Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wherein I Weather (semi poorly) Some Mini Shit Storms


Anonymous said...

Interesting idea, though I would argue that any journalist that can't fully retain their integrity (that's on account of marketing influence, advertising and sponsorship, or losing their job for speaking ill of something) isn't doing their job right.

Think of it like assuming that a game dev can't 100% harness the integrity of their product unless they can somehow distance themselves from that nasty ol' Activision/EA money.

If outside influences (financiers or otherwise) affect your ability to do your job at the limits of your own capabilities, you know fuck all about what you're doing.

Several journalists would agree that advertising doesn't and shouldn't impede on one's ability to remain objective and honest.

Besides, Jim Sterling already says whatever the hell he wants and can still keep his job.

Google "feminazi sluts".

steverl22 said...

1St time coming here....that video made me a fan for life.

dovealexandria said...

I like this guy, really do.

Also, I am female. You are allowed to dislike me without you being a misogynist.

Unknown said...

Hey David Jaffe sweet blog man, keep those hits comin' and don't pull any punches, I love it.

You seem grumpy dude, it's not worth it. People are always going to feel entitled. It's a sad fact but entitlement is one of the founding principles of western culture.

Anyway, thanks for Twisted Metal. I'm a student and money's tight so I can't afford many games; but Last year I saved up tips and got TM for my little brother's birthday.

Hell no I didn't buy it used!


Because to this fucking day I recall my best friend and I stealing into his dad's game collection and playing the shit out of TM2 until the sun came up.

I still remember Minion coming up out of that lava. I still remember how tough that fucker was; we were 8 years old, give us a break.

I still remember the thrill of finally plugging that motherfucker with a missile.

I just thought you should know.

^Ryan Perez,

I think you're being hard on Jim Sterling, that 'feminazi slut' thing happened years ago and he's apologized personally to the target of those comments as well as to his audience. He has admitted that it was a mistake and that he'd take it back if he could.

Maybe that's not enough but I like to weigh his past mistakes against his present reality. I think the man has come a long way and you should give him a chance.

Tux said...

I've started following you Jaffe.

I like the cut of your jib and the casual demeanor you present your ideas in. Fun and refreshing, and I hear you're kind of a big name in the industry.

Cheers and good luck with this storm mate

Anonymous said...

Ranting Jaffe is my favorite Jaffe. said...

Hey David Jaffe ! How do you think Sony can save the Vita ? I was hesitant in getting a Vita but after I got it , I loved it ; I play it every day. Do you think PS4 has a big part in reviving Vita ? I would love if remote play worked on every title but that kinda seems too 'optimistic'. It'd be a good idea for developers to make games for vita as it may only have a '5 million user' fan base but those 5 million user are fucking craving games for Vita and they must have money to buy those titles cause the Vita costs like 300$. Would you want to work on a game for Vita or rather are you ?

da criminal said...

AVideoGamer: I love my VITA! About to play some Guacamellee (sp?) on it tonite! :)

Hoping there is a price drop soon as some great games are coming and I think lots of folks would love it if they tried it!


Timothy O'Connell said...

Long-time reader, first-time commenter.

I watched the clip while catching up on the backstory--for some reason, Internet controversies always happen while I'm not paying attention to the Internet and I end up playing catch-up after the dust has more or less settled--and gave the video my thumbs up on YouTube and still felt compelled to support the sentiment further.

And so here I am.

Other than my support for Jaffe (and the fact that he hits all the right notes, w/r/t entitlement, professionalism and paying dues), I really do not have anything to add other than this: the difference between a good writer/good thinker and a bad writer/bad thinker is what emerges in these kinds of situations where someone like Jaffe makes a sincere, helpful point and then catches a lot of flak from a bunch of roustabouts who haven't worked a day in their lives.

Which is to say that a good writer and a good thinker is someone who struggles with the issues, the ideas and, in a lot of cases, the words themselves in the effort of trying to treat problems fairly and directly.

A bad writer and a bad thinker is someone who does that other thing: that pot-shots on Twitter thing; that doctrinaire, sweeping-indictment thing; that all hat and no cattle thing where their credential is their opinion and fuck you for not being sympathetic to whatever philosophical hardline they happen to be interested in this week.

So yeah, sorry for the rambling comment, but I felt compelled. Keep up the good work, Jaffe.

Unknown said...

Masterful characterization in games requires a certain insight into the truth of people and how the world works; that being the case, Jaffe's opinions- offhanded or self-analyzed- have a good amount of value.

Guys like him are the kind you want to have around to help drive you to greatness by refining your mind with his keen critical perspective. Jaffe, if you're ever in Phoenix, shoot me an email and I'll buy you a drink.

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