Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Take On Medal Of Honor

I was home sick yesterday so in between bouts of sleeping I got to play a lot of Medal of Honor while crashing on the couch.

If you are interested, here's my take: 

I like it! 

The game has heart. The SP feels more immersive to me than a game like MW2. I think it's clear MW2 has MOH beat to hell and back in production value and sheer 'wow' factor, but MOH almost feels like I'm on an adventure with these three other soldiers...kind of more like playing a war story where as most other FPS war games feel more like I'm living in a war simulation. It's one of the reasons I'm really digging the SP of this game. I don't really know why that is as MW2 DOES have super cool scenario designs where it is just you and a buddy or two (ice pick climbing and such). But for some reason that game- while a fun ass ride- just doesn't feel as immersive. Is it that the scenarios are SO James Bond that it's hard to really feel immersed in the scenarios? Hell, maybe it just comes down to sound fx and music and MOH- I think-has really immersive sound and the music is just great. Makes me feel like I'm in a movie like SPY GAME or GREEN ZONE. 

That said, MOH is crazy repetitive in its enemy scenario design (to the point that- even as a short game- I'm reaching my threshold on how many times I can do the 'advance, hunker down and shoot dudes popping out, rinse repeat' thing). Also, I don't like how I went from being the Tier 1 guys to being Rangers. I was digging my ZZ TOP brethren and now- all of a sudden- I'm some clean cut army guy?!? WHY? 

Oh, also digging the little sub/mini game things like targeting tanks and trucks with the paint target binoculars thing. That's really fun! 

Also, I wish a lot of the non interactive story telling would have been interactive. How cool would it have been for ME to have solved the 'puzzle'- as a player- of kicking the dude in the chair ( with the bomb strapped to his chest) out the window?!? 

But still,all that said, really liking SP so far.

Digging the MP as well and not sure why. It still has the problem most FPS have (in my minority opinion) in that to ME it's not fun to respawn, run out and be alive for 5-30 seconds, then die and then you have this down time of respawning again, walking back to some sort of conflict area again before you are reengaged. I fucking HATE that pacing. But that's most FPS games, not just MOH. And most players seem ok with it.  

But the MP has me hooked for now. Maybe it's the quality of the matchmaking or just the fact that no one has played long enough to rank up to the point that they are fucking unstoppable monsters on the battlefield...or maybe it's the fact that the rank up rewards do a better job of keeping the balance fair while also rewarding players by letting them feel more powerful. Not really sure. But so far I've stuck with this MP longer than I stuck with MW2, KILLZONE 2, and BFBC2 MP. It just feels more 'fair' at the moment, like I have a good chance to get a decent number of kills, complete some objectives,etc. Versus just 'walk/die/walk/die' which tends to be my FPS online experience with other games. Is that only me? 

I also like the big, beefy medals that pop onto screen when you do something cool. Yeah, every online game has medals these days but the presentation of earning a medal in this game is a lot more rewarding to me for some reason than in other titles. That said, the presentation of achieving a rank up in this game is very lame. Just a little piece of text that says: YOU RANKED UP! ....meh :(

Anyway, I dig this game! I know the reviews have been mixed but for me it's a solid win.



Unknown said...

I was curious about this one, MW2 felt like I should be playing it at an arcade, I agree with never being immersed. A good game will make me forget about the days tasks, MW2 never held my attention for more than an hour.

A big part is the shooting mechanics I think, for some reason I was liking how the guns shoot from what i've seen from MoH so far, seems satisfying.

Also, playing MW2 gave me a headache sometimes, I think they really messed up on their choice of blood spatter on the screen when you get shot, that seriously made me really mad at the game, many times. It's hard to see people already, add some fake ass looking jelly spatter on your screen and it's headache inducing.

I think gears of war 1 did a great job with blood covering the screen when you get shot.

Wish there were a multiplayer demo, i'm still undecided.

mokomrko said...

Also, I wish a lot of the non interactive story telling would have been interactive. How cool would it have been for ME to have solved the 'puzzle'- as a player- of kicking the dude in the chair ( with the bomb strapped to his chest) out the window?!?

Indeed, that would have been excellent "Oh Sh*t!, Oh Sh*t!" moment. To me it feels like nowadays the story is nearly always mediated through non interactive cinematics, rarely letting the player to actually participate and interact - It's a shame. I do miss that kind of light puzzle elements.

ThirdPersona said...

So Mr Jaffe. You probably will hate to answer this, but what score would you give the game then? Cause to me, it still sounds like you're saying it's about the same as the average review goes.

da criminal said...

I dunno yet. If I had to rate it RIGHT NOW? I would say an 8/10.

Unknown said...

Speaking of FPS games, you should give Halo Reach a try. It is by far the best Halo game...

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this game as well. I felt like it was a closer depiction to the bond between soldiers in a war zone than that presented in MW2. You have a feeling of these people beside you being your brothers in arms. They give orders, you carry those orders out, and you get the mission done.

I was unhappy at the length of the single player campaign though. I felt like if they had two separate teams on both MP and SP then SP should have felt like a full experience whereas it really felt too short to me.

Other than that one gripe I really enjoyed it.

Alex said...

I'm playing through the SP right now, and I have to agree that the length of the SP campaign is entirely too short, but that time spent playing is certainly more realistic than MW2 and most other games on the market.

I'm not sure what they spent so much time on during the development cycle to pump out such a short campaign, but at least it's a more visceral version of today's battlefield.

As for the MP, I wish they would have spent some more time working on the map variety and the intuitiveness of the screen interfaces.

I'd glad you liked it though, I think it's going to get overshadowed by the COD machine that has so many people roped in.

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