Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Twitter follower @RavensForLife1 let me know that Gamestop's just put our box art up on their site! So hell, since it's already out there, I figured I'd share a bigger version of it with you guys :)...

So then here ya go...our box! :)

Not 100% final. I think they are gonna add a copter on the front, adjust the hair a bit. But I'd say the front is about 95% locked. 

So tell me: what do you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? How does it rank against other TM boxes?

So hey, let's look at some back options, yeah? 

So on the back of the box, the team is still trying to figure out which of these to go with. Clearly some of the text is wrong, missing info (i.e. local play is 1-4 players, not just a single player,developer logo :),etc)...but given the box back is around 80% locked, I figured I'd share that too :)...






Any thoughts on the back of the box? Preferences? I put a poll up on the upper right of the blog; I would appreciate it if you could vote for your fave box back if you have a preference (and have the time). Real curious to see which back of the box people are digging most!

Talk soon! 



Madrical said...

Sweet box cover man! I'd definitely go with option A, it flows a lot better with the front cover more than others.

Also, you should do what Resistance 3 did and have a reversible cover with no logos etc... fans love that, and surely it does't add much of a cost? Plus it does look much, much better.

Anonymous said...

I love option B or C.. seems that sex still sells haha. I'm so happy to finally get a glimpse of what the final product will look like. Does the pic of Jugs in the black box look out of place in all the covers except for box A?

Jaffe - you and your team better be online when this game hits. Ive got my sights dead locked on you guys.

Firelogic said...

I went with Option C, but D is good too as it would blend better with the predominantly white front cover. But C is sooo SEXY!!

Graham said...

I think the box cover is sweet and I like either option B or C for the back cover.

The ones will Doll Face sort of being at the forefront and looking sexy is kinda silly to me, but the shot of her on option C works really well. B and C are very strong.

I think the cover art as a whole is really good. Love ST's face on the front, that's my favorite part.

Don't really like the background being completely white. I think it needs to be a little more gritty in terms of the cover palette (to reflect the game's mood with the cinematics) and perhaps have more cars engaging each other in combat ala TM2 instead of having three cars flying through the air.

But ST's face there is perfect. Simply LOVE THAT!

Can't believe the game I've been waiting for so long is finally here! Can't wait any longer! Day one buy, might pre order too when I get some extra cash.

Thanks for keeping us updated throughout it all good sir! Have a good holiday with your girls!


Kilrgrn said...

I picked C. I can't help it, Brothers Grimm are amazing.

Also the front cover is very nice, however, the only thing I think would be better is if the logo had the metallic look that they had in the trailers.

Graham said...

*color* palette. Sorry. Not cover.

johns blog said...

I think B is the best, it flows with the front cover nicely, and it still feels pretty chaotic. A is jut the same image without sweet tooth, so IMO it's kind of boring. While c - e are awesome, the white front with the black on the back is a little jarring. But i agree with madrical, you guys should do a reverse side cover like resistance 3. They are freaking bad ass!

JonRed said...

Option C is awesome and just goes with what the game is

blu twisted said...

Definitely the 1st one: Option A. Its so colorful, and helps unify the front cover with its white background.

It just works for me personally.

Revan Gabriel said...

Concerning the cover, the vehichles at the bottom seem to be too small with the sweet tooth covering too much.

Jironobou said...

I have to say NO to A, because the front and back have the same image, and I'd like a bit of variety in the box art. However, seeing as the front is white, the back should also be white for the sake of flow. With that in mind, I'd have to say either D or E, to which I'd say D, because Mr. Grimm, Dollface, and Sweet Tooth are all visible on the cover at some place.

EspadaKiller said...

I would choose either option B or C! And the box cover is really sweet ;)

future ps vita owner said...

C for sure, B is nice too.

Revan Gabriel said...

The vehicles just need to be out in front more.

Ex Lion Tamer said...

Option C for sure. The red looks great and it shows off the game the most.

Shades Perk said...

Rear option B of course! It represents the chaotic action of the game.

Will said...

Option C is my favorite because the red really contrasts well with the white on the front. Also, I think the front cover is fantastic! It's not too busy but has just enough action to not look sparse.

TyrantII said...


A is just the same as the front. The orange just doesn't jive with the white front. And hate to say it, but dollface looks out of place on the back cover for some reason... (maybe put her in black/white/gray?)

MACHone said...

OK, so here's my two cents:

Option A should get tossed right out, because it's just re-using the art from the front cover. We can get a little more creative than that, right?

Option B and Option D are okay, but they feel a little cluttered, while the cover is very minimalistic. This kinda clashes, in my opinion.

Option C I would toss out, too, just because the style doesn't really match the cover at all. I also don't like how the one screenshot on the whole back is partially covered by Dollface. Seems a bit off.

This leaves us with Option E, which I definitely feel is the best of the available choices. It's very minimal, which matches the cover nicely. The pale background makes the text really stand out, and the render of Dollface on the right is simple and gorgeous -- almost like a pin-up!

All in all, I'm sure whichever one gets picked, it'll look great. Twisted Metal is your baby, and I know how much something like that means to you. I played the original Twisted Metal when I was seven years old, so it'll always have a place in my heart, too. I admire the passion and care that goes into all of your games and will be one of your many loyal fans for years to come. Thanks for all the hard work -- I can't wait to play this!

liam_monster said...

option c !!

AwShucks said...

In order I'd say A > C > E > B > D

DarkHand said...

Letter C

DarkHand said...

Letter C

Leandro Alves said...

I vote in cover A, but all covers are great!

I Just don't like that the game will be called just Twisted Metal, because will be the same name that the 1995 game had. Please put a subtitle to clarify to general public that is a new game.

DIFUNTO666 said...

option C offcourse =D

Ima said...

The first three options are very good, not which to choose.
I would like to come out for sale a special edition of Twisted Metal, this game deserves the best.

4thHorseman said...

I prefer option C in terms of the back cover, but it doesn't flow well with the front cover.

The front cover...just too much white. I think that's why I like option C the most because it has a darker look to it. But even keeping the white background on the cover art, if the buildings in the background could be more noticeable or something...just...too much white. I don't know how to fix it exactly.

Damn I'm excited for this game though.

MBO said...


makaveli said...

option c

Felipe said...

I'd have to go with A

Thiod said...

Box number C! :P

Tomaz said...

I like the final,cause the others of this girl well it dont match...

sicdedworm said...

"C" is the one id go with. it displays the destruction and the added helicopter nicely. i love the cover art but maybe make the backround of the city a little more noticeable to add a little bit to the front cover :) awesome job guys!

Condemned said...

I say Option A or C if I had to choose between the two of those most likely would go with A because it goes very well with the front cover art.

starx said...

I don't like it.

The white background is odd (especially behind the white face of Sweet Tooth), ditto the black text.

The smallish vehicles make the game look like it's car combat with micro machines.

I chose 'Rear Option C'. It doesn't really match or flow with the front cover but it is, to me (and it looks like to many others, as it's leading comfortably with 45%), the composition that 'pops' the most.

There's something about that fiery orange wash it has for a background that reminds me of classic TM (see TM1/TM2 box arts). I don't know if that's something the team likes or is going for, but again, I like it.

Nicolás said...

Options B or D!

Boss said...

The front cover is not terrible but I really dont like all that white it makes it seem too plain. I think it would be MUCH better if you changed the white to the fire/red like the rear option C. And then use REAR OPTION C for the back. (Loving dollface btw)

If you wanna stick to the white, then go with rear option D

VioLEn said...

C or D

VioLEn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Games said...

b or c

José Goncalves Dias said...

The option A is the best for me. David Jaffe, after releasing this game, back to the franchise God of War, please. I love God of War 1 and we, fans of the series God of War, wanted to return to this franchise.

José Goncalves Dias said...

The option A is the best for me. David Jaffe, after releasing this game, back to the franchise God of War, please. I love God of War 1 and we, fans of the series God of War, wanted to return to this franchise.

MarinoB said...

Suggestions: Show more of the vehicles, they are barely visible especially with all that boring white.

Why don't you take that destroyed highway from the first trailer where Mr. Grimm is shown with his flaming chainsaw, then put the Juggernaut somewhere dropping balls, and the ice cream truck, and Axel shooting.

Keep the clown as the centerpiece but make the rest of the composition more Twisted Metal. Also, you should show Kalisto's eyes or his shadowy silhouette (red eyes, evil smile) somewhere, maybe in the back cover.

gahtv said...

option c best looking one really pops

lucasDS said...

C, and therefore more expensive TWISTED METAL shows more variety of cars

Jason Sherriff said...

To be honest, I was kind of hoping to see the mushroom cloud shaped like Sweet Tooth as the front or back cover. The new cover doesn't scream Twisted Metal to me at all but at least the gameplay will.

I still really liked that mushroom cloud...

ClausSanAndreas said...

Option D- ¡Rocks!

Twinkling82 said...

I'd go with the rear option B.

The front? I'm not too fond of it actually.

I imagined a city with some scyscrapers in the background, with lots of flames behind (flaming city) the Name/title in silver/brushed metal on black background, maybe with the flames behind them from the city.

The the clown with the firehead at the front either on a bike or in the van that you guys drove in at E3.

adtither said...

Has gotta be option C, looks sick!. Liking the box art so far!

ShinGetterPoPo said...

I'm liking option B. You can't go wrong with giant robots. You just can't.

Arrownoir said...

C is the best hands down, but please
Switch C Dollface for E Dollface "I don't wanna miss out on that sweet pose" Come On Dave, Please!!!!!

deano800 said...

option c all the way jaffe

deano800 said...

Been a true TM fan since back in 1995 wen the first TM came to the PS1. My personal opinion on the covers is the TM2 cover was the best also best game of the series. hope this new one changes all that and Jaffe please tell me u can drive one of them monster trucks guna miss hammerhead if not!!

UltimateStudios said...

D - Shows Everything

UltimateStudios said...

Take That Back C OR D!

Graham said...

C for sure now that I've thought about it!

z3r0._R_zuperztar said...

Option A

FrankJames24 said...

I really like the first one. Not sure why, but I think it just really captures the essence of Twisted Metal. Crazy car combat havoc.

DarkEde said...

I picked option B could understand why the majority likes C and can go with that too.

I also agree that the cover should not be all white and that it should not repeat images from the front.

And I agree with Kilrgrn that the Twisted Metal lettering should be metallic like the videos. Thanks.

Chris said...

I like the front cover a lot, although I'm not crazy about it being white. I feel that if the color on the front cover could be that gray smokey color on Real Option B, then it would look kick ass and make the cover more attractive.

As for the back of the box, A would be a no, since the same art is already on the front minus Sweet Tooth's face. I definitely would go with C, which has gotten the majority of the votes. I love the red/orange fire color, as well as it showing art of Dollface, Axel, Sweet Tooth, one of The Brothers Grimm, and Talon. I especially love one of The Brothers Grimm there. Monster trucks are especially known for their destruction and mayhem. xD

sharpshoter said...

I liked the C and D. The game should be pretty cool.

Maik said...

I would go for option B, since using the same artwork from the front is a no-go and all the other ones just don't look quite right or don't serve any better purpose in explaining the game. :)

The only thing I don't like is the ridiculously photoshopped "screenshot". I think it's cool to clean up screens and stuff, but changes on that level are really uncool.


Maik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karlo said...

Option D)

DollFace Rulez¡¡¡¡

maxrenderer said...

Well, as much as I like the big Sweet head, the nose is smack in the center of the box and really draws your eye there. The rule of thirds applies to the head of the Sweetmobile, but the nose pulls your eye away too much. Also, there's too much negative space to the left and right (right mostly looks barren) and the other vehicles are either too few or too small. Maybe throw some faded/desaturated skyscrapers in that space to fill it out; just a thought. Color-wise, I like it a lot. Orange is a power color, and tells me there is excitement (and many things exploding) and raw energy in the box, so that's good.

As for the back, I like option C (A is just a repeat of the front and makes it feel cheap; like the designers could care less about crafting a new image...that reflects badly overall). Though Dollface is good to have on the back, she seems too prominent (almost like a main character) on D and E. B isn't bad, but I like to see that orange bleed over to the C is best for me.

I would also recommend another in-game screenshot or two if you can fit it without breaking the balance of C (possibly a long box after TM Returns that goes across the bottom of Axel's wheels and in front of Doll's waist. Being long and thin, it could hold 3 smaller screenies. After the front of the box makes us pick it up in the store, the whole reason we turn it over is to see a sampling of what is in the game so we can imagine what it would be like to play. For most of us on the interwebs watching videos all the time, it doesn't matter too much, but for the average player, you may need more shots to sell it. Just my 18 cents as a graphic artist.

Victordmc said...

B or C...

Thomaticus said...

I'd go with option c. Also I don't like the cover...too much white...I think that the girl should be included on the cover somewhere along with sweet tooth.

maxrenderer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maxrenderer said...

I know we can't post our creations here (I respect that, so I won't), but I did create a mock-up based on my comments below. Basically, I enlarged the two vehicles on the left and put a set of skyscrapers behind them slanting slightly to the left. Also, I put another set on the right slanting right. It looks like the Sweet head is pushing through them a bit and it fills out the negative space nicely. They are slightly desaturated so they don't detract from the forward art and the bottoms fade to a white fog.

After swapping back and forth between the two pics, the white space definitely unbalances the rest of the image (like others have said as well).

dieseldog09 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dieseldog09 said...

Make the Sweet Tooth van to where it doesn't cover the big Sweet Tooth head. Other than that, sweet box cover.

(I'm choosing option E, but make Dollface a little bit smaller so her head isn't blocked by the top PS stuff.

rockermatt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rockermatt said...

I think the front of the box should be black instead of white with the words Twisted Metal in red, white, or silver. The white cover just makes it look harmless and empty. Granted I understand that almost everyone is using black box covers these days and that Twisted Metal: Black already had Sweet Tooth's head on a black cover, but I wouldn't stack Twisted Metal next to the likes of Burnout Paradise. Wasn't it you David who said Twisted Metal is American, it's heavy metal/rock n roll, and in your face. The cover art should reflect that. I think Calypso should also be on the front or back with those demonic glowing eyes that he had in the trailer. As for the back cover options themselves, I like option C the best. The rest of them look too dull and don't really sell me the game's dark atmosphere. What was the inspiration for using a white background for the front cover anyways? Regardless of the box art, I'm definitely psyched for the game next year.

lancy said...

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Anthony_Herren said...

I think they all look great, but I would go with option A or option B, either way I'm still gonna buy this game the first day it's released - thanks Jaffe for sharing these wonderful pieces of Art. :D

EyeWatchU said...

You guys are best with the front look of Option A and the rear of option C. Option C shows more as far as whats in the game and is more creative then options D and E. I mean if you disagree me with option C then please if anything go with B.

Wolfpack182 said...

Opcion C absolutly! the best :D

gabriel15gb said...

i vote in the option c

Azfargh said...

Option C

The fire drawn more attention and has much more to do with one of the signature icon of the series: the fire at the head of the Sweet Tooth

Anish said...

Dave, I personally don't believe in sacrificing artistic integrity for sales/commercial reasons. Twisted Metal has more than just a cult following in my opinion, but the true fans such as myself also hold great value in it's story, ambiance, and atmosphere. And all of this is credited to your teams unique vision, imagination, and creative ability. In my opinion, TM:Black was the best game in the series to date (not including TM:PS3) not simply because of game mechanics, but because your team was allowed to let their creative ability run free. This allowed for a truly artistic and ingenious environment to be created which allowed players and true fans alike to be fully immersed in the Black universe, fully realizing your vision. The box art for TM:Black is one of my all time favorite box arts of any game ever. Because it is a pure work of art that provides a window into the emotions that are relayed by playing the game. It was a masterpiece.

I am not a fan of the box art that was chosen for TM PS3 because it makes a mature franchise that has an enormous amount of depth seem superficial. I do understand where Sony is trying to go with this by trying to make a game that may be largely unknown to those of the "new generation" appeal to the masses. But honestly, in my mind there should be more things important than just sales when it comes to producing a work of art. Especially one that has an incredibly strong fan following for so many years because of it's deep and mature nature. To tell you the truth, i feel as if this box cover makes the great concept and world of TM seem immature. It just makes it seem like "a game where you blow up cars and stuff" which is further reinforced by the rear box art reading "Twisted Metal returns to redefine destruction and mayhem" also showing more vehicular destruction in the art work.

Dave, I just feel like there should at least be a median within the universe of making sales and producing a true work of art. I mean it's not like this is the first twisted metal game ever where you need to "explain what the game is about" on the box art. This is one of the longest running franchises in PlayStation history with great depth and mature themes to match it's stellar game play mechanics. I really feel like a game as mature as this should consist of box art representative of the genius behind the game. This box art just seems childish.

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