Friday, December 22, 2006


Well, that's a wrap ya'll.

Cutting out early to get my last minute presents for the kids and then it's off to Big Bear for the holidays. I will prob. work a little here and there over the break but I am also gonna try to relax. Since blogging is fun for me, I'll prob. post before the new year. But if I don't it just means I'm relaxing on the slopes (the inner tube slopes, that is) with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands!

Thank you all so much for your interest, support, and kindness over this last year. I know it means alot to me, and I'm pretty sure it means alot to the members of the teams that are making all these games that we hope you will love.

You all be safe and have a great, great holiday! Talk to ya'll soon!



Darth F said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy holidays Dave I hope you and the Sana Monica team have a great Christmas.

Ruben C. said...

Is that a picture of the holiday card that you said you were going to send out? It looks friggin' sweet. Can't wait to get it. Happy Holidays!

Dan said...

Happy Holodays to you too David. I cannot wait to see what you produce in 2007.

(trying to stay in touch)

da criminal said...

Danny, hey!

I want to stay in touch as well...just give me a few more weeks...I'm just so swamped. But I got all your info and I will write you soon and try to reconnect!

Have a great holiday!


PlayStation Museum said...

Have a Happy Holiday to Dave and everyone else who frequents his blog! That holiday card is sweet. Enjoy the break and hopefully your kids get what they want for X-mas.

Anonymous said...

Hey happy holidays hope to see you on the PS network sometimes dont work too hard now

Dutch DeGay said...


Happiest Christmas and New Year to you and your family. I'm sure you can use the break.

Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for '07!


PlayStation Museum said...

And yes, that picture of the holiday card IS the one that David and Incognito sent out! I just received mine today. Will be posted on the museum website tonight along with two other cards we received.

BTW, Dark Guns wasn't the only UFO game never to be released on PSone. Alien Probe was being developed for Eidos and a few levels were created before it was scrapped. Unlike Dark Guns, Alien Probe (I heard) was very similar to Destroy All Humans (DAH) where you run around, kidnap humans, cows....etc. Sounds cool. I still need to find out if some of that team went on to code DAH.

Lastly, Holy Sh*t. I've been pricing housing in and around Santa Monica and Foster City. SCEA and Activision both have job openings that I am qualified for, but I honestly don't think I can afford to live there. I guess I need to find an OJ-type celebrity and bunk with them (like Kaeto Kaelin).

Tapion440 said...

Just recieve my card in the mail and decided to come by for a quick visit to wish the whole Jaffe household and the CAC team a Merry Christmas. Be sure to let John Wu know that we think his artwork kicks ass.

*Merry Christmas you filthy animals*

- tapion440

Anonymous said...

Yep, you're an American dad alright. Getting some Xmas shopping done on December the 22nd. I bet it took you ten minutes, huh? Men seem to have that talent.

Yeah, happy holidays to you, too. Hopefully mine will be filled with Gears of War and if I finish that fast enough, I may even start to replay God of War (on God Mode, OBVIOUSLY), seeing how the sequel comes out February.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Got the "Calling All Cars" X-mas card. Big thanks. I appreciate the card.

I hope you and the Sony Santa Monica team and Incog. have a very merry X-Mas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa (hey those are the main holidays lol).

Spencer Wasden said...

Just got my card as well and wanted to give a Big Thank You! Hopefully I can pick up a PS3 before CAC release.

Have a Great Holiday as well David!

p.s. –If it’s cool with you and when you get back from the break- would you be able to shoot me an email concerning a CAC game mechanic question I have? I’ll put my email up in your next post when you get back. Let me know and thanks again man!

Kittonwy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Jaffe. ~_~

CincyReds said...

Thanks for the card David!!

I dont know who he is that works there but I know him from another forum and he sent me this which is my prized possession from you all. Signed by Cory, and two others, have it written down in my GoW manual.

eric said...

Happy Holidays, David. Hope you have a great new year.

ArchMagnus said...

Thanks so much for the Card! It was the only card I got for Christmas (My wife and kids got a bunch!) I hope you and your family have a great transition into the New Year and spend lots of quality time together! That way you'll be supercharged to get crackin' on God of War 3! :P

NO FEAR said...

Thanks for the card. I hope you and you family enjoyed the holidays.


Anonymous said...

omg, i cant tell you how excited i was to open a letter today, and find that i did sign up on time to get the card!

im not even lying when i say its one of my favorite gifts i got this christmas.

not to put too much pressure on you guys, but i'm going to come right out and say that Incognito is THEE reason to own a PS3.

i CANNOT wait for this game... and all of the multiplayer goodness that is sure to follow. and damnit, there had better be co-op!


Talor said...

You know what Jaffe man..I don't know how you do it,the way you came up writing God Of War.I'm a writer thats having a hard time making up my charector and seting the plot to the story,what do you do to come up with brillant ideas as a writer you're self.

Michael said...

Thanks for the card! Classy stuff.

(I got it on time, just forgot to post)

Anonymous said...



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