Thursday, February 16, 2012


Also, here's the link on GAMESPOT I was mentioning in the vlog



Unknown said...

I realize Sony is telling you all this and yes, the quick queue system has been fixed since demo so it's got a very minimal amount of errors. However, Jaffe you've gotta understand that these errors are primarily occurring in lobbies--especially for pre-made parties. These rooms are not showing as full, they may be as low as 2 or 3 people--at least from what the server is telling us. And it's really frustrating for clans; especially when I found out that your game does not support keeping groups intact in ranked rooms (vital to any multiplayer game), and also ranked rooms don't allow late comers so it can be confusing not knowing which game is full and which is not.

My clan has even gone so far as to discard ranked games altogether when we're playing together. However, when we make a game it's rare that we get more than 3 people to join because of all these network errors.

Furthermore, on top of all that voice chat is constantly breaking up and we can't hear each other very clearly no matter what volume we adjust to so it can be a pain to communicate with my team. Is that also server side? We communicate just fine in BF 3 now that they've patched the mic system so maybe that's something your team ought to look into.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate you and Sony stickin' with it. It's just TM is currently an unfriendly game for clans, which can hurt multiplayer longevity. I've seen it countless times before. So any further information you might need, don't hesitate to ask us fans on Twitter or here for specific feedback.

jonabbey said...

This kind of communication is exactly why I bought TM today. I have no doubts about your commitment and care about what you do, David.

If Sony had people communicating like this more (or if someone at Bethesda had during the PS3 skyrim troubles), there'd be a hell of a lot more happy PS3 owners out here.


J.T. said...

This is what's happening to me.. obviously I don't know if this is only me or not but I generally don't have trouble connecting to other online games.

I can't get the quick online action thing to work at all. It's always a network error or I get put in a room by myself or with one other person and nobody ever joins the game.

Now on to the list of rooms.. It's usually a ton of network errors as well but I will occasionally get in a game but if its ranked I have to wait on the round to end and once it ends the players ALWAYS leave the game below the minimum threshold of six players and another game never gets going again.

My only choice so far is getting into unranked games.. still network errors but I can get in a game eventually. Unfortunately not many players seem to be playing unranked games which is understandable because they want to be ranked and get the stats and shit as do I.

Anyway, thats what I'm going through

John-Luke said...

If I had a PS3, I would totally buy Twisted Metal, it looks like so much fun. I think it's awesome that you speak to your fans so frankly. You have my respect, Jaffe.

LostRonin said...

In regards to TM and the GameSpot post.

Current networking hardware should detect connected devices and allow you to configure them individually. If you add your PS3 alone to DMZ mode that won't compromise your overall security.

Just make sure you don't add any PC or laptop to DMZ.

Older networking hardware can't differentiate between devices and simply enables DMZ across your entire local network. DO NOT DO THIS.

As long as your ports are forwarded and your PS3 shows a NAT 2 connection you should be perfectly fine.

Pete Thorne said...

Force Starts
Force Starts

Also map voting/randomization.
playing the same map 8 times in a row because the room creator isn't changing it is not cool. Of all the awesomely designed levels I think I've played maybe 4.

Otherwise I'm happy, unlocked roadkill. Got my car, honing my skills. I'm a twisted metal fan and I want this to succeed.

You have my continued support

Lewis W said...

I hope these issues are fixed before the European release date! Keep working hard! :)

TyrantII said...

One thing I'd love to see is being able to join a ranked game in progress.

At the very least, allow users to join and wait in the lobby (make sure it's apparent. Maybe a next game start countdown clock?). Then they can wait and play the next round.

Doing that might alleviate some of the traffic issues too, since people won't be forced to find servers with people just sitting in the lobbies to get into a game.

Seems like a good compromise.

Kabukitgirl said...

Who is the actor that plays Needles in the cut scenes?

TIMiNEM said...

In regard to the system freeze/crash bug: On Valentine's day when I first popped in the game, I inadvertently said cancel to the patch window that popped up(by pressing O) and after the game finally loaded I next went in to redeem/download the Axel add-on. After downloading and installing it (100% showed on screen)it froze right there. Hard rebooted and started back up. This time I accepted the patch and after it was done I verified Axel was ready to roll. Nothing like that has happened since.

FYI: I have the 160GB fat model that came bundled with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Unknown said...

JAFFE - Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work in releasing the new TM. Having a blast running through the story modes and LOVE the live cutscenes! I understand the online portion of the game is integral to it's livelihood and success, but I hope players can stop for a moment and appreciate the single-person aspect in TM's latest's something special to experience. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

@Kabukitgirl The actor who plays Sweet Tooth is J.S. Gilbert; in this new TM as well as Black. Here's a link to his Twitter account:!/Gilbertism

bloodfed said...

Hey Jaffe since I got TM I've only been able to play a few mins to maybe an hour bc my ps3 will all of a sudden will beep 3 times then turn off and the red light will continue to blink non stop.I enjoythe game so much.but I'm afraid it's gonna brick my ps3.anyone experiencing this too?

Jon Jon said...

One of the guys over at TMA was having crash issues and I recommended to him to rebuild the PS3 database and it worked out for him. Maybe that can help many of the people who are having crash issues.

TIMiNEM said...

@bloodfed: The issue you are having is due to the system overheating (per the PS3 documentation that comes with the system). Make sure you have good space/airflow around your system and suck the vents out with a vacuum if needed.

maxrenderer said...

Well, I'm loving the game, but one thing is really bothering me. Why do the bots seem to never kill each other? I've done a ton of skirmish matches, and I'm the only one with kills. Seems a bit strange. Great game, otherwise (even through the controller crushing race sequences).

er said...

Hey! First, I wanted to say great game, I bought my Slim 160gb PS3 to play it. I had a question. Just read that some Playstation's were experiencing issues with overheating/crashing. I was wondering if you, or anyone reading this has heard of any problems concerning the model PS3 I have and hardware issues. I just wanna make sure I am not going to break my new console.

Appreciate it, and good luck!

Unknown said...

@er As far as I'm aware, the game crashing issue is specific to original 60 gig PS3s with backwards compatibility. That model has had so many issues in the past, it was discontinued from production. I really am not surprised by this at all.

Anyhow, I think you'll be fine with your new slim. And just so you know, an occasional game crash won't hurt your system. Overheating will, but that's not the issue with most concerning Twisted Metal and all you've gotta do their is keep the system in a well ventilated area and elevated on a platform for nice air flow.

I've been through a plethora of beta tests, which come with their fair share of issues that include crashing my system. My originally 120 gig slim (now 500 gig with 7200 RPM) still operates like it's brand spankin' new.