Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Open Letter To Movie Studios About Digital Rentals:

Dear movie studios and companies that deal in digital download rentals of movies and television shows:

I have a more than full time job. I'm trying to raise 2 kids. From time to time, I'd also love to work out, leave my house, and see the world. Oh, and I really want to fly home to Alabama before the end of the summer to see my parents. It's been a while and they are getting older. Ralph and Barbara Jaffe, from Birmingham? Perhaps you know them?

It doesn't matter. Anway:

I also spend lots of cash on your products, both at home and in theaters. And I mean a LOT of cash. Hell, I just ordered the JAWS Blu Ray off Amazon this morning. I mean, seriously you guys: I love the stuff ya'll make.

Oh, and the last thing I pirated was a port of the Super Mario Bros. arcade game for my Apple //e back in the 1980's (85 I think it may have been). Happy to send ya'll a check for that act if that is what this is all about. But assuming it's not:

For the love of God, PLEASE stop with this 'once you hit PLAY on a movie/show download you only have 24 hours in which to watch the whole thing' bullshit.

I will be paying for THE HUNGER GAMES- great, great movie so far, by the way. Nice job, movie making people! I'm just at the point where she gets her rating and that's a really good part, you know?!?- at least 2 times and probably 3 before I reach the end of the film. Do I really need to be paying you guys for 3 different downloads? How about you track what I've watched so far so I can't rewind to a part I've already seen after 24 hours? How about you charge 1-2 dollars more for a longer download period for those of us with busy lives? How about you do SOMETHING?




Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When I still had a job, I fully agreed with that statement. It's frustrating because it is really no skin of their nose to extent the watching period to at least 72 hours.

I haven't digitally rented anything in over a year. I just buy it now and hope for the best.

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