Friday, March 02, 2018


Hey all! So THIS SUNDAY (March 4th) at NOON is the Bartlet Jones/Game Memorabilia raffle!

The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
835 5th Ave
San Diego, California

Some Details:
-Show up at Noon and either Nick or I will come down to let ya in! 

-From there, we'll put your name in a hat and start drawing for stuffs! 

-NOTE: THIS IS FREE! We are not selling anything...just show up, get a raffle card, and see if and/or what you win! :) 

-After each win your name goes back in the hat (for the things you want) so you can win multiple     

- If you email us at BEFORE Sunday at 11:59am you can get your name entered TWICE for each drawing. It's our little reward for helping us figure out how many folks are showing up. We could have 3 or idea at this point! So if you know you are coming EMAIL US and increase your odds of winning :). 

We've got gaming stuff to give away, from games I worked on as well as other geek/game stuff. Here's just some examples: 


BUT we're also giving away general office stuff as well...some examples:

Plus books, desks, even some COMPUTERS! WHA?!?!?

Only deal is if you want and win it you gotta carry it home with you! :)

Any questions post below!

Hope to see ya on Sunday!



T said...

I know that there's probably no way but I'm one of the biggest Twisted Metal fans & I was wondering if I could buy the sweet tooth mask & have it shipped

Anonymous said...

Is there parking available?

da criminal said...

Hey y' are your answers:

#1- Thank you tons for being a TM fan! Much appreciated from all of us who made those games! :) Sadly, as there's no more Bartlet Jones staff (it's just Nick and myself closing up shop) the time/effort to take these things and ship them out is just too much. Throw in the fact that a lot of these things are hard to ship- irregular shapes, bulky, super heavy, super breakable)- and I just don't wanna take that on. I'd feel crappy if the item was broken in ship. Sorry it's not an option :(.

#2- We don't have parking but there is street parking and parking lots all over the area. We are in the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego so there's lots of options!

Thanks y'all! :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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MORE GoWs Like GoW1! said...

Your GoW is maybe not without flaws but definitely the best! Easy to notice after all those years and continuations. I cannot believe what they have done to the series. Despite the fact you and your team have done all the hard work and set up the impressive standard. GoW IV is embarrassingly awful. I would really enjoy seeing you saying what you really think of GoW III, Ascension and the latest release. P.S. The comparison of Kratos to the Nazi guy in American History-X was odd. Check out Abou Azrael. And the homosexual mafia brute in Lam's movie In Hell (2003). Are you sure your concept artist team did not watch the movie? ;)

Unknown said...

I know this is irrelevant but hoping maybe you'll see this post and do something to fix the game drawn to death. serious malfunction bugging the game not allowing anyone to connect to each other making the game unplayable seeing as your the director hoping you can get the game fixed and announce a server close or just fix it at least thanks.

grasshopper said...

Wish I wasn’t 2000 miles away and 6 months late. Been ages since posting here. Popped into my head seeing you play Spider-Man online. Would be nice to see what you think of it some time. Always liked reading these posts before the unpleasant folks started filling up the place.

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