Thursday, March 22, 2007


Joel- in one of the comments from the last post- pointed me to the Kotaku post where they showed some gameplay footage from CALLING ALL CARS!

A few things about this:

#1- I don't know where they got the music from but it ain't from our game :) The CALLING ALL CARS myspace page ( the music that will ship with the game and it sure as hell ain't the stuff they were playing in the clip.

#2- Joel asked what I thought about the comments on the Kotaku( page. Well I liked the ones who said: hey this looks like fun! There were a handful of comments that were like: what the fuck is this? This looks like Cel Damage/Shit/etc...

As for what I think about those, well look: as it should be clear from the interviews I've been doing as of late, right now in my work, I'm no longer interested in going head to head with the likes of Halo, Mass Effect, Resistance, Devil May Cry 4, etc. Hell, I don't even want to go head to head against our own GOD OF WAR. I just want to do smaller, simpler games that focus on the fun.

So regarding those comments, if they come from folks who have never even thought- and never will think- about giving arcade and casual games a shot, then I really don't care that Calling All Cars is not floating their boat. I mean, sure, I'd love to get all of our games loved by EVERY gamer, but that is not realistic. I let go of that fantasy long ago.

To make it clear- and to put some pics in this post, as I love blog posts with pics- the following games are the ones I look at now as our new competition; the following games are the ones that have players who I want to win over and make love our stuff. Games like these:

So if any/all of these games- or games of this type- float your boat, then we are going to work our butts off to make you love our smaller, downloadable stuff. We look at the above games as both our competition and our teachers. And if you dig these kinds of games BUT STILL don't like what you see with CALLING ALL CARS! then we have much to learn and hope to please you and excite you by our next game, if not this one.

But if these are not your kind of games, fair enough. You prob. won't dig the stuff I'll be directing these days. And that's cool, maybe we'll hook back up in the future.

I think the biggest issue I have is when people act as if I don't know I have a new mountain to climb here. I KNOW you are only as good as your last game; I KNOW people are sick of seeing me all over the net/mags/tv and just looking for me to fuck up. I get it, I understand it. And I am actually cool with it. I think all those responses are natural. And I am willing to work my butt off- along with the team- to make sure we earn your respect. I am looking forward to having to win folks over again; I'm also looking forward to winning over a whole new audience who would have never have looked twice at God Of War. I'm not looking for a free ride.

But when I hear the question- and I often do- of: 'do you think if it wasn't for your name, anyone would care about CALLING ALL CARS' it makes me annoyed a bit I guess. Cause I'm like, look: I'm not trying to pull a fast one here. This is the stuff I like to make now, if YOU don't like it, that's fair. But at least give me a bit of credit for trying to branch out and do new stuff. Isn't it what we ALL complain about that games are too predictable and corporate? Well how do you think it gets that way? People get safe and secure and never branch out.

Now maybe I am branching out in a direction you think is lame or stupid. That's fair. We can have that discussion. But at least give me a little credit for reaching...and give us a shot if you like the kind of games pictured above. We're gonna do our best not to let you down.

But again, if all you like is BATTLEFIELD and HALO and DEAD RISING, then keep on walking. Calling All Cars! may not be a game for you...



Dustin (Elessar) said...

The thing i like most about CAC is that its going to be what...$10? $10 for fun, compared to $49.99+ for a game that i may or may not enjoy...not that hard of a decision. I'm just tired of paying full price for some of these games that end up disappointing me.

And while not everyone has to worry about paying $50+ for a game, i do. So its nice to see a game being developed thats goal is to be fun at a low cost.

Brice Gilbert said...

If it's fun who gives a shit what kind of game it is. If it's a Barbe simulator and it gets amazing reviews hell i'll try it out.

SoulScreme said...

Come on Dave. Pushed back to April and the blog post is about Kotaku? You're killing me!

Greg said...

10 bucks seems to be a steal for this - just looking at gameplay you can tell how much fun it'll be during offline/online multiplayer matches.

Rod Nunez said...

Wow, is that really what NBA Jam looks like? Hm...anyway, I think there is a massive audience out there for these type of games, many of them are gamers but the truth is alot of them aren't. Alot of the people that you're tryig to reach don't go to websites like Kotaku or even read gaming mags, so comments on Kotaku are meh.

GS3 said...
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GS3 said...

The fact is you're blazing new trails by focusing on downloadable games, which when they take off, will be the way all games are purchased. So while there are those who complain about you not doing this or that, or are ready to think of CAC as just a 'little arcade game', there are others who recognize you're on the frontline of gaming's future, even though you might be working on a 'retro'-like title.

Fuck 'em...keep doing what you're doing. In the end, it's all about fun...that's what games are supposed to be about.

Anonymous said...

Your game does look fun. For next gen systems, there doesn't seem to be many 4 player split screen games. Everyone's all into online play and while thats cool and all but I want to play with my friends and not all of them will have the same games as me and that is why I applaud at a game like this. I just hope we all get to play it soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I'm a big fan of yours and your work and I think it's great that you're branching out and doing something different and something you believe in, any game that comes from you I would buy without thinking twice because I believe you put all you have into these games so good luck with CAC and I can't wait to try it out.

Carlos M. said...

I just played the trailer for Calling All Cars (from IGN) in front of our four-man team, and they were all excited about it. They've also never heard of it before today, even if two of them came to GDC with me. When I told them that you were working on the game, they were all pleasantly surprised, since they only know of you from God of War.

I told them you've been interested in making smaller, fun-focused games like CAC for a while now, and they all share your point of view. One of my friends even pointed out, "It's funny. All the games I want to play for the PS3 are downloadable games."

It's also admirable to see this approach from an established game designer. Usually, you find simple games like CAC from independent developers who have no choice but to make simple games, be it because of a limited budget or small teams. To see someone that could easily head the next big epic from Sony, willingly doing something casual and fun instead is something that people should keep in mind.

I mean, just look at Mr. Hideo Kojima. The man's life was threaten if he didn't continue the MGS franchise, and while I'm sure other factors played in his being part of the series, it shows how hard it is for someone to make a popular game and then be given the freedom or chance to make something totally new in both concept and scope.

So, kudos for going in that direction, let alone for being given the chance to do so. A lot of the people that will enjoy CAC probably never visit a gaming message board or site, so I wouldn't be too worried on the very judgmental nature of gamesite regulars (especially if they haven't had a chance to play the game yet).

Anonymous said...

excellent post, dave.

i'm glad you finally addressed this issue. making this game hasn't been an easy road and people really need to get a grip and come to terms with change. it's a simple concept, but a double-edged sword. your damned if you do and damned if you don't.

look at it this way: we're almost done making Calling All Cars! soon, they'll all be harping on the next one instead, so yeah...there's that...

always remember the rally cry of the developer:

people my people!

Decompiled said...

I get it, you don't care. Neither do I, but as far as the attention Calling All Cars has gotten, get over yourself the system has very few games and anything that looks even remotely playable is going to have journalists crawling all over it.

Calling All Cars looks like a straight arcade racer, something I have played and I am sure many other people have played many times before. If you want people to care about your name, design something that nobody else could and will make people wish they came up with it first. Then maybe people will care about Jaffe the designer and not Jaffe the guy who did a Jason and the Argonauts game.

derrickgott007 said...

I'll play any game you make, and I trust that you will make some kickass games due to the amount of personal involvement you put into games. You don't just give the idea and then walk away...You're in the trenches with it till its done.

It's almost like you waited 9 months and now its almost time to give birth to your baby....What an awesome baby it'll be too...

Anonymous said...

BPK said...

Great post David. It's refreshing to see a prominent video game developer actually WANT to do something smaller like this. It's indicative of how successful I think this game could be, that I am just as excited to see new CAC footage as I am to see footage of games like DMC 4 and MGS 4. The game just looks fun to an age of glitzy graphics it seems that the fun factor gets left out. It appears that CAC has got it right, an accomplishment which makes it worth even more than the 10$ you guys are asking.

wtfgrouch said...

Hey Dave,

I played CAC at GDC and I liked it so much that I dragged my manager over to the show, just to show her the game. We started a 2 player game and we started having one helluva time, instant gratification!

we couldn't stop laughing while we were playing...


JH said...

I personally thought Calling all Cars was really cool looking before i even knew you were involved with it. I loved God of War and I'm playing God of war 2 now. Both are Amazing.

I was also surprised recently when i found out that you worked on some of my favorite games ever. Twisted metal 1, 2, and Black. It also made me realize why i didn't like 3 and 4 haha. Also i would love for a sequel to Twisted Metal: Black. When i played through all the characters i expected there to be another TM out in a year or so because it seemed like the story would continue. Especially for the character Black. So.. get to makin' it! haha.

I agree that it's bullshit that they as if you think anyone would look if your name wasn't on it. A name doesn't make great games, great work makes them and sir you make great games along with an extremely talented team.

Keep up the good work which it seems all of yours has been.

Anonymous said...

if i've learned anything in med school its that there will always be the "nay sayers" in the bunch.

even if you do everything right, come out with a perfect operation, or treatment plan, there's always someone thats not happy with what you did or how you did it.

whether its patients or gamers or the fucking press, you can't let these people influence the fact that you do amazing work and that there are people out there who truly DO appreciate the work you put in and realize the thought process that went into going down the directions you go down.

do what you do for you. which seems like how you live your life everyday, and thats why i respect you. not because of god of war, or any other games you will make in your life that are going to be amazing.


Joel said...

Jaffe! first off.. im HONORED that you replied to my comment.

if theres one thing i MOST like about you as a designer, its that even though you ARE a huge name in the industry... you have some how SOME HOW managed to keep your head.

and you know what, i bet 90 percent of the population, in your position, would have rode gow sequels till the day they died.

the fact that you put your family first.. i SO respect that. as a game player, i do feel the sadness of knowing that it means less time going into the games, but thanks to these smaller games, we do get a chance to still see new jaffe games coming out.

calling all cars is just the first one. and i hope its great, but i also have this feeling that the next game is going to be an entirely new franchise again.. instead of cac2 and cac3. and that is equally exciting to me.

i think that REALLY does say something about the designer that you are.

about your latest post, i think your right on the money, your in a totally new ballfield now... i expect the average gamer to understand that in due time.. but right now this type of game is still new. (not to mention kotaku is FILLED with these dirty anti-fanboy fucks.)

my last two thoughts...

THANK GOODNESS that music wasnt from your game


i still want you to comment on LittleBigPlanet, and if its community sharing aspects excite you as a designer, (like maybe for the next game you make)

thanks again for your response. and never lose your down-to-earth approach to the world.


thecapps said...

I already know that this game is for me, the money has been sitting in my PSN wallet for probably a month now waiting for it to come out. What is the update on when it is coming out? Apparently it was delayed at least a little as it was originally scheduled for prior to the European launch, but I've heard it's mid-April now. Is that the new target?

R.Bunk said...


I been a fan of your work since Twisted Metal days. CAC looks like lots of fun. It seems everytime I read one of your interviews, that you have this idea in your head that you are not good at story games.

I honestly don't see how you can say that. I can understand you wanting to do smaller games after the stress of the first God of War. I just hope that you do play a large role in the 3rd installment. Cory did a great job on GoW2, he had BIG shoes to fill. I do not think GoW2 would have turned out as good had the first GoW been less of a game.

In any event I am a big fan of your work and I will definitely check out anything you work on. So far your vision for gaming has never let me down.

Keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...


Jonathan Quesenberry here over at Dark Horse Comics. Drop a line when you have the time:

Thanks - Q

Sadeq said...

CAC is the game I'm looking forward to the most in the coming few months. I was really disappointed with the delay but if it means a better game, then waiting another month isn't much.

z0mbi said...

By addressing the haters, you give them power. People like that just hate for the sake of hating, and it's worthless to pay them any attention. CaC doesn't look like a game that would interest me, but I'm not gonna cuss it out and call it shit just because I don't find it interesting. I'm just a guy that likes my Halo's and GoW's and Gears. Hell, I might even download CaC simply because theres nothing else to play on my PS3 other than PS2 games.

Anonymous said...

What I hope to see with your new direction is more games... instead of waiting years for your next title... what are the chances after the release of CAC we'll see your next game within a year?

Anonymous said...

Why does this game keep getting pushed back? Or is it just crappy IGN release dates. Sony needs to give out better information about PSN release dates.

tusgal said...

whats good jaffe much respect for GOD Of WAR because you the one created it hope you work on the third one Cory made krtos a little soft with the accident with anthena and please bring back the mohawk in the rage of the god and bring back the booklet that have a brief short story in it if you have the power or it is possible for you yeah much respect

Anonymous said...

plz make a game that tops tetris ds. make it easy to learn and very deep. competitive. online. thx in advance.

Vagabond Artist said...

These are the kinds of games I play now (since I have time for little else anymore) and if it isn't instant fun that I can pick up and play for 20 minutes, then I can't really look into it. Life has just gotten too busy now :(

I'll be looking forward to playing your new games! CAC does look like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I totally see what you are saying.

I used to play NBA JAM a lot in the arcade and on Genesis (SNES? I forget).

Years go by, and what is the most popular game at work? EA's NBA Street vol. 2. Why? Why are we all playing it? Why am I playing it? I don't even like basketball games!

Because it's just NBA JAM again. Take a game, forget about the realism and just leave in the parts that make it fun. Who doesn't like jumping 18 feet in the air spinning around and catching a no-look alley-oop pass While the announcer talks trash for you?

The same thing has been done with other games, like Burnout 3, which bears about as much resemblance to a driving game as Wipeout does.

Or long-forgotten Cyberball. It was a football game. Did it have real teams? No. What about players getting tired? No.

It had pass and run plays. It had linemen who didn't even have hands. If the ball was fumbled, they couldn't even pick it up. It didn't even have first downs! You had 5 plays to get the ball across the 50 yard line (and then the goal line) before it exploded, taking out your player (who would be replaced by an inferior one). The feeling of taking that risky play, putting your running back at risk by trying to carry the ball over the 50 was only exceeded by the feeling of tackling the opposing team's running back and watching the ball take him out.

Just because games are 3D now and controllers have 14 buttons doesn't mean there isn't room for easily grasped, great fun gameplay.

And if people see it and think it's for kids because you don't have to download a strategy guide to play it, that's their loss. Pardon me while I go set up my SNES to play Super Bomberman.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're like so not supposed to copy and paste links as plain text. Please use the A tag for hyperlinking.

That said, finally found the CAC clip on Kotaku. Looks killer. Hope you release it on the Wii.

Joe Laurino said...

I tried Calling All Cars at GDC and loved it, and I generally dislike games involving cars (A car phobia? Who knows.) If I owned a Playstation 3, I would be all over that title.

I highly respect you as a fellow designer for paving your own path and doing what YOU want. I can't stress that enough. Good stuff, Jaffe.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I liked a cell gfx. The anim and camera was great and unique. I think the Kotaku don't have a proper point of view, because they don't know what to say - usually most of their comments are copy-paste from other online mags.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons people are bashing on CAC in particular is that you exemplify the trend of developers moving towards more casual games. This means that people who like all of the epic-scale games you mentioned get all worried that you're never gonna make another one, and subconsciously they decide to try and make you change your mind!

Take it as a compliment that your previous games have so affected some people that they want you to make more of the same for all time... ;)

But then ignore them and do whatever you want :D

Anonymous said...

Branching out is one thing, but why do I get the feeling that there's wall of snobbery erecting itself between this parade of cheerleaders and the gaming world at large? Try not to forget that games have narratives and cinematics now. It's part of the reason we plop down the money we do to play them ($10 bucks is "a steal" for a game that requires a $600 PS3 to play?).

Anonymous said...

I posted a fairly long response on my blog, but to make it short and sweet:

To David Jaffe - Continue to branch out. Make the games you want to make. Focus on what you consider fun. Whether or not people criticize them on video is irrelevant, because if you follow the philosophy you are preaching, no one can argue with the results.

(PS... Continue posting arcade title screen shots on your site.)

Anonymous said...

Pfft... some people have nothing intelegent to add to a subject so they create chaos and contoversy. The shock jock entertainment factor is old...these people need to come up with new shtick.

You know them when you meet them. They don't focus on solutions they focus on problems. They have nothing to offer so they point and critisize...Welcome to the current state of game reporting (I use the word reporting for lack of a better word).

Very few actualy present a game for what it is today. They need to understand I don't want their opinion just show me the game list it's features and give exsamples then let me decide if I like it or not. But I guess that doesn't sell advertizing banners does it.

Dave, Rock on with your bad self. GL with your game. They all like to poke and prod for site hits but we all know they are secretly leaving dribbles of drool on the sixaxis when no one is looking.

When I'm sitting in front of my 46" Bravia with the sixaxis in my hand I could care less what others think or say.

David Morival said...

I really believe you worry too much. Enjoy yourself making those games, deliver quality and own every one of those sekptics out there.. Trust me when I say that an awful lot of people, the majority, have trust in you and your team!

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Jaffe,

My own gaming library is pretty diverse, lots of different genres. Action/Adventure,Survival/Horror,Sports,Driving,Fighting. I like all types of games. From what has been shown up to this point from "Calling All Cars" reminds me of the roots, the underlying foundation of a game when you strip away all the drama.

Anonymous said...

fuck them. shit i loved NBA jam. i will definitely will be buying this game on day 1.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Some of those Images brought back some good memories of staying up late at night, drinking loads of mountain dew playing SNES or basic computer games. I also liked to go to the arcade and play. The best one is the NFL Blitz, Kordell Stewart, which didn't turn out to be a great player, looks like a freakin beast. I guess its not funny to some cause thats just how blitz is.. but I watch a lot of football and Steelers are my team.

$10 is very low, I mean Rampage was $20 and its basically an arcade game. Im not sure if it was on consoles or arcades first but again, when I was young I used to hit it up at the arcade all the time. But I also think these games would do well in a Bar setting. Loads of bars in my town have touch screen monitors that have games on them. People put their money in them all night and the other day I went in to wait for a pool table to open and decided to throw a dollar in there. For the most part I think the design of the games could use a bit improving, but I guess the goal is to entertain a wide audience. From the horny guys and girls they have porno puzzles, then they have some card games, some classic and some new that require a bit of thinking, then they have a basic chess game and then they have the really simple silly games such as hitting a monkey with a bat while it travels through seemingly random spawned objects that either speed him up, launch him in the air or stop him to throwing objects out of a office window. both of which rely on how far the monkey/object goes. Does its job of entertaining the bored designated drivers, the drunk folks that probally arn't having any sex that night, and the people that are waiting for a cab and like to hit a monkey with a bat to see how far it will go. Not that I'm comparing your project to simple bar arcade games because there are many many others. Infact while I was going into the gas station down the street the police officer that was in his car out front(in the handicap spot actually) was playing on his laptop eating some snack foods. So I can totally understand where your coming from, to some it may seem like its stupid and silly but really its smart because most everyone knows someone that has played an arcade game, or a simple little computer game. And the weird thing is most of these gamers wouldn't cosider themselves gamers at all.

I can relate to what your saying about people that seem to be plotted against you. I'm used to people not liking my ideas or giving me negative feedback. I feed off it. In high school I barely could attend class, always stuck in some office with staff members preaching to me about satanism, jesus, why I shouldn't wear this or listen to that. I usually didn't really misbehave, althought I suppose my clothing(slayer concert shirts) and artwork/sketches kinda of brought on that negative attention. After they failed to break my spirit they constantly told me they doubted my ability to graduate high school, to be accepted to a college or to even get a job beyond flipping burgers or doing construction work. Fuck them, I'm two years away from graduating from college and beginning my career in the art of game design. I've done nothing but prove all the 'nay sayers to be foolish arogant pigs that fear people that arn't in their little circle. Some of the professors here at SCAD are the same exact way, but compared to my high school its really nothing to deal with.

Needless to say I grew up in the bible belt(South Carolina). And I've been used to being harassed for being a bit differnt... punk, hessian, heathen, devil-worshiper whatever they wish to label me.

But anyway thanks for the good games, they inspired me to attend SCAD and major in interactive design and game development. I didn't even know you worked on Twisted Metal until I did a search on GOW. But I've been playing video games since I received a NES system with mario/duckhunt. Took me forever to decided on game design, It kinda slipped my mind until I thought about my life on more simple and enjoyable terms. I'm going to play some GOW2 before I get a few hours of sleep before my next semester starts. Keep it real.

Anonymous said...

I have been following Calling All Cars almost as long as the PS3. I really think you are on the right track with this game - and to be perfectly honest, I feel this single game is worth buying a PS3 for.

Anonymous said...

mr. jaffe,

I like the ideas / art style in calling all cars. I think it will be good in its own right.

I think you should re-evaluate the games you feel CAC is competing with. NBA Jam was great, but in its time, it was doing something to push hardware on those consoles, maybe not arcade. NFL Blitz is the same. Those games did not simply make a cool new take on pong, and say we do not want to compete with the state of the art games, they WERE the state of the art games for a short while and in addition to that they had easily accessible gameplay. furthermore, suppose CAC trumps the competition. Suppose the game comes in at ( and I realize this is hard to gauge ) 30 percent more fun than NBA jam. You made a hell of a game for ten years ago. Gamers may very well acknowledge CAC is fun, as people say NBA Jam is fun, but no one really still plays it...if the goal is to make a nifty game no one plays, go for it. CAC seems tobe "neat" . Antiques are "neat", but most people can know they exist, understand their value, and not want to be bothered buying or having them.

You only made one huge game in GOW, how are you already so tired of the work? Bungie 's got 3 halos, GG has about 3 killzones, Insomniac has get the point.

If Sony isnt paying enough, cant you work out something with getting a percentages of games sold? That would pay off the mortgage for sure.

get back on the saddle , jaffe. too young to retire from making games that change how games are made.

Anonymous said...


Interesting comment and I appreciate the thought behind it. A few things:

#1- CAC is designed to be fun for gamers TODAY. It may not be, it may be...but that's the GOAL of it. When I reference NBA JAMS, for example, I am talking about a feeling the game gave you that- in my mind- does not wither with age. Competition is still a valid feeling; tension and triumph are still valid emotions for gamers to be given. I am saying that I want to make a game that- like those older games- give players those feelings. Not that same gameplay.

#2- It's not about getting back in the saddle. I AM backin the saddle,thanks very much, it's just been put on a different horse. I simply don't care to make bigger games right now. Maybe one day I will again but I get nothing out of it now. It means NOTHING to me if I had directed GOW II instead of been the CD on it. I've had that experience already; why spend 3 more years and 40 more pounds and risk alienating friends and family simply to have that feeling I've already had?


CosMind said...

just checked out the video preview, and had some immediate suggestions spring to mind. both deal with information design/visual communication that might nudge a little more polish on the gameplay side:

1) dim the non-playable world region outside of the playable map region. as i watched the cars zip around and ram themselves into the fences that closed the off-limits streets, i felt the same reaction of momentary confusion as those players probably did. the streets are a visual icon and guide the eye/player around the map - yet some of them lead directly into a fence. the fact that the world on the other side of the fence looks no different than the rest of the playable environ doesn't help this fact. so, dimming the unplayable space might just help the player understand (in such frequent split-second-thought-requiring circumstances) where the map boundaries are without ever having to even think about it.

2) this one's tiny, but again might alleviate the player from having to work to figure things out. it might be nice if all of the gameplay paused for the brief moment that the crook was flying and flipping from one car to another. this could help draw more attention and focus toward the crook - since he'd be the only thing moving on screen. in turn, every player would immediately be alerted to the changing of hands, which would probably help further the intent of the gameplay (which i presume is to be an everyone against one type of frenetic experience). as it stands, i even had a hard time understanding when this little crook exchange took place, as my attention was often diverted by all of the other quality chaos rocking all around.

the game looks quite promising and entertaining. when i snatch up a ps3 in the future, and if the game turns out to play like a charm, then i'll definitely be scoring a dl for myself and friends to rollick with.


CosMind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felman said...

I gotta wait how long for CAC?! Damn. What's next on your dev list? a gradius style shooter? contra? Mario KArt 64 spoof using Sony characters (actually, I think I'd like that one a lot.) Or can you not tell us?

Anonymous said...

At least give the PS3 owners a final Twisted Metal before you give up on the "BIG GAMES"

That's the game that made me buy a Playstion.

Anonymous said...

David Jaffe,

I have to apologise for previous posts on your blog but I am afraid I have been keep a tenuous hold upon my sanity lately.

The reason I have persevered at attempting to contact you is because I had a conscious perception of CLARITY a year ago.

But when I saw my brother playing your video game GOD OF WAR, I heard a LOUD CRASH when I thought of HELL.

After I heard this LOUD CRASH my conscious perception of CLARITY collapsed and I experienced a suicidal depression. Eventually I began to hear a conspicious CLICKING in my environment.

The depression has long since ended though I am constantly, involuntarily stairing at peoples RIGHT EYE.

When I saw the EYE of the collosus scene in God of War II I knew you may have some insight into what's going on!


God of War II and the solitary EYE is my only clue on how to end this madness.

I apologise for offending you but I am desperate for some clue to help me in my desperation. Please contact me!

Please reply to Joshua Paul!

Anonymous said...

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