Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Firing Squad has just posted an interview about our new game...check it out when you get the time:

There were some original concept art shots I sent along with the interview but for some reason they are missing...grrr!!!

Either way, should give you a better idea of where we are with the title.

Thank you Firing Squad for the opportunity!

So, I'm swamped with work right now as there are only 3 days left till the break.

FINALLY got a consumer model PS3 yesterday! Sweet! My HDTV has not arrived from the Sony Store yet so I'm playing on my SD tv...but still, RIDGE RACER is a blast (never played the 360 version), love Ultimate Alliance as well!

I'm Indiana Jaffe if anyone wants to add me as a friend. I will accept all you folks I've gotten to know thru this blog but not strangers (sorry!)...hope to see you guys/gals online!



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Jaffe,how was your experance with Stan Lee.

P.S my favorate all time classic game I injoyed as a kid was Castlvania for Nintendo.

da criminal said...

What experience are you referring to? I've met him on several occasions.

Tapion440 said...
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Tapion440 said...

"like little love letters to my childhood." lol, what a dork!:)

All this talk from you about pure gaming keeps reminding me of how much I played Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart years ago...where the only point was to have fun and try to win. If your game is anywhere near as fun as those games it has be great. I won't be owning a PS3 for a while though but when I do I hope I'll get around to playing it.

And why only 4 levels? That would seem to get repetitive after awhile. Unless the levels themselves were changing in some way.

Andy said...

Great interview, saw it earlier today when it was posted on Neogaf. Been posting comments on here for a while and I do enjoy your games. I'll request you as a friend on PSN, the name is andycapps. I'm in the same boat as you with still having an SDTV. My wife and I made the decision a while back to not get Christmas presents this year and instead are getting one of the 50" Sony 1080 rear projection tv's, so I'll be ordering that after I get back from Christmas with the family in Georgia.

PlayStation Museum said...

I will assume I will be added as a friend once I get my PS3. I'm still trying to find one. :(

eric said...

Sweet! I "won" a 60GB PS3 on's Customers Vote...44 to 1 odds and I beat 'em. I'm still not sure if I'm keeping my PS3 as God of War 3 hasn't been announced and there's no titles in the pipelines that give me reason to have a PS3...I love my Wii, DS, and Xbox 360 too much right now...

Ruben C. said...


I think the game will have 4 levels to begin with. I would think that the Calling All Cars team will release new levels every once in a while, like downloadable content type of stuff. Is there any truth to this Dave?

Tapion440 said...


That actually makes perfect sense for a downloadable game. I believe I was thinking of Calling All Cars as a $60 full fledge game for some reason. Neverminds..

Anonymous said...


NO.FEAR said...

If you want add another adult gamer you can add NO_FEAR to your PSN list.

To comment from an excerpt off a podcas I just heard...It's all about the physics!

It's when elements interact in real ways we become more immersed in the game, you don't notice them and in many cases you shouldn't because if done right they look natural.

Bad physics Models, poorly designed collision systems, and scripted animations that don't fit or glitch out in spots is what kills the game play many times. When real things look whacked like standing halfway through a wall, or characters body parts passing through each other, it just rips me right out. As a CAD guy It just irks me.

You need a good story to drive the game but you also need a good game to drive the story. Next Gen for me means less scripted animation and more reactionary pysics based Models. Let the first level/mision/training stage introduce the story, let the game play it out with you.

just My .02


Anonymous said...

Well,whats Stan Lee like just hanging around him,and did he give you any advice.

Darth F said...

So what do you guys all think is better blogs or custom built web sites? Doesn't it seem like all blogs are narrow down the center of the screen like a newspaper column? Does anyone besides me miss full page, full sized websites that don't feel all boxed in? I would like to take a poll and see what everyone thinks about this. I think it is possible to make a full screen blog that doesn't look bloated or stretched; check out my hjc motorcycle helmet blog and see what you think. Is it too horrible and should I scrap it for an HTML site? Or does anyone know a better way to get the full sized look and feel from a blog in a better way? Am I the only one bothered by the narrow column looking blog sites popping up all over the web?

David Doel said...

Great interview, and I'm curious if the online supports voice chat.

And I sent you a friend's invite. I got my PS3 last week :D

Anonymous said...

You lucky yanks...

But hey, haven't you got Resistance, yet? I hear that's the best title on the PS3...that is currently available...and not downloadable...*shifty look*
But Ridge Racer...I've never been much into racing games...well, not the ones with cars. The sci-fi ones are more to my taste.

time table twist said...

Mr. Jaffe:

Do you see the downloadable scene becoming a big selling point? To me, your game, Lemmings, and fl0w seem more intersting than next years madden. They remind me of old Shockwave games. Simple, but fun as hell.

jack said...

Yo Jaffe..whats up,anyways if your planing on making the God Of War movie I think you should pick Gold Berge to be Cratos .

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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