Friday, April 06, 2012


Hey all- first part of this post is all about the new Twisted Metal patch that is going to hit soon.

Around 11 min in, I start talking about where we're at with the new game. Not really any key info I can share, just a sort of 'here is what is up with the new game' kind of post.

Have a great weekend ya'll! Stay safe, have fun!



Unknown said...

Would it be possible to post a complete change log?

Also a to do list?

da criminal said...

Not sure what you mean- can you explain what a 'complete change log' is and a 'to do' list means?

Hexinexes said...

He wants to see a list of things that have been changed and potentially will change, ugh.

I think the game is fine as it is (balance issues) since the unbalance of the vehicles and weapons makes it more fun and challenging. Talon was fine, if changes would've been made I would've suggested increase the energy regeneration time and make the special weapon (tri-gun-turret) shoot regular rounds like Death Warrant and Roadkill's specials. Though I'm very glad to see you working very hard at both your new company, game titles, and maintaining TM.

P.S: Wouldn't mind seeing that rear-view function implemented/enabled. I'd love to see the front f my vehicle and it's skin lol.

Really appreciate it.

Cya 'round online!


Unknown said...

the guys keeping track of the changes from version to version usually have a log/list.


Weapon 1 from dmgXX to dmgXX
Charicter 2 reduced to X

Just wondering the full change list. Also, if you could have it posted to the in game menu that be really great. Currently it still has the message dated from Feb27/28th even though a patch or two has hit since then...

Some people don't seek out the info. Then again that's their own fault.

chris927 said...

You guys maybee thought of addinng neww factions to the online like Mr. Grim and Preacher thatts would really be great :D

Adrianjmr said...

i would love to know wich vehicles have the fastest and the slowest regeneration of energy

atdsutm said...

i suggest that kamikaze's special cooldown time should be around 35-40 seconds. 28 seconds for kamikaze is WAY too good because of his constant freeze and supports camping/abuse.

pls keep kamikaze under close surveillance, when he receives the 28 seconds cooldown time.

and the tracking decrease for most weapons is a must, since it will improve most of the faster vehicles in the game.

I would suggest to nerf trackings of:

priority weapons that need tracking nerf
-Stalker (max charge only and absorption shields only)
-Remote bomb
-Rocket sidearms

and also pls consider that talon and sweetbot might end up too good if the tracking of weapons above got a nerf.

SwiftLJ14 said...

That all sounds nice IF! I was able to play my own copy. What about the ps3 crashing problem that plagues many of your fans???

Annoyed gamer who wasted his money on a game he can't even play...

Miggy11 said...

One thing that is really bothering me is talon hosts that only choose sunsprings and spam sniper. The sniper respawn time is fine, just reduce the amount of sniper pickups there are.

Lewis W said...

Great update, thank you!

I would love to hear more about the trophy situation from one of your videos (not just Twitter).

Also, if you can get those endings back on Youtube, that would be much appreciated!

Thanks for Axel, your time, and the whole game! :D

phatb0y said...

Would love to be able to play it. Works fine on my girlfriends 250Gb slim but crashes under 5 minutes on my 60Gb launch model.

Chances of me being able to play Twisted Metal on her machine now Street Fighter X Tekken is out? None to fucking zero. So now I'm stuck with a fancy looking Twisted Metal drinks coaster.

I love the game, but not enough to go out and buy a new PS3 just to play it. Please say you're looking into the problems with the launch models?

olaf said...

Hey Jaffe, man, what about the trophy issues? I keep seeing QA says they are not bugged....

That is simply not true. Im way over the marks for point shoot kill, a la mode, and probably another level. I have yet to get them.

3 other people on my friends list have the same problem, I can't say for certain for them, but I have NOT ever deleted my game data as Sony claims "is the issue".

It's gotten to the point where i'm too disheartened to play anymore. I love the game, but I would love a platinum, that I worked soo hard for, much more

Yogurtstorm said...

Hey Jaffe! Logic in a patch for glitched trophies seems like best option. Here's a post from a guy who JUST got platinum:

All of the online trophies were glitched for me originally. But I have finally gotten platinum. So for me it took 300 kills with each missile, 150-200 kills with every car, 15 wins in each mode, 20-25 wins on each map, and on my 52nd day of consecutive wins the ASAF trophy along with my platinum popped.

Don't you find that a little ridiculous? He met the requirements 3X and even 4X more! Some logic definitely needs to be installed into the game, it's clear that something is making the game not recognizing our progress.

Roxas27 said...

Awesome game jaffe! Its the best multiplayer so far especially when I play with this with 3 friends. 4 player splitcreen is still brings back the old days.
Anyway I got only issue with the game...roadkills HP. could you put him more life? if not how about faster energy regeneration. His blood missile barrage is great but he feels under power compared to other cars.

PM said...

Great to see you getting excited about started on a new game. I look forward to what you come up with. I've enjoyed just about every game you have worked on (even calling all cars--what a great little game). Good luck!

Unknown said...

what about the skins? ive been stuck with the same ones unable to change them, they seem stuck. even if i load more and tell it to refresh in game, nothing happens. how do i fix it?

Miggy11 said...

Megagun abuse is still there and some maps make talon unbeatable because of the amount of megagun and sniper pickups examples are diablo pass X and sunsprings XL.

Is there any way you could reduce the amount of pickups for flying guys?

Diarree Teevee said...

Because of the patch I can't get online. It stays on the logging in screen! I hope it will be fixed soon.

skrillah_G said...
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