Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rambling Man Returns! AKA- DAMN this is long!!! :)

Pretty long and rambly. PLUS it's Sunday am and I'm working at home so my kids scamper in and out of the video at the start. If you JUST want some TM info, skip to around 6 min, 7 min...and that's all Doctor Who free and kid free too!

Talk soon- gotta run!



Vidarcr said...

Amazing update, even though I would have loved a collectors edition of the game, I now know everyone gets the same experience, it's not funny when you see people with extra content just because they paid more, and you couldn't so that's fine.

By the way, I sent you via twitter the link to my colored Sweet Valentine Tooth, hope you like it :D

DuckOfDestiny said...

Will the UK be getting a free code for Twisted Metal: Black or the Axel pre-order bonus?

Also, I got my pre-order down during the week, really looking forward to it. I hope it will get me back into playing my PS3 online again, I feel like I've been neglecting it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Jaffe,
First, let me tell you that it is amazing how you give feedback to your fans, on your own blog, with your daughter walking in like we would be family, but in my opinion, no one else does this in the industry. It really show how much your like your fans and your team really deserve an award or something this year. Also, you seem a bit concerned about everyone loving the game but it's a lot to ask cause you can't please everyone at once. I'm sure your team knows what's they are doing so the game will be great. but personnaly my concerns are like many the lack of characters in the game and also if theres anymore secrets or unrevealed contents in the game. But at the same time, im confident that it will be an awesome game to play and i can't wait to try it. And also, here in Canada it seems retailers have figured out limited editions and pre order bonus, so all of them have the bonuses advertised as it should. Well, enjoy the release and Thanks for the game!

RJ said...

I would love twister dlc and hope this game does well, me and my friend will be up all night tearing it up online, just like when we were kids

Nathaniel Somers said...
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CFdog22 said...

im telling you a level editor for this game post launch would be so fun! NOT NEEDED but it would be pretty cool, you guys wouuldnt have to give the player full control but even just tweaks or something in that mindset

Signia said...

Thank you so much for all of the cool updates. People in St. Louis are excited about this game!!! One question, have you looked at the Vita? I imported and one and very impressed with the first gen titles. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Unknown said...

Hey Mr. Jaffe, I just wanted to say that I love split screen games that bring friends and family together (Mortal Kombat, Lego series...TM!). I'm in the army and am telling all my buddies about the game and to go out and buy it.

Looking forward to it, cheers.

P.S. What's your PSN name you said you're making exclusively for this game??

Robert said...

I understand in some way the need for those PSN online passes. What really bothers me is that Sony intentionally advertises the PS3 as a family console, something that does not match the behavior of those passes, they are tied to one user, they shouldn't, they must be tied to the entire console. If I authorize one PS3 with my user, it must allow to all family members to play the game online, with their own PSN user.

I praise a lot to the team of Polyphony Digital because when they release their first GT5 DLC, they used that kind of implementation, tying the DLC to an user. They later added an extra download to allow it to be used by all user. So technologically it is possible to do on PSN, too bad that marketing and sales team rules over common sense, destroying games abilities to be played online by all family members (with their own user!!!!)

Rockin_Ricky_Fox50 said...

ok i called gamestop to ask what do i get for pre-ordering twisted metal they said all u get is the early access to axel but i told them i was looking a the playstation blog and it says it will include TM black and the starhawk skin and the employee said gamestop doesnt know about that so it might just come inside the box. but when i pre orderd Uncharted 3 i got the creepy crawler kickback but they said it will also include a penny arcade poster i thought it was awesome but the day i picked it up they told me oh sorry its only for like the first 10 people who pre-order i was a little upset. my point is will everyone get TM black DLC and the starhawk skin cause i pre-orderd my copy like 6 months ago. so can i get it if not how can i, should i just cancel my order and pre-order again to getem both?

Rockin_Ricky_Fox50 said...

i also wanted to meantion can u get yur stuff straight with gamestop they piss me off with the lack of knowledge they know of i dont mean to be rude but they dont explain shit about exclusives that good. im a big fan since i was 5 years old playing TM2 with all respect please exlpain the exclusives better :)

psdmaniac said...

Why you change warthog in Black and his new form is in new game? As Hummer/Humvee he got a POWER, now its look like trash car... Wher is Mr Slam? SweetTooth and him is the icon of series in my opinion. It was bad car for playing yourself but as oponent(cpu controled) it was briliant (ther are now such vechilce in Vigilanet 8 and other car combats).I saw swimming pool one one of your clips. Awsome!! I felt like in 1997 , playing TM2:)Sorry for my engilish.

Anonymous said...

Great updates Jaffe. I just discovered this place after looking you up on Wikipedia and found you also do the God of War games. I'm a massive fan of these games. Anyway, to the point fantastic updates on Twisted Metal I've already Pre-Ordered and paid it off from Gamestop UK and I'm even more excited about this game Twisted Metal now I kind of discovered you work on this franchise too.

I remember playing or maybe watching a Twisted Metal game when I was a kid? Not sure which but I can remember the ice cream truck and Sweet Tooth and how the hell I got to see such a game at a young age I don't know but this is going to be my first proper Twisted Metal and I'm very pleased to support such a great person who is honest with the fans in the gaming industry.

I'll be a regular visitor and just to go off topic looking forward to God of War 4 man! Hope to hear some cool stuff on this game soon.



Wawa said...

Dear Mr. Jaffe,

This comment will basically be about the Online Pass that was added for the new Twisted Metal.

With every update you gave us, I loved the game more and couldn't wait to play it.
But when you announced that the game will include Online Pass, I have to admit, my heart got a little bit torn.

Online pass is the most horrible thing to add and give to customers. It's like punishing customers. Why would you do that?

First off, it is not the consumers fault that the game companies aren't making any money off of 2nd hand games sales. We're not out there charging 80% of the original price for a game we want to sell or share to our friends, families, neighbors, etc. We don't really go out of our way to put ads on TV promoting to consumers that if they buy a lot of 2nd hand games they will get a better bargain. We don't.

If you want to combat or make some money from used games sales, you should focus your attention to the distributor.
As far as I am aware, Gamestop is one of the leading stores that promotes and sells used games for almost the original price.
Why not do something to them for them to get a hint that you guys aren't happy with used games sales?
It's always pretty shitty(pardon) that it's always the consumers who take the biggest hit of everything negative.

I am part of the gaming community.
I can definitely tell you that a ton of people will NOT buy Twisted Metal JUST because of the Online Pass.
Right now, there is a protest against it and hopefully the message will be received soon.
Even though so many people are excited for this game, so many of them will not buy the game just to support this cause.

Online Pass is not right and I hope you know that.

This really is a big disappointment for me because I was looking forward on building a strong and huge community for this. Adding the online pass gave that option half the chance of being successful.

Hopefully, there's still something that can be done to NOT add Online Pass for this game. I really hope so.

I apologize for the extensive post. I really am just saddened by the fact that online pass was added to a game I am buying and might be the only game I buy all year.


Unknown said...

I will buy it day one, Mr. Jaffe. I just pre-ordered on Amazon right before I wrote this comment.

maxrenderer said...

@Wawa. If you had watched the latest video on Jaffe's blog, you would know he was against the online code. It was all Sony's doing, as usual.

Anonymous said...

God just seeing the game there, existing, breathing has me so pumped. Great break down! So many options in split screen makes me happy.

BTW, your daughter is adorable. Very cute interaction you guys had there.

It's almost here!!!! I simply cannot wait any longer! Wonderful work, sir, and to the rest of the team that made it!

Cody Goggin said...

It comes out on my birthday ;)

Unknown said...

I like it.
I love it.
I want more of it.

Anonymous said...

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TwistedPetal said...

I am telling all my friends about this game. I want it to sell!!!

Ninjalaw said...

I've already got my pre-order down. Can't wait! I'm coming for YOU Jaffe! Look out for me online!Man, I'm gonna have sooo much fun with this new TM. Thanks alot for the new TM. I hope it becomes GOTY. You and your team deserve it.

Lesli Shambly said...

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