Sunday, March 06, 2011


Yes, I'm back. No long explanations, no super secretive reasons. The team and I have just been super busy with the game and so it's been much faster to stay in touch via Twitter. But I'm back now. Got a lot to say these days, lots of cool stuff going on to observe and chat about ,etc.

So let's begin, shall we? 

First up: Twisted Metal made the cover of the new GAMEPRO! Check it out!

Thanks for all the work and support GamePro! Super appreciated by us all! The cover and the article turned out just great!

Also, thanks for the Bunnies idea! If we're fortunate enough to do a TWISTED METAL 2, now I know the FIRST thing I want to propose to the team! :)

And before I forget: to some of the fans out there complaining that we didn't spill any new game specific beans in the article:

#1- I think this is a fantastic and very informative article about the history of the series, some cool behind the scenes stuff, insight into how we make the games and work as a team, a few new pieces of art that shows off what could be coming down the line. 

#2-We know ya'll want new info and I promise: new game related info is coming very soon. It's not my place to go into the PR strategies or give out information release dates but rest assured: the game is coming along GREAT, it WILL hit store shelves in 2011, and sooner than later we're gonna start showing our hand. 

We were actually going to unveil some new stuff at last week's GDC (and the team busted ASS to get the build looking and playing AMAZING!)... but at the last minute we decided to pull it. We all just felt that Twisted Metal is the kind of title that needs more attention and time than we would get by being sandwiched in between some of the MEGATON news announcements that dropped at last week's show.

To put it another way: so many games these days are big, epic, story events and Twisted Metal is PROUDLY and LOUDLY a GAME above all else! So we felt the game's next big reveal needed a little more breathing room than we would get at GDC; away from the bombast of the epic story based games and announcements/displays of next-gen tech. For us, the next time we show off the game we want to really make it clear that- to journalists and fans alike- that we feel we have something really fun and really special in today's market. 

Thanks for understanding! 

Ok- last thing for now:

Here is the AMAZING original cover done by one of Eat Sleep Play's super star concept artists. I'm happy to tell you his name but I need to ask him if it's ok first. Some of the team is happy to do press and put their names out and about while others like to keep a low profile and stay out of the press/spotlight. In the meantime- as Will.I.Am says- check this motherfucker out! 

Isn't that just so cool?!?

We're very grateful Gamepro worked with us at the last second to get Tooth driving his truck in the pic (we didn't want people to confuse the game with a FPS or 3rd Person Shooter vs. the pure vehicle combat game that it is. To people reading this blog, most of ya'll know full and well that TM is all about vehicle battles BUT new fans or fans who have neen away for a while might be confused and we didn't want that). BUT the original image- like the final Gamepro cover-is freaking amazing! And so I wanted to share! :)

And here it is mega big in case you want to- oh I dunno- make it your wallpaper or take it to your tat artist or somesuch :)...

Nice to be back blogging ya'll! Will be tweeting as well so keep following twitter if I've been informing and entertaining you all avec the tweets! 

So that's it for now. We got Panda Express downstairs and the smell of fried rice and chow mein is wafting up the steps. So I gotsta run! 

Take it easy ya'll!



Unknown said...

heeellll yeeaawww!!!

Unknown said...

......I love you..... in the most heterosexual way a young black male could a man. If I could make something as awesome as TM one day I will. This is beyond amazing.

TyrantII said...

Can't wait!

But one thing, David, check the ESP community forums! Your customers are being exposed to some rather questionable spam (way NSFW)... might want to shut it down until it's under control..

Hate to be the guy at work looking for TM info on lunch break and coming across that stuff!

Anonymous said...

ah its good to see a blog post amongst the twitting. omg more than 140 charararararararceters ftw!!!

Nicholas said...

Very nice, I can't wait for this game, also welcome back to the blog! I just may have to actually buy the video game magazine to check out the article and cover art.

IPGAFI said...

Hi David, I must be completely honest, I had not played the previous Twisted Metal games so much, but you have certainly won a fan in me from what I have seen so far! I both hope and am confident that I will not be the only one!

Keep doing what you do, you're an inspiration! Like Mayman4139 I will always strive to make a games as awesome as these.

Ta ta!

wocyob said...

glad to see you back... and i shall pick up this mag just to check out any info i can on TM.. love your work Jaffe and i cant wait to get my hands on TM

Misael said...

Welcome back Jaffe. Hope you keep blogging. Twitter is cool and all but big updates on the blog with awesome pics are really appreciated. So thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Glad your blogging again, much prefer it over Twitter. I like reading long juicy info rather than short blurbs.

Hope you guys start playing your hand soon. There's been so much info on other Sony exclusive titles this year.

TM needs to join that rank!

That GTTV footage had me in awe. You guys have made so much progress since E3, it's amazing. The game graphically looks phenomenal and looks like it plays like a goddamn dream.

Glad you guys got a cover on Game Pro! That's awesome! Need more exposure, keep it up!

Can't wait for more news! Like a new trailer/release date/showing!

I think it was smart that you guys pulled out from GDC. With all the new tech/big story games, it probably was the right thing to do.

Still would have liked to see something, but I understand.

I've told my girlfriend that whenever TM comes out that I will be locked away playing it for three or four days straight. Even though she's a gamer (and a fan of Calling All Cars) she said, it's just a video game. I said, no, it's fucking TWISTED METAL! I... cannot... wait! Keep up the amazing work!


David Jaffe said...

Thanks you guys! It's great, great, great to be back blogging! I appreciate you stopping by and glad ya'll dug the post! Yeah, that's some sweet art work, you know? I just love it and am so happy I got to share the original with everyone.

Ok- crazy day ahead- back to work! Chat soon!


twist3drick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
twist3drick said...

Loved Doll face looking sexy as hell. Here is a fan art I did paying homage to tm2. Can't wait for new info.

welcome back Jaffster

DuckOfDestiny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DuckOfDestiny said...

I just like to say, in anticipation of the new Twisted Metal, when Twisted Metal for the PS1 was released on the UK store several weeks ago, I immediately downloaded it.

But holy crap I suck so bad, I don't know if I was that crap when I used to play it as a kid or it's just because I've become used to much more smoother and less shitty controls (Sorry, but it has to be said, the controls for TM1 were pretty shitty.)

Anyway love the artwork for the Gamepro cover, however I'm mightily disappointed there will be no bunnies in the new TM.

Travis Bagley said...

Been a life long fan of the TM series since i was like 7 and played th original at my ucles house and eventually owned them all. Haven't played or even owned any of the next gen systems since PS2 but was walkign through a safe way and the article caught my eye. Stopped and read the whole thing, loved the timeline of the franchise and actually thinking about buying a PS3 solely to play the newest Twisted Metal. Very grateful you guys are working hard and getting me back into gaming after all these years. Might cut into school and LSAT prep but screw it hahaha dont make it tooo addicting

Travis Bagley said...

oh and i was trying to comment on the company forum while at lunch but its alll spam, no where for the fans to speculate and guesse haha

David Jaffe said...

Thanks for all the kind words you guys!

Travis- don't let us make you screw up your LSATS! But glad the new Twisted has brought you back into the gaming/Playstation family!


Frosty said...

The cover looks great, kinda curse myself for giving up my Gamepro subscription a few years back, had it for pretty much all of my young gamer life (I have a stack about 6 feet high in the corner of my room). Ya know a couple signed copies of those by the ESP team would make a pretty sweet blog prize if ya ever had something like that or a signed copy of the image itself. I know I'd personally frame it and hang it as art. :P

P.S.: Twitter is nice but great to see ya blogging again.

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