure games business standpoint- not HALO business standpoint- it really does not make sense to sell that much content for so little.

On the flip side tho, I DO think there should be other prices for games with much less content (i.e. 8 hour games should not cost 60 bucks if you can also get HALO REACH for 60 bucks). I know it's not apples to apples but there's something very wrong with the logic here (the logic of what 60 bucks should equate to; the logic of so much content for 60 bucks that a gamer does not need to spend money on other games for months and months again) an I think the slumping new game sales is starting to reflect that fucked up logic.

J Mac said...

McD's fountain cokes are the best! I have a Zabba i've been hanging onto for Twisted Metal! :D

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